Monday, May 31, 2010


In the late 1950s there wasn't such a thing as the health and safety culture. Shame that because, as a youngster, I fell headlong into a deep hole left (totally unguarded) by workmen near our Woodbine Grove, Brigg, prefab, and might well have suffocated had it not been for a friend running to fetch his mother, who pulled me to safety. Our family never got any compensation; mother had a moan at some minor official in Brigg, but that was the end of the matter. Had it happened today, you'd be talking a five or even six-figure sum.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Brigg Town Cricket Club first teamers haven't made a very promising start to their programme in Lincolnshire League division four. But Lady Luck is certainly not shining on them.
Recently they were due to entertain Scunthorpe Town 3rds at the Recreation Ground - one of the sides they might expect to beat - but bad weather caused the cancellation of the fixture.
Then yesterday they were due to visit Hykeham 2nds, another of the teams renowned for finishing in the lower reaches of the basement section. However, that game was cancelled before the Town team left Brigg. Which at least gave them the chance to save on petrol and do something else with the remainder of their Saturday.
That was better than sitting in the pavilion at Hykeham and watching the rain come down until the umpires abandoned proceedings.
In my 30 years with Brigg Town CC I encountered many rained-off games, and lots of times when we played on regardless of downpours - just for the sheer hell of it! However, that was long before today's health and safety culture kicked in. On one occasion at the Rec Ground we literally ladled standing water off the square after a thunderstorm, only to be shot out for a very low score by Scunthorpe Town's veteran leg-spinner, Alan Wilson.
Still, we felt it quite an achievement to get the game played in such trying conditions.
To paraphrase Lincolnshire literary giant Alfred, Lord Tennyson: It was better to have played and lost than never to have played at all.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


You can appreciate delivery drivers visiting Brigg premises have a worthwhile and sometimes difficult job to do. However, in the space of a few minutes this morning I, and other shoppers, had to step aside while two vans went down the centre of Wrawby Street (fully expecting a Biblical-style parting of the waves to occur) and then found my car hemmed in by another delivering to an outlet in Spring's Parade.
"I'm just going" and "I'll only be a minute" are phrases you hear uttered by White Van Man, but a well-meant "Sorry" is often absent.
What would the reaction be if a private motorist blocked in a delivery van in Spring's Parade? Even more to the point: What would the reaction be if a private motorist (with no right to be in the Pedestrian-only zone) blocked the path of White Van man in Wrawby Street or the Market Place?
As was pointed out to me this morning while we observed a white van parked up in Wrawby Street, some towns and cities make delivery drivers park away from the shopping area and transport items on foot.
Brigg Blog isn't suggesting that happens in our town. However, there's no reason why we shouldn't have a bit of common courtesy from the minority of delivery folk who don't always demonstrate it. Not all drivers are at fault, but there are some who could be asked to show a bit more care and consideration. Especially in an area of Brigg which is designed for pedestrians, rather than public roads which are designed for motorists like White Van Man.


Two pictures of the newly repainted White Horse, in Wrawby Street, Brigg. This is one of our oldest hostelries, so it's good to see investment being made. It looks impressive - a job well done.
Many of us have spent happy hours - and even Happy Hours - in this pub down the years. Note the use of the lower case "w" and "h" on the signs. That's the modern way, of course, but what would dear old Ted Dodd, long-serving news editor of the Lincolnshire Times at nearby No 57, have made of the disappearance of capital letters on proper nouns? Doddy often popped in at the White Horse for a pint on his way home to St Helen's Road from the office, and it was usually 9pm before he stopped bashing away at the keys on his old typewriter (no computers then, of course). More archive pictures of Brigg Horse Fair - showing steeds, traders and spectators outside the White Horse - have now been unearthed. We will be featuring some in an issue of the Scunthorpe Telegraph's Nostalgia magazine, possibly in August, which is Horse Fair month.

Friday, May 28, 2010


When Coun John Kitwood got to his feet to thank fellow Brigg town councillors for electing him the Deputy Town Mayor, he made some interesting points about the changes undertaken within the authority in the relatively few years since he was last in the same position.
He pointed out that rather than the Town Council meeting once a month to consider all issues, it now delegated much to various committees.
Coun Kitwood was in no doubt the Town Council now had a greatly increased workload, this being due, in part, to the fact the Civic Society and Chamber of Trade were no longer active.


He's now well into his 90s but the amazing Chris Gunnee shows no signs of letting up with his public work.
At Monday's annual meeting of Brigg Town Council in the Angel Suite there he was to receive Brigg Old People Welfare's share of the £2,285 raised by the Town Mayor's Appeal Fund during Coun James Truepenny's 2009/10 year of office.
There's an annual outing, of course, organised for the town's old folk - almost all of whom are older than Chris, former town councillor and a steelworks engineer during his working life.


Ian Cawsey, who lost his seat at the recent General Election after 13 years as Brigg and Goole's MP, has written to Brigg Town Council to saw how honoured he was to serve this area in Parliament, and describing the Town Council as the eyes and ears of the community.


Brigg Town Councillor Tom Glossop and his wife Maureen, a former councillor, are to lay a wreath on the memorial at Wootton Bassett, in Wiltshire, at their own expense. The town is well-known for its close connections with the UK's armed forces.


Alan Richardson has forwarded these "before" and "after" pictures relating to the tree in Bigby Street.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Brigg District Lions have suggested to the Town Council they are interested in re-introducing the community bonfire, traditionally held to mark Guy Fawkes' Night, although not always on November 5 at the Recreation Ground.
We have highlighted, and double-checked, the Lions are indeed using the word "bonfire" (to accompany the expected fireworks). For to many, having a firework display, however magnificent, without an accompanying bonfire it not quite the same.
A "case of need" donation from the Town Council, if approved, would give the Lions some peace of mind over organising this large community event.
Back in the 1970s, Brigg Town Cricket Club members used to assist in building the Rec Ground bonfire, then organised by a special committee of volunteers, in which Coun Bryan Robins was a driving force. It was sited exactly between the two football pitches.
Back then, of course, there weren't the health and safety considerations of the modern world. We used to lift and position huge, wooden "scrap" railway sleepers to form the base of the bonfire, which would be lit a few days later by the Town Mayor.
I well remember Jack Wattam performing these duties when he was the town's first citizen, which would be either 1976 or 1978, as Bryan Robins himself, I seem to recall, was Town Mayor in 1977 (the Queen's Silver Jubilee Year).
Having spent back-breaking hours building as good as bonfire as you could manage, you didn't have to stay long at the Rec to watch all your hard work go up in smoke.
At that time (excepting Sundays) I think they had the event on November 5, rather than the nearest Saturday.
Anyone remember hockey club stalwart Len Marshall supervising pig roasting at the bonfire and firework display in later years?
Communal firework displays and bonfires are much safer than the family back garden ones of old, when Brigg dads nailed Catherine wheels to the side of the shed and the rockets were placed in LAWS, or White's, pop bottles before being sent skyward.
More than 40 years ago, Brigg kids bought their Standard, Brock's and Lion fireworks from shops run by the likes of Brigg councillor Ernie Taylor, Ernie Robinson, and Mike Tierney. From bangers to air-bombs, they kept good stocks. But the usual "family box" of fireworks, however much mum and died tried to string things out, rarely took longer than 20 minutes to polish off. It took Brigg youngsters a lot longer to fashion a decent "Guy" from old clothes and lug it round council estates in an old doll's pram, knocking on doors and inquiring: "Penny for the Guy, Mrs?" All cash gained in this way would then be shared out and used to buy further fireworks.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Coun Ben Nobbs' acceptance speech as Town Mayor included an offer to businesses in the town, plans to raise funds for the Air Ambulance and new play equipment for children in our town, and a thank-you to former MP Ian Cawsey. Here's the full text..

Town Councillors, ladies and gentleman, I thank you for the honour of being elected to serve as the Town Mayor of Brigg, and my first duty must be to thank the outgoing Town Mayor, Councillor James Truepenny, and his Consort, Councillor Edward Arnott.
The last twelve months have been an interesting year for me, and his help and advice has been very welcome. I know – as I have attended events as his deputy – that he and his consort have been well received throughout the area and they have significantly raised the profile of Brigg.
Could I also thank Ian Cawsey – the outgoing MP. In all my dealings with him – over many years - he has been an excellent constituency MP - taking up issues and problems on behalf of residents, businesses and this council - whenever he was asked.
Readers of the Brigg Community Newsletter have also written in to me to say how much they enjoyed listening to Ian and James playing in the bandstand on the last Saturday before Christmas.
I welcome Andrew Percy, our new MP, and hope that he will continue the excellent working relationship which this council has always enjoyed with its local MP, for the benefit of Brigg.
I will be supported in my Mayoral Year by Mrs. Barbara Morris as the Lady Mayoress, and I would like to place on record my thanks to her for the support she has already given me throughout the past year, as Deputy Mayoress. My Chaplain will be Revd. Enid Knowles who, unfortunately, is unable to be with us this evening as she is in Oberamaghau. I will, of course, be hosting the traditional Civic Functions in Brigg, throughout my Mayoral Year.
Let me echo the comments of Councillor Truepenny at the Town meeting of two months ago. I know and appreciate it has been a struggle for many of the shops to keep going over the last couple of years, but Brigg is surviving the worst of the current economic downturn. For whatever the reason, probably the dedication or persistence of its many independent business owners, let us hope that it continues to do so.
If the Town Council can help any business in any way over the next twelve months please feel free to contact me.
I believe Brigg has tremendous potential as a place for people from all around the area to visit: It is an historic Market Town, for centuries the only crossing point of the River Ancholme, and with a wide range of architecture and shops: It is still the only town in the whole area with a river flowing thru' it where one can sit quietly and admire the ducks and swans.
The river itself is well used by members of the Ancholme Rowing Club, Glanford Boat Club, Scunthorpe and District Canoe Club, the local Fishing Clubs, Lincsquad and many independent boat and kayak owners. In addition, we now have a regular boat service from Brandy Wharf stopping at the town and we need to make the whole of the riverside as inviting for visitors as possible.
If we can increase the number of visitors to the town, many will wander thru' the shopping streets — to the benefit of the shops and the other businesses.
Your council, in collaboration with the North Lincolnshire Council, the Environment Agency and many volunteers and volunteer groups from Brigg, is working towards improving the whole town with the "Brigg Big Clean Up". Can I add, however, that it is for everyone in the whole community to maintain the level of tidiness of Brigg which we have now achieved all year long.
The "Brigg Big Clean Up" should not just be a "one off' but a starter towards continuing development. We need to keep a focus on the County Bridge, the Millennium Green, the river and riverside, children's play facilities and the other visitors' attractions and events in the Town, and I am looking to working with my fellow Town Councillors and all other local representatives on all of these projects.
The award winning Brigg Farmers' Market reaches its 10th Anniversary in July this year — celebrations are currently being planned! For the Town Mayor's Appeal I am hoping to arrange a number of fundraising events; I hope we will get the support of the people of Brigg for them and I would welcome the support of anyone else who is prepared to organise fundraising events for the two charities I have selected.
One of these is the "Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance". This important facility is based at RAF Waddington, performs over 1000 missions every year and can reach any where in the county within 20 minutes. Half its missions are to Road Traffic Accidents and the average journey time from an incident to hospital is just 8 minutes — travelling at 150 miles an hour as the crow flies, avoiding the traffic jams frequently caused by the traffic accidents and with the ability to land anywhere. YET it receives no funding from the Government or from the National Lottery.
My second aim is to raise funds to assist with the purchase of a piece of Play Equipment for one of the Brigg Playgrounds. The Woodbine Avenue Children's Playground has recently been totally refurbished by North Lines Council from the "Playbuilder fund" and, as you can see from the photos on the display at the back of the room, it now offers an excellent range of safe play equipment.
I, therefore, intend that my funds will benefit one of the other two children's playgrounds — either the "Donkey" Park on Almond Grove, or the Davy Memorial Field next to the railway crossing — after consultation with local young people.
And finally. I am very pleased to welcome the members of my family and so many of my friends.


Pictures from last night's ceremony when Coun James Truepenny handed over the duties of Town Mayor to Coun Ben Nobbs, with Coun John Kitwood being elected the Deputy Town Mayor for 2010/11. The Mayoral switch-over was part of Brigg Town Council's annual meeting, the first citizen's duties including chairing council meetings in the Angel Suite.

Coun Kitwood (left) and Coun Nobbs - Deputy Town Mayor and Town Mayor respectively.

Mayor and Deputy overseeing the meeting, with advice from Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard.

Coun Tom Glossop (nearest camera) studying his papers during the Town Council's annual meeting.

Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard being thanked for all the help she gave to Town Mayor Coun James Truepenny (right) and Mayor's Consort Coun Edward Arnott (left) during their year.

Mayor's Chaplain Father Owain Mitchell (right) with Couns Arnott and Truepenny.

Angel Suite manager Karen Deeley being thanked by the retiring Town Mayor.

Andrew Percy (right), the newly-elected MP for Brigg and Goole, attended the Mayor-Making ceremony and is seen here with Coun Nigel Sherwood, well-known Brigg businessman and one of the district's representatives on North Lincolnshire Council.

Keep reading Brigg Blog's future postings for the Town Mayor's message to Brigg and its small businesses, plus news from the Town Council meeting.


Coun Ben Nobbs became Brigg's new Town Mayor last night during the annual meeting of Brigg Town Council in the Angel Suite. It was the best-attended "Mayor-making" meeting many of us could remember, with the majority of the public seats being filled. Coun John Kitwood was elected Deputy Town Mayor and Town Mayor Elect 2011/12.
Andrew Percy, the newly-elected Brigg and Goole MP, came along, together with Couns Nigel Sherwood and Coun John Berry, two of the Brigg area's reps on the unitary North Lincolnshire Council.
Full report and many pictures to follow later.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Brigg Town Football Club was established in 1864, making it one of the oldest in the country still operating. The other day I uncovered an interesting article written in the 1940s and looking back to Grimsby Town FC's formation and development in the 1870s and 1880s. Clearly, back then, Brigg were THE team to beat in Lincolnshire, and inflicted defeats on Grimsby in the Mariners' early period.
Back then, Brigg Town played at the Manor House Convent ground - that's the so-called Paddock area close to the railway station, where travellers' caravans have quite often been seen parked up in recent years. Later, Town moved to a ground behind the Brocklesby Ox, off Bridge Street, before switching to The Hawthorns, their current base about 60 years ago.
Brigg Town Cricket Club also used the Manor House Convent ground, and there's still a link today with Brigg Town FC, as the Zebras' clubhouse is the venue for the cricketers' teas, involving a very short walk from the Recreation Ground.
Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, many Brigg youngsters never missed Brigg Town FC's pre-season friendlies against Grimsby Town, who were then in Division Three. These drew decent crowds, as the Mariners not only enjoyed good support in Brigg but also tended to bring along a decent side, with a sprinkling of first teamers to add interest. One year they included a blond midfielder, Dougie Collins, for one of these friendlies (late '60s) and he gave a super performance in what we'd now call midfield. Not long afterwards he signed for Burnley, then in the old Division One (today's Premiership)and became a regular.
Brigg Town's changing rooms were then of the wooden variety, and we queued outside hoping to get the autographs of some of the Grimsby first teamers. Charlie Wright, who was a "personality" goalkeeper, perhaps in the mould of David James, was one who springs readily to mind.
As boys we didn't normally pay to watch Brigg Town in action in the Lincolnshire League; we would watch for free from the public 'No Cycling' footpath which divided the Hawthorns from the Rec. It wasn't great looking through the wire fencing but we didn't usually linger long, unless "Hutchie" was enjoying a purple patch. David Hutchinson being the club's prolific striker, later to get a brief spell on Scunthorpe United's books, and a handful of first team games, but by then he was in his late 20s. If he'd been given a chance at League level a decade earlier, he might well have made a name for himself. He didn't exactly see eye to eye with some referees, and from time to time would find himself trudging back to the green-painted wooden dressing rooms for the proverbial early bath.
Having checked an old Brigg Town programme to establish that they were, indeed, established in 1864, that means the 150th anniversary is only four years away. This fact will not have been lost on Ki Brown and his committee. A special match might be in order. Get it in the Man Utd year planner for 2014, Sir Alex. Or, more realistically, perhaps it would be fitting if the Zebras took on Grimsby Town, their opponents in 1878. The Mariners will hope to have regained their Football League status by then.
I've been researching the Brigg Town-Grimsby Town connection for a special illustrated feature which will appear in the June issue of Nostalgia magazine, published by the Scunthorpe Telegraph at the end of next month, priced 75p. You can order copies from local newsagents/shops and outlets.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


No scooters spotted this afternoon but plenty of motorcycles heading in both directions along the A18 through the centre of Brigg. Must be the sun that brings them out...a bit like flies!


There's a big, yellow crane positioned near the Angel Suite - about to lift something. Anyone know what it's all about?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Coun Ben Nobbs will step up to become Town Mayor of Brigg on Monday night at the traditional "Mayor-making ceremony" in the Angel Suite, having served a year as Deputy Town Mayor. However, it remains to be seen who will be elected the new Deputy Mayor and Mayor-Elect, to become the town's first citizen for 2011/12.
Candidates will be invited to address fellow members of the Town Council prior to a vote by show of hands.
Monday's Annual Meeting of the Town Council marks the end of Coun James Truepenny's year as Town Mayor.

Friday, May 21, 2010


From Marie Bailey, North Lincolnshire Council

Want to try a new sport? Or get back into a sport you played in your youth? Now's your chance. For on Saturday, 29th May, 2pm to 4pm, at Ancholme Leisure Centre, Glanford Badminton Club, Brigg Netball Club, Brigg United Junior Football Club, Brigg Hockey Club and England Squash and Racketball will all be offering you the opportunity to 'have a go' and learn more about how you can get involved with them.
All taster sessions will be FREE and open to all ages so bring the whole family for a fun and active afternoon.
For further details contact Marie Bailey, Sports, Play and Community Development Officer - Brigg and District, North Lincolnshire Council, Hewson House. Tel: 01724 297181, or visit the website

Thursday, May 20, 2010


By Gary Smith

Lee Fielden has resigned as Brigg Town Cricket Club first team captain. The new skipper is Dylan Hildreth and the new vice-captain Jack Richards. The Under-17s have dropped out of the Scunthorpe League, while the Under-13s are playing this year at Hibaldstow under the Brigg banner with a view to be taken on next year by Hibaldstow as part of their bid for "accreditation."
Jon Taylor adds: "Hibaldstow Cricket Club has, for the first time since anyone at the club can remember, entered a junior team in local cricket leagues. The original plan had been to prepare for running a team from the 2011 season, but the sad news that Brigg U13 would not have a manager or coach presented us with the opportunity to take on the junior section a year earlier than planned."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just wondering how many Brigg folk, like me, have received a voucher in the post to enjoy a free pint of Carling Black Label at the Woolpack, in the Market Place. Mine's valid from May 24 to June 21. The voucher also offers the chance to win a Great British break worth £1,000.


Take a trip back in time with the souvenir 100th edition of Nostalgia magazine from the Scunthorpe Telegraph, now on sale for 75p. (Guess who provides all the content?)
There's plenty for older Brigg Blog readers to enjoy in this issue, including memories of the town's Labour Exchange, an "odd ode" to our long-awaited by-pass, plus reflections on "God's Little Acre" (Bigby Street) and Paradise Place, Cadney Road, both accompanied by Stephen Hill paintings.
The popular That Was The Year feature recalls the major events of 1960, and there's a special feature on a thrilling 4-4 final game of the season for Scunthorpe United in 1980/1. (Were you there at the Old Show Ground?)
A long-serving member of the local Lions also recounts an amazing tale of how, as a young National Serviceman in the RAF in the early 1950s, he came to spend the night in German Luftwaffe commander Herman Goering's ex-bungalow, where the Generalfeldmarshall's giant bed was still a feature.
If you are reading this as someone formerly from Brigg who now lives outside the Scunthorpe Telegraph's circulation area, you can order a copy to be posted to you by calling 01724 273273.


Just one "new" planning application for Brigg has been lodged with North Lincolnshire Council, described as a non-material amendment to planning permission (ref PA/2009/0237) to insert roof light above bedroom at Milford, Mill Lane.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Brigg Town Cricket Club 1st X1 members sporting their smart new club caps and training tops, donated by club sponsors United Carpets.

Inset: A close-up of one of the caps donned by long-serving opening batsman Gary Smith.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Brigg has staged the Lincolnshire Show in the dim, distant past. Now, of course, many Brigg folk head off down the A15 to enjoy the modern event at the purpose-built showground this side of Lincoln.
The 200-acre Showground is expecting 65,000 people on June 23rd and 24th, to make it the biggest show in the event's 126-year history.
The Show features the traditional and well-loved attractions like pig racing, show jumping and the Grand Parade in the Clydesdale Ring. And organisers have also promised the most varied, family-orientated Show to date, including the first-ever evening concert at the Show, which will entertain visitors through into the evening, after Wednesday’s day-time activities.
Away from the livestock pens and equipment displays, visitors can enjoy attractions like the ‘Knights of the Damned’ who are performing exclusively at the Show in the county this year and will be performing a thrilling re-enactment of medieval war games.
Justin Pearson heads the team and has worked on Hollywood mega-hits Harry Potter and Star Wars. “It will be a great chance for visitors to see the UK’s leading jousting stunt team perform some truly fantastic horsemanship,” Justin said.
The family can also enjoy a living recreation of a medieval village, a mini-jungle staged by Woodside Falconry and Wildlife Park and a Sports Zone with new and exciting games and competitions.
The tribute band, The Kommitments, will be appearing on the Lincs FM Stage from 6.30pm to 8pm. They are a live 10-piece tribute to the hugely popular movie, The Commitments, and more information about the band is on their website at
All the latest trends in farming and agriculture from the top breeds to top machines will be on show. And the award-winning EPIC conferencing centre on the Showground has an exhibition on sustainable living which includes construction sessions with Hill Holt Wood and advice on grants and initiatives available.
Prices are frozen from last year and there are big savings on advance tickets and discounts are available for families and groups. The show will be open from 8am until 6pm on both days.For more information and to pre-order your ticket, visit the website or ring the ticket hotline on 0845 230 5171.

Our picture from the Brigg Blog archive shows Tom Wood, of Highwood Brewery fame, at a previous Lincolnshire Show - Tom being one of those who refurbished and reopened Brigg's historic Yarborough Hunt hostelry in Bridge Street.


Brigg will get a new first citizen next Monday (24th) when Coun James Truepenny's year as Town Mayor ends at Brigg Town Council's annual meeting in the Angel Suite (7.30pm). The AGM is open to the public.


Pictures of the car rally starting from Brigg Market Place yesterday, which attracted many visitors to the town centre. The TSW Printers' flag was waved to set them on their way.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


We've done a selection of pictures at this morning's car rally in the Market Place. Plan to process and post them later today or tomorrow, when cricketing duties permit. Some fine vehicles on show, including Minis and Jags.


From Ken Harrison

The Humber sloop Amy Howson (typical of the barge type that will carried cargo to Brigg in years gone by) be will be passing through on June 5 and 6, to and from the Brandy Wharf festival weekend.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Brigg's Black Bull, in Wrawby Street, is planning a trip to York Races on Saturday, July 10 - the 51st John Smith's Cup Day. A coach will leave the Bull at 10.15am and return half-an-hour after the last race. The coach fare is a tenner and you have to sort your own admission ticket (on the day or booked online in advance). Grandstand and paddock costs £17 (£14 for pensioners). For further details pop in and s see mine hosts Rick and Amber at the Bull.


A clean-up of litter close to the Old River Ancholme was carried out at the instigation of Brigg Town Council on Thursday evening. Cadets, members of the traveller community, councillors and officers, and well-meaning members of the public came together to do the bit. Look closely and you can see Brigg Blog's most prolific message poster, Ken Harrison, deep in the bushes.

Coun Carl Sherwood, Coun Jackie Brock and Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard (on the front row) masterminding operations.

Our man Ken doing his bit, with Deputy Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs (left) and Coun Jane Kitching.

Coun Ann Eardley in the thick of the action.


The tree at the Exchange Coach House, on Bigby Street, which is the centre of a dispute between owner Joe Mullen and North Lincolnshire Council (see posts Thursday and yesterday)


Mike and Heather Johnson busy behind the extensive bar.

Brigg District Lions' annual beer festival is now on at John Reid Transport, Atherton Way. The event opened on Thursday night, when Brigg Blog popped in for a look, continued yesterday, expects a big attendance today, and closes tomorrow. Funds raised go to help the Lions in their good work for deserving causes.
Proving very popular on opening night was the hog roast, laid on by a professional firm from Garthorpe (see pictures). Crepes were also available for those with a sweeter tooth.
We are pleased to say the old days of having to visit the blue portable toilets across the yard are now long gone, with good facilities available inside the premises where the festival is being staged.
When you go along you will be given a printed sheet listing the 34 keg ales available, plus seven kinds of cider and three types of bottled beer.
We are pleased to say you can sample Sergeant's Brigg Bitter, now being re-brewed in Fulstow to the old recipe, plus our own Tom Wood's Bomber County, brewed at Highwood, Melton Ross. For those liking their beers a little heavier but still with a local flavour, how about Black Crow Stout, from the Poachers Brewery, North Hykeham?
There are some famous names like Thwaites' Lancaster Bomber, Adnams' Broadside and Shepherd Neame's Spitfire. Infact, as we observed some doing on Thursday, you can enjoy beers on the same theme, such as (for Naval types) Admiral's Choice, Dreadnought, Mutiny, Nelson's Revenge, Broadside, Harbour Master, Seafarers and Bargee.
Those in patriotic mood can sample the previously mentioned Bomber County and Spitfire, plus Gladiator, Hurricane and Chinook Blonde.
The oddly-named Tabatha the Knackered makes a welcome return for those who like their beers stronger (its ABV is 6.0 per cent). However, the vast majority of ales available are less than 5.0.

The hog roasters.

Johnny Whall, Jack Richards, Tim Staniland, Paul Hopton and Andy Morris.

Just some of the keg ales available.

Ollie Reid and David Baggott.

Nick Crawford finishes his pint, as Broughton Cricket Club team-mate Neil Simpson wonders whether it's time for another.

Friday, May 14, 2010


...We will be posting pictures taken at Brigg Beer Festival on the opening night, accompanied by a report. The event runs until Sunday at John Reid Transport, Atherton Way.


Here, as promised, is the North Lincolnshire Council response to yesterday afternoon's posting about the tree outside the Exchange Coach House, Bigby Street.
A council spokeswoman said: "The council tried contacting Mr Mullen before sending the notice but were told he was unavailable. The tree in question has been inspected by experts and was found to be severely infected with a decay fungus making it a danger to passing members of the public and traffic. For this reason the council has served Mr Mullen with the tree felling notice. He has 21 days to appeal against this if he wishes to do so.
"The council officer has met with Mr Mullen and informed him he has the right to gain a second opinion and appeal against the notice.
"The council’s environment officers are always happy to give information and help with any issues regarding trees and can be contacted on 01724 296296."

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We've just had Joe Mullen on the phone from the Exchange Coach House Inn, saying North Lincolnshire Council has served him with a notice to fell the large tree adjacent to his property which is such a feature of Bigby Street. He says he has two weeks to remove it - at his expense. Joe's been told its infected with a sort of fungus which could eat the tree from the inside. He reckons the tree is 100 years old and believes many Brigg people will be unhappy to see it removed in the name of health and safety.
Brigg Blog is to email North Lincolnshire Council for a statement, which we will post if one is received in due course.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Brigg Town Council has raised no objections to two planning applications which now go forward to North Lincolnshire planners for final consideration:
Application Number 2010/0326: Planning permission to retain siting of steel container for storage on a temporary basis - land to the rear of 6 Albert Street.
Application Number 2010/0471: Planning permission to erect a single storey extension - 4 Garden Cottages, Garden Street.
Councillors thought the steel container had been there for some years, with Coun Tom Glossop highlighting the fact no-one seemed to have objected to it.
Coun Jenny Bell said the extension proposed for Garden Cottages would not be visible from the road.


British resorts which keep their golden sands clean and tidy are awarded Blue Flags.
Brigg Town Council's continuing efforts to get the banks of the River Ancholme tidied and free of litter have promoted Coun Michael Galvin to suggest Brigg might be in the running for a Blue Flag for its efforts many miles inland.
Keep Brigg Tidy volunteers will be out tomorrow night, near the towpath, with further sessions to follow in the coming weeks.
Negotiations continue with the Environment Agency about cutting back the mass of weed in the river, which always proves a problem during the summer.
The Town Council has set aside funds to pay for an extra cut, if that proves necessary, following the Agency's initial one - probably in July. However, a close eye will be kept on the growth of weed, which is closely allied to weather conditions.
As councillors discussed the riverside at tonight's meeting, Coun Ann Eardley highlighted what she considered to be the dangerous state of an old wooden jetty near the White Hart pub, while Deputy Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs seemed hopeful some improvements could be made to crumbling brickwork a little further along the river.


The financial situation at Brigg's loss-making Angel Suite looks a good deal better, with increased bookings reducing the deficit considerably.
Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard told councillors an inquiry had even been received for a wedding function in two years' time.
Increased bookings have followed considerable marketing work carried out by Karen Deeley, the Angel Suite manager, in recent months, with positive comments received from hirers of the facility.


One or two rats have been reported at the Grammar School Road allotments, overseen by Brigg Town Council. Immediate steps are to be taken, with authority given for a specialist firm to be brought in to monitor the situation and take any necessary steps. Despite the rat problem being a small one, town councillors, meeting tonight in the Angel Suite, decided on swift action, in line with "duty of care" and health and safety at the site.
Coun Penny Smith stressed they needed to call in specialists.
Coun Mel Oades was keen to ensure the other allotments, in Redcombe Lane, were also covered by any rat-monitoring initiative, to dispel possible accusations which might arise of "double standards."
Coun Michael Galvin agreed with that stance, hoping the cost might be proportionately lower for monitoring two sites, rather than one.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Further to recent postings about netball, Brigg are now ranked 12th in the entire country after the national tournament at the weekend.
A truly great achievement!


From Ken Harrison

Underneath the trolley verandah to the left of Tesco's Brigg store entrance there is a wood pigeon nesting on top of the underslung lamp. The nest is built of twigs, some of which occasionally drop down on top of unsuspecting shoppers. The nest is occupied by at least one chick.
As my old granny use to say - if you're hit by pigeon muck, you'll be in luck for the rest of the day!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Plans to combine Brigg's three hockey clubs into one seem to be heading for a positive conclusion. The aim is to formally dissolve the current trio and then form Brigg Hockey Club.
The AGM of the Brigg Men's Club will be held on May 20 at the White Hart, in Bridge Street, from 8am. The EGM of the new organisation will follow on June 23 at the Ancholme Inn, Grammar School Road.


From Ken Harrison

Several of the illuminated, plastic bollards on Barnard Avenue, near Tesco, have been uprooted. One was in the bushes of the the senior citizen bungalows, another was recumbent near Riverside Surgery.
Under the prevailing political climate, perhaps the skallies took exception to the signs which indicated Keep Left!
NF adds: Some drivers continue to ignore the Keep Left instructions at this busy exit onto the A18. We repeat our suggestion to take a CCTV camera out of the Market Place, now the trees there are in leaf, and position it in Barnard Avenue for a few weeks. The resulting penalty notices should do the trick.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Brigg is soon to have an Emergency Plan, formulated by the Town Council to meet our community's needs should some disaster befall us, such as extensive flooding or a plane crash within Brigg's boundaries.
Much preparatory work on the plan has been carried out by the Town Council, and it is hoped to get everything tied up by the end of next month.
Should the balloon go up, the Town Clerk and the Town Mayor would contact other councillors and liaise with voluntary organisations, like the Lions, Rowing Club and Canoe Club, to help the emergency services. Obviously, Brigg Town Council, which is relatively small, would probably be assisting wider efforts managed by North Lincolnshire Council, police, fire and ambulance (depending on the circumstances).

1) Storing a large stock of sacks to be turned into sandbags in the case of flood risk;
2) Use of the Angel Suite as a venue for those forced to leave their homes;
3) Establishing a supermarket account (Tesco?) to allow the purchase of refreshments at short notice for temporarily displaced residents or others in need of help in an emergency.

Deputy Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs is currently Brigg's Flood Warden, working alongside the Environment Agency. However, the Town Council is to prepare the Emergency Plan in such a way that it does not name particular people, as councillors, and staff, come and go. The intention is to make chairmen/women of some Council committees part of the team involved in activating and operating the plan, rather than specific people.
Once all is in place, Brigg Town Council hopes to test its Emergency Plan is working smoothly through a "desktop exercise" - rather than a full-blown mock disaster. The plan will be reviewed at least annually, with details put onto the town council's website as a matter of public information.
Draft copies of the Brigg Emergency Plan are being distributed to all town councillors, in line with a course of action decided upon at this week's meeting of the Policy Committee in the Angel Suite. Formal adoption is hoped for in late June.
Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard urged members: "Really give it some thought to see if there are any gaps."

Friday, May 07, 2010


Brigg Blog is totally non-politicial but even we can't ignore a General Election. So congratulations to the new Brigg and Goole MP, Andrew Percy (Conservative) and a sad farewell to the man he unseated, Ian Cawsey (Labour).
(Not forgetting to mention the other unsuccessful candidates - Richard Nixon (Lib Dem), UKIP's Nigel Wright and the BNP's Stephen Ward).

We've dealt with Ian Cawsey on countless occasions over a host of Brigg stories and topics over many years, and enjoyed his company at events in the town. He's always been helpful and courteous and done his level best to help people in Brigg who've approached him - a good number through the constituency office in the Market Place.
Now we are looking forward to building a similarly happy working relationship with Andrew Percy, our new MP.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


The Spitfire from the Lincolnshire-based Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is due to make a special flypast over Brigg tomorrow (Friday) at 7.20pm - at the request of Brigg Amateur Social Historians (weather conditions permitting).


Brigg Town Council's Planning and Environment Committee, meeting in the Angel Suite on Wednesday 12th May at 7pm will consider:
Application 2010/0326: Planning permission to retain siting of steel container for storage on a temporary basis. Land at rear of 6 Albert Street, Brigg.
Application 2010/0471: Planning permission to erect a single storey extension.
4 Garden Cottages, Garden Street, Brigg.
The final decision on whether permission is granted will rest with North Lincolnshire planners.
The planning session will be followed at 7.45pm by a meeting of the Property and Services Committe, which will consider - among other things - reports on the Grammar School Road and Redcombe Lane allotments, and bookings/functions at the Angel Suite.


By Jeanette Woollard, Brigg Town Clerk

For the Big Brigg Spring Clean we are now looking for volunteers to pledge time to specific sessions so that we know how many people to expect.
We have had an excellent response so far, but the more people who commit a couple of hours the more we can get done. The sessions are the same on both days: Sat 22nd and Sunday 23rd May. Assemble at the Angel Suite for Health and Safety Briefing at 10am or 2pm. Clean Up Sessions are 10.30-12.30 and 2.30-4.30pm.


Today (6th May) Brigg Netball Club celebrates its 10th Birthday.
Here is a list of achievements:

1999 - V. McErlain awarded District Sports Council Service to Sport Award

April 2000 - Club opened doors supported by an Awards For All grant

May 2000 - U-11s reach semi-final in Youth Games
Jan 2001 - club accredited as Bronze CAPs club
Sept 2001 - V. McErlain - award All-England award for Voluntary Service in its 75th anniversary awards
Sept 2001 - Hi 5 team win gold at Sleaford
Jan 2003 - received 2nd Lottery Award
Sept 2003 - U-14s and U-16s win gold at Barge tournament
Oct 2003 - U-14s took gold at Horncastle and U-12s got Bronze
Oct 2003 - Seniors came 3rd at Torquay
2004 - website launched
2004/5 season - U-16s won lincolnshire League
March 2005 - V. McErlain wins first North Lincolnshire Leisure Volunteer Award for Coach of the year and the Club wins Sports club of the year
May 2005 - trip to Barbados - U-16s come home undeafeated
Sept 17th, 2005 - U-14s win RAF Grand Prix fair play award
July 15th, 2006 - U-14s win RAF grand prix fair play award and finish 2nd in league
2006 - hi 5 team win 5 goole tournaments
oct 2007 - trip to Malta - U-16s finished 3rd; U-18s finished 1st in Masterclass International Tournament
2007/2008 season - U-12s win lincolnshire league/U16s finish 2nd in local adult summer league
2008 - senior A team win group winners at Skegness
March 2009 - last season's U-12s win junior team of the year at NL awards night and V. McErlain - wins coach of the year for the 2nd time
2008/9 season - U-11s finish 3rd/U-12s finish 1st/U-13s (playing in U-14 league) finish 3rd/U-16s finish first/U-19s finish 2nd in lincolnshire league and Club wins Club of the season, and U-17s finish 3rd in local adult senior league.
2009 - Mark, Nat, Sue and Laura all qualify as level 2 coaches.
April 2009 - 2 members of U-16 team selected to represent Lincolnshire at regional festival - and finished first
2009 - Mark qualifies as a B award Umpire
July 2009 - U-13 "A" team finish 2nd in Humberside U-14 league
13th sept 2009 - U-14s finish 1st/U16s finish 4th/U-13s finish 1st at Louth tournament
Oct 2009 - 3 members of club get selected into E. Midlands regional Academy and 2 members into Yorkshire regional Accademy
11th March 2010 - Tracy Chapman wins North Lincs female voluntry award of the year and Mark comes 2nd in Male category
14th March U-14 "A" team win 2009/10 lincs league title undefeated
21st March - 15 members of club get selected into Lincolnshire Satalite accademy
27th March 4 members get selected into Lincolnshire County accademy
28th March U-14 team represent Lincolnshire at Regional tournament and Win undefeated - now go on the represent E. Mids at the Nationals 8th/9th May 2010 / U19s come 6th at regional event
20th April - U-18s finish 4th in Scunthorpe adult league and senior A team finish 5th
23rd-25th April - 2 teams travel to Isle of Man - U-18s ranked 1st after league stage and finished 3rd overall in senior section
25th April - 2 members of the clubs U-15 team selected to play in regional festival and finish first with one player winning a special award for best ball hunter in defence
2nd May 2010 - U-18s win Lincolnshire Senior B League.


Flying the flag for our town at national level this weekend will be Brigg and District Netball Club's Under-14 team, whose members have already enjoyed outstanding success this season.
On March 28 they went to Long Eaton to represent Lincolnshire in the East Midlands Championship, having an unforgettable day and winning the title to preserve their unbeaten record this season.
On May 8/9 they go to Manchester as regional representatives in the National Championships, taking a squad of players and officials.
Brigg Town councillors were delighted to hear of the club's success and felt such an organisation doing good work among young people deserved support. So an application from the club for a little financial help, considered last night by the Town Council's policy committee, immediately resulted in £250 being agreed, plus a "well done" letter. This course of action was proposed by committee chairman Coun Jenny Bell.
The club has a website if you wish to find out more, or known someone interested in joining. Or email

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Brigg Town Council is to offer to provide a suitable prize (costing up to £50) if the North Lincolnshire authority takes onboard Coun Ann Eardley's suggestion of organising a busking competition to coincide with the 10th anniversary Brigg Farmers' Market at the end of July.
However, Coun Jenny Bell, chairing tonight's meeting of the Town Council's policy committee in the Angel Suite, made it quite clear: "There will be no bunting!"
With today's health and safety requirements, having the bunting strung above town centre streets, and rehung if it falls down in bad weather, can cost several hundred pounds.
"I'm against spending money when we don't have to," said Coun Bell. She also suggested it would be nice if North Lincolnshire Council put more effort into stemming the decline of the weekly Thursday and Saturday general markets in Brigg.
Coun Bell proposed the Town Council should take no action and merely leave North Lincolnshire officials to get on with organising the 10th anniversary market. However, she failed to win any support from fellow members of the committee.
Coun Ben Nobbs thought there was merit in Coun Judith Kitching's idea of a display of photographs in the Market Place showing the good work done by the Town Council. But there were no immediate offers forthcoming from councillors to put that together.
Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard thought North Lincolnshire officials might arrange some sort of street entertainment.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


A number of interesting items are up for discussion tomorrow (Wed) night when Brigg Town Council's Policy Committee holds its monthly meeting (7pm). This is open to the public. Among those listed on the agenda are:

a) To consider the request for financial assistance from the Netball Club.
b) To consider the request for financial assistance from Brigg Squadron ATC


To consider whether the Town Council should be involved in the above celebration on Saturday 24th July and, if so, in what capacity?


The Facebrook pressure group (see earlier post today) highlights an interesting issue about the new Brigg Primary School.
Many eyebrows were raised when North Lincolnshire Council, as education authority, proposed to build the school at the end of Atherton Way. But most of us seem to have been carried along with the urgent need to replace the old facility in Glebe Road.
Some concerns were expressed about the location, but they were generally about the wisdom of putting a new school so close to the River Ancholme, in terms of flood risk.
Meanwhile, many of us failed to consider the problems which might arise from siting a school on an industrial estate where future development was being encouraged. Parents using cars to pick up and drop off children have to use the same road as traffic going to, and from, commercial premises.


A group has been formed on the Facebook social network called Keep Brigg Primary School Safe, in response to the planning application for new industrial development on land in Europa Way, very close to the seat of learning at the end of Atherton Way.
The group explains North Lincolnshire Council has received planning permission to erect business offices, general industrial and storage or distribution units and to erect a single 15KW wind turbine on 25m high mast on the land opposite Brigg Primary School.
It says: "We need to stop this application. Our school is already in a poor location, situated at the bottom of an industrial estate with no road safety measures in place. We do not need more lorries and other associated traffic endangering our children's lives.
"The council welcome comments about this application only until 5th May so we need to act fast. Please please sign the petition located around school and various location in Brigg or submit a comment following the link below - ."

Sunday, May 02, 2010


We've received a sighting of motorcycle police accompanying an unmarked car through Brigg in a cavalcade later seen making its way towards Normanby Park.
Was there a particularly important person travelling through Brigg?
Brigg Blog has replied to suggest it was probably a routine Humberside Police training exercise. In the past we've checked out quite a few sightings like this with the press office, and that's been the response.
I'm working in Hull quite a bit at present, and when the police helicopter appears over the city, no-one seems to give it a second glance. Yet when the 'eye in the sky' comes to Brigg we all seem to take great interest in it and wonder why it's arrived.


Now established as a firm favourite in the town's list of annual events, Brigg District Lions' annual beer festival will open on Thursday, May 13 and run through until Sunday. Times are 7pm-11pm Thursday and Friday, 11am-11pm Saturday, 12pm-3pm Sunday. The venue remains Unit 5, Atherton Way.
We hope to bring you the usual list of guest beers (and alcoholic content) nearer the time.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Brigg Town Mayor Coun James Truepenny (right) presenting Certificates of Attendance on the Avanced Chairmanship Course to Couns Julian Kidd and Penny Smith during the Town Council's monthly meeting in the Angel Suite. Councillors and staff attend training courses, as and when required. Couns Kidd and Smith are well used to chairing various meetings, but have now officially Advanced.
Coun Ben Nobbs, Deputy Town Mayor, should also have received a certificate at the same time but he had left to nip downstairs to the Angel Suite Lounge for a meeting of the Ancholme' Users Group.