Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tonight gives you your three-monthly chance to raise issues of concern about policing, crime, highways and road safety issues in Brigg and the surrounding area.
For the Brigg Neighbourhood Policing Panel will be in public session at the Angel Suite, off Market Place, from 7.30pm.
The meeting is being chaired by town councillor Tom Glossop (pictured), and Insp Brett Rutty, officer in charge of policing our town and the rural area, will offer his usual comprehensive review of policing trends, with crime figures.
It's well worth attending to find out what's going on...even if you have no intention of getting up and having your say.
Maybe see you there!


The new litter bin put in the wrong place in Bigby Street seems to have provided an unexpected benefit to a local business.
Brigg Town Council paid for the bin, which it wanted to see erected next to the public seat, alongside the zebra crossing, to reduced the amount of litter on the street.
However, North Lincolnshire Council then sited the bin some 20 yards away - outside the pizza take-away, on the corner of Prince's Street.
Now Coun Maureen Glossop has suggested the bin is being used by customers from the take-away for their finished-with boxes.
She raised the issue at last night's monthly meeting of the town council in the Angel Suite.
Expect councillors to chew over this one again in the coming weeks!

Our picture shows the bin's close proximity to the popular take-away restaurant which, we are keen to stress, has had no say in where the bin has ended up.


Althams Travel has new premises in Wrawby Street, Brigg, and will be holding a grand opening on Thursday, October 9 at 9am, with a free glass of wine available to customers who drop in the shop.
The firm has taken over, and refurbished, what was the base of Brigg Photolabs, until that venture closed its doors for the final time late last year.

Monday, September 29, 2008


The Pool End public footpath alongside the New River Ancholme, from Bridge Street down to the railway bridge, is now much more enjoyable, courtesy of Network Rail.
No longer do you have to tramp through the long grass. For the temporary road made so heavy construction lorries could get to and from the newly constructed railway embankment towards the end of Mill Lane, makes a much more walkable alternative. And it takes pretty much the same route.
Presumably the plan is to remove the temporary road, adjacent to Brigg Motor Springs, in the not too distant future, and return the land to how it used to be - unused scrub! That seems a bit of a waste to me. But planning conditions are planning conditions.
And talking of the multi-million pound railway line improvements, don't say you weren't warned. As forecast in Brigg Blog, the temporary close of the railway line on the Doncaster side of Scunthorpe has resulted in many trains being re-routed via Brigg. Last night was particularly busy, and noisy, if you live near the line.
Expect more of the same.


Nice to see extensive improvement work being carried out at what used to be 'Bib' Brocklesby's block of flats in Bridge Street.
Years ago this building used to offer very cheap rented accommodation. But, in more recent times, the whole block, under new ownership, has been refurbished, culminating in the current work to the roof.
Going back to the 1960s, this imposing building housed Dr Foxton's surgery, where many Brigg folk, now in their 50s, went for their childhood 'jabs'.
Rather painful memories!


A re-arranged meeting of Brigg Town Council it being held tonight (Monday) in the Angel Suite at 7.30pm.
It is open to the public, as is the meeting of the planning and environment committee, which starts at 6.45pm.
Meanwhile, embroidery forms the subject of tomorrow's Tuesday crafters' session staged by Fresh Start at Brigg Resource Centre, 10am-noon.
For further details contact Marilyn Demott, tel (01652) 651127.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


There's a glut of apples at the moment, with bags of them being offered to friends and family by those with trees.
Some people might say they cannot given them away, which would not be strictly true.
For if you walk down Bigby Street, near to where the Gas Board showroom once stood, a kind householder has put a box of apples out, with the kind invitation to help yourself.


Were you luck enough to see the World War Two Dakota aircraft swoop low over Brigg just before 3pm today? A fine sight, indeed.
Presumably it was doing a flypast somewhere not too far away.


The English cricket county championship only finished yesterday, with the weather hot and pleasantly sunny.
Something of a paradox in Brigg, then, with yellow signs already in place directing motorists to Christmas Land at Brigg Garden Centre, and a board propped up outside The Vines restaurant inviting parties to book their Christmas dinners at the Wrawby Street venue.
We know the festive season is truly on the way in Brigg when Brian's DIY Christmas Shop takes down the shutters for another year in Grammar School Road South!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Most Brigg planning applications are straightforward, but that’s not the case for one currently in the North Lincolnshire Council planners’ pending tray.
Planning permission is being sought by Isfak Ahmed to retain tiles at 7 Bigby Street, the former Spice Hut Indian take-away, now called Diya Spice.
If you look at the roof of the building – both front and back – it has no new tiles. The ones up there keeping out the rain look pretty old.
However, close inspection of the frontage of the building – which is within the conservation area – reveals tiles on the walls, not on the roof.
They are quite attractive to the layman, but we shall have to wait and see what the experts in the planning department think.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Brigg's popular Angel Suite manager, Mark Hedison, has tendered his resignation, with his eyes on a new post beyond the town council.
He had been in the job for two years, succeeding Bryan Swawby.
Mark oversaw the smooth running of our town centre community venue, used by many groups and organisations for functions and meetings.
His wide-ranging role seemed to include everything from setting up the microphone for the chairman to use at meetings to 'refreshing' the paintwork.
Paying tribute to his efficiency at the town council's monthly meeting in the Angel Suite, Town Mayor Coun Mike Campion said Mark had done an excellent job, provided an excellent service to users and shown great commitment to the role.
Mark's successor has yet to be announced by the town council.
Watch this space, as they say!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


A Brigg councillor has expressed her disquiet about a race-related incident in the town.
Coun Ann Eardley told colleagues she had personally witnessed a group of young children inflicting verbal and racist abuse on other children in the Cary Lane area.
She said those doing the name-calling were also in charge of a toddler.
Coun Eardley said she was 'extremely appalled' to witness such behaviour and was seeking assurances that police community support officers would be patrolling the town and taking action to ensure this kind of behaviour did not escalate.
Town Mayor Coun Mike Campion asked the town clerk to convey the information to the local policing team.
That incident came to light at the town council's meeting at the end of July. And next Tuesday night, in the Angel Suite at 7.30pm, it's the quarterly neighbourhood policing public meeting; the first to be held since Coun Eardley raised this matter.
With Brigg police represented at Tuesday's forum - hopefully by officer-in-command Insp Brett Rutty - perhaps reference will be made to it.
Brigg has never been regarded as a town in which racism is rife. Not in my long experience, which is of similar length to that of Coun Eardley (more than 50 years - but you should never comment on a lady's age!).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How sad to read the inquest into the death of Brigg's Tom Kennedy in yesterday's Scunthorpe Telegraph.
We grew up together as kids in the Woodbine Grove prefabs (long since demolished), and would have a chat from time to time in some Brigg pub or other.
Tom was only 52, which - as stated at the inquest - was no real age.


Wrestling is returning for Brigg fans of the sport to enjoy on Saturday.
Bouts at the old Corn Exchange proved popular until the council powers-that-be decided to knock the place down.
Famous names even appeared on the bill like Giant Haystacks and Pat Roach, also an actor who appeared regularly on TV and in one or two of the James Bond films.
So if you fancy doing something different this Saturday, rather than watching more dreary wannabe pop stars making Simon Cowell grimace, pop along to Ancholme Leisure Centre. Doors open 7pm, wrestling begins 7.30pm.
Added interest will be created by Italian women’s champion, Maya (pictured), who will be making her RDW debut. The huge 6ft 3in Italian will compete in an inter-gender match in which she will team with the self-proclaimed richest man in professional wrestling, Prince Mohmed Ameen, and face two of RDW’s most popular stars and one half of the current RDW Tag Team champions, Martin Kirby and Bubbles.
RDW (Real Deal Wrestling) began promoting wrestling across Lincolnshire and now goes further afield, with events in private halls, council buildings and sports halls across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as well as touring holiday parks nationwide. They also have links abroad.
Four years ago, promoter Steve Cartwright and his wife Joy decided to make wrestling their full-time job as it was something they have a real passion for.
They do everything from designing posters and local advertising to handing out flyers and the actual event set up.
Steve said: “Since finishing our real jobs we have opened up a training facility in Grimsby and again expanded the promotion and made contacts with wrestling promotions in Europe, Asia and America with whom we regularly trade talent.
“This is also a great way for our new trainees and wrestlers to venture abroad, wrestling and gaining experience and training from some of the best training schools and wrestlers in the world.
“Earlier this year we promoted an event at the Ancholme Leisure Centre, which was attended by around 250 people and with a great amount of feedback we decided to return to the venue on September 27.
“We have a great line-up of talent for this event ranging from home grown, local wrestlers, top UK-based workers including one half of the British tag team champions, Martin Kirby and the current traditional British champion Mick Romeo.
“In addition to the UK-based, we also have wrestlers set to appear on the event, from Ireland, Italy, Mexico and even India in a whole range of match-ups including singles, tag team, eight-man tag team, women’s matches and a huge tables match.
Steve added: “The tables match was announced on our last event in Brigg when Deano Linski managed to slam the 400lb-plus Havok and fans seem to be very excited about seeing our return.”
Tickets are on sale now from the venue or by calling the RDW ticket hotline (01472) 505663 and 07771 618288 (after hours). Or visit the website
There's also a great chance to win a memorable VIP trip to the event.
The Grimsby and Scunthorpe Telegraphs have ‘tag teamed’ up with Real Deal Promotions to bring readers a fantastic competition.
First Prize includes:
* Free admission to the show for four people, with free goodie bags including T-shirts and posters
* A chauffeur-driven limousine to and from the event
* Backstage passes to meet the wrestlers and get autographs.
In addition, there is also a runner-up prize of a pair of tickets to the event.
For full details of how to enter see tomorrow's colour What's On Scunthorpe Telegraph.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Brigg Hockey Club stalwart Steve Baggott has just started his 40th playing season.
That's a fastastic record, and one of which Steve, a former club secretary, should be rightly proud.
During my own playing days he always set a fine example - on and off the field.
His usual position was left-winger - perhaps the hardest to fill with the exception of goalkeeper - and he has managed quite few goals in his time, particularly penalty flicks.
We enjoyed some good times - on and off the field - at a time when winning wasn't everything. Even after we joined the lower reaches of the Yorkshire League.
What we looked forward to was the fun of travelling 70-plus miles to get heavily defeated at Ben Rhydding, within sight of Ilkley Moor (of Bar T'At fame), when it was snowing sideways.
Or taking on the inmates at a jail near Doncaster, where we had to be thoroughly searched before, and after the game. (Strangely this team was only allowed to play home matches!).
Back at the Queen's Arms, or later the White Hart, we would hold a de-brief, and a few pints of refreshment, and swap stories of the day's hardly-epic match with members of the other Brigg teams.
We were generally in the 4ths or 5ths (depending on how many teams Brigg were running at the time). On one famous occasion, Brigg even managed to field six sides.
A solicitor with the family firm, Old Briggensian and well-known face On Brigg Streets, Steve has no plans to pack up playing just yet...even though he's 56. He also umpires to a good standard, these days.
I've nominated my old mate for inclusion in the Scunthorpe Target's new Hero of the Week column this week. See Thursday's issue if you want to read more about Steve's contribution to sport in the town.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Tomorrow's FreshStart Tuesday Crafters session at Brigg Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue, will be centred on Tea Bag Folding (10am-noon). For further information contact Marilyn Demott at the FreshStart office on (01652) 651127.


If you've never been to a Brigg Town Council meeting, tonight might be a very good time to start. For there's an enjoyable presentation ceremony included.
The town council's monthly meeting will be in the Angel Suite, off Market Place, starting at 7.30pm, and is open to the public.
It will be followed, at about 8pm, by the presentation of trophies to those people judged to have the best-kept gardens in Brigg and the most impressive allotments.
It is intended to have a special slideshow presentation, so we can all see just why they were selected by the judges.
Items of interest on the town council agenda include:
* Police matters
* Questions from members (when new topics of interest can be raised by concerned councillors)
* Consideration of the purchase of a banner, or banners, to advertise the timings of Brigg's Remembrance Day Parade in November.
Town council meetings are chaired by Coun Mike Campion, the Town Mayor (pictured).
See you there?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Came up Glebe Road yesterday teatime to visit Den's chippie, in Glebe Road, to find more unexpected roadworks and those chicanes/traffic islands North Lincolnshire Council introduced a few years ago but has never removed since Glebe Road school closed and a lot of cars no longer pay twice-daily visits.
Due, in part, to the chicanes reducing the on-street car parking space available to residents of the terraces houses which do not have garages, it's a very congested street and two vehicles often cannot pass side by side. Certainly not early evening yesterday.
The council is adamant the chicanes stay because, otherwise, this will become a rat run, with motorists taking a short cut from Newlands to Wrawby Road to avoid being held up on Barnard Avenue by the sets of traffic lights and the queues of traffic.
They make a fair point, but imagine the situation if Wrawby Road (between the cemetery and the Monument) ever had to be closed to traffic for a time, and the Glebe Road route became the only cross-town one available.
Not likely to happen? Well, consider if/when the very worthy scheme to repair The Monument war memorial gets under way, and 'health and safety' get doing their risk assessments. There could be scaffolding and workmen operating just feet away from a road carrying thousands of cars a day.
Perhaps Wrawby Road will then have to be closed for a while, leaving which alternative route? You've guessed it!
If this ever proves to be the case, I'll leave the car at home and walk for the Saturday tea-time chips. It will be a lot quicker!


A well-known Brigg man who likes the odd pint of two in town centre hostelries was fast asleep in one of the bus shelters in Cary Lane (adjoining Wilkinson's store) late yesterday afternoon.
A number of people went past and noticed him but didn't want to disturb his siesta.


Brigg Town Cricket Club should learn in the next few days whether they have passed the inspection carried out of their Recreation Ground square, outfield and other facilities by the Lincolnshire County Cricket League.
Brigg - currently in the East Yorkshire Alliance - have re-applied for membership of Lincolnshire's main competition, which has five divisions and 48 teams, as far apart as Haxey and Horncastle and Skegness and Alkborough.
Brigg first gained Lincolnshire League membership in 1976, left from a time before rejoining in the late 1980s, only to be voted out a couple of seasons ago after the Recreation Ground failed to meet the required standard.
Now fingers are crossed for good news on the inspection front.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


If you live anywhere near the railway line in Brigg you will have perhaps become slowly accustomed to the heavy freight trains rumbling past, particuarly in the dead of night.
They started coming our way in numbers last month while the Lincoln line was out of action for re-signalling work.
However, things are set to get a whole lot noisier in Brigg from next weekend, and for several weeks, when a stretch of railway line in Scunthorpe is taken out of action for repairs, resulting in some of that line's freight trains being re-routed through our town.
Network Rail has spent millions this year doing up the Brigg line, and already it's repaying some of that investment.
So the top brass running that concern can sleep easily in their beds...unlike some of the Brigg folk awakened, from time to time, by the passing trains.


It's some time now since Brigg Town Football Club's vehicular access to The Hawthorns was switched from Hawthorn Avenue to Wrawby Road (via the Recreation Ground).
Yet it appears the coach bringing a contingent from Rushall Olympic went to the old entrance, as it was observed earlier this afternoon driving down Central Square/East Parade, heading towards Wrawby Road.
Wrong sat-nav message, human error or lack of information within the Unibond First Division South?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The main story on Tuesday's Brigg Extra page in the Scunthorpe Telegraph - about the need to clean up and repair The Monument - has brought interesting information from Charles Anderson, Lincolnshire co-ordinator with the United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials.
During the Brigg council meeting when the subject was discussed, it was suggested The Monument had been paid for by public subscription, just after the First World War.
However, Charles quotes from a report in the Lincolnshire Star of June 21, 1919 which reported: "Sunday will rank as one of the greatest historic days of Brigg, being comparable with the conclusion of the greatest war in national history. It was a great day, because it saw the consummation of the magnanimity of spirit of Mr. H. Stamp, J.P., C.C., who privately had erected a monument to 102 fallen men of our town in the Great War."


With this week's issue of the Scunthorpe Target (published today) there is a free glossy-covered magazine called thisisbrigg.co.uk
As well as explaining the features available on this website, it contains interesting articles and photographs - plus a touch of nostalgia.
You should receive a free copy with your Target if you live in Brigg, Barnetby, Broughton, Wrawby, Scawby and Hibaldstow.
If, by chance, there isn't one in your copy of your leading free weekly, or you want another magazine to send to a friend or relative living outside North Lincolnshire, copies are also available from businesses supporting the publication. So pop in and pick one up, while stocks last.
Firms involved are: Thomas Bell and Son, Shady Days, CS Your Chef, Summit Insurance, Peacock and Binnington, Dean Wray Carpets and Vinyls, Bradley’s Hair Design, O’Briens Opthalmic Opticians, Creative Ceramics UK Ltd, The Design Orchard, Brigg Launderette, Brigg Optical, Sue Rhodes Quality Fabrics, Kennedi.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


With free car parking space being at a premium in Brigg town centre, it's interesting to see council staff activating the barrier as they drive into work to take advantage of the nice facility provided for them behind Hewson House, off Station Road.
Brigg town councillors have received complaints about the worsening car parking situation in the town centre since North Lincs decided to remove the free concession on the Old Courts Road and Angel car parks.
Some people without garages who used to be able to park on the streets infront of their own homes are now finding that people working in Brigg shops and offices are parking vehicles there first thing in the morning and not picking them up until the end of the working day.
All quite legal, as long as they are properly parked and not causing an obstruction of crossing yellow lines. But possibly annoying if it's the stretch of road outside your home. And it must make some folk a little envious of the provision North Lincolnshire Council makes for its own staff's parking requirements.


Two of the most exciting bands on the English folk scene will be in Brigg, performing individually and together.
Watch out for Kerr Fagan and Harbron - Nancy Kerr, James Fagan, Robert Harbron - plus Methera (ground-breaking ensemble) on Saturday, October 4 at the Angel Suite (7.30pm).
Tickets can be booked at the Tourist Information Centre, in the Market Place, and cost £14 (£12 concessions).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Brigg and District Breast Cancer Support Group is staging a Humber Bridge walk on Sunday, September 28. Those interested are asked to meet under the bridge, on the Barton side, at 10.45am. Everyone welcome.
The group's website is www.breastcancersupport-brigg.org.uk


Wish I'd had a suitable camera to hand early this morning to capture a Brigg scene which looked a little like something from Hitchcock's spine-chilling film The Birds.
For starlings were packed very tightly onto every inch of space on the weathervane above the Buttercross, in the Market Place.
Some might see that as a bad omen, but Hornsby's No 4 bus got us to Scunthorpe safely.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Members of Brigg's New Life Church attended a major get-together at the Lincolnshire Showground. And spokesman Coun Alec Depledge (pictured) said they ‘were thrilled to be part of this amazing event’.
Thousands of Christians from various denominations and networks descended on the showground, near Lincoln for the 27th Grapevine – a celebration of Hope.
Alec explained: "A village of tents, caravans and camper vans was speedily erected, bringing together people of all ages for five days of worship, teaching, fellowship and fun. What a party!"
The Big Top had crowds of up to 5,000, with the Cannon and Ball Show on the Sunday afternoon a complete sell-out.
Alec added: "It was inspiring, exciting and uplifting to be part of this great event – organised and run so efficiently, with over 700 volunteers cheerfully giving themselves to serve the event, drawn mainly from churches belonging to the Ground Level Network."

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Brigg residents could quite easily band together to put an obstacle in the way of North Lincolnshire Council's three suggested traveller sites on Station Road, if they wish.
For years, people have been walking from Bigby Road (alongside the car lot) across the waste ground which was once the railway goods yard, behind the station, and into the Paddock.
Now if enough of them banded together and made an application to the same North Lincolnshire Council to have the route declared a public right away - and I think it meets the necessary criteria - it would cut across all three sites proposed for travellers.
It's as simple as that.
A few years ago, when we had a family dog, I used to walk this route regularly and took some photos to demonstrate the well-trodden nature of the path. I spoke to Brigg footpath warden Tony Parker and, taking his wise counsel on board, contacted relevant North Lincs staff.
They explained the procedure, which involved getting the names and addresses of other regular walkers, and submitting them to the council, for the matter to be considered.
Time then beat me, and our poor dog died, so I took things no further. But if someone else wants to take up the issue, that would be up to them. Here's one of the pictures I took. There's a selection which I'm happy to email to interested parties.
Please don't think I'm being anti-traveller.
My interest in getting the public right of way established goes back long before the traveller issue came to the fore. I just don't think this piece of ground should be developed at all by North Lincolnshire Council, be it for housing, industry or whatever. There are plenty of other pieces of scrub land around the district which could be developed - not one of Brigg's few remaining 'open spaces'.
What do you think?


Brigg's Mayoress Ann Campion - wife of our first citizen Coun Mike - and their daughter Lindsey climbed to the top of the Grimsby Dock Tower as part of a charity event - 'and safely came back down to earth.'
Read more on the Town Mayor's Blog.

Friday, September 12, 2008


You should never ask a lady's age, but Kath Smith (Sambrook), who has written to us about Brigg market long ago, is one of the town's senior seniors.
In an interesting letter, Kath wonders where all the stalls have gone, as obviously there are far fewer now than there were years ago.
She recalls visiting the market for Charlie Turner's sausages and pork pies, enjoying the delights of Staples' wet fish stall, and savouring fresh butter served by a woman in a beautifully starched white apron.
Kath and her family came to Brigg some 81 years ago from Worcester, and her father worked as a joiner for R M Phillips and Son, the local builder.
"Some remarked recently about Brigg not being the place it used to be," she says. "Of course it aint. Everything has changed - a lot of it not for the better."


Brigg Town Council has rushed into print to publicise the merits of the Angel Suite as a wedding venue. The council has produced a glossy two-sided 'flyer' containing a selection of pictures showing the Angel Suite at its very best, and set up for a wedding. The cost is £295 for a full day's hire, and further details are available from town clerk Jeanette Woollard, email enquiries@briggmarkettown.co.uk

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yesterday morning I tried to locate a litter bin in Cary Lane, only to discover there isn't one. There used to be one - pinned to the bus shelter - but the 'business end' of the thing has gone.
Presumably vandals have been at work and North Lincolnshire Council has either not got round to replacing it, or has decided not to bother doing so, fearing the wreckers will only strike again. Hopefully it's the former, and a new bin will appear in the near future.
Meanwhile, human nature being as it is, smokers in the bus shelter have neatly placed a cigarette packet and umpteen 'dog ends' in the slats of the vandalised bin's remaining plastic fittings.
Better there than blowing about Cary Lane, I suppose.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


At a meeting tonight (Wed), Brigg town councillors will consider refurbishment and re-lettering of the War Memorial, and refurbishment of the town's two surviving water pumps (on Bridge Street and Grammar School Road South).
They will also award the contract for installation of the town centre Christmas lights.
The property and services committee meets in the Angel Suite at 7pm, and the session is open to the public...and press.
See you there?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Fresh Start's new Brigg and District Lunch Club is launched today at the Ancholme Inn, Grammar School Road, Brigg (noon). Those attending will enjoy a two-course lunch, costing £5.50.
The booking deadline for today's event has already gone - but if you would like information about future events, the person to contact is Fresh Start's Marilyn Demott (pictured, who is based at Brigg Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue. Tel (01652) 651127.
Brigg and District Tuesday Crafters start back today at the Resource Centre, from 10am-noon, the subject being mosaics. Marilyn is again the contact if you want further information about these weekly sessions.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Much has been said, and written, about the proposed travellers' site for Brigg - a major topic of conversation in the town.
However, it would be nice to get re-assurances from certain quarters to ensure there are no accusations of double-standards, should North Lincolnshire Council decide Brigg's Paddock, off Station Road, is the chosen one for the travellers' site.
For some represenatives in Scunthorpe have been criticising Network Rail's plans to fell mature trees near the main railway line in the steel town.
There's nothing at all wrong with that opposition, reflecting, as it does, the strong feelings of Scunthorpe residents in the Brumby Wood Lane area, who want this fine stretch of greenery preserved for environmental reasons.
However, should the Paddock become a travellers' site in Brigg, what will happen to the grassy area and the fine range of mature trees nearby, home to a wide range of birds?
The Paddock is as near to the railway line in Brigg as the trees in Brumby Wood Lane are to the main one through Scunthorpe.
Very interesting parallel, don't you think?

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Did anyone else in Brigg experience problems with their phone line this morning?
Our landline, satellite TV and internet connections all disappeared, but an hour after BT had booked an engineer to come and have a look, things mysteriously re-connected themselves.
All very strange. And it set us wondering whether anyone else was similarly affected.
More than £100 call-out charge from BT, by the way, if they send an engineer and the fault is not with their kit.


Concern continues to be voiced about untidy vegetation which is a road safety hazard on Cadney Road, Brigg.
The town council has still to receive a reply to its letter of complaint sent several weeks ago to North Lincolnshire Council, the highway authority.
And the concerned motorist who first raised the issue with Brigg councillors is still adamant someone needs to take action - before there's an accident.
She told Brigg Blog: "This is a difficult bit of road because it's on a bend and narrows down to single file over the bridge. With good visibility, drivers can pull in in plenty of time to avoid an accident, but at the moment the view is completely obscured from both directions.
"The shrubs used to be cut back every year, but this has not been done for at least three years now. There are constant near misses, and it's only a matter of time before there's a serious accident. It seems ridiculous to endanger lives just for the sake of a couple of hours' work."
We understand the council sent workmen to cut back the growth at the base of nearby lime trees only a few weeks ago.
Couldn't they have spent the time dealing with this problem which has been reported several times by different people?

Friday, September 05, 2008


There are no plans to alter the ticket machines at Brigg's municipal car parks so they give change to motorists who don't have the correct money to hand to pay for their ticket.
That has been made clear by North Lincolnshire Council, which operates the facilities.
Brigg town councillors, who had raised the matter, were unimpressed by the reply received from North Lincolnshire staff.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Very well-known in Brigg, Albert Chudley celebrated his 80th birthday as a resident of Norwood House home, and his family have penned a tribute to him and the care he is receiving.
Albert shares his birthday with his eldest son Melvyn and son-in-law Brian (missing from the photo due to work commitments).
Albert has been a resident at Norwood House since April 2007. On the advice of Social Services, his family looked at, and visited, several homes in the area to find a suitable one and after visiting Norwood House they felt they needed look no further. Without having to make an appointment they were welcomed and shown around the premises. The carer who showed them round (Dawn) gave Albert as much cheek as he tried to give her, and Albert has been happy there ever since.
The family said: "He suffers with Parkinson’s Disease, yet all his medical needs are catered for from medication, hospital, dental, eye and doctor’s appointments which means the family do not have to worry.
"The home allowed the full use of the conservatory for the party and they also provided us with a very nice buffet. Albert’s family feel that their father could not be looked after any better and would recommend the home to anyone looking for themselves or for a senior member of their family."

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Brigg folk can get their electric blankets safety-checked for free tomorrow (Thursday) at the Angel Suite, off Market Place, from 9am-noon.
The service comes courtesy of North Lincolnshire Council. Contact trading standards staff for details on (01724) 297664.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Few things to an 11-year-old quite match facing that very first day at a new school. Or that's how it seemed in the 1960s for those of us who passed the 11-plus to go from Glebe Road 'Juniors' to Brigg Grammar.
They lined us up in the quad (small playground), as masters in flowing gowns, reading from lists, fussed about, sorting out which boys were going where.
We then moved to our classrooms - in our case temporary buildings (long demolished) adjoining the back gardens of homes in Glebe Road, which played host to 3A and 3 Alpha.
There was a chilly, autumnal feel to the weather (or was that just our nervousness?), and about all I can remember of those initial hours is watching a few swallows, or house martins, gathering on nearby telephone wires, in readiness to fly off to warmer climes for the winter.
Although most definitely the lowest of the low in the BGS pecking order, within seven years we were to rise through the ranks, and grow in stature, to become prefects, and top of the pile (except for the teaching staff, of course).
Our first academic year (1967-8) was the last to endure Saturday morning school (we got Wednesday afternoon off), and we were the final first years to be initiated into the unheated, outdoor swimming bath - well into September!
We also wore short trousers and the official school cap at all times when in uniform (and that included while outside the hallowed premises, founded in 1669 by Sir John Nelthorpe).
The masters were a very dedicated bunch - French and maths specialists Vernon Atkin and Harold Stinson are pictured here - but, in some cases, they did not have a lot of talent with which to work.
During that first year, devoted English master Mike Walker put almost our entire class into Wednesday afternoon detention after we declined en masse to give up part of our morning break to listen to a Dylan Thomas reading on the radio.
Perhaps these days it would be viewed as an infringement of pupils' rights, but in the late 1960s at BGS the master's word was law. And there was no chance at all of the 'sentence' being reviewed by the Head, H B Williams, who read each and every name on Mr Walker's list of shame to the entire school during assembly, just to make sure the 'resistance is futile' message got home to all.
Fortunately, at the annual dinner of the Briggensians' Association, former pupils and staff find plenty of Happy Days to look back on from their years spent at Brigg Grammar, although I can't recall anyone nicknamed Fonz!
If you want to find out more about the former pupils' association, visit www.briggensians.net

Monday, September 01, 2008


Has the revamping of Brigg's Tintabs, and surrounding area, now been completed?
Some of us thought there was going to be a kind of official opening to mark the completion of the well-intentioned revamp. But it's been all quiet on the Tintabs front for many months.
The shelter, where Brigg folk young and old like to sit and watch the world go by, has been spruced up, and there's been planting nearby, plus the welcome introduction of litter bins.
So how about councillors reflecting on a job well done in improving an area of town near The Monument passed by hundreds of motorists each day, and scores of people on foot?