Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Brigg has gained a new addition to its main road network.
Following three successive weekends' hard work by contractors, Network Rail's barrier crossing has now replaced the old gated version on the A1084 where Bigby Road meets Bigby High Road.
The first lifting barrier crossings with flashing lights to warn approaching motorists were installed by British Railways in the early 1960s - one of earliest being in Lincolnshire, near Stallingborough.
In an extensive rolling programme throughout the remainder of the 20th century and beyond, traditional crossings across the UK were replaced.
But despite modern barriers appearing long ago at Hibaldstow level crossing just a few miles along the line, Brigg's gates remained... until now.
On Saturday/Sunday March 14/15 they were finally removed; March 21/22 saw the new lifting barriers appear; and finally on Saturday, Sunday & Monday, March 28/29/30, the installation was completed.
Road closures were in place during these periods while the contract continued, meaning that drivers faced a detour via Kettleby Lane, Wrawby, to rejoin the A1084.
Brigg Blog took some of these pictures on Sunday afternoon (March 29) as work was nearing completion.
Volker Rail established a temporary depot nearby in the former car lot on Bigby Road.
"Samantha, The Signaller" took some video footage of the latter stages of the installation which someone else, a rail enthusiast, has kindly forwarded to us.

Still evident on Sunday was a copy of the official road closure notice pinned to a lamp-post adjoining the crossing.
It advised drivers that the diversion they needed to follow was via Barnard Avenue in Brigg, the A15, Caenby Corner and Caistor - well over 30 miles! This instruction also appeared online.
Hopefully all car drivers were aware of the Kettlelby alternative or proceeded via Elwes Street, Cadney and Howsham to rejoin the A1084.
Sadly, at present, very few - if any - trains are using the Brigg line. So we look like having to wait a while to picture the lights flashing, the barriers lowering and a diesel unit eventually proceeding past the old wooden signalbox, which Network Rail has retained.
The old gated crossing was long past it sell-by date, and towards the end of its life all trains had to observe a 'walking pace' mandatory speed restriction - now a thing of the past.
We gather Brigg's wooden gates are being put up for sale. Some parts were still on-site on Monday morning.
Note that current pedestrian access over the crossing is alongside the road (see picture here) and not through small gates to the side.  Whether this is a permanent arrangement we will look to establish.

Footpath access over the new crossing on Monday, March 30.

Old wooden gates stored near the Brigg line on Monday morning, awaiting removal.

Sunday afternoon scenes as the project neared completion.

One of the newly-installed road signs advising drivers.

A van (centre) using the new barrier crossing on Monday morning.



Please note that North Lincolnshire Council has closed two more important public buildings during the Coronavirus emergency and play areas - on the grounds of public safety.
Pennies cannot be spent until further notice in the public toilet blocks on Cary Lane, near the town's main bus stop, and at East Park, close to the Tintab shelter and the Monument roundabout.
Some people 'caught short' might have nipped into pubs or other businesses with toilets, but that option is also unavailable at present due to enforced closures.
So make sure you 'go' before you go out on essential shopping trips or for your government-permitted daily exercise walk.
The East Park WCs had only recently re-opened, having been out of action since last September. This toilet block has been given a new roof.

Children's play areas are also now out of bounds - see picture below taken earlier this week on the Davy Memorial Field  between Bigby Road and Kings Avenue. The black and white notice, right, explains the reason to visiting youngsters and their parents.
UK residents are now being urged to celebrate the heroics of NHS (National Health Service) employees EVERY Thursday at 8pm through a national 'mass applaud' session. Many people in Brigg supported the first of these last Thursday.


A locked entrance to the WCs near the Tintab shelter.


The Wilder Ancholme project, which held a public launch in Brigg recently, has come up with a good time-filling idea for local people confined to their homes during the current Coronavirus emergency.
The project, which has put its Brigg area events on hold for the time being, says the during the 'isolation' period it's still possible to get involved with the natural world during Spring.
It is asking its social media followers to spend half an hour in their gardens (or looking out of a suitable window) recording and/or photographing all the animals and plants they see.
People are being asked to post Facebook comments on Wilder Ancholme's page about the species observed.
Brigg Blog can see this proving popular so we are highlighting the project's suggestion.
Wilder Ancholme has the best part of 500 Facebook followers... so far.
In past years Brigg Blog has mentioned some unusual bird visitors to local gardens, including a solitary peacock, various sparrow hawks, colourful waxwings and even a very rare albino blackbird. All these merited Tweets!

PICTURED: A peacock at Elsham Hall.

Monday, March 30, 2020


The Brigg town centre branch of Lloyds Bank remains open during the Coronavirus alert. However, the opening hours have now been reduced.
The branch is now OPENING from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday inclusive, but is CLOSED on Saturdays. It has never opened on Sundays.
The bank's cash machine on Wrawby Street continues to operate normally.
Brigg's other bank - Barclays in the Market Place - also remains open.
There has been a huge increase in Brigg 'card' transactions at those shops that have been permitted to stay open.
This is because of concerns about coins and notes passing the virus from person to person by hand when they are tendered.
Not everyone uses bank cards, which is creating obvious difficulties for them where cash is not being accepted over the counter.
Urgent efforts are being made nationally to raise the current £30 limit on so-called contactless payments which do not involve customers touching the cash machine.
The alternative for bigger buys is to enter a pin number on the key pad but this means touching something that others have used and will be using later.


Distinctive circular blue plaques are displayed on some of the distinctive buildings within Brigg town centre. More than 30 plaques have been awarded since the mid-1980s by Brigg Town Council to mark praiseworthy restorations, refurbishments, additions to premises and (occasionally) new builds.
The Civic Award is presented in recognition of a feature "which is best considered to have improved the appearance of the town during the previous year."
Town Clerk Dinah Lilley has compiled a list of all the awards made year by year, usually presented at annual Civic Dinners.
Here we feature pictures of a selection of the winners, but there are more to be spotted as you make your way around the town.
The Nelthorpe Arms, pictured above, was a winner in 1984 (the first year of the scheme). Was this when its attractive beer garden was created, overlooking the Old River Ancholme?


1984    Kettles of Brigg and also the Nelthorpe Arms.
1985    College Yard.
1986    Shops on Elwes Street.
1987    No Award
1988    Shops rear of No.2 Market Place and also Raffles Club (The Exchange).
1989    Riverside Surgery.
1990    Conversion of the Congregational Chapel, Wrawby Street, and also Housing Development, Manley Gardens.
1991    School Court & Cottages on Chapel Yard.
1992    No Award
1993    Barnes the Jewellers, Wrawby Street. (Certificate of Merit)
1994    Premises previously known as Instones, Wrawby Street.
1995    Pickerings Shoe Shop, Wrawby Street.
1996    Brians D.I.Y., Wrawby Street.
1997    Cottage adjacent to Brigg Snooker Club, Bigby Street.
1998    St John’s Church Courtyard, Wrawby Street (Certificate of Merit).
1999    Way In, Market Place.
2000    Elsham House, Elwes Street  (formerly The Alcoves).
2001    The Lord Nelson, Market Place.
2002    No Award
2003    The Yarborough Hunt, Bridge Street.
2004    The Cottages, Queen Street.
2005    Old Courts Veterinary Centre, Old Courts Road.
2006    No Award
2007    No Award
2008    G.S.A. House, Market Place (Grimley-Smith).
2009    Cooplands, Wrawby Street.
2010    Eastfield, Bigby Street.
2011    Brigg Children’s Centre, Grammar School Road.
2012    Byrom & Steel, 1-5 Springs Parade.
2013    Lidl, Atherton Way
2014    No Award
2015    No Award
2016    Brown & Co, Market Place.
2017    No Award
2018    Graham Wilson for the DDM, Teasdales and Age Concern shops on Wrawby Street & also the Lord Nelson (Old Mill Brewery) refurb.
2019    Guy Whitney Goldsmith, Market Place.
2020    Which building will prove to be a winner?

Cottages created on Bigby Street, where the half-timbered gas board bill-settling premises use to stand, won in 1997.
Cooplands won in 2009 for conversion of the former Shoefayre premises into its bakery and sandwich shop.
DDM Agricultural gained a plaque in 2010 for its Eastfield House headquarters, housed in former solicitor's offices on Bigby Street.
College Yard with its blue plaque displays on the lamp-post (centre).

Kettle of Brigg displaying its plaque near the door (centre).

Two views of School Court, with plaque displayed below.

Restored town centre cottages - Civic Award 1991 (plaque still visible on one of them below).


Wrestling was a popular spectator sport in Brigg with some famous performers taking to the ring at the Corn Exchange.
The best known was 'Bomber' Pat Roach (pictured) who performed in February 1992 when the venue was facing closure by Brigg-based Glanford Borough Council.
He joined many local folk in signing a protest petition which called on the local authority to re-think its plans to demolish the mid-19th century building.
Indeed, Pat was the first to put his name on the document, which was organised by Lincolnshire wrestling promoter Kev Smith.
As an actor, Pat appeared in James Bond and Indiana Jones films and was one of the stars of hit TV series Auf Wiedersehen Pet.
We recall interviewing him at the Corn Exchange 28 years ago.
He was often cast as a film 'baddie' but in real life was a gentle giant and a really nice chap - keen to hear about the history of the Corn Exchange and the town.
Pat was surprised to learn that the Corn Exchange and the Angel next door did not have listed building status.
Among other famous wrestlers to come to Brigg during the 1990s was Giant Haystacks - a BIG star in every sense!
With major cash investment needed by the Corn Exchange to ensure its future, the Glanford authority decided it was beyond economic repair and demolition followed.
The council had far-reaching plans for what was known as The Angel Triangle - redeveloping this part of the town centre.
Apart from an arcade of shops, the scheme went ahead with the former hotel ballroom being transformed into a new community venue, the Angel Suite, just a stone's throw from the entrance to the Corn Exchange.
Wrestling shows found a new base - the sports hall adjoining Glanford Leisure Centre at Scawby Brook.
However, this never really recaptured the atmosphere of the Corn Exchange as far as local 'grapple fans' were concerned.
Pat Roach played characters in many films, including Never Say Never Again, alongside Sean Connery, and Clash of the Titans, starring Sir Laurence Olivier - the husband of Brigg-born actress Joan Plowright.

Sunday, March 29, 2020


There was a Brigg market of sorts after all on Saturday (March 28) with stalls spaced apart.
North Lincolnshire Council, which manages the general markets and the monthly farmers' market at the end of each month, announced on Friday afternoon - at the eleventh hour - that Brigg and Ashby markets had been suspended with immediate effect.
So many people were surprised to see evidence of a reduced market taking place on Saturday.
North Lincolnshire Council's stalls had NOT been erected, and all but one of the handful of traders present appeared to have made their own arrangements when it came to cover. The other stand was operating al fresco.
Little 'footfall' was available to the traders - many people staying at home during the Coronavirus emergency, while sharp showers and a stiff northerly wind made conditions unpleasant.
The government's latest restrictions on shopping outlets, announced a few days ago, exempted markets.


A planning application seeking permission for a new car washing facility in Brigg has now been withdrawn. The facility was designed to replace an existing one at Brigg Service Station, on Bridge Street.
Motor Fuel Limited applied to install the new jet washer. It was intended to have screens made from galvanised steel and perspex.
But North Lincolnshire Council revealed earlier this month that the application had been withdrawn. No reason has been given.

The council has now granted permission to create an access and two car parking spaces at Quinton and Kaines, Enterprise Court, Ancholme Business Park, Brigg.
West Lindsey District Council is now considering an application seeking approval for removal of an existing single-storey garage and replacement with a single-storey brick-built garage at Shambles, 11a Clixby Lane, Grasby.


Tenants of the new allotments site in Brigg have met with representatives of the Town Council and the North Lincolnshire authority.
This meeting took place before the Coronavirus restrictions were put in place.
A new site is being established on part of Woodbine Park, close to South View Avenue but with access from Preston Drive.
It will replace existing allotments on Grammar School Road which are in an area earmarked for redevelopment by North Lincolnshire Council.
Brigg Town Council manages the allotments and charges plot-holders a modest annual rent.
Town Clerk Dinah Lilley told the council's March meeting that a well-attended meeting had taken place, with new plots discussed.
The council also provided allotments on Redcombe Lane/Atherton Way, which are unaffected by the changes being made elsewhere.
Some break-ins took place recently on the Redcombe Lane site; certain security measures have been put in place.

Grass-cutting arrangements for public land in Brigg will see the Town Council overseeing the cutting of the town's largest grassy area of public open space, York Road Field (pictured below) over the coming months.
North Lincolnshire Council has a policy of devolving grass cutting across its area to towns and parishes. 

However, Ongo - the local social landlord - will retain responsibility for cutting grass near some of its properties.


Brigg Town Council has closed its office within the Angel building and suspended all meetings until further notice during the Coronavirus emergency.
However, people needing to contact the council can still email enquiries@briggmarkettown.co.uk as laptop-equipped staff continue to work although not from the office. Payments requiring attention will be unaffected.
The authority's March meeting, held in the Angel Suite on Monday night, saw councillors, staff and members of the public occupying seats spaced apart to comply with the current restrictions.
It was agreed to delegate matters requiring attention during the emergency to the Town Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Town Clerk.
The council has had an Emergency Plan in place for many years but this was drawn up to cope with heavy snow and flooding.

Saturday, March 28, 2020


Drivers should note that Brigg is due a road closure tonight (Saturday, March 28) and tomorrow (Sunday, March 29) until mid-afternoon.
It is planned to come into force on the A1084 where Bigby Road meets Bigby High Road from 9pm tonight (Saturday) through to 3pm on Sunday.
The reason is the conclusion of Network Rail's project to install modern barriers to replace the old wooden-gated level crossing.
This was planned over three successive weekends in March.
Still in place this morning (Saturday, March 28) was a temporary sign on the Monument roundabout to alert Brigg Garden Centre customers about the availability of a diversion via Kettleby Lane, Wrawby, and the A1084 - by-passing this road closure. However, the centre, in line with many other retail units, is currently closed. It is inviting customers to shop online instead. 


With church services in Brigg churches suspended during the Coronavirus emergency, people are being invited to take part in online versions which are proving popular. These launched last weekend and another is to be held tomorrow at 10am (Sunday, March 29). There's an open invitation to join in during these troubled times. You need to use the ZOOM code 699 460 177 (explained below).


Huge thanks to Kate Marr for leading last week’s online service when 70 or so folk joined together. The first of its kind, at least for us. It was wonderful blessing and privilege to both worship together and to be able see and hear each other.
Please now accept this as your invitation to this coming Sunday morning worship , 29th March, which will be led by the Rev Peter Thomas. Also feel free to invite friends, neighbours and family: this is an open church service and most definitely not a closed meeting!
We are all on quite  a learning curve and there are some adjustments to the way this coming online Sunday’s worship is organised. You don’t need to do anything different but there are details on those changes below for information if that will be helpful to orientate yourself within the service …. the only important thing is to turn up and worship!
You will be able to log into worship anytime after 10am (when the ‘doors open’!), though the service itself won’t start until the normal time of 10.30am.  (The code for this Sunday’s service is 699 460 177). This is to allow folk to greet and chat with each other. This may well be chaos but as with last week it will be fun and a joy to see and hear each other J. However, please also note that the clocks do go forward overnight by 1 hour!!
A couple of minutes before the service I shall mute everyone to allow each of us to still ourselves for worship. On screen you will see the image of a Peace Candle, signifying Jesus as both Light of the World and the Prince of Peace. This will be followed by an on screen prayer taken from the prayer handbook for 29th March.
Please note that apart from Peter and those taking place in the service we’ll keep everyone muted until the end of the service when I shall unmute everyone to allow us to say the Grace together. This will be a change from last week when we are unmuted for most of the service and we discovered the limitations of being able to sing together this way. Not quite an angelic choir but it was praise nonetheless, and caused a few to smile!
So, Mary will play at the appropriate time and the words of the hymns will be on the screen but everyone is invited to sing on their own at home – just open the windows and go for it!!! We’ll see how this feels in comparison with last week and continue to look for the best way to make this aspect of worship work best. (All ideas welcome)
The service itself will start at 10.30 am with us singing “As We Are Gathered Jesus Is Here”. This will be unannounced but again the words will appear on the screen, and Mary will play.
Following a welcome by a steward the service is handed over to Peter
There could be a significant number of devices hooked up. This may cause problems with the amount of data that is going through your internet connection. If I detect this is the case then I may close down your webcams to enable a better quality of signal. You’ll still be able to see Peter and others taking part but for the duration of the service we won’t be able to see you, and you won’t be able to see each other. So if your own picture disappears and it simply goes to a black screen with your name on it then don’t worry.
Following the service I’ll unmute everyone and leave the ‘meeting’ open for 30 minutes or so, so that you can again chat/catch up before we leave each other. If your webcam happens to have been turned off also then that’s the time to switch it back on by going to the video icon at the bottom of the ZOOM screen.
Phew, there are a few details in there...but again, you don’t need to do anything other than tune in for worship and the rest will just happen (well, hopefully anyway).
Finally,  on the IT side of things; it you haven’t loaded ZOOM in order to access this way of staying together as the body of Christ but would like to do so then:-
The basic package of ZOOM is free. The first thing to do is register yourself as a user.

For PC owners go to https://zoom.us and register; and for ipad users then I understand you go to the Apple store and download the ZOOM app. 
If you have neither PC nor ipad but have a smartphone that’s OK; it’s  also possible to join the service this way too.
Once that you have signed up in this way then all you have to do to join any future event is to go back into ZOOM and request to Enter a Meeting. To do this you will then need to type in the 9 digit Meeting ID code 699 460 177 for this Sunday.
Again, acutely conscious that not all of our members have access to PC’s etc… You are encouraged to pray for 5 people and their well-being? For example, could you use the Thy Kingdom Come prayer bands (tie 5 knots), or write the names of 5 people on the bathroom mirror so as to remember them when brushing your teeth?
God Bless.


Crime has shown another welcome decrease in Brigg - a fact that should not go unreported despite most people's minds being focused, understandably, on the current Coronavirus emergency.
Latest figures released through www.police.uk show 40 crimes recorded during February 2020 - a decrease of six on the previous month.


  • Anti-social behaviour 5
  • Bicycle theft 0
  • Burglary 4
  • Criminal damage and arson 3
  • Drugs 0
  • Other crime 1
  • Other theft 3
  • Possession of weapons 0
  • Public order 7
  • Robbery 0
  • Shoplifting 0
  • Theft from the person 0
  • Vehicle crime 2
  • Violence and sexual offences 15
Humberside Police statistics  cover a one-mile radius from the town centre, which includes some parts of neighbouring parishes, and three 'Brigg' crimes were reported on the Waters Edge housing estate, Broughton.
There were 17 crimes in Brigg town centre during February, plus six on the Newlands housing estate.


A public footpath in Brigg - closed for several months - has re-opened and is well worth a visit. Under Coronavirus emergency measures introduced by the government, people are permitted one period of daily exercise.  So here's a suggestion which will allow you to keep clear of other people...
Public Footpath 30 is a mile-long path running from Bridge Street, adjoining Cake Mills Bridge and close to the Aldi store construction site.
This path - very wide for much of its length - follows the route of the New River Ancholme, goes under the railway bridge and concludes at Pool End where the Old and New rivers meet.
From this path you can see wildlife, fauna, boats and the Scawby Brook power stations.
The most interesting section is beyond the railway bridge.
Near a copse where the two rivers meet is a public bench, from which the Lincolnshire countryside can be admired.
How many Brigg people can say they've been to Pool End along Footpath 30?
This recommended walk is ideal for those wishing to exercise their dogs.
Public Footpath 30's suspension was sanctioned by North Lincolnshire Council last autumn "to facilitate safety improvements to the railway line" (not undertaken by the local authority).
The path was due to reopen to walkers in early February but the 'Footpath Closed' signs stayed up until a few weeks ago.
It had been stated that the reopening date might be varied to take account of what were called unforeseen circumstances.

The original railway bridge at this location, in the late 1840s, was built for the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway under the direction of Sheffield-born engineer Sir John Fowler, later to be involved with the world famous Forth Bridge.

Pool End, where the Old River Ancholme, left, meets the New 'cut'. Clearly, you can't walk beyond this point!

The public bench at Pool End.

Two views of the railway bridge carrying the Brigg line over the New River Ancholme with evidence of recently added stones on the bank. Given its remote location, this feature of the iconic rail route is not often photographed.

The point on Bridge Street where the mile-long Pool End walk begins. The new Aldi store is taking shape in the distance.


Some pubs in the Brigg area - forced to close their doors to visiting customers during the Coronavirus emergency - are delivering meals to the door.
They include the Jolly Miller, on Brigg Road, Wrawby, which did very good trade last Sunday (Mother's Day). You can pay cash on delivery or settle up online for your roast dinner or other choice from the menu, including pizza.
Contact the pub through Facebook - Jolly Miller Wrawby - or call 01652 655658.
The government has waived planning requirements to allow pubs to offer a takeaway service without having to go through the length process of applying for 'change of use' for their premises.
Brigg and district takeaway premises have an exemption under the current government restrictions.

Restaurants have been required to close their doors to sit-down diners but some in Brigg are offering a takeaway service, including the Mumbai Lounge, on Old Courts Road, we've been informed.
It's takeaways only for the time being from the Scalinis fish restaurant, in the Market Place, with home deliveries being available if you want them.
Blyton Dairy Ice Cream's parlour on Wrawby Street, Brigg, is not currently accepting customers onto the premises but is delivering takeaway ice creams and drinks.
Spare a thought for Brigg's Andrew Devai, pictured below, who established a mobile catering business, called The Snack Shack, in December, located in the Dying Gladiator beer garden and serving burgers and other fast food items to hungry customers at weekends. All pubs have been closed under emergency measures introduced by the government. We took this picture of Andrew on the last day before the ban came into force.

We should also reflect on the sad situation facing Brigg licensees. On Friday, March 20 we took this picture of Sarah Hardy closing the front door of her Woolpack Hotel, in the Market Place, on the night the ban came in. She chairs the Brigg & District Pub Watch, representing local hostelries.

Friday, March 27, 2020


North Lincolnshire Council has now cancelled the Brigg Farmers' Market due to be held tomorrow (Saturday, March 28) and forthcoming general markets until further notice.
Brigg Blog has just confirmed this with the council (2.42pm Friday).
A North Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said this afternoon: "Outdoor markets at Brigg and Ashby, along with Brigg Farmers' Market have been suspended and will not run.
"Some stalls at St Johns Market in Scunthorpe are open so customers can buy food. The number of customers allowed into the building is being monitored and social distancing restrictions applied similar to the steps taken by supermarkets." 
4pm update: A number of people from Brigg and district have already taken to social media to welcome the council's market suspension.



Glorious Spring weather would normally have seen Brigg town centre attracting scores of market day shoppers, but the Coronavirus emergency put paid to that yesterday (Thursday March 26).
North Lincolnshire Council went ahead with the market - exempt from current emergency restrictions, along with other indoor and outdoor markets across the UK.
But with so many shops of various kinds ordered to close by the government, it felt more like a Sunday in the town centre yesterday, with relatively few people venturing out.
There were some notable exceptions - long queues of folk, complying with 'social distancing' and waiting to be admitted to the Tesco store, off Barnard Avenue, a few at a time.  

Lidl, on Atherton Way, was also busy.
Market stalls open for business yesterday offered fruit & veg and pies and cakes. A van selling Grimsby fish was also in place near the Buttercross (see picture above). 


The Market Place stalls were arranged well apart. However, one erected near the Angel building remained unoccupied (pictured above).
Some people, seeing the shutters down at our B&M store, are assuming it's closed but this is not the case. The store is open and the metal grilles are being lowered to assist the control of shoppers entering from the Springs Parade car park.

Brigg Lauderette, on Elwes Street, is still operating. The management have asked us to stress that although it is no longer able to offer self-service laundry, it is still providing service washes and ironing.
The laundrette provides a valuable service to people unable to wash their own clothes and bedding, including the elderly and infirm.
Today (Friday) should have seen the first Brigg FoodFest being staged in the town centre by North Lincolnshire Council, but it was cancelled some time ago.
Please note that it's off. Some people who entered this event long ago in their mobile phone 'organiser' will have received reminder alerts about the Fest yesterday and today.

Remember that all Brigg pubs - by order - will remain closed this weekend, with all sporting fixtures cancelled.

Not many people out and about in Brigg Market Place (above) and Wrawby Street (below) mid-morning on Thursday, March 26, 2020.


Praise for community-minded Brigg people who are being good neighbours and rallying round to do shopping for needy folk in the town during the current Coronavirus emergency came at the Town Council's March meeting held on Monday night (March 23).
Coun Ann Eardley said a group was doing good work by offering assistance to many.
Town Mayor Coun Sharon Riggall said: "We appreciate what they are doing."
Later in the meeting, held in the Angel Suite, the Mayor said Brigg in Bloom would be growing vegetables to be made available to the public.

Many people in Brigg have received a circular through the letterbox from this group, inquiring whether they would welcome assistance.


Brigg Blog joined a lengthy queue of people waiting to collect prescriptions from Riverside Surgery yesterday morning (Thursday, March 26). But that's not meant as a criticism during the current Coronavirus emergency.
New opening hours have been introduced at the pharmacy. It is closed daily from 10am to 11am, 1pm to 2pm, and again from 5pm to 6pm - with apologies tendered for any inconvenience.
We joined a queue of 15 people (all keeping a few metres apart) which stretched from the entrance, across the car park and onto the Barnard Avenue pavement.
There was a long wait to get from the rear of the queue to the dispensing counter.
Once there we thanked the hard-pressed staff and told them to keep up the good work.

PICTURED: A sign outside Riverside Surgery, with amended prescription collection opening hours listed at the bottom.


Those volunteers planning to help with a litter-pick in Brigg this weekend should note that the event is now OFF due to the current Coronavirus alert.Arranged for Saturday (March 28) it was to have formed part of the UK-wide Keep Britain Tidy Big Spring Clean. But that has now been postponed at national level.
Eco-Warriors were being asked to meet at the Black Bull, on Wrawby Street, for 9.45am to clean 'designated areas.
Keep Britain Tidy has postponed the UK clean-up until September. So we can expect Brigg's to take place between September 11 and 27 (date to be confirmed later by our local organisers).

Thursday, March 26, 2020


A call for Brigg people to be 'good neighbours'  by shopping for others and fetching medication for them during the Coronavirus emergency was made during the Town Council's monthly meeting, held on Monday evening (March 23).
North Lincolnshire Council Leader Coun Rob Waltham, who lives in Brigg, also made reference to a 'hub' being set up to help local people and stressed that North Lincolnshire Council "is still very much working."
Cabinet colleague on the unitary authority, Coun Carl Sherwood (Brigg & Wolds), said garden waste (brown bin) collections had been suspended, but general waste and recycling bins and boxes would continue to be emptied.
The household waste centre near Broughton - serving the Brigg area - remains open.
Please note that the Lincsquad group's Keyo Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon 2020 - due to be held in May - has now been cancelled due to the current emergency.
A major spectator event based at Ancholme Leisure Centre in Scawby Brook, it would have involved competitors undertaking a 1.5k river swim, travelling 38k by bike, 7k in a kayak and completing a 10k run.
The Keyo Brigg Bomber Standard Distance Triathlon 2020 on the same day is also off.
PICTURED: Couns Carl Sherwood (left) and Rob Waltham - image on the right courtesy of Ken Harrison.


Brigg Town Council has earmarked a £250 grant to support an event planned in the town on Friday, May 8 to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two in Europe.
But if it cannot go ahead on this date because of the Coronavirus emergency, the donation will still be made if the VE Day event takes place later in the year.
One suggestion is it might instead be held in August - Japan having surrendered in the Far East during that month in 1945, ending the war.
In its application submitted to the Town Council before the Coronavirus restrictions were put in place, Brigg & District Veterans' Group outlined plans for a street party with entertainment in the Market Place, refreshments and then vintage music at the nearby Woolpack  "into the evening."
The owner of a vintage bus has offered its use free of charge to transport senior citizens to the event, the Town Council has been told.
A similar application was submitted by the veterans' group to North Lincolnshire Council for a grant from its funding pot allocated specially for VE Day-related events.



With many Brigg functions and get-togethers being cancelled because of the current Coronavirus emergency, it's good to see that entries are now being accepted for one of the town's major annual events.
Curly's Athletes will be hosting the Brigg Poppy 10K and Military Challenge 2020 on the morning of Sunday, October 25.
The organisers have set a limit of 750 runners (in total) for the races; the military section will see competitors carrying weighted backpacks.
Everyone who enters is being asked to obtain sponsorship in support of the Poppy Appeal.
Find out more about the event and apply for a place through this link...
Curly's Athletes began accepting entries at the weekend (March 22).
Hopefully the Coronavirus restrictions will have been lifted long before late October, allowing the 10K to proceed as planned.
Pictured here are some scenes from the 2019 event which took competitors from Brigg towards Cadney and back to town to finish on the County Bridge and collect their well-earned medals.
With runners and many spectators in attendance, this major event can see more than 1,000 people in attendance.