Sunday, November 30, 2008


Once at school in Brigg, Simon 'Choz' Church, who emigrated to Australia, is returning to the town on January 31 and is planning an evening reunion with old friends at the Yarborough Hunt, in Bridge Street.
Simon, well-known cricketer with Brigg Town, has enjoyed a good response so far but it still trying to track down more people.
He has issued the list below of those he can remember being with at Sir John Nelthorpe School.
If you can help with information about anyone, please supply their email address to Simon at

Boys: Mick Adams, Colin Batchelor, Andrew Cleary, Andrew Clifford, Byron Coopland, Derry Everitt (RIP), Paul Fowler, Tony Glossop, Jeremy Hall, Graham Hunter, Michael Jenkinson, James Johnson, Howard Terry, Clive Thompson, Simon Smith, Steven Smith, Rick Stothard, David Stothard, Nick Ledingham, Mark Reaney, Shaun Coulson, Johnny Stephens, Alistair Weightman, Jamin Wilson, Ian Wiseman, Andrew Scott, David Watson, Steve Wade, Jeremy Robinson, Richard Johnson, Russel Bunyan, Mick Newman, Bill Heally, Jeffrey Spedding (RIP), Phillip Goodacre, Jeremy Hall, Martin Plowes, Paul Bowers, Jeremy Bartle, David Rowley, Chris Hall, Philip Bailey, Ian Heath, Michael Houghton, Douglas Knights, Adam Spencer, Stephen Wilson, Richard Taylor

Girls: Joanne Ellis, Jane Taylor, Jane Yates, Maria Carrotti, Amanda Brewer, Kay Owen, Sharon Neal, Tracey Herrick, Sara Longden, Nancy Reynolds, Ann Knapton, Jane Price, Jane Gillard, Jane Somerville, Janet Hardman, Sally Hare, Jennifer Horsley, Lisa Saunders, Mandy Smith, Debbie Smith, Tracy Timms, Jane Rimmer, Susan Smeeton, Angela Roberts, Claire Sambrook.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Another of Fresh Start's Chop and Chat sessions is planned for Tuesday, December 9 at Brigg Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue, from 1pm-3pm.
"Take along your favourite Christmas recipes and adapt to maybe a healthier option," the organisers suggest.
The cost is just £2; for further information contact Fresh Start's Brigg-based community development worker Marilyn Demott, tel (01652) 651127.


Last night was the annual Scunthorpe/Grimsby Telegraph Christmas 'do' - otherwise known as the Brilliance Awards, organised by our parent company, GSMG, at Reed's Hotel, Barton.
It was a glittering event, with fine meal, wine, disco, etc, etc.
In contrast the first Christmas I spent on the old Lincolnshire Times, based at 57 Wrawby Street, Brigg, the entire staff, plus a few of their wives/husbands, had our 'do' in the room above Dunham's baker's shop, in Bridge Street.


Sad to see retailer Woolworths on its knees.
It's store in Wrawby Street, Brigg, now occupied by Martin's, was the top one in the town. Pick n' mix sweets, biscuits, sweets, toys...oh, and household items, too.
Who recalls, during the early 1980s, when the Woolies manageress placed a ban on all children from a certain Brigg school, after allegations of bad behaviour?
That story went national - and earned me a few bob!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Nowadays most folk do their weekly shopping at a large supermarket, Brigg residents being no exception. However, you only have to turn the clock back to the early 1980s for things to have been very different.
William Jackson Ltd, from the North Bank, caused a furore when they announced plans for Brigg's first supermarket(in the riverside premises now occupied by Lidl).
People were worried it would sound the death knell for many shops in Brigg. But, whatever the strength of local feeling, there were no real grounds for refusing planning permission - and the store got the green light from Glanford Borough Council.
Jacksons had a small-ish shop in Wrawby Street at the time - now occupied by Poundstretcher - which closed.
Back then we regarded the new Grandways store (as it was to be branded) as being big. But, by present day standards, it's not that large.
For people's shopping habits have changed - or, to be more precise, they have been changed for us by the likes of Asda, Tesco and Morrisons. Nowadays, Britons think nothing of jumping into the car to go shopping. Not very green, and certainly not as green as having them delivered by pedal power, as was once the norm (boy on bike!)
Older Brigg Blog readers will be able to draw on their memories to consider whether it was more enjoyable and cost-effective to shop at places like Instone's, George Mason's and Davis's compared with going round today's Tesco or Lidl.
Food for thought!


Interesting to see Brigg farmers’ market bags are on sale for £2 at the Tourist Information Centre, just a few yards from the venue for these popular monthly events.
The next farmers’ market will be the special Christmas one on Saturday, December 20, from 9am, in the Market Place. That should draw the biggest crowd of the year.
The first one in the New Year will be on Saturday, January 24.
Now Brigg's is officially the best farmers' market in the UK, according to a survey, can we expect a big influx of folk from far and wide going along for a look?


Tonight (Fri Nov 28) sees another of the popular Rockin nights at Brigg’s Ancholme Inn, on Grammar School Road, with live band Sureshots topping the bill. The fun runs from 8pm until late, and you can pay £6 admission on the door.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


The firm replacing gas pipes in the St Helen's Road/Churchill Avenue area of Brigg is still hard at work - and hasn't done a bad job.
Workers have given householders due notice and done their best to make good the holes they have dug in paths, roads and drives.
Yes, they might have hosed down the streets afterwards, and ours looked for a time like it had had a brush with the Sahara!
Yes, there has been disruption to traffic (particularly along St Helen's Road) with a one-way system employed, controlled by lights.
But, overall, not too disruptive for most of us, as the old pipework needed replacing.
It would have been better done during the summer months, when gas central heating being switched off for the day would not have been an issue. But then, if work had been carried out in the summer, householders would have had to contend with the prospect of wet tar (used to repair paths) being trampled into their homes on shoes.
We understand the gas pipe contractors are to move to another area of Brigg, in due course. But they are not 'doing' the whole town.
We haven't had that officially. For the gas people, unlike their counterparts in the electrical world, have not been as open, or forward looking, on the PR front.
CE, the power people, gave Brigg Town Council full notice of their plans to replace wiring in many of our streets last year - even sending a small team to a public meeting, with councillors present, to explain their timetable and answer any concerns.
Can't remember any of that happening with the current gas contract?


The 3Bs Project, which is providing worthwhile activities for youngsters in Brigg, Broughton and Barnetby, held a committee meeting last night in our Angel Suite, to review the progress being made.
Supervised events provided for youngsters range from DJ sessions to football, hockey and archery.
Brigg town clerk Jeanette Woollard is overseeing the administration of the project, which is being managed by representatives of the three local parish/town councils. Our own Coun Mike Doherty chaired last night's meeting, with Coun Jenny Bell also there to represent Brigg.
The aim is to do something positive for local youngsters, and give them an alternative to hanging around on street corners.
I'm penning a piece to go in Tuesday's Brigg Extra page of the Scunthorpe Telegraph, giving details of 3Bs events on the horizon, one of which involves the visit of a world champion.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The disappearance from town of another Brigg service had passed me by until the other day when I noticed a ‘To Let’ sign on the imposing detached property which housed the Bains solicitor’s practice for many years.
It is at the junction of Bigby Road and Albert Street, near the zebra crossing.
A notice in the window explains its merger with a firm on the north bank.
David Bains, of the family firm, did a good deal of work at Brigg Magistrates’ Court in the years when the Wrawby Street facility was dishing out justice to wrongdoers in the town and surrounding villages.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Just received today - and together - copies of North Lincolnshire Council's Direct magazine and its equivalent from Lincolnshire County Council. Both delivered by the postal service.
We get Lincolnshire's because we share a postcode with a handful of houses on the outskirts of Brigg which are over the border in West Lindsey. That is, under the overall remit of Lincolnshire County Council, rather than North Lincolnshire Council.
It's been a problem for years now, and no-one in authority has managed to work out how to ensure the few Lincolnshire County Council homes entitled to a copy of the newspaper get one, while missing out the scores of Brigg homes not entitled (and probably not interested) in getting one.
You see, the council folk feel they need to ensure ALL their residents get a copy delivered. They can't take chances.
Surely it would be simple just to write down the address of the handful of homes on Brigg's outskirts and get someone to post them.
How must this is all costing we shall never know. But it must be a good earner for the service being paid to deliver copies to households not entitled to receive them.


Brigg Town Council is increasing the hire charges for various events at the Angel Suite. The facility is used for private birthday parties, indoor bowls, meetings and major events. Here's the full list. Sorry - the software won't allow us to make it any bigger, so print if off for a clearer look.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Brigg town councillors will tonight consider a request to support the application by local residents for The Paddock (off Station Road and near St Clare's Walk) to be granted Village Green Status.
Groups of residents can now contact the Government direct with such applications, using a fairly new law. However, council support never does any harm.
This matter will be considered by the town council's planning and environment committee, meeting in the Angel Suite (6.45pm).
Other planning applications received during the past couple of weeks will also be considered.
From 7.30pm there will be the monthly 'full council' meeting, when matters of interest include:
* Police matters
* Considering applications for the casual vacancy, to fill the seat vacated by Pat Neal, when he resigned from the town council
* Flooding (and related matters)
* Electing a town council representative to the Sir John Nelthorpe School Foundation Trustees (currently ex-town council Bryan Robins).
Both these meetings are open to the public.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Did you spot Ian Cawsey, the Brigg and Goole MP, busy collecting money for Jerry Green's in the Market Place yesterday morning, in bitterly cold conditions?
We bet it's somewhat warmer in the corridors of power, in Westminster!


A ‘scaled down version’ of United Carpets’ new signs in Brigg could be forthcoming, town clerk Jeanette Woollard suggested to councillors.
And she advised them planning permission seemed to be required for signs at the newly opened shop, near The Monument, on Bigby Road.
Some members of the public have expressed surprise at the size and layout of the signs displayed by the business which has just moved into Brigg.
The issue is being dealt with by North Lincolnshire Council, the planning authority.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


You'll have to act quickly, but there's a place as a town councillor up for grabs – without having to go through the election process.
A casual vacancy exists after the resignation of Coun Patrick Neal. And the town council is inviting applications from people living within three miles of Brigg.
Those interested are asked to submit a brief ‘pen picture’ of themselves, outlining why they would like to be considered for the seat.
Applications will be considered at Monday’s (Nov 24) meeting of the council, in the Angel Suite (7.30pm). Interested people should send their details to the town council office, Exchange Place, Brigg, DN20 8LD. Email
This is the town council’s second attempt to fill the vacancy by co-option, no applications having been received on the first occasion.


A child's cycle is the first prize in the grand raffle being held today as part of Brigg Conservatives' Christmas fair in the Angel Suite, off Market Place (10am-2pm).
Stalls will be selling toys, cakes, books and sweets, and there will be a tombola, plus tea, coffee and cakes available throughout.

Friday, November 21, 2008


There is no longer a container inside the litter bin on Brigg’s Millennium Green, off Elwes Street.
“Somebody has pinched it,” complained Coun Ben Nobbs to fellow town councillors.
Town clerk Jeanette Woollard said the bin was the responsibility of the Millennium Green Trust.
She thought if it was replaced, North Lincolnshire Council would empty the bin.


There is no longer a container inside the litter bin on Brigg’s Millennium Green, off Elwes Street.
“Somebody has pinched it,” complained Coun Ben Nobbs at a council meeting.
Town clerk Jeanette Woollard said the bin was the responsibility of the Millennium Green Trust.
She thought if the bin was replaced, North Lincolnshire Council would empty it.


Some members of the younger element in Brigg think it's time for a change at the annual Christmas lights switch-on in the Market Place.
This year's is coming up on Friday, December 5 - and we will release full details nearer the time - but not everyone is happy with the tried and trusted formula.
This involves the cast of the Scunthorpe Plowright Theatre pantomime donning their costumes and entertaining the audience either side of the Christmas lights being switched on.
My reply to this suggestion has been along the lines of: If it ain't bust, don't mend it!
For most people seem happy with the way the ceremony is handled, and it draws big crowds to the town centre. However, maybe I'm a touch too close to the town council on this one; perhaps you have contrary views.
If so, please post your comment here. Any received - for or against change - will be drawn to the attention of the council, and I'm sure will be taken into consideration for future years.

PS I seem to recall last year one young resident suggested it would be a good idea to get a real star along for the switch-on...maybe the beautiful Beyonce. Great thought but her night's appearance fee would probably cost half the town council's budget for the year, if not the entire precept!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Generous residents of St Helen’s Road, Brigg, have been thanked for donating £64.90 to a collection for the Royal National Institute for the Blind, carried out by Coun Maureen Glossop on behalf of the charity.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


St John’s Church, Brigg, was full to capacity for the town council’s annual civic service. Some 30 civic dignitaries from other towns on the north and south banks of the Humber, plus
North Lincolnshire Mayor Coun Jawaid Ishaq, attended the event, together with Brigg and Goole MP Ian Cawsey and his wife Linda.
The sermon was delivered by Father Owen Mitchell, vicar of Brigg.
Lessons were read by Steve Pearce, recently retired headteacher of Brigg Primary School, and Town Mayor Coun Mike Campion.
Musical accompaniment was provided by St Mary’s Roman Catholic School and the St John’s Church Music Group.
After the service, the congregation were invited to the Angel Suite for a buffet meal.
The Town Mayor said: “It was a most enjoyable afternoon and we were gratified to see so many people in the church and so many visiting civic heads come along for the occasion.”

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It could be an interesting meeting of giants today on St Helen's Road, Brigg, when North Lincolnshire Council's refuse and bottle/can collecting vehicles come face to face with the heavy plant being used by the company installing new gas pipes.
There's not much room to squeeze a car down there at present, with one half of the road, in certain places, cordoned off by the gas pipe people.
It begs the question: Do the contractors realise it's bin collection day?
Hopefully, everyone's bins/boxes will get collected.
Otherwise, someone, somewhere in authority it going to hear about it!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Posters aimed at getting motorists to keep their speed down to 20mph in residential areas have been received by Brigg Town Council, through Pete Scott (pictured), North Lincolnshire’s head of safer roads.
The posters aim to get the road safety message across to drivers living on, or visiting, housing estates.
Coun Ann Eardley expressed concern Atherton Way, where Brigg’s new school is located, has a 30mph limit, rather than 20mph.
Coun Maureen Glossop said they had ‘tried and tried’ to have it reduced.


The new Brigg Lunch Club - overseen by Fresh Start, serving the area's over-50s - is held tomorrow (Tues Nov 18) at the Ancholme Inn, Grammar School Road, Brigg (12.30pm).
The two-course lunch costs £5.50p. To book your place and obtain further information, contact Fresh Start's Brigg-based community worker, Marilyn Demott (pictured), at the Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue. Tel (01652) 651127. Failing that, ring (01724) 277906.
There's also a Tuesday Crafters session tomorrow, when Helen Danson's topic is embroidery. The session, costing £2, will run from 10am-noon at the Resource Centre.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Teenagers in Brigg will be able to enjoy a 'Christmas event' organised by the 3Bs Project. It will be on a Friday evening and organised by the street leaders.
Similar events will also be held in Broughton and Barnetby.
A spring/summer It's a Knockout for young people is also been suggested.
Watch Brigg Blog and the Scunthorpe Extra page in the Scunthorpe Telegraph for details.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Could Brigg Town Council be leading the way with 21st century technology?
That question was posed when the authority held its monthly review of its website
The town council has a presence on MySpace – a popular international networking site – and uploads podcasts - sound recordings of the Town Mayor’s comments on Brigg topics which visitors to the website can download to listen to when they want.
Coun Julian Kidd (pictured) wondered whether any other town and parish councils in England had such technology in place.
“It would be useful to know what percentage do it,” he suggested.
Deputy Town Mayor, Coun James Truepenny, who oversees the podcasts, said he would do a Google search on the internet but thought Brigg might be the only one on MySpace.
To take a look at the podcasts, visit

Friday, November 14, 2008


A Brigg venue has been chosen for the annual general meeting of Brocklesby Park Cricket Club, to be held at the Black Bull, in Wrawby Street, on Wednesday, November 26 (8pm).
The club's membership includes a number of people who live in Brigg, or who used to live here, plus some who work in the town, or used to go to local schools.
Many of the Brock Park lads get into Brigg for a beer or two after matches.
I'm sure Keith Smith was club treasurer when I first started playing for Brocklesby in the mid-1980s. Of course, many Brigg sporting types will know him better for the magnificent service given to Brigg Hockey Club as first team manager, but also for an enjoyable spell as fourth team captain, among other posts held.
Brocklesby Park CC can trace its history back well into Victorian times, and still plays its home games on hallowed turf within the Earl of Yarborough's estate.
Richard Bedwell, who has strong Brigg connections, has supplied the following agenda for the Brock Park AGM:
1. Register/Apologies
2. Minutes of last AGM (Dave Williamson)
3. Matters Arising from Minutes
4. Chairman's Report (Graham White)
5. Secretary's Report (Dave Williamson)
6. Treasurer's Report (Keith Smith)
7. Election of Officers:
i) President
ii) Chairman
iii) Vice-Chairman
iv) Honorary Secretary
v) Honorary Treasurer
vi) Fixture Secretary
vii) East Lindsey League Captain
viii) East Lindsey League Vice-Captain
ix) West Wold League Captain
x) Friendly Captain
xi) Welfare Officer

8. Forthcoming Dates:
i) Nets
ii) Club Dinner
iii) Meetings

9. Any Other Business


Last night's annual meeting of Brigg Town Cricket Club at the Nelthorpe Arms (Scanlon's) was not particularly well attended. But that's nothing new for such get-togethers in Brigg, whatever the club, society or organisation involved.
Robert Todd (pictured) chaired the meeting, with Lee Fielden delivering the secretary's report and Dylan Hildreth dealing with the cash side of things. Finances seem healthy - by cricket club standards!
Lee, Jack Richards and Gary Smith gave encouraging reports about the youth teams - sides are run from under-11 up to under-17 - and Joe Hebblewhite reported on the debut season in the West Wold Midweek League.
Brigg Town's first team finished third in East Yorkshire Alliance division three, with the second team runners-up in division four. The Sunday team also held its own in the North Lindsey League.
Second team skipper Phil Dewfall, who was unable to make the meeting, is to continue in the post next season but will get some experienced help, as Dave Willey has returned to the club for which he made his debut in 1974.
As regular Blog and Scunthorpe Telegraph readers may be aware, Brigg Town's first team has been re-elected to the Lincolnshire League for 2009, and will play in division four.
Prospective new members, of whatever age, should contact Lee Fielden, tel 07787715825.


Some Brigg shops stay empty for a long time, so it's good to see the Wrawby Street premises only recently vacated by Cooplands (who have moved across the road) are about to reopen.
Moving in will be boutique Coco, offering home furnishings, jewellery and gifts.
Sounds like an interesting speciality shop.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


The theft of the postbox near the junction of Birch Avenue and Almong Grove, Brigg, is creating unforseen problems.
After it was stolen, the Royal Mail revealed it would not be erecting a replacement, which was bad news in itself, if you live on the Newlands of Chartdale estates, as you now have to walk, or drive, much further to post your letters.
However, Coun Ann Eardley (pictured, who lives on Newlands, has revealed that now there's no postbox to get in the way, some impatient drivers are cutting the corner, across the grass verge.
I haven't heard any complaints from residents who feel the postbox should have been replaced. But that's not to say people aren't unhappy about the situation.
If you feel pressure should be put on the authorities to install a new one, please post a comment below, with your name and address, or email
Brigg Blog will pass on any comments received.


Brigg Town Cricket Club is holding its annual general meeting tonight at the Nelthorpe Arms (Scanlon’s), in Bridge Street (7pm).
If you are interested in playing the game yourself, or maybe have young members of the family who are, why not pop along?
The club runs a selection of junior sides, plus two for men playing on Saturday and one senior team which plays on Sunday. There is also a midweek men's team.
It's a friendly club, whose first team has just reclaimed a place in the area's senior competition, the Lincolnshire League.
Homes games are played at Brigg Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road.
I hope to get along myself, other things permitting.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


War pensioner Charles Brindley has expressed a personal opinion about yesterday's marking of the 90th anniversary of Armistace Day in our town.
Charles explains: "I have just returned from the war memorial in Brigg, being it was on the 11th hour of the 11th day in November, 1918, some 90 years to the hour that the guns fell silent over western Europe, a war as it was then reported, to end all wars.
"I was half-hoping that there would have been representation from Brigg Town Council at least. How wrong could I have been? And given this was the 90th anniversary of the end of the Great War, I hoped that our civic leaders would have led from the front and been there to show their respect for all those who, over a lifetime, have given their lives for Queen and Country.
"However, I ask myself is it just general apathy of all the population, or the lack of interest by the few? After all if YOU have not served with bullets and bombs going off around you, how are you supposed to know what it means to show the respect that is due?"
At this point is should be stressed there is some 'history' - if we can call it that - between Mr Brindley and the town council, on the question of Remembrance Sunday. He has tried, unsuccessfully, to get the authority to hold our Act of Remembrance at exactly 11am, along with the televised one in London, attended by Her Majesty The Queen.
However, for many, many years, Brigg's ceremony has been held nearer to noon - after the service at St John's Church. Earlier this year, after representations from Mr Brindley, the council raised the issue at a public meeting in the town and debated the Remembrance timing at length - before deciding to stay with the current practice.
Insp Brett Rutty, head of policing in the area, suggested there might be a problem with traffic control on the A18 if Brigg moved to 11am, as he has only limited resources and other demands for officers' time in different places in the district.
This year, the town council also produced banners - put up in Bridge Street and on Wrawby Road, near The Monument - to inform townspeople when the road would be closed while the ceremony was taking place.
However, Mr Brindley is still insisting it should be 11am, feeling his request has been ignored. "Perhaps had all those on the Town Council served before the Crown, then they would fully comprehend the importance of the 11th hour, the moment the armistice was signed and the horror of that war ceased," he says.
"Over the past six or so years, the importance of this commemoration is equally, if not MORE important than is has been for many a year, perhaps since Korea. As our servicemen and women face such intense fighting, although it’s no that easy to see who the enemy is, they still have to do their duty, making themselves targets before they are able to engage the enemy."
Town councillors are sure to agree with those final sentiments. The authority puts a lot of hard work into organising the event, including the parade. It's always a very dignified ceremony, whatever time it is held.
My grandad Charles Taylor (1896-1990) was a First World War veteran who lived in Brigg all his life, apart from his time in the forces, where he was a sergeant. Throughout the Second World War he was an NCO in Brigg's Home Guard. Charles, who worked for Layne's garage in Bigby Street, was one of the stalwarts of the British Legion in Brigg well into his 80s, organised poppy collections, and was always well to the fore at Brigg's annual Remembrance ceremony.
I never heard him complain about the time chosen for Brigg to lay its wreaths and sound The Last Post at the Monument.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A final assessment of increased hire charges for Brigg's Angel Suite will be considered by town councillors meeting tomorrow.
Suggested new rates for the loss-making community venue will be looked at by members of the property and services committee, likely to meet at 7.30pm.
That get-together follows one by the planning and environment committee, which will be considering Tesco's amended application for an extension to its store in Barnard Avenue. The planning meeting will start at 7pm.
Both meetings will be held in the Angel Suite, off Market Place, and are open to the public, if you wish to go along. You can listen, but not speak.
See you there?


Passers-by on Bigby Street early this morning - hours before the Prep School was due to open its doors - will have been interested by a banner calling for the facility to be kept open, rather than closed.
As revealed last week, the school is to merge with one in Hull, and pupils will need to be taken over the Humber Bridge for their lessons when the new term starts in January.
The banner looks like the work of a children, or children, and includes the messages:

We love Brigg Prep
Give us back our school
It's not fair
Don't shut our school

How long the banner will remain attached to the school railings remains to be seen.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Coopland's new shop in Wrawby Street is already a front-runner for next year's Brigg Town Civic Award, presented by the town council to the top-notch building project.
The rundown state of the former Shoefayre shop, which even had a tree growing out of the chimney, drew complaints from passers-by and councillors.
However, bakery chain Cooplands has totally transformed the Dutch-style building.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Poles are getting in the way on the River Ancholme towpath. No, not immigrants from eastern Europe, but anglers leaving their fishing poles across what is a public footpath.
Brigg Town Council has flagged up this problem before, and it has been drawn to the attention of the body which oversees angling in the area. Yet, the other day, on a small stretch of towpath on the Old River, there were three poles you had to step over.
Not so bad if you are able-bodied, but what about the elderly and disabled, wheelchair users and those with pushchairs? Should if really be necessary to have to ask the anglers to move their fishing poles off the towpath so you can get past?
I noted one angler - and just one - using what we will call an old-fashioned fishing rod, not a pole. He had no gear fouling the footpath.
So maybe that's the answer on this stretch: Make anglers stick to traditional rods and don't allow the poles, if people can't be trusted to keep clear of the footpath.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Should really have got a picture of this, but maybe you've noticed the two Halloween pumpkin lanterns propped up on top of the door in Bigby Street, almost opposite the Dying Gladiator. Presumably they were illuminated on October 31 but have yet to be taken down.


Senior men's football returned to Brigg Recreation Ground this afternoon.
However, it was due to a Scunthorpe club's facilities being unavailable - not because some more Saturday sides have been formed in Brigg.
One of the matches involved Brigg-based Briggensians (based at Sir John Nelthorpe School), who made the short trip across town for their 'away' fixture against opponents who had travelled much further for their home game!
As we've said before in Brigg Blog, it's a shame our two senior Rec pitches usually stand idle, week after week.
Youth football seems to be thriving in the Scunthorpe area, but where will all these teenagers find a game at men's level, when they get a bit older?
STOP PRESS: Just received a text message with a bit more information about the matches going on at the Rec - AFC Brumby v Coningsby, Lincs Junior Cup, and Brumby Reserves v Briggensians. Rec being used owing to Scunthorpe pitches being unfit.

See next Tuesday's Brigg Extra page in the Scunthorpe Telegraph for some exciting news about the future of our municipal sportsground. Especially if you are interested in football, hockey or netball.

Friday, November 07, 2008


How surprising it was to get a tip-off that the closure of the Brigg Preparatory School site was about to be announced. The handy hint proved to be a very good one, and we soon received the official statement to confirm what we'd been told was going to happen.
The Prep School announcement seemed to come out of the blue to all our elected representatives - and shock news it was, too.
It is going to be a great loss to the town, and pupils having to be transported daily to Hull for lessons at a partner school will pose obvious difficulties for families.
Certainly, as Coun Tom Glossop has rightly said, the absence of Prep pupils in Brigg, next March, is potentially damaging for the annual Music and Drama Festival, in which the School plays a very important part.
Now I've never been on the Prep School premises, as far as I can remember. Not even while working for the Lincolnshire Times at 57 Wrawby Street.
And, having been raised on a Brigg council estate (nothing wrong with that!) I was never of the social class to hanker after a place at 'The Prep' back in the 1960s, even if the money had been available.
Later, at Brigg Grammar, the few of us from Brigg County Primary who got through the dreaded 11-Plus were teamed up with many others who had been to Brigg's private school. Maybe going to Prep gave them a head start, maybe not. We got on OK, and whether your house had an outside 'lav' across the yard or one inside a centrally-heated detached home in an affluent area of town was never a topic of playground conversation. Nor was what your dad did for a living, as far as I can recall.
But returning to the present, come January it won't seem the same driving, or walking, down Bigby Street and passing the school standing empty.
The Prep is a fine, distinctive building, and thoughts will now turn to what might happen to it, once pupils and staff have gone.
No doubt that will be revealed in due course. But if it involves 'change of use' we can be sure of some warning as that will have to be made public.
We will be keeping an eye on the latest planning applications, as always, and will let you know if anything interesting arises.


Uncertainty exists about the stockpile of sandbags to be used to protect homes in the event of flooding in Brigg.
The issue was raised at Wednesday's town council policy committee meeting by Coun Penny Smith, who said no-one seemed to know the location of our sandbags.
Coun Ben Nobbs, the town's flood warden, said they were in a container - and he suggested a North Lincolnshire Council officer who would know the location.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Many Brigg residents, and visitors, will have already seen the signs giving warning that the A18, near The Monument, will be closed either side of noon on Sunday while the town pays its respects to those servicmen who lost their lives.
In a welcome move, Brigg Town Council has had large banners created to warn motorists, well in advance, that the A18 will be closed for half-ah-hour on Remembrance Sunday, so they can find an alternative route (presumably via Glebe Road).
Town clerk Jeanette Woollard has issued the following helpful information:

The Parade will form up in Station Road at 10.25am, ready to move off at 10.35am for the service at St John the Evangelist Parish Church, which will commence at 10.50am. The Parade will enter the church via the Wrawby Street entrance.
Following the service the parade will re-form in Wrawby Street, before proceeding to the War Memorial for the Wreath Laying ceremony and Sounding of Calls. The Parade will return to Station Road to dismiss.
All local ex-servicemen and women are very welcome to attend and join the parade; no invitations are necessary.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The air really turned blue in Cary Lane the other night. The language from a group of youngsters near the bus stop was terrible. And their outbursts were loud. Very loud.
This would seem to back up the results of a national survey, revealed in the Scunthorpe Telegraph and other newspapers, which suggests 'hoodies' are viewed with suspicion by a surprisingly high proportion of adults in Yorkshire and Humberside.
Through its 3Bs project, Brigg Town Council is trying to offer something for youngsters to do, rather than roam the streets. That's a very worth aim, but it's not going to be an easy task.
It's several years now since bus companies stopped using Cary Lane after dark because of concerns about youngsters hanging about there.
Now you can't expect the police to be everywhere, every minute of the day. And the resources at the disposal of the good Insp Rutty are very limited. But it's a fact Brigg police station is only a good stone's throw from the bus stop in Cary Lane.
Still, if arrests were made, there's no reason to think the Crown Prosecution Service would take things to court. And, if cases did get that far, what sentences would be handed out?


So North Lincolnshire Council has decided the three sites it put forward for consideration as possible gypsy traveller sites in Brigg are unsuitable - and has, instead, selected ones in Scunthorpe and Barton for further consideration.
The suggested sites in Brigg were all off Station Road, on the council's own land.
This will be seen by many as a victory for commonsense - and democracy - as lots of Brigg people voiced opposition to land near Station Road being used in this way.
To put a traveller site on The Paddock - the area of green space behind Hewson House - would have damaged an area renowned for its flora, fauna and wildlife.
To put a site behind the railway station, on what is now scrub land (see picture), would have been unfair to the travellers. Who would want to live in a metal caravan, just a few yards from a line which carries heavy, noisy, rumbling freight trains?
On safety grounds it would also have been a poor mix to have young children near to those fast-moving trains.
What do you think?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This morning's unpleasantly heavy drizzle highlighted a couple of issues with the bus shelter on Bridge Street, Brigg, opposite Peacock and Binnington's premises.
Firstly, the 'open' design means that although waiting passengers have a roof over their heads, there are no sides, or front, to the structure, which makes the public transport supporters very open to the elements.
Secondly, only one small pane of glass remains at the back of the shelter. Vandals have repeatedly smashed the glass, so no-one can really blame North Lincolnshire Council for not replacing the missing panes.
However, the design of these bus shelters - seemingly standard issue by the council - does not offer anything like as much protection as the 'all enclosed' type favoured by Network Rail at Barnetby railway station (see picture).
Now that's what I call a proper bus shelter - even if it is for train-users!


Tomorrow (Wednesday) will see Brigg Town Council being asked to donate to a charity supporting injured soldiers and the families of those killed while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Major General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter says more cash is needed to help those in need. He has written to Brigg's Town Mayor and Mayoress, Coun Mike and Ann Campion. And the General's request for a donation will be considered by the town council's policy committee, meeting in the Angel Suite, off Market Place, from 7.30pm.
Other items of interest on the agenda include:
1) A report on the creation of a Brigg Emergency Plan, to help in times of trouble and strife.
2) A 'briefing' on the Beacon Town Forum and the 'initiatives currently being progressed'. This looks like involving Coun John Berry (pictured), one of the Brigg area's three representatives on North Lincolnshire Council.
The meeting is open to the public. See you there?

Monday, November 03, 2008


It's good to see United Carpets coming to town and taking over the former Spa showroom, adjoining The Monument.
The building has not been empty for long, and is currently being conveted for use by the carpet firm, which plans to open for business on Saturday.


The Oxfam Bookshop in Brigg is today celebrating its fifth anniversary.
Mrs D.G.Darley (manager) says: "Come and buy a book, CD,DVD, videotape, audiotape, audiobook or sheet music on Monday, and try a sample of Fairtrade chocolate;
a wide range of Fairtrade food is available to purchase in the nearby Oxfam clothes shop. As a thank-you to all our kind customers and donors, we are having a sale all week (Monday,November 3 to Saturday, November 8). The shop is open from 8.45am until 4.45pm, Monday to Saturday."
New volunteers are always welcome. Please call in for an application form, or telephone 01652 659434.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


The state of some Brigg footpaths continues to cause concern.
Coun Jenny Bell became the latest councillor to flag up the problem, saying there had been a report of someone slipping on the pavement near the old library, on Prince's Street.
Coun Ann Eardley said part of the pavement in Glebe Road was 'crumbling' - she thought near Nos 7 and 8.
Coun Ben Nobbs reported another 'pothole' in the road near The Monument.
The town council will bring all matters to the attention of North Lincolnshire Council, responsible for roads and footpaths.


It's always interesting to see the ingenuity of some Brigg motorists. I've seen several who cut down waiting time considerably, when coming out of Bridge Street, by using the traffic island outside Peacock and Binnington, adjoining Kiln Lane, to turn round.
It saves them the lengthy - sometimes almost impossible - task of trying to turn right out of Bridge Street, given the layout of the A18 at this point, and the heavy flow of traffic at peak times.
When turning left out of Bridge Street it's much easier to get onto the A18, if only for a few yards before using the traffic island to do an about turn and head off towards Tesco roundabout.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


There isn't a bonfire tonight at Brigg Recreation Ground, just fireworks.
The local Lions have been using old stock banners to advertise the event, which refer to 'Brigg Bonfire' but the huge fire is very much in the past.
However, the organisers a promising a great display. Gates open 5.30pm, with the fireworks starting two hours later.


Brigg was represented at the annual meeting of the Humber and Wold Regional Community Council by Deputy Town Mayor Coun James Truepenny(pictured), who found plenty to interest him, as detailed in his report below, issued to fellow councillors. Also at the event was Scunthorpe's Labour MP, Elliot Morley.

The AGM opened with the special guest speakers. Firstly, Chris Elton, of Sheffield Hallam University, who explained his doctoral work in the areas of policy and community relations with national government. His work outlined the three periods of development in rural policy, the post-war years where government used its rural agenda to secure food production up until around 1988; the second period of 1988 to 2001, which he called a decade of debate; and, finally, 2001 to today where he feels the government is experimenting in integrating rural policy.
One of the projects discussed at great length was Yorkshire Forward's remit of "Discovery not direction", where Yorkshire Forward attempted to help people realise what services they already had to ensure no duplication would occur, while still funding new projects.
He also talked of the "mainstreaming" of the rural agenda, bringing the idea of regionalism into all policy rather than dedicating to policy. Further comment was made of DEFRA and its non-holistic approach to rural policy, which he believed to be a return to efficiency over development.
As a follow up, the keynote speaker, Elliot Morley MP (Scunthorpe), offered some answers to Chris Elton's criticisms. As the former DEFRA Minister he was well-placed to do so, believing DEFRA showed verisimilitude in its approach and successfully went about creating stronger community ties, using the voluntary sector to develop strong community ties, supporting innovation and social cohesion to build support for a new rural society.
Moving onto different matters, Jo Louis talked about providing affordable housing
in a rural environment. The importance of social inclusion in housing planning has always been something I considered more an urban issue; however, with more money coming into rural areas, the planning-led approach should stop, or ease, a mass exodus of the rural population - the overriding problem being younger house-buyers are getting priced out of the market, which has knock-on effects for rural areas as family cohesion, and the simple willingness to live where your roots are, is being clearly affected.