Saturday, May 31, 2008


Kettle's of Brigg, are holding a special day next Thursday when you can visit their premises in Elwes Street to discuss funding/arranging your funeral - hopefully in the very distant future.
This firm has had a presence in our town for many, many years. And lots of senior Brigg Blog readers will remember seeing Will Taylor, as chief mourner, striding out, with dignity, infront of a funeral cortege passing along Brigg streets in years gone by.
He had a very close working relationship with the old Lincolnshire Times weekly newspaper, based at 57 Wrawby Street.
If it was going to be a particularly well-attended 'send off' the entire editorial staff of the office (three of us, plus Edward Dodd, by then retired) would attend to collect the mourners' names at St John's, St Mary's, or the Methodist Church.
The Lincolnshire Times did very thorough obituaries, and not just on the rich and famous.
Visiting the bereaved to collect information about the dearly departed was always depressing but it was something you had to do, safe in the knowledge that a well-written 'obit', with a full list of mourners' names attached, would be appreciated by the grieving family come Friday's arrival of our paper through their letterbox.
Edward Dodd was a master craftsmen when it came to compiling tribute pieces, and many young reporters picked up tips they employed themselves for many years, having moved on to bigger papers.
Edward thought it only respectful to wear a black suit, or black overcoat, when 'on duty' at funerals. And I remember his severe displeasure when the best a newcomer to the office could manage on the day was a green anorak.
Some of the mourners who attended Brigg funerals a quarter-of-a-century ago popped up regularly at send-offs to pay their respects, representing companies. The very best of these (usually in agriculture) would have a printed business card, listing his name, title and firm.
After a few years taking names at the church door and reporting in the Brigg area, you got to know a good proportion of the people attending and could impress them by saying: "It's Mr ...... isn't it? From.........."
Putting the 'other mourners' into some sort of order for the report was never an easy task, made more difficult by those who wanted you to put 'also representing' and then list a string of names of family members or friends.
Many of today's young journalists would be horrified at the prospect of having to attend the church to carry out such a task.
But, as the old saying goes, 'it never did us any harm'.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Regarding the non-appearance of the new, promised cycle lanes running from Bridge Street into Scawby Brook, we will be emailing relevant staff at North Lincolnshire Council this morning to find out why nothing much appears to have happened with the project in recent weeks.
Hopes have been raised, slightly, with the recent installation of one of those signs, with camera above, which flashes out a 30mph speed warning as you near it in your vehicle.
Could this herald the painting of the lines to create the new cycle lanes?
Memo to Neil Norvock, traffic team manager, North Lincolnshire Council; Pete Scott, head of safer roads; and the council press office.
Dear Sirs...


When our main shopping area was pedestrianised, Brigg Town Council made a cash contribution to what local government folk now called 'street furniture', with North Lincolnshire Council arranging and seeing through the extensive project.
Now, however, fancy lamp-posts (part of the 'street furniture') are carrying signs advertising job vacancies for forklift truck drivers.
The small posters don't look officially sanctioned. But the company concerned clearly thinks Brigg town centre is a good place to advertise. So maybe this is a potential 'revenue stream' open to either of the councils.
Firms might be willing to pay a fair price to literally post their jobs, not on the internet but on our lamp-posts.
The money could go to Brigg Town Mayor's Coun Mike Campion's charity appeal fund - or, in the case of North Lincolnshire, to that being organised during his year of office by first citizen Coun Jawaid Ishaq.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Great to see the Wilkinson store duly opened yesterday, bringing 70-plus new jobs to the town. You can read a full, illustrated report of the official launch at the Cary Lane premises in the Scunthorpe Telegraph today.
Our Brigg Blog picture shows Brigg LIVES First Responders receiving a £400 cheque from the firm to mark the opening.
Left to right: Becky Griffiths, Brian Parker (LIVES' fundraiser), Adam Leaning (store manager), Julie Woodliffe (first responder), Simon Lowe, Karin Swann (non-executive family director, Wilkinson) and Tanya Anderson.


Leafy trees can make it difficult for CCTV cameras to get a good look at what’s going on in certain areas of Brigg Market Place during spring and summer.
But Brigg Town Council, which wanted the trees removed, has been told North Lincolnshire Council staff do not see that as a suitable option in the conservation area.
So Brigg councilors are now to ask whether the trees can be trimmed instead – to give the cameras a better view during the warmer months of the year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A member of one of Brigg's best-known families, Robert Jickells has another exciting project coming up in London, which will interest the rich and famous.
His Untitled Gallery is staging the UK's largest artists' fair on Saturday and Sunday at Chelsea Old Town Hall, in the Kings Road.
He's invited 'yours truly' to a champagne reception on Friday night to launch the event, but, unfortunately, apologies will have to be tendered.
He is an international art dealer, overseeing works worth more than £1-million, including some by the Queen’s official portrait painter.
Robert, who has a BA Hons degree, lived in Brigg until he was 18 and was educated at the town’s Sir John Nelthorpe School.
He then moved over to North Lindsey College, Scunthorpe, to do a Diploma in Art and Design.
In 1993 he went down to London to study at Middlesex University, graduating in 1996 with a degree in Visual Communication Design.
Robert then worked as a designer at the internationally famous Vogue Magazine.
His current tour de force is the impressive website, through which he sells works of art online, direct to collectors worldwide.
He also designed and directed the opening sequence for the movie Evil Aliens.
Our picture is a self-portrait by Robert. For more information about his latest venture visit or log on to

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Retiring Brigg Town Mayoress Pat Doherty (left) with Ann Campion, who has taken over the chain of office to support her husband, Coun Mike Campion, during his year as the town's first citizen.
Ann is a retired teacher and spent many years at Brigg County Primary School, in Glebe Road.


Coun James Truepenny is Brigg's new Deputy Town Mayor and Mayor-Elect (meaning he will become the town's first citizen this time next year).
Coun Truepenny is a music teacher and oversees Brigg Music Club, which is very popular with young people in the town.
He has worked hard as a town councillor and says he is honoured to have been elected to the post of Deputy Town Mayor.


Brigg Town Mayor Coun Michael Doherty, in his final year as the town's first citizen, looked back on a 'fantastic year' before handing over to Coun Mike Campion.
Coun Doherty (pictured) said he had been 'kept on the straight and narrow' by his wife Pat (Mayoress).
He also paid tribute to the support offered by town clerk Jeanette Woollard, her assistant Allison Hannath and chaplain, Fr Owain Mitchell.
Coun Campion paid tribute to the hard work of the retiring Town Mayor and Mayoress, and their son, Matthew, 'all of whom were excellent'.
He said of Coun Doherty: "His enthusiasm shone through - he reached all age groups. He was a shining example to us all."
Read about new Town Mayor Coun Mike Campion's plans for the year ahead, and his hopes for Brigg as a town, in an exclusive interview in the Brigg Extra page in today's Scunthorpe Telegraph.

Monday, May 26, 2008


A 'large number of local residents' are said to be opposed to the change of use application to turn 15 Bridge Street, the building now housing Sue Rhodes' business, into a restaurant.
Brigg Town Council raised no objections, but Brigg Blog is informed 'the locals' do not think they were given sufficient time to express their views.
Several issues are being raised including parking, noise and proposed opening hours.
A petition has also been started.
North Lincolnshire Council, which will be ruling on the planning application, says it welcomes comments up to Wednesday (May 28). Those wanting to make views - for or against the scheme - should quote reference PA/2008/0362.
Target date for a decision is June 18, and the case officer is Mark Simmonds. Telephone (01724) 297309. Email
Just to balance things up, it should be pointed out there is some parking space available in Bridge Street, near Dunham's shop. Or perhaps diners would be happy to park up in Spring's Parade/at Tesco and walk down to the new eatery, if it gets the go-ahead.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


A rare visit to Riverside Surgery the other day set me thinking just how much things have changed medically in Brigg over the decades.
As a boy, back in the 1960s, you would be walked down to Dr John Foxton's old premises in Bridge Street, where I seem to recall an old gas fire in the waiting room and a distinct smell of surgical spirit while you were waiting nervously for him to inject you against diptheria, smallpox, tetanus or some other horrible affliction.
The practice later moved to another imposing detached building - The Cedars, near The Monument - with Dr Ernest Bowler and Dr Ken Proctor on the strength.
The current plush Riverside Surgery, with its impressive pharmacy, computerised information systems and on-screen displays, is light years away from the old set-up in Bridge Street.
But Brigg folk still need protecting against lockjaw!


The blustery wind today does not make conditions ideal for the cycling and kayaking sections of the Falcon Brigg Adventure Challenge. But the moderate temperature should suit competitors when it comes to the running part.
The event is centred on Glanford Leisure Centre this morning, with the competitors having to take part in all three disciplines.
The boating part has a circular course involving both cuts of the River Ancholme.
Hopefully the chilly weather will not deter Brigg people from turning out to watch and encourage the competitors.
Watch the Scunthorpe Telegraph for pictures and a report.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Wilkinson's public relations efforts have kicked into full gear, ahead of Wednesday's opening of their new store in Cary Lane. Staff there continue to work really hard to get things ready for the big day. So we send our best wishes to the team, and particularly Sandra, who we understand is a daily visitor to Brigg Blog. Here follows the firm's latest update:

Residents of Brigg are in for a treat as the nation's favourite home and garden
retailer is set to open its doors in Brigg town centre on (Wednesday) May 28 at 9am.
Located on the former Kwik Save site on Cary Lane, the new 8,700 sq ft Wilkinson store is a home and garden enthusiasts' paradise. Green-fingered gardening fanatics will be bowled over by the extensive range of gardening equipment stocked at the store, ranging from the latest high-tech gardening tools to colourful plants and vegetable seeds.
The store also features a variety of top brand housewares and value DIY
products to spruce up the home, as well as a pet care department for customers' pet-pampering needs.
Loral residents and families are encouraged to join in the fun as the official countdown begins. Attending the store opening will be the Lord Mayor of Brigg, Mike Doherty, Wilkinson family director Karin Swann, alongside the Wilkinson team and students from Brigg Preparatory School.
Andy Leaning, the new store manage at Wilkinson Brigg, comments: "The excitement of staff is growing each day as we approach our official opening celebrations. The team can't wait to welcome our first customers through the doors. We aim to play an active role in the community, not just as a local store, but also by supporting community projects and charities in Brigg and the surrounding areas."
The store has started its community project work by donating £400 to local community group Brigg LIVES, a voluntary group specifically trained in first response to react to 999 calls.
Community celebrations continue into the weekend as the store prepares for a special family fun day on May 31 with free face-painting, sweets and balloons, which will be available between 10am-4pm.

Keen-eyed readers will realise Brigg has this week changed Town Mayor, with Coun Mike Campion taking over from Coun Michael Doherty as the town's first citizen. The term 'Lord Mayor' - as used above - is not normally applied to the main councillor in a town the size of ours. It's for big cities. But Brigg is expanding, so maybe it's a healthy sign for the future

Friday, May 23, 2008


How surprising it was to learn Bridge Street, Brigg, is one of the roads in North Lincolnshire must concerning the Road Safety Partnership.
You can't argue with the figures, especially from an organisation packed with such learned folk. But some of us who use this road on a daily basis will be a bit bemused. It doesn't seem that dangerous.
Yes, there are side roads leading on to Bridge Street, and a busy petrol station/shop. Plus Mill Lane, with all its houses.
But, to me, the main problem is, as ever, caused by vehicles trying to turn right, which means having to go across the nearside lane of traffic.
Such is the case for lorries/vans emerging from the Island Carr Industrial Estate and heading off towards Scunthorpe, and also for any traffic emerging near the Brocklesby Ox, from the mobile homes.
Now, of course, there are plans to build a big new housing estate behind Peacock and Binnington's current base (subject to appeal later this year, which will only add more traffic to the equation.
One solution to all this might be to ban traffic turning right(on the Brocklesby Ox side) and make all vehicles go to the roundabout near Tesco, then come back along Bridge Street.
That has proved a success on Barnard Avenue, where traffic emerging from Tesco has to go left to the roundabout, with right turns banned.
Yes, not being able to turn right onto Bridge Street would be an inconvenience for some, but it could well make things safer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Generations of people who went to school at Brigg County Primary School and Brigg Grammar will be interested to learn the old Colton Street canteen buildings are up for sale.
North Lincolnshire Council is offering the Colton Street site for re-development.
And that almost certainly means the knocking down of the old buildings and new homes in their place.
It will certainly make the area more attractive. For, since being taken out of use for feeding hungry schoolchildren, the buildings have deteriorated.
Those who were at Brigg Grammar in the 1960s and 1970s will doubtless recall legendary maths master Harold Stinson trying to round up people to go for their lunch, with the shouted order: "Colton Street diners!"
If you know someone interested in a building opportunity, the site is 0.31 acres and the North Lincolnshire number to ring to find out more is (01724) 296788.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Live music 'turns' have been announced at the Woolpack, in Brigg Market Place, for next month.
They are: June 7, King B; June 14, Squadron; June 15, Josephine and Laurie Anna; June 21, Mosquito.


Brigg Town cricketers won first game since joining the West Wold Evening League - and by a very convincing margin against Glentham at the recreation ground last night.
The visitors brought along a depleted side and Brigg set a huge 180-run target, which was well beyond them.
The standard of teams in this competition is very wide indeed, and the Brigg lads never seem sure whether the next game is going to be tough or easy.
Next Tuesday they visit Market Rasen. On paper, that could be a tough one.
Following last night's match, many of the Glentham 'seniors' joined the Brigg team at the Nelthorpe Arms for a few drinks, including the West Wold League president.
One of their number, it was revealed, used to work at Brigg sewage works alongside Eric 'Banger' Drayton, legendary 'fixer and helper' at Brigg Town Football Club's Hawthorns HQ, over many years, when Harry Williams was ruling the roost.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Brigg’s Rock and Roll Club has another entertaining evening lined up on Friday (May 23) at the Ancholme Inn, Grammar School Road (7.30pm).
Organiser Pete Boston (pictured here), a well-known Brigg personality, says these are now regular monthly events, usually held on the last Friday of the month. Entry is £6 – on the door.
For further details email

Monday, May 19, 2008


Brigg's new Town Mayor will be installed tonight at the Angel Suite by the town council.
He is Coun Mike Campion (pictured), who has served a year as deputy to Coun Mike Doherty, the town's current first citizen.
The mayor-making ceremony will take place at 7.30pm.
Watch the Scunthorpe Telegraph for a full report of proceedings.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


The Bell Watson Border Classic Rally attracted plenty of cars and spectators to the Market Place this morning. The weather was absolutely perfect, which certainly helped.
There was a staggered start, along the County Bridge and into Bridge Street, with cars setting off at regular intervals to enjoy driving round some of Lincolnshire's lovely leafy lanes...and a few more important A-roads.
See the Scunthorpe Telegraph's motoring supplement and Scunthorpe Target on Thursday for further pictures and details, motoring editor David Hooper being one of the contestants.

Friday, May 16, 2008


In some ways it will be the match of the season for Brigg Town Cricket Club tomorrow when the first teamers entertain East Halton at the Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road (1.30pm).
For East Halton are the only other Northern Lincolnshire club in East Yorkshire Alliance division three, which Brigg have joined this season. All the other sides hail from the North Bank of the Humber, chiefly being based in and around Hull.
Brigg used to play East Halton in the Lincolnshire League (in the late 1970s) and later in the Humberside Alliance.
There were some great contests against East Halton for the Brigg team, which included David Foster, the Hunt brothers (Graham, Keith and Martin), Allan Kemshall, Pete Kerridge, Bob Elwood, Dave Robinson, Nick Good, Neil Marland (and 'yours truly!)
In one famous match away to East Halton, in September 1975, Roy Hunt (dad), in his final season aged about 50, played alongside his three sons in the same team.
Spectators will be very welcome at 'The Rec' tomorrow.


Brigg's Millennium Green, off Cadney Road/Elwes Street, is a pleasant place to sit and relax. There's even a small wooden boardwalk/jetty alongside the Old River Ancholme.
It's probably true to say the area is unknown to many Brigg residents.
If you are one of them, approach (on foot) from the gate which leads off the Angel car park.
Personally I think the Green 'managers' face a difficult dilemma. Would cutting things back, and tidying everything up, actually make the facility less green/environmentally friendly?
To me, as it is now, the Green has the balance just about right: There are some semi-wild(ish) areas, and the grassy part (adjoining Elwes Street) is fine for those who like to see things neat and tidy. Which is probably the majority.
Given the noise 'up above' there seems to be a rookery (or whatever the equivalent is for crows) in the tall trees. And the wilder parts of the Green provide a suitable habitat for many other creatures, including the Lesser Spotted Courting Couple!
There's an old brick wall hidden away, near the clump of trees, which leads me to wonder whether it's all that remains of Sumpter's Farm. That was where Tansy, the great Brigg character of years ago, used to spend much of his time, emerging with his battered old pram and his coat tied at the waist with twine.
If this assumption is correct, the wall, in its way, might be seen as a memorial to Tansy. Anyone got a spare plaque?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Brigg Town Cricket Club suffered a 14-run defeat away to Caistor Town on Tuesday in the West Wold Evening League. They looked in with a chance until a disastrous, penultimate over which saw them lose two wickets while scoring only a solitary leg-bye.
The matches in this league are proving enjoyable for Brigg but not very successful.
Still, plenty of time remains to turn things round.


We've just made two press calls to Tesco HQ, in effort to discover whether the current building work at the side of their Brigg store is connected to the retail extension, for which they received planning permission several years ago from North Lincolnshire Council.
Their spokesman has also been asked about progress on the wind turbine, approved some weeks ago.
Watch the Scunthorpe Telegraph and for an update on both issues.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Brigg Fiddle Fest opens today - the 10th anniversary of the popular annual event, which draws scores of people into the town centre, boosting the local economy and helping to put Brigg on the map. It runs until Saturday.
The organisers promise a feast of violin music, featuring (among others) the very famous Tasmin Little (pictured) and Fairport Convention, the Black Diamond Ceilidh Band and Wootton Fiddle Club.
There will be workshops, street entertainment, craft and music stalls.
The event is centred on the Angel Suite, off Market Place, where a bar will be located.
Today: Young people’s ceilidh and concert, Vale of Ancholme Music and Technology College, 7pm. This event was a huge success last year.
Tomorrow: Classical concert, in the Angel Suite, featuring internationally renowned violinist Tasmin Little (7.30pm).
Friday: Fairport Convention (acoustic), Angel Suite (7.30pm).
Saturday: Afternoon concert, featuring Chris Garrick, Hot Club Jazz Quartet, and Old Blind Dogs (3.15pm); evening concert, featuring Tab Hunter and Ben Paley, and Altan (8pm).
Various workshops will also be held, including some for complete beginners, jazz violin and flat picking guitar.
On Saturday a fiddle busking competition will be held, with a first prize of £70.
It will be judged by Brigg and Goole MP Ian Cawsey and Town Mayor Coun Michael Doherty.
For further details about the event contact Carol Dawson. Tel (01469) 530561, or email

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


'Yours truly' is honoured to have been asked to pull the first pint to officially open Brigg District Lions' Beer Festival on Thursday (7pm).
The venue is John Reid Trucking's depot, on Atherton Way (not far from what we call Tesco roundabout).
The event - previewed in today's Scunthorpe Telegraph - continues on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
It features a wide range of drinks, including the following (with alcohol content listed):

Ballard Midhurst Mild 3.5
Bowland Sawley Tempted 3.7
Saltaire Yorkshire Pale 3.7
Wells & Young Young’s Bitter 3.7
Arundel Castle 3.8
B & T Shefford Bitter 3.8
Milestones Lion’s Pride 3.8
Bradfields Farmers Bitter 3.9
Bryson’s Wammellers Wheat 4.0
Grindleton Old Fecker 4.0
West Berkshire Good Old Boy 4.0
Bazens Flatbac 4.2
Kelham Island Easy Rider 4.3
Three B’s Tackler’s Tipple 4.3
Barngates Taglag 4.4
Buffy’s Mucky Duck 4.5
Cairngorm Gold 4.5
Grindleton Lancashire Pale Ale 4.5
Jarrow McConnells Irish Stout 4.5
Little Valley Hebden’s Wheat 4.5
Strathaven Claverhouse Red 4.5
Weetwood Old Dog Premium 4.5
Potbelly Inner Daze 4.6
Nelson in the Riggin 4.7
Summerskills Whistle Belly Vengeance 4.7
City of Cambridge Parker’s Porter 5.3
Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9
Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby 6.0

Broadoak Sweet
Thatchers Farmer’s Tipple Medium
Thatchers Cheddar Valley Dry
Weston Traditional Scrumpy

Florisgaarden Griotte
De Troch Topical (Banana)
Lindeman Cassis
Bacchus Frambozen
Blanche de Bruxelles
Hoegaarden Special
Leffe Dubbel
Bacchus Kriek
Leffe Blonde
Bruges Trippel

Atlas Latitude
Oakleaf I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bitter
Ossett Silver King
Dent Rambau
Harviestoun Schiehallion
Elland KSA
Our picture, from last May, shows Miss Scunthorpe Telegraph, Penny Bissett, and Lions' president John Reid enjoying a pint of Regal Blonde at the opening night.
Proceeds from this year's event will help the Lions with their valued work for good causes.
The festival is now a very well-established event in Brigg's social calendar.
Please pop along if you can, and support a worthy local venture.


The Oxfam shop, in Wrawby Street, needs volunteers urgently.
If you can give up a few hours, pop in and see them.

Monday, May 12, 2008


A former pupil of Brigg Girls' High School and Sir John Nelthorpe School has died in the United States.
Janet Cossins (nee Hardaker) attended both schools until 1978.
She died, aged 48, at her home in Phoenix, Arizona, following a very long illness, bravely fought with lots of courage.
Janet is survived by her husband John, her parents and her sister Julia.
She will be remembered with great affection by her many friends in the UK and USA.
The sad news was received with great regret by the Briggensians' Association, representing former pupils and staff.
The association's website is

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Plans to build seven houses on the old Nick Blackburn Motors car lot, on Bigby Road, have promoted Brigg Town Council to raise some concerns.
Town Mayor Coun Michael Doherty suggested pointing out the proximity to the level crossing and the the amount of traffic using the main road.
Coun Ann Eardley was concerned the new homes would be very close to the railway line - soon to carry increased heavy freight trains - but town clerk Jeanette Woollard said that was not a planning issue.
The issues raised will be passed on to North Lincolnshire planners, who will decide whether or not to give the go-ahead.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Brigg Town Council is moving with the times - by producing podcasts. These are recordings of councillors discussing topics of interest, which people can download and play on their own computers.
That's providing they visit the council's presence on My Space.
Town Mayor Coun Michael Doherty told fellow councillors the first podcast had received 80 'hits'. And that pleased him.
However, Coun Ben Nobbs pointed out: "Each time one of us has a look it's clicked the counter on one."
To view the four available town council podcasts, visit

Friday, May 09, 2008


Last night there was much interest in Brigg as the police helicopter circled overhead for the best part of 20 minutes.
Tonight, eyes will also be searching the skies - but to see aircraft of a different era.
For the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane are to stage a flypast at 7.25pm.
It has been requested by Brigg Amateur Social Historians (BASH), who have a 1940s Night at Brigg Servicemen's Club, in Coney Court, which is already a sell-out.
The Lancaster usually visits the Brigg area in August for the annual RAF Elsham Wold Reunion. But to see all three WW2 survivors together - on a special Brigg flypast - will be a rare treat. Especially if the weather stays fine and sunny. Perfect conditions for photography.
If you get any 'belters' you wish to share with our readers, please email to
During the Second World War, Brigg pubs were visited by many airmen from nearby bases, looking to escape for a few hours from the incredible stresses of flying over occupied territory. Many, of course, never came back.
There were also fighter stations at Hibaldstow and Kirton Lindsey. Hence the tie-in to the Hurricane and the Spitfire.
Let's remember the brave flyers, and their groundcrews, tonight as we watch the Lincolnshire-based World War Two survivors fly over the town.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Brigg, like most other places, has reflected the growing popularity of the quiz in recent years.
The Britannia, in Wrawby Street, stages one on Tuesday nights, with the questions set by well-known sportsmen and teachers, John Allcock and Adrian Gibbons.
I must admit I'm not a quiz fan...or a lover of crosswords, or anything of that order.
For I am, in this regard, pretty much The Weakest Link.
But having only dropped by for a quiet pint on the way home after cricket, John and 'Gib' roped me in to this Tuesday night's quiz, pointing out it was free. And the team I joined even bought me a pint.
We lost by just one point, in the end, to a much more experienced line-up of folk propping up/standing near the bar. And it was a pleasant enough way to pass an hour.
Especially when the sandwiches appeared late on.
Monday quiz nights at the White Horse, a few years ago, were very popular, with some great hot dishes prepared for contestants to enjoy during the break between rounds.
Going back to about 1980, a sports quiz was staged at Glanford Leisure Centre by newly-appointed borough council leisure services officer, Terry Bates.
This was very much a novelty at the time and it was something of an honour to be asked to take part.
Returning to Tuesday's Britannia quiz, John and 'Gib' set a question about being dealt a bad hand at whist. I think they said no cards higher than a nine.
"This hand has a special name," the lads said, and then dropped a clue, pointing out those of us who had been to Brigg Grammar School ought to know the answer. Which turned out to be: Yarborough.
Some of us had got the correct answer, lads, without the well-meaning hint.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Brigg Town Cricket Club lost heavily, by eight wickets, to visiting Owmby at the Recreation Ground in last night's West Wold Evening League game.
Brigg were bowled out for 42, Danny Dewfall top scoring for Brigg with 14.
Owmby lost a couple of early wickets but were steered to a comfortable victory by experienced left-hander Ken Bowring.


A funeral service for a Brigg man who died suddenly at his home in the town on February 20 is finally to be held.
The service for Philip 'Chuck' Marshall, who was 58, will be held on Tuesday, May 13 at Woodlands Crematorium, Scunthorpe (11am).
The funeral was delayed pending a police inquiry, reported in the Scunthorpe Telegraph and on

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Brigg Town Cricket Club will be playing at home tonight in the West Wold Evening League at the recreation ground, off Wrawby Road (6.15pm).
The fixture was scheduled to be at Owmby but has been switched.
It is Brigg's first season in this competition.


St John Ambulance Division president Maureen Glossop, from Brigg, receiving a bouquet fom Sam Maplethorpe and Christian Long, county training officer, for her efforts in raising almost £2,000 since becoming president of the organisation last July.
Maureen is a town councillor, as is husband Tom, who kindly supplied the picture.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Outline plans to build 10 semi-detached homes, and demolish one house, on Engine Street, Brigg, are not being opposed by Brigg Town Council.
Town clerk Jeanette Woollard said no negative feedback had been received.
Meanwhile, plans to erect a replacement detached house at 5 St Helens Road have been ‘put on hold’, the town council has been advised.


Ancholme Rowing Club has kindly supplied this picture showing the Ancholme eight crew - Pete Evans, Sarah O’Hara, Paul Thompson, Pete Shew, Chris Taylor, Mark Branton, Joe Steed and Ross Davis, coxed by Sarah from the Yarborough Hunt - on the river during the annual scrumpy row event, from Brigg to Brandy Wharf Cider Centre.
Full report and another picture on the Brigg Extra page in tomorrow's Scunthorpe Telegraph.


The travellers parked on the grassy paddock area at the end of Station Road, Brigg, have now moved on.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


An update is to be given on the progress made with the 3B's Project, which will see a small team of workers out on the streets, meeting youngsters and providing activities and advice.
The scheme will work in Brigg, Broughton and Barnetby, and is being administered by Brigg Town Council.
The progress report will be delivered to Wednesday's meeting of the town council's policy committee in the Angel Suite, off Market Place, starting at 7.30pm.
It's a public meeting, so you are very welcome to attend, if you wish. Please note, however, the meeting is downstairs in the Lounge, not in the main room.
The same meeting will include the monthly review of the town council's website and will consider a request for a grant/donation from the Lindsey Blind Society.
Councillors will also be asked to decide whether they should continue to fund the cost of erecting and dismantling the bunting in the town centre.
See you there?

Friday, May 02, 2008


Brigg used to boast two small estates of prefabs, built after the war to deal with the housing shortage. They were of different designs.
One set was down Elwes Street; the other in Woodbine Grove, between Hawthorn Avenue and South View Avenue.
Both are long gone...but not forgotten by those of us who lived there.
Current town councillor Andrew Markham's family lived in an Elwes Street prefab, while ours had one in Woodbine Grove, until leaving in 1962/3.
The prefabs had many modern features, including fridge and inside toilet.
However, the Woodbine Grove prefabs were condemned in the 1970s, with many years of life left in them.
Drainage of the site was not good, and some Brigg folk may remember a pumping building on the approach to the estate, just off Preston Drive. It was kept very busy.
Given the haste with which Brigg got rid of its prefabs, it's interesting to note you can still see small estates of them giving good service in Grimsby and Ashby.
Not many years ago we paid a visit to the Eden Camp tourist attraction and found a prefab there, bringing back many childhood memories.


Brigg Town Cricket Club starts life in a totally new competition tomorrow (Saturday).
Having been members of the Lincoln League, the Lincolnshire County League and the Grimsby and District Saturday League in recent seasons, our club has now joined the East Yorkshire Cricket Alliance.
And tomorrow sees the club's first match in this competition - played by Brigg's second team, away to Humbleton 2nds, in division four.
On Monday, Brigg 2nds are also away - taking on North Ferriby 2nds in a bank holiday fixture.
Operating in division three, Brigg first teamers begin their season on Saturday, May 10 - with a visit to Cherry Burton.
The club's first home game in the competition will be at the Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road, on Saturday, May 17 when the first team hosts East Halton - the only other club from the South Bank of the Humber taking part in the East Yorkshire Alliance.
For further details about Brigg Town CC, contact first team captain Lee Fielden (07787 715825)or second team skipper Phil Dewfall (07738 677910). Phil is pictured above, next to the club's scorebox.
The club is also running junior teams in the Intersport Scunthorpe League, and has entered the West Wold Midweek League for the very first time.
So it promises to be a busy season all round.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Maybe the powers-that-be at Lidl, which has a store in Brigg right beside the Old River Ancholme, know something about the forthcoming summer weather that the rest of us don’t.
For the firm is now stocking divers’ waterproof clothing, snorkelling equipment and flippers, and taking out glossy advertising to let folk know.
It was a very wet summer last year, with some flooding in Brigg. So this year we are due a scorcher.
But don’t hold your breath!


Hopes are growing that semi-derelict lock-up garages between West Square, East Parade and the old Glebe Road primary school site can be removed, or improved.
Town Mayor Coun Michael Doherty suggested a specific assessment was to be carried out by the owners, with an order already made to remove graffiti and tidy things up.
Coun Ann Eardley (pictured) suggested the best course of action might be demolition.
The topic has been considered at meetings of the Hawthorn Avenue area residents' group and Brigg Town Council.
In recent years, as fewer and fewer of the garages have been occupied, the site has become an easy target for vandals.