Thursday, December 31, 2015


Brigg Blog, like many others, will miss seeing in the New Year at the Black Bull pub in Brigg town centre.
We've lost count of the number of December 31 evenings we've spent in the homely hostelry.
But its been shut since June. So we'll all have to make alternative arrangements.
We just hope the brewery in question can get a new tenant in place and that normal service will be resumed in the not too distant future.


There's a vacancy for a kitchen assistant at St Mary's School, Grammar School Road, Brigg.
North Lincolnshire Council is advertising the job.
Find out full details through this link...


Driving back into Brigg recently, in mid-afternoon, along the A18, we observed many approaching vehicles with lights already switched on but also some cyclists who were not showing any form of illumination on their machines.
But before two-wheel enthusiasts think we are having a dig at them, we would like to say how impressed we were to see a lady cyclist a few days later walking through the Market Place, wheeling her machine. This made a very pleasant change from seeing cyclists whizzing about ourtown centre's busy pedestrian area.
Sadly, we now realise that age is catching up with us. We were a shade riled by the noise being made by  youngsters in Wrawby Street and the Market Place, some on bikes and some with push-along scooters (unsure of the correct modern description). 
On reflection, they were only having a good time and letting off a bit of steam, as we did when we were their age. But they were a bit loud - even for those of us who are a bit hard of hearing.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015



Sarah Horner, great grand-daughter of Thomas Beel, presents Brigg Town Reserves' captain Dale Coy with the Beel Cup, following the Zebras' 3-1 win at Barnetby United in the Christmas fixture. Pictures courtesy of Barnetby official and former Brigg Town cricketer Lee Fielden.

Brigg Town Reserves, winners of the Beel Cup.
Barnetby United, runners-up in the Beel Cup.


On several occasions over a number of months, Brigg Blog has flagged up the issue of lorries staying all night in the Old Courts Road car park. 
So we were interested to read in the latest issue of the In Touch Newsletter, from the Brigg and Wolds Ward Conservatives, that six HGVs were recently issued with fixed penalty notices.
It doesn't say so in the brief reference, but we presume this has been done by North Lincolnshire Council, which runs  municipal car parks in the district.
If you look closely on the parking meters there's a notice saying that a 3.5-tonne limit applies to vehicles using the facility.
The news that action has been taken against overnight parkers will surely spread within the trucking community and may deter others who will not wish to be hit in the pocket.
Some Brigg people may wonder why a few lorries parking up is an issue to the authorities. There's bags of room in the Old Courts Road car park at night when very few private cars are about, and the lorrries you see late on are generally positioned on the perimeter, at the back of the police station.
Some, or most, of the truckers who park up overnight call at Brigg businesses, such as fast food outlets, or perhaps buy a newspaper in the morning, a soft drink or a pack of ciggies.  So there's some benefit  to our economy.
A thought crossed out minds about the council charging a fiver a time for lorries using Old Courts Road. Drivers to pay at the machines. However, the cost of paying overtime to community parking wardens to "police" night-time parking might make this uneconomic. 
Then again, if it became an official lorry park, with 30+ vehicles a night parking up, this could become a good source of extra income for the council and (more importantly?) potentially provide worthwhile extra takings for the night-time economy in Brigg.
As Hughie Green used to say: "It's make your mind up time, folks."


A contractor was out yesterday in Brigg, looking at traffic light controls on the A18.
We noted him looking inside the  lights' control box (near the nursery) and later doing likewise at the adjoining Pelican crossing. Just routine checks being made or altering  the sequence?
Yesterday morning we witnessed a car  waiting at a red light beside the vet's surgery. When the right-turn only green arrow came on and another driver set off for Wesley Road, the driver nearest the vet's also put her foot down. But she had just gone through a red light!
This was not an isolated instance. We've received many reports of drivers setting off while a red light is showing. Could it be that rather than being careless, these motorists are  confused by the way the light sequence now operates?
It's a fact that hundreds of drivers every day find no difficulty coping with the traffic lights along Barnard Avenue. Once you've got used to it being different, there's no issue.
It's difficult to know what more North Lincolnshire Council, as the highway authority, can do. Signs about the altered sequence were erected some time ago. 
There is, or was, an offence of driving without due care and attention. Could this be relevant to what's now happing too often in Brigg?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Many of us are delighted to see fortunes picking up for Brigg Town Football Club after a spell in the doldrums.
On Saturday (Boxing Day) they won 2-1 in the Toolstation Northern Counties East Premier Division derby against Barton Town Old Boys at The Hawthorns.
The crowd doubled to 212, which brought some welcome extra cash through the turnstiles, plus added business behind the bar.
Incidentally, Barton's goal was scored by Jacob Cawsey. A proud moment, no doubt, for Ian, the former Brigg & Goole MP.
Elliott Broughton and James Wroot netted for the Zebras, the latter's winner coming seven minutes from time.
Brigg have now moved up to third from bottom spot. On this form they will stave off the threat of relegation. 
The Zebras visit mid-table Athersley Recreation on Saturday, January 2.
The next first team fixture at The Hawthorns will be on Saturday, January 9 when Parkgate are the visitors (3pm KO). Parkgate are a place below the Zebras so this clash will be a real six-pointer. 


Looking ahead to 2016 we'd like to request that the authorities PLEASE take  action to tackle the problem of vehicles being driven into Brigg town centre which have no valid reason to be there. 
Three  in quick succession came down Cary Lane this morning into the Market Place. Just a few minutes earlier a 4x4 type had been driven right down Wrawby Street.
Why should shoppers have to step aside in a PEDESTRIAN AREA?
As we've said umpteen times before, the only solution is to have a prolonged blitz on offenders, hit them in the pocket and then publicise, far and wide, what it cost them. 
Send out a press release to  traditional media outlets, put the info on Facebook and Twitter. Better, still stick up a few temporary signs in the town centre to say how many errant drivers have had to pay for accessing the pedestrian zone without proper cause.
We'd like to see North Lincolnshire Council wardens and the police involved in this. But confusion continues over whether it's the local authority or the police, or both, who have the power to take action against drivers who choose to ignore the No Entry warning signs.
Someone, surely, needs to take the initiative. Or what's the point of the Pedestrian Area? 


Brigg Blog recently reported several ways in which the town centre has been made more attractive to shoppers arriving in the main car park, off Old Courts Road, before walking into Wrawby Street.
Sadly, the same old problem continues down Cressey Yard - a long stretch of pigeon poo, slippery underfoot.
The authorities have taken measures in the past to get rid of pigeons flapping about in the town centre. Now, we suggest, it's time for further action. Could the powers-that-be make it a New Year's resolution?
The above picture was taken last summer but things were much the same when we took this route into the town centre today.

Monday, December 28, 2015


Planning permission has been granted to install ground-mounted solar panels at 34 Bigby High Road, Brigg.
The applicant told North Lincolnshire Council they would be in the rear garden.
As part of the planning process, Humberside Airport, the Ministry of Defence and even Robin Hood Airport, near Doncaster (all concerned with aircraft flights)  were consulted but raised no objections. 


Corner House, in Brigg town centre, is in the beauty business. And we must say that we like the  new look afforded these premises, which are very visible to people arriving in the town's main car park.
The building is at the corner of College Yard and Old Courts Road. The work has been progressing for some time, but we think it's been well worth the wait.
The first impression gained by shoppers parking up has been boosted recently by the removal of the ugly wooden fence on the car park perimeter, the re-opening of the former Kar Restaurant as the Mumbai Lounge, and now by the work done at the Corner House.


Not far from where Spring's renowned jam factory used to be, a tribute group will be playing  music made famous by The Jam!
All Mod Cons will be covering tunes like Going Underground and A Town Call Malice at Brigg & District Servicemen's Club, Coney Court, on Friday, February 5, from 8pm. 
All proceeds will be donated to children's charity When You Wish upon a Star. 
Tickets are now on sale at the club and are £4 apiece.


Some months ago we reported on the deep pothole in the road near Spring's Parade, Brigg, being repaired, having been there for some weeks. 
Sadly, it is has now re-appeared, although it is not as deep as it was - so far.
So watch out as you drive towards the former Lidl store and then look to turn left into the Spring's Parade car park. You don't want to dip a wheel.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


It's sound policy to replace your smoke alarm from time to time. We are sure many Brigg households already do this, but feel a reminder will do no harm. You can get them from Brian's DIY and Wilko's.
Meanwhile, North Lincolnshire Council has issued a festive season reminder to private landlords in the district that they could face prosecution for failing to install life-saving smoke alarms.
New regulations mean that private landlords could face a £5,000 fine for failing to ensure a life-saving smoke alarm is fitted.
The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 came into force on1,  October 2015. The regulations require landlords of private rented accommodation to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties.
Data from the Chief Fire Officers’ Association indicates that you are four times more likely to die in a fire in a home with no working smoke alarm. They estimate that the new regulations could result nationally in 231 fewer deaths and 5,860 less injuries.
The regulations only require the fitting of a smoke detector in the hallway/landing of each storey of a property and a carbon monoxide alarm in the same room as a solid fuel appliance.
The council will serve a remedial notice when landlords fail to install an alarm. The notice gives the landlord 28 days to carry out the necessary work. If they still do not fit the alarms, the council will issue a £5,000 fixed penalty charge.
Coun John Briggs, Cabinet Member for Asset, Culture and Housing at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “Under the regulations, it is now an offence for a property to be rented out if it does not have smoke alarms or where there is a solid fuel appliance, a carbon monoxide alarm.
“It is vital that landlords comply. It is their duty under the new regulations. Failure to do so will lead to a hefty fine, but more importantly, it could mean the difference between life and death.”


Now the quiz machine has been taken out of the revamped Britannia Inn, on Wrawby Street, Brigg, we noted with interest some younger customers congregating in the corner where the fount of knowledge used to be.
The group conducted its  own quiz, the questions being put by one of their number accessing them on his mobile phone. All good Christmas fun!


The amazingly mild Boxing Day weather in Brigg has made it feel more like May than December.
We noted colourful bedding plants doing well on Bigby Street, near the zebra crossing, and at The Monument. Is this down to the mild weather? 
Customers were sitting on the seats outside JD Wetherspoon's White Horse pub, which would have been unlikely if we'd had a white Christmas. 
We've paid a visit to the recycling centre on Old Courts Road and are pleased to report finding everything in good order, all  bins having room inside for further bottles and cans to be deposited. 
With many shops rather surprisingly shut, this being a Saturday after all, we extend our thanks to Nisa Local, on Queen Street, for being open to allow a top up of bread and milk supplies.



The results of both Brigg’s great Christmas Window and the Children’s Trail competitions were announced by Baroness Redfern last Saturday. 
With more entries than ever before The Best Christmas Window winners were 

  • 1st  Grandads Shed
  • 2nd The Bank Hairdressers
  • 3rd Ecigwizard.  

In the closely fought past-winners' section....

  • 1st Joanne Leigh Couture
  • 2nd Design Orchard 
  • 3rd Parkers Carpets and Flooring. 

Our three winners of the Children’s Christmas Trail competition as well as the £50 lucky draw winner were presented with their prizes by Baroness Redfern, too.
This year’s competitions have been a real success encouraging our visitors to discover shops that they never knew there from the Courts&Yards  to the High Street! A big thank you to A.F. Carpets in Brigg for their sponsorship of the competitions and to Brown & Co for their supportive publicity.
The Thursday Late Night Shopping event provided a wonderful opportunity for the school bands of Sir John Nelthorpe and the Vale Academy to showcase their skills, and they did the town proud! They played three outside venues during the night and thrilled their audiences with their enthusiasm and great music. The Brigg Amateur Operatic Society also provided enthusiastic singing of traditional carols during the night which, again, was well received  by shoppers. The Brigg Sixth Form Drama Group provided an unusual but stimulating slant on Christmas by performing a play they had written specially for the event. The general comment from many shoppers was that it was so great to hear live music and drama being performed so well and enthusiastically. It was also a great opportunity to visit the Tree of Life in Chapel Court where many people placed remembrance cards of loved ones.
Malcolm Bailey, Chair of Brigg Town Business Partnership said: “A huge thankyou to all those businesses and market traders that made this event happen. It was a delight to see and hear so much live music and drama. We were disappointed it didn’t attract a higher number of shoppers but this was the first time the Partnership had put this on so we will be talking with our shops about how we can increase public support next year.”
Any further information on the above please contact Malcolm Bailey, Chair of the Brigg town Business Partnership on 07946 109069. Some photographs of the evening will be appearing on the site shortly.

Friday, December 25, 2015


Brigg Blog wishes all its valued followers a very happy Christmas.
That includes those of you who live in our town, the Brigg district, elsewhere in the UK or in other countries across the world - as far as New Zealand and Australia.
We extend special thanks to Ken Harrison for all his help with pictures during the year from events we've been unable to attend, due to our day job in Scunthorpe meaning we've been away from home base. Or, on summer Saturdays, we've been out umpiring cricket matches across North Lincolnshire.

Thursday, December 24, 2015


David Layne is kindly scanning in and emailing  some family archive pictures to Brigg Blog.
Older readers will remember Layne's extensive garage, in Bigby Street. 
The firm was founded well over 100 years ago and its premises in Brigg not only sold cars to the public but also did servicing and provided hand-painted lorry bodies to local businesses.
Our grandfather, Charles Ernest Taylor (1896-1990), of Hawthorn Avenue, worked well into his 70s, as he was a specialist signwriter/coach-painter. 
He was a founder member of the British Legion and the Servicemen's Club and  laid a wreath on Remembrance Sunday at The Monument for many years, having survived the First World War and later been a sergeant in the Home Guard during "the second lot."
This picture shows founder of the firm, G.H. Layne (front passenger)  Ruth Isabella Elizabeth Layne, back seat, left side. 
Next time you are walking along Bigby Street, stop off near the Dying Gladiator's beer garden entrance and look left. On the wall of the small housing development nearby you will see a sign within the brickwork marking the location of Layne's premises, and the founding date.


Brigg Town Council has raised no objection to demolition of the old Market Store (where the stalls are kept), on Cary Lane. It was consulted as part of the planning process.
North Lincolnshire Council will now decide whether to grant planning permission for the demolition of the single-storey building within the conservation area.
North Lincolnshire Council is the applicant, being the authority which manages Brigg market.
The closing date for the public to make comments on this application is December 31. This can be done by emailing


Brigg Hockey Club has "another social event not to be missed" coming up in the New Year.
Brigg's Got Talent will be staged on Saturday, January 30 in the Angel Suite (7pm until late).
We organised a few hockey club social events and fundraisers during our lengthy but undistinguished playing career.
They included a great night at The Exchange, which featured Malcolm and Maureen Halsall as Elvis and Tina Turner.  Mally, the former White Hart landlord, became a top  tribute acts, appearing at Raving Rupert. And hands up who remembers Maureen and the Freeways.
We also had some hockey club curry nights,  one at the Horse & Cart, Scawby Brook, being particularly enjoyable. A good walk there and back, though. 
We didn't have much to do with organising the annual hockey club dinners at the Angel Hotel, apart from a brief spell as assistant secretary in the mid-1980s. These were held in late April.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


We hope to see a good many Brigg Blog followers out in town tomorrow night (Christmas Eve).
It's make your mind up time for lots of us. Which pubs do we visit? How many? And for how long?
Let's just hope everyone had a good, trouble-free time and wakes up feeling well enough to enjoy Christmas Day. 
Some Brigg shops will be open on December 25 if you suddenly find essentials are missing.
Let's also spare a thought for those who have to work on The Big Day in essential services, including tending to the needs of our old folk, plus police, fire and ambulance staff. 
Sadly, their contributions to the community are often overlooked, which is a sad fact of modern life.


Lincsquad - the group which organises some of the notable sporting events in Brigg, INCLUDING quadrathlons - will be holding its annual meeting on Wednesday, January 13 at Arties Mill, Castlethorpe, starting at 7.30pm.
To find out more about Lincsquad, click here


We have been asked to give a reminder about the Brigg Tree of Light in Chapel Court. You can find out about how to place your message by calling in at Design Orchard, off the town's main Old Courts Road car park. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


If you want to watch some Christmas football on Sunday, rather than on the TV, pop down to Sir John Nelthorpe School, Brigg, and watch the Briggensians' annual game (KO 10.30am).
Afterwards there will be a reunion/get-together at the Britannia Inn, Wrawby Street.

Monday, December 21, 2015


Brigg Town FC should get a big Christmas crowd on Saturday for the derby match with Barton at The Hawthorns (1pm KO). The bar will be open from 11am. 


We've now sampled some of the  food and drink on the menu at the Mumbai Lounge - the newest eatery in Brigg. 
Serving Indian cuisine, it occupies the former Kar Chinese Restaurant, on Old Courts Road.
The Mumbai is doing takeaways as well as offering a sit-down menu.
The decor inside has also been transformed.
We had a very generous pickle tray, a tasty tikka starter and a main course dish we'd not tried before, which included chickpeas. They inquired whether we wanted mild, medium or hot before passing the order through to the kitchen.
We loved the fluffy naan bread, which we've already recommended to friends and family.
While at the Mumbai we saw a number of people we knew, which was unsurprising. But also many faces we didn't recognise. This is a healthy sign, showing that the eatery is already attracting people from the town boundaries.


Brigg Town FC Reserves will be playing for the Beel Cup (Barnetby Charity Cup)  on Monday, December 28.
Brigg play a Barnetby United XI at the village's Silver Street ground (1pm KO).
Thomas Beel's great-grand daughter will present the trophy to the winner. 
After the match there will be a race night  at the Whistle and Flute, Barnetby, to raise funds for both sides.
Historical note: The only known competitive game between the two clubs was on 29th December 1945, in the Lincs FA Benevolent Cup. Brigg ran out 7-2 winners in a round two clash. 

So next Monday's match will be played almost 70 years to the day since that meeting a few months after the Second World War.
Brigg Blog's thanks go to Lee Fielden, of Barnetby, for the information and picture of the handsome trophy.


Brigg folk who find themselves short of readies over Christmas and New Year may be interested to know there's a  "hole in the wall" cashpoint at the petrol station/Costcutter shop in Bridge Street.
It is outside the shop and to the side of the filling station.
We think the ATM is a recent addition, not having noticed it until we went to fill up with fuel yesterday. It could save drivers making  a trip to to their town centre bank over the festive period.
Fill up your car and your wallet at the same time.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


We are pleased to report that the out-of-action lights on the A18 Brigg are now working again (Sunday morning) and that the pedestrian crossing is back in action.


Where do you prefer to go in Brigg town centre to enjoy a good breakfast?
We've had some decent early morning tucker at JD Wetherpoon's White Horse (now costing all of £3.10) and we've paid a bit more and had a good feed at the Deli Diner, a little further along Wrawby Street.
Yesterday morning we made straight for spacious Wetherspoon's - thinking the much smaller Deli might well be full with the farmers' market under way  - but found only one member of the White Horse staff on duty taking orders behind the order. 
He was doing his level best but, being on his own, things were taking too long, we felt. And there was much bank, shop and market stall visiting to be done.
So it was a case of exit stage right and a brisk walk down to the Deli, where we were served straight away, another tasty breakfast was served up in quick time and greatly enjoyed.
We encountered train fan Paul Johnson, of the Friends of the Brigg & Lincoln Lines, who we know likes this eatery, tucking into his breakfast.


Many youngsters, and quite a few adults, passing the Grandad's Shed shop window will have been impressed by this Christmas character we stopped to photograph recently, together with his wish list.


Planning permission to erect a single-storey rear extension at  31 Wrawby Road, Brigg, has been granted by North Lincolnshire Council.


Brigg Town Council has invited Matthew Grove, Humberside's Police and Crime Commissioner, to attend a meeting in the New Year, with local changes in neighbourhood policing expected to be central to the discussions.
Ahead of those talks, the Humberside Police and Crime Panel (PCP) is due to raise the following issues with the Commissioner and  Chief Constable Justine Curran at a meeting tomorrow (Monday, December 21):

  • The decrease in neighbourhood policing
  • Issues with 101 calls not being answered

Tomorrow's meeting will be held at the Humber Bridge Board offices, Ferriby Road, Hessle, at 10am.
Last time Mr Grove came to speak to Brigg Town Council, the session was part of the agenda open to the press and public. We think this will be the case when he returns in the New Year. So why not pop along if this is a topic of interest to you? We will furnish the date and time as soon as the council confirms the date.
Our picture shows Matthew Grove on a previous visit to Brigg's Angel Suite.



With the festive season well underway North Lincolnshire Council and North Lincolnshire CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) want  to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas so are providing some top tips on how to keep safe.
The Christmas season is a time for celebration, when families and friends come together and rejoice in the party season of the year and for most people is incident free. However, for some this is not the case.
Christmas time sees a large rise in traffic accidents, food poisoning, falls, fires, injuries caused by environmental factors such as exposure to cold or flooding, suicides and homicides and assaults.
Deputy Leader Coun Rob Waltham (Brigg & Wolds), Cabinet Member for Health, Strategic Projects and Regeneration, said: “The Christmas period is a very busy time of year, which means people often forget to look after themselves. We want to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe Christmas this year and would recommend following the top tips on keeping safe; from cooking your turkey correctly to watching the amount of alcohol you consume – it’s all very important.”
Follow our top tips this Christmas for keeping safe:

Alcohol consumption rises considerably during the Christmas period, with Britons drinking 41 per cent more in December than the annual monthly average. Alcohol is generally at the root of most accidents that happen over Christmas so take note of the amount you are drinking.
The NHS recommends the daily alcohol intake for men is three to four units or two low strength pints, or two to three units for women or two small glasses of wine. There is a handy guide on how many units are in your favourite drinks on the NHS website:

Food poisoning
If you buy a frozen turkey, make sure it is properly defrosted before cooking it. Defrosting should be done in the fridge if possible (or somewhere cool) and separate to prevent contact with other foods with a tray or container underneath to catch the defrosted juices. If there are no defrosting instructions on the turkey packaging, you can follow these guidelines provided by NHS choices:
Defrost in a fridge at four degrees Celsius, allow about ten to 12 hours per kilogram or in a cool room (below 17.5 degrees Celsius) allow about three to four hours per kilogram.
Do not wash the bird. This significantly increases the risk of food poisoning by splashing germs around the kitchen; thorough cooking will kill any bacteria that might be present.
After touching raw poultry or meat, always wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial wash and warm water. Be sure to dry your hands thoroughly too. Clean worktops or surfaces and utensils after they have touched raw poultry of meat. Never use the same chopping board for raw meat and ready-to-eat food without washing it thoroughly in warm soapy water first. If possible, have two separate chopping boards.
Plan your cooking time in advance; a large turkey can take several hours to cook properly. Eating undercooked turkey (or other poultry) could cause food poisoning. As a general guide, in an oven preheated to 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit, gas mark four):

  • Allow 45 minutes per kilogram plus 20 minutes for a turkey under 4.5kilograms
  • Allow 40 minutes per kilogram for a turkey between 4.5 and 6.5 kilograms
  • Allow 35 minutes per kilogram for a turkey more than 6.5 kilograms
  • Cover your turkey with foil during cooking and uncover for the last 30 minutes to brown the skin. To stop the meat drying out, baste it every hour during cooking.

Three ways you can tell a turkey is cooked:

  • The meat should be steaming hot all the way through
  • None of the meat should be pink when you cut into the thickest part of the bird
  • The juices should run clear when you pierce the turkey or press the thigh.
  •  If you are using a temperature probe or food thermometer, ensure that the thickest part of the bird (between the breast and thigh) reaches at least 70 degrees Celsius for two minutes.​

Get further information on safe cooking of other birds (goose, duck and chicken) and storing the meat safely on the NHS website,

Safe sex
Looking after yourself should be top priority so don’t get caught out this party season with an unintended pregnancy or an unwanted sexually transmitted infection (STI). Be prepared and find out where you can go if you need help. 
Here are some tips to help:

  • Stock up on contraception including condoms (only condoms prevent STIs)
  • Know where to go for an emergency contraception
  • Know how to find a clinic
  • Don’t panic even if your clinic or GP surgery is closed, emergency contraception can be taken within three (72 hours) or five days (120 hours depending on the pill you take) after you’ve had unprotected sex

For further information about local sexual health services, visit or call the NHS support line on 111 for advice.
For more information around keeping yourself healthy over winter, take a look at the council’s winter health pages at 

Dr Robert Jaggs-Fowler local GP and Medical Director at North Lincolnshire CCG, said: “Whilst Christmas is a time for celebration, enjoyment and relaxation, it is important that we appreciate some of the risks associated with the festive period. Please act responsibly by drinking in moderation, ensure food is thoroughly cooked, and leftovers are stored correctly. When going out in the cold, wrap up warm and take extra care in icy conditions.”

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Briggensians FC were beaten 6-2 when visiting A.F.C. Queensway today (Saturday, December 19) in the second round of the Johnsons Transport Ironstone Cup, organised by the TSW Printers Scunthorpe & District Football League.
The Brigg team's scorers were Neil Gallafent and Paul Neal.
This league now takes a Christmas and New Year break.
Briggensians' next fixture will be on Saturday, January 9 when they host  Limestone Rangers Reserves at Sir John Nelthorpe School.


The incredibly mild weather proved to be a major talking point in Brigg today.
Here we are, just six days before Christmas, and it felt more like May than December. Not far short of T-shirt weather.
Very unseasonal temperatures for Brigg Farmers' Market did not help put people in a festive mood. 
You have to wonder about the usual flurry of punters placing bets on there being a white Christmas. We bet there weren't many takers today at local bookies!


A bus was parked in a very unusual spot in Brigg today - the small area of tarmac between the Barnard Avenue bungalows and the incline leading from Atherton Way to Almond Grove/Birch Avenue (opposite the Donkey Field play area).
We didn't think there would be sufficient room for a coach but clearly there is.
Parking space is always at a premium in Brigg on farmers' market Saturday.


We had to smile when glimpsing "Fire Assemby Point" signs on fencing surrounding a current building site in Brigg. The reason? This work is being carried out at Brigg Fire Station!


We had to make a couple of slow circuits of the Lidl store car park in Brigg this afternoon before locating a vacant space.
The store is getting a new baking area. But while the installation is being carried out, some areas of car parking have been cordoned off to shoppers.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but would it have been better to delay this contract until after the Christmas rush?
A few parking spaces will be lost permanently when the new facility is completed.


Earlier today we spotted a Brigg lady who is in her mid-80s trying to cross the very busy A18 at the pelican crossing on Wrawby Street, close to the China Garden takeaway.
We think she must have been in for a very long wait, given the volume of traffic. 
Yes, as regular Brigg Blog followers may already have guessed, these pelican crossing lights are out of action AGAIN.
We think this is the third time in recent months that we've flagged up the same problem.
On the last occasion we asked whether someone in authority might care to make public the cause of what's a repeating problem. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015



Tourism is on the up in North Lincolnshire with over 3.1m day visits to events and attractions last year (2014) – a 5.5 per cent increase on 2013. ​
This compares favourably with the predicted Visit England national figure of a rise of five per cent.
North Lincolnshire benefits from a wide range of activities and visitor attractions ranging from adrenaline sports to historic houses and gardens.

  • Council-owned venues saw a great increase for 2014:
  • Waters’ Edge Visitor Centre and Country Park –26.3 per cent increase
  • Normanby Hall Country Park - 7.6 per cent increase
  • North Lincolnshire Museum – 8 per cent increase

Visits to most attractions in North Lincolnshire have continued to rise this year.
Recent findings show strong growth in North Lincolnshire over the past five years. 
Number of day visits:

  • 2010 - 2.3m
  • 2011 - 2.5m
  • 2012 - 2.6m
  • 2013 - 2.9m
  • 2014 - 3.1m

Visitor numbers (including estimated overnight stays):​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 2010 – 2.85m
  • 2011 – 2.92m
  • 2012 – 2.99m
  • 2013 – 3.15m
  • 2014 – 3.4m

There are over 75 places to visit in the area and 1,126 quality inspected bed spaces.
Tourism in North Lincolnshire employs over 2,300 people and is worth approximately £160m to the local economy.
To find out more about what you can do in North Lincolnshire, visit 

Events to look out for next year:

  • Wildlife Day at Waters' Edge Visitor Centre and Country Park, Barton in July
  • Rescue Day at Seven Lakes, Crowle in July
  • Festival of the Plough, Epworth in September
  • Brigg Farmers' Market every month

Coun Rob Waltham (Brigg & Wolds), Cabinet Member for Health, Strategic Projects and Regeneration, said: “Year-on-year the visitor figures have been increasing and it looks as though tourism numbers are growing even more this year in North Lincolnshire. There are some fantastic attractions and events across North Lincolnshire with a whole range of things to do. From visiting Normanby Hall Country Park and Baysgarth House Museum to walking along the picturesque Ancholme Valley Way; there really is something for everyone.
“Tourism is a big part of North Lincolnshire as not only does it bring in more visitors; it has a positive effect on the economy through bringing more jobs to the area - complementing all the major projects happening across the region such as Lincolnshire Lakes and Able Marine Energy Park. North Lincolnshire is on the up; it’s a fantastic place to live, work and play.
“If you would like to find out what North Lincolnshire has to offer, take a look at the Visit North Lincolnshire website.”


And the point of this bollard in Brigg town centre is....? 
From time to time you hear complaints about A-boards propped up outside businesses being a tripping hazzard. Then something like this appears.
Regular Brigg Blog followers will be well aware that we think the pedestrian area should be for pedestrians. 
So why a traffic bollard in the Market Place?



The Office of Rail Regulation has produced the latest passenger numbers for our Saturday-only station.
Brigg was 922  (in 2014) and is now 1,000 (up 8%).
The  figures do not include travel on the 1st August when rail replacement bus services were in operation. An extra 14 can be added for Brigg that day.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


They are currently advertising for a Brigg Heritage Centre Manager with an £18,000 salary.
The job application says: "This is an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic, imaginative and motivated individual to manage and further develop Brigg’s newest heritage attraction. The Brigg Heritage Centre opened in 2012.  The Ancholme Valley Heritage Trust Ltd, a registered charity, is now looking for an experienced individual to manage the Centre and support the trustees in fulfilling their responsibilities. 
The closing date is January 15.
Find out more and view the application form here...
Find out about the Heritage Centre, housed within the Angel building in Brigg town centre...


Christmas in Brigg would not be Christmas wthout some seasonal stocking up on batteries.
Children's toys, torches (in case of power cuts) and - most important of all - the TV/Sky remote controls can  need new batteries inserting over the festive season.
So please  note if you are about to stock up on AAs or U2s that there's a re-cycling box for dud batteries near the checkout in Martin's shop, on Wrawby Street.
This offers an alternative to just throwing the spent batteries away in the general waste bin.


Brigg Town Football Club has announced two new signings at The Hawthorns.
Read about the first appointment here...
Read about the other one here...


Planning permission to erect a replacement side extension at 42 Kings Avenue, Brigg, is being sought from North Lincolnshire Council. 
As part of the planning process, Brigg Town Council will be asked whether it has any observations to make before planners at the unitary authority make their decision.


Brigg Blog would like to recommend the potato scallops on sale at Scalinis fish and chip restaurant/shop in the town centre. Very reasonably priced and very tasty. We know...from personal experience. 

Monday, December 14, 2015


Ken Harrison took these pictures outside  the Oxfam shop, on Wrawby Street, Brigg, which has undergone refurbishment, resulting in it being closed to shoppers for a short spell. Staff members are seen below.
Ken tells us that OXFAM is named after OXford Committee for FAMine Relief, formed in 1942 by a group of Quakers with the aim of eradicating poverty and offering disaster relief . It operates within an international confederation of 17 organisations. So now you know!
The pedants among us may now think OXFAM should be written in capital letters. However, the sign below, although slightly hidden, suggests the charity thinks otherwise! Caps Lock can stay off, folks!


Here's a picture from the Christmas Posada - a  new event from Brigg Town Business Partnership. 
Thanks go to Ken Harrison for providing the image taken in the window of Brians DIY, in Wrawby Street.
From Spanish and Mexican traditions, the Posada borrows from the idea of commemorating Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem.
The journey in Brigg started with a procession on the night of the Christmas Fair (Friday, 4th December) and will end on Christmas Eve, in St John's Church.
Figures of Mary and Joseph are being hosted at various resting places provided by the community and businesses. 
Once Mary and Joseph have move on to their next resting place, a figure of an Angel will be left in its place as a symbol of the visitation.
Andrew Ballard, of Brigg Churches Together, has explained the interesting history of this tradition for us....
“Posada” is Spanish for “inn” and gives its name to an old custom which saw young people dressed as Mary and Joseph travelled from house to house in the days before Christmas asking for a room for the night and telling people about the imminent coming of Jesus.
A couple of years ago I spent Christmas with our family near Tideswell in the Peak District. There I saw the Posada that local churches enact every year – the figures being displayed in shops and homes on the way to a united Christmas Day service at one of the local churches.
I thought this was a great idea, and one that we could try in Brigg. It`s a way to bring the local community, shops, offices, homes, wherever together in a simple celebration of the Christmas season.


Here's a group of people admiring the Christmas tree installed in Brigg town centre for December 2015/January 2016.
There were some grumbles a few years ago from folk who felt the tree was a bit too small, while the follow year some observers suggested the lights were a shade spare.
This year,  we've got  lots of lights AND a good-sized tree. We've not heard a single grumble.
Brigg Town Council will review the installation of the illuminations, including tree, at its meeting tonight. This is being held in the Angel Suite - a very aptly-named venue when discussing Christmas trees. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015



This coming Thursday (December 17) many Brigg shops, and additional market stalls will be open between 6pm and 8.30 pm to enable you to carry out Christmas shopping in a great atmosphere.
Brigg will be alive with festive live music provided by the bands of Vale Academy and Sir John Nelthorpe who will be playing throughout the evening in the Market Place, Chapel Court and outside Boots. Also at these locations the Brigg Sixth Form Drama Group will be performing contemporary drama. The popular traditional Morris dancing group, The Tatterfoals, will also be performing during the night.
This is the first event after Brigg recently became a runner up in the National Great British High Street Competition. The Brigg Partnership hopes that the event will bring back the traditional aspect of family Christmas shopping. It will also be an opportunity to marvel at the new Christmas light displays through the town.
Alongside the entertainment there will be many traditional market stalls, Santa in the Heritage Centre above the Angel coffee area as well as shops providing enticing Christmas offers. There will be mulled wine and traditional hot roasted chestnuts too! You will also be able to watch the South American traditional Posado procession through the streets during the evening too.
It will be a great opportunity to visit the Tree of Life in Chapel Court and possibly put your remembrance card of a loved one on the tree.
It will also be the last time when you can enter the Children’s Christmas window competition and win great prizes as well as winning £50 by choosing the best window display. Then pop your entry into the Tourist Information Centre. All winners will be notified the following day to be awarded their prizes on Saturday, December 19 at the final Farmers' Market of the year by Baroness Redfern, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council.

Our archive picture shows Christmas gifts on sale at Natalie Sankey's sweet shop in Wrawby Street, Brigg.


Yesterday's scheduled football match involving Brigg amateur football team Briggensians FC was postponed.
The local lads will now make a second attempt to play at AFC Queensway next Saturday (December 19) in the second round of the Johnsons Transport Ironstone Cup.
Briggensians were due to be at home to Midtown United in division three of the TSW Printers Scunthorpe & District Football League. That match will now be re-arranged until later in the season.  

      DIVISION THREE                                  
                                                 P   W   D   L    F    A  Diff Pts
      BARNETBY UNITED RES           12   6   4   2   38   25  13   22
      THE BUTCHERS ARMS               7   7   0   0   37    2  35   21
      LIMESTONE RANGERS RES     10   6   2   2   31   16  15   20
      SCOTTER UNITED RES             12   5   2   5   27   29  -2   17
      COLLEGE WAND RES               10   5   2   3   26   23   3   14-
      A.F.C. QUEENSWAY                  8   3   1   4   24   15   9   13+
      BRIGGENSIANS                        6   3   2   1   19   10   9   11
      CROWLE TOWN C RES            11   1   4   6   19   45 -26    7
      MIDTOWN UNITED                    9   1   1   7   10   36 -26    4
      SANTON                                      9   1   0   8   13   43 -30    3                


Usually when we make reference to ice in Brigg during December we have switched into bad weather reporting mode. But not on this occasion.
On Christmas lights switch-on night we had finished taking all our pictures of the festivities, popped into a few shops, had a word in the Mumbai Lounge, taken a look at the Tree of Remebrance and were heading for the Britannia Inn for a pint when we walked past the Cups & Cones ice cream parlour and took this picture while standing at the side of the A18 - opposite the old courthouse and former police station.
Cups & Cones is a relatively recent addition to Brigg's wide range of speciality businesses.


Many people in the Brigg area are steelworkers and some of them, sadly, are facing the threat of redundancy at the Scunthorpe works of Tata Steel. 
Our community also includes people working for contracting companies which will be affected.
A Jobs Fair for those facing redundancy at Tata, and what are called supply chain employees,  will be held on Thursday (December 17) on the steelworks, between 1pm and 7pm.
The Steel Task Force has organised the event following the announcement in October of 900 job losses.
The Jobs Fair has already attracted a lot of interest from companies wanting to attend who have vacancies and are looking to recruit. Nineteen companies have so far said they want to attend. 
These include Stagecoach, Corrboard UK Ltd, and North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital Trust.
The jobs on offer are varied and it is hoped that individuals who are actively seeking a new opportunity will find suitable jobs to apply for.
Those attending will get the chance to discuss with the companies their skills and experience and find out what jobs are available. Please take your CV with you.
Workshops are also being held week starting tomorrow, December 14, for those wanting help preparing their CV. 
A Task Force information is available on site at the Tata Admin Centre where people can call in for information, help and advice.
Alternatively, any Tata Steel employee wanting more information should contact their HR department or line manager, or contact the Task Force – Linda Cox on 07972636750 or email
Baroness Liz Redfern, the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “The event is aimed specifically at those facing redundancy and who are actively looking for another job. It is also available to supply chain businesses as the imminent job losses will also impact on them.
“Through the Task Force, we are making every effort to minimise the impact on workers, be it to help them find alternative jobs, training or for those wanting to know what opportunities are out there.
“The fact that 19 companies have already committed to attend speaks volumes. Many are looking to recruit so it is an ideal opportunity for people to go along and find out how they can help you.
“If you want a change in career, we can help with that too through the recent funding we have secured from the Government to provide more training opportunities which in turn will help people back into work.
“There is no need to book, just call in. Everyone is there to help.”
Paul Martin, Director of Human Resources for Tata Steel's Long Products Europe business, said:  "The job fair is an important event which will allow employers to meet highly-skilled employees who are looking for new opportunities.
"As well as having direct contact with potential employers, the fair will provide those attending with the tools they need to seek alternative employment, retraining and see what is available to match their skills.
"The fact almost 20 companies have already said they will be attending is great news and shows there are opportunities out there for those who want them." 

Saturday, December 12, 2015


There's a Christmas cycle ride starting from Brigg tomorrow (Sunday, December 12).
They call it a Breeze, but we hope the wind has dropped by the time the riders set off!
If this Sky Ride is of interest to you, view full details here...


Brigg Amateur footballers Briggensians FC are in cup action once again today (Saturday, December 12).
Briggensians will be playing in round two of the Johnsons Transport Ironstone Cup.
This inolves a visit to AFC Queensway, who also play in division three of the TSW Printers Scunthorpe & District Football League.
Last Saturday saw Briggensians beaten 13-1 in the third round of the Challenge Cup, in which they visited top-flight Limestone Rangers.


Much later than planned, due to internet connection issues, here's a selection of pictures taken during the Brigg Christmas lights switch-on, Brigg District Lions' Christmas Fayre/Market and the late night shopping event. PICTURES BY KEN HARRISON.
Just to make things clear: The pantomime stars at this year's Christmas lights switch-on came from the cast of Snow White at Grimsby Auditorium, not the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe, which is usually the case. 
Local primary school children, who  won our colouring competition, were invited along to the official switch-on  ceremony.