Wednesday, September 01, 2021


North Lincolnshire Council has informed Brigg Blog that it has granted applications made by two business premises in the town centre wishing to put furniture outside their frontages for use by al fresco customers.
Scalinis fish & chip restaurant/takeaway holds a highways authorisation for tables and chairs.
CuriosiTeas (tea shop) holds a pavement licence for tables and chairs.
The local authority has helpfully clarified the requirements.
It explains: "Prior to the pandemic, anyone wishing to place an obstruction on the Highway, such as in the form of tables and chairs outside their premises, required a Highways Authorisation which has a lengthy consultation process.
"Due to the pandemic, government have brought in some temporary legislation in the form of Pavement Licences. These essentially mirror a Highways authorisation but reduce the consultation period and limit the cost, therefore supporting business by making it easier for premises such as food outlets to serve their customers outside during the pandemic.
"It is a matter for the individual premises as to if they apply for a Highways Authorisation or a Pavement Licence."
The council has also outlined why applications are being made under a Highways Act for town premises that are within the paved pedestrian area.
The authority says: "Highways Authorisations also include pavemented areas, such as the pedestrian area in Brigg. Therefore anyone placing tables and chairs on the pedestrian area requires either a Highways Authorisation or Pavement Licence. Hence the reference to obstructing the highway in the formal notice, as a footpath is classed as a highway."