Sunday, June 30, 2019


Brigg Town did not have a game yesterday (Saturday, June 29) in Lincolnshire County Cricket League Division Three but leaders Broughton 2nds were in action.

They lost their first league match of the season, going down by 73 runs away to Nettleham 2nds who have now moved above Brigg to occupy second place in the battle for promotion.
Two teams usually gain promotion but Brigg have plenty of games left to try and secure a place.
Hibaldstow, who recorded a very convincing 10-wicket win against Old Lincolnians yesterday, now occupy top spot in Division Two.

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Premier Division

Cherry Willingham 217 for seven, Haxey 82
Cleethorpes 2nds 195 for six, Bracebridge Heath 2nds 140 for eight
Lindum 2nds 112, Grimsby Town 113 for five
Caistor 205 for eight, Hartsholme 126
Market Rasen 211 for five, Scothern 213 for two

Division One
Normanby Park 106, Alkborough 107 for seven
Holton-le-Clay 206 for seven, Barton Town 159
Louth 2nds 222 for five, Messingham 223 for seven
Scunthorpe Town 132 for nine, Appleby-Frodingham 2nds 133 for five

Division Two
Holton-le-Clay 2nds 160, Caistor 2nds 147
Old Lincolnians 119, Hibaldstow 121 for no wicket

Division Three
Barton Town 2nds 134, Cleethorpes 4ths 135 for four
Messingham 2nds 244 for five, Haxey 2nds 199
Nettleham 2nds 191, Broughton 2nds 118
Lindum 3rds 99, Outcasts 2nds 100 for one

Division Four
Louth 3rds 231 for four, Horncastle 145
Scothern 2nds 153 for seven, Alford 2nds 126

Supplementary Cup semi-final

Louth 3rds v Scothern 2nds (at London Road, 2pm start)


Historic cobbles were a feature of Brigg Market Place for many decades, dating back to the horse and cart era.
But more modern cobbles, elsewhere in the town centre, are now causing a few concerns.
While town councillors were discussing the Brigg in Bloom flower-planting scheme at their June meeting, Coun Jane Kitching made reference to what she described as a cobbled area (pictured here).
She expressed some misgivings about the state of the surface, with moss in evidence.
The cobbled area is near, but not connected with, the Kebabish fast food takeaway.
Could this patch of ground be modified to create an additional flower bed or two? Or perhaps provide an additional short stay car parking bay?
We think this issue will be raised again at a future council meeting, once elected members have had chance to consider all options.
Will they press for removal of the cobbles? Or put work in hand to improve their condition?


It was good to see workers sent out in Brigg by the council to trim back foliage near the busy A1084 along Bigby Road.
The wet late spring and early summer weather in 2019 has seen greenery sprouting left, right and centre.
Growth at the base trees on Bigby Road can obscure the view of drivers trying to exit St Helen's Road onto the A1084.
But the council has been out to trim back the greenery, in the interests of road safety.
Workers have also snipped the lower branches of some trees on Bigby Road to ensure they do not come into contact with passing high-sided vehicles.
In addition, Clothes Hedge Footpath is being kept in good order.
This historic public footpath links St Helen's Road/Yarborough Road with Churchill Avenue, from where it crosses open fields to Wrawby.
It's used by ramblers, wearing boots and anoraks, and also local dog-walkers.
From time to time in past years, Brigg Blog has posted about greenery getting a bit out of hand near the St Helen's Road/Bigby Road junction and along Clothes Hedge Footpath.
But despite the recent wet weather boosting grass and weed growth, there's been no need to issue reminders up to today - the last in June.
The camera cannot lie, as the saying goes, and here are the pictures to show that the council is well on top of the job.
We say "The council" without being able to say whether the kudos belongs to the North Lincolnshire unitary authority or our own Town Council's new handymen. Perhaps they've both had a hand in it.
Either way, it's public money spent well on necessary tasks, in our humble opinion.


Brigg Town Council is sending an official letter of congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of their first child.
This was agreed at the authority's June meeting, held in the Angel Suite.
Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (known as Archie), born on May 6, 2019 is seventh in line to the throne.
Brigg Town Council has sent many congratulatory letters to members of the Royal Family over the years.
The latest will go to Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle who married at Windsor Castle in May 2018.
Their home, Frogmore Cottage, near Windsor, is grade two listed and was built in the early 19th century. So was Brigg Buttercross - also grade two listed!

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Brigg Town Council is now looking to provide bins outside three of our pubs in an effort to clamp down on discarded cigarette ends littering the pavement.
Intended sites are at the front of the Woolpack, in the Market Place; the Black Bull, on Wrawby Street; and the Dying Gladiator, on Bigby Street.
Coun Jane Kitching suggested during the council's June meeting that if these bins proved successful, they might consider adding others outside the Britannia (Wrawby Street) and the Yarborough Hunt (Bridge Street).
The Lord Nelson (Market Place) and Wetherspoon's White Horse (Wrawby Street) were not mentioned, while The Exchange Bar is some distance from Bigby Street and Wrawby Street so fag ends are never an issue.
The council is keen to see the streets kept free from 'fag ends' and providing bins should certainly help, in Brigg Blog's view.
Some pubs have metal bins attached to their frontages, but these soon get full to overflowing.
Ashtrays are provided in beer gardens but some smokers can't be bothered to walk a few extra yards to the rear, or side, of the premises when they want to have a drag.
If they find the on-the-wall cigarette bins are full at the front of the pub, they then discard the filters on the pavement or toss them down a nearby drain cover.
New in-pub signs requesting smokers to use the beer garden ashtrays provided are surely worth a try. The pubs could do their own at little cost.
Has anyone asked the licensees?

Fag ends discarded on the pavement near a Brigg pub


Historic Wrawby Mill will be holding one of its main events of the year this weekend.
Sunday, June 30, 2019 sees the annual fun day at the village landmark, located near the A18 at postcode DN20 8SR.
Attractions will include children's games, stationary steam engines, classic cars, Barnetby Silver Band, ice cream, archery and a barbecue.
Free admission is on offer at the event, running from 11am to 4pm.
The sponsors are Peacock & Binnington, Grandad's Shed, Vicarage Motors and Brigg Mobility.
Wrawby's is one of the few remaining post mills and was lovingly restored in the 1960s.


Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee has a new chairman.
Councillor Brian Parker, who is also the current Deputy Town Mayor, was elected at the committee's first meeting since the recent election.
Councillor Jane Kitching becomes vice-chairman of the committee which scrutinises planning applications and passes on its views to North Lincolnshire Council which makes the final decisions.
The committee also deals with environmental issues within the town, ranging from litter to floral displays, grass cutting and matters relating to the River Ancholme.
Monthly meetings are held in the Angel Suite Lounge and are open to interested members of the public.
Brigg Blog posts dates and agendas prior to these sessions.
Coun Parker was one of the sportsmen in 1973/4 who got Brigg Town Cricket Club going again and a gap of more than 30 years.
He was the club's initial secretary/treasurer and also a middle-order batsman.
Later, he established and ran his own agricultural business in the town.
Coun Kitching is involved with many groups in the town, including the Brigg Town Business Partnership.
PICTURED: Coun Brian Parker (above) and Coun Jane Kitching (below).


Friday, June 28, 2019


Brigg Town Council is supporting a scheme for new apartments within the town centre but some concerns have been expressed about a potential increase in the number of vehicles entering the pedestrian area as a result of this development.
An application has been submitted to convert and change the use of the upper and second floor to form four residential apartments and upgrade rear parking area at 27 Market Place (the former HSBC bank premises near the stone archway - pictured above on the right). 

This is a resubmission of a previous application submitted in 2015.
Councillor Jane Kitching told the Planning & Environment Committee, meeting in the Angel Suite, that she was pleased about the conversion scheme but expressed concerns about traffic crossing the Market Place to gain access to, and leave, the site with residents' parking to the rear.
She wondered whether some sort of time limit might possibly be set for this.
Brigg Town Council has now passed on its views to North Lincolnshire Council planners who will decide whether to grant permission and if any conditions are required.
A statement submitted in support of the application says it is being made to renew planning permission granted in April 2016 which expires this year.
It says the applicant has actively marketed the property "with the benefit of these consents" and the continued commercial opportunity at ground floor level, but without success.
"Renewal of the permissions does add value to the property and the prospect of it being brought back into use," the statement adds.
The latest application "does not change any of the material details previously approved."
The scheme proposes to keep the former banking hall and associated office space in commercial use, with the upper floors converted to provide three one-bedroom flats and another with two bedrooms.
This property is grade two listed. External appearance of the building will not change as a consequence of the change of use, planners have been assured.
The applicant is Baddow Properties Ltd, of North Yorkshire.



Alexandra will be singing at the Black Bull, Wrawby Street, Brigg, tonight (Friday, June 28).
Vocalist Gray Hodgson, pictured above, will be performing at the Woolpack, Market Place, on Saturday, June 29, from 9pm.
Brigg Servicemen's Club, Coney Court, has a grand jumble sale from 11am to 1.30pm on Saturday, then a bingo party night from 8pm.

The Common Faults  - a local indie rock covers band - will be performing at the Red Lion, Broughton, on Saturday night, from 9pm.


Brigg residents could soon have further opportunities to meet local police and raise issues with them.
The Town Council has been approached by neighbourhood Constable Jane Proud about using a room in its Angel Suite for future Thursday (market day) drop-in sessions.
Her request was approved at the the council's June meeting, with dates and times yet to be confirmed by the police. Brigg Blog will post details, once finalised.
Previous drop-in sessions have been held from time to time in the Angel and at other venues within the town.
Our picture shows PC Proud outside the Yarborough Hunt, on Bridge Street, following one some years ago. Community support officers (PCSOs) and constables police local streets.


Cricket being played by Brigg Town at the Recreation Ground

Brigg Town cricketers have a Saturday off this weekend in the Lincolnshire County Cricket League.
Currently second in the table, Brigg Town have made a decent start to their first season back in Division Three after gaining promotion.
They have gained 80 points from seven games with three wins, two defeats and two league games rained off.
However, Town failed to qualify from their group in the Supplementary Cup and have missed out on the semi-finals.
Unbeaten Division Three leaders Broughton 2nds have an important game coming on Saturday (June 29) when they journey down the A15 to Mulsanne Park to take on third-placed Nettleham 2nds.
Hibaldstow - second ranked in Division Two - will follow the same route to play Old Lincolnians in Lincoln.
Broughton first teamers are not in Division One action this Saturday, so the Brigg area cannot offer any cricket for spectators to watch, which is very rare in late June.

Premier Division

Cherry Willingham v Haxey
Cleethorpes 2nds v Bracebridge Heath 2nds
Grimsby Town v Lindum 2nds
Hartsholme v Caistor
Market Rasen v Scothern

Division One
Alkborough v Normanby Park
Holton-le-Clay v Barton Town
Messingham v Louth 2nds
Scunthorpe Town v Appleby-Frodingham 2nds

Division Two
Caistor 2nds v Holton-le-Clay 2nds
Old Lincolnians v Hibaldstow

Division Three
Barton Town 2nds v Cleethorpes 4ths
Haxey 2nds v Messingham 2nds
Nettleham 2nds v Broughton 2nds
Outcasts 2nds v Lindum 3rds

Division Four
East Halton v Keelby
Louth 3rds v Horncastle
Scothern 2nds v Alford 2nds

Supplementary Cup semi-final

Louth 3rds v Scothern 2nds (at London Road, Louth, 2pm start)

Premier division games begin at 1pm; matches in the other divisions start at 1.30pm.

Thursday, June 27, 2019


North Lincolnshire Council's commitment to find a new operator for Stennett's Market in Brigg has been stressed by Coun Rob Waltham.
The Leader of the North Lincolnshire authority which owns the auction site near the railway station made this clear during the June meeting of Brigg Town Council, on which he also serves.
He also revealed that a number of expressions of interest have been shown.
Stennett's ceased to operate several Thursdays ago, prompting concerns within the town about its future.
Coun Ann Eardley raised the topic with colleagues, pointing out that people came from miles around for the Thursday auctions which smallholders relied upon for stock and supplies.
Coun Waltham said Stennett's had gone out to tender, as the previous operator was no longer running it. Little prior notice had been given to the council.
The North Lincolnshire authority Leader said he had received four expressions of interest by email and he understood there were others.
"We are trying to find somebody new," he stressed.
This market's links with Brigg -  using various sites in the town - stretch back more than 100 years.


 Picture inside the new licensed Yellow Belly Pizza Company Pizzeria in Brigg town centre

Brigg Blog is very pleased to bring you the opening date of the town centre's newest eatery.
The Yellowbelly Pizzeria Company outlet, in the Market Place, is opening from lunch-time today (Thursday, June 27).
A sit-down licensed Pizzeria is a very welcome addition to what Brigg offers.
This being market day, with plenty of people visiting the town centre, we expect considerable interest.
As the premises have been taking shape over recent months, many folk on social media have been asking about the opening date.
Now you have it - courtesy of the locally-based proprietor George Kendall, pictured above in the food preparation area.
Brigg Blog visited the impressive premises yesterday to confirm the big day when the first meals will be served.

Picture of the  frontage of the Yellow Belly Pizza Company Pizzeria in Brigg town centre - opened June 2019

A successful licensing application was made to North Lincolnshire Council, so there's more to enjoy than food.
A glass of wine (Italian Prosecco) will go down well with any meal chosen from the menu. Coffee is also being served.
There's an eating area for customers, with tables and chairs, located at the front of the premises.
The Yellowbelly Pizzeria is located at 28A Market Place, which adjoins the brick archway beside the former HSBC bank.
Previous occupants of 28A have included an antiques business and Sandwich Heaven.
Many of us will be pleased to see a previously empty outlet within the town centre put to good use following tasteful refurbishment.
We took these pictures yesterday, Wednesday, when the final touches were being added.
The eatery has opened in good time for Brigg Bike Night on Friday, July 5, when there will be heavy demand for food with 1,000 to 1,500 folk expected, depending on the weather.
Read more here...
And again here...


Pictures showing the location of the new Yellowbelly Pizzeria in Brigg Market Place


The many steelworkers who live in Brigg and district can be assured that efforts are being made to secure the future of the Scunthorpe works.
This was stressed during Brigg Town Council's June meeting by Coun Rob Waltham, the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council.
Coun Waltham delivers a monthly update on North Lincolnshire Council matters with Brigg's boundary.
However, during the latest meeting, held in the Angel Suite, he widened the net to include the steel industry, which has been hitting the headlines nationally and abroad in recent weeks.
Coun Waltham said British Steel was on many people's minds, and stressed: "There's a lot going on to try and secure the future of the steel industry."

PICTURED: A recent view of a torpedo ladle on British Steel's Scunthorpe works, taken from Brigg Road.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Sites have been agreed for the initial shopping arches to be erected within Brigg town centre.
They will be located at the entrances to School Court and College Yard.
Phase One of The Arches Project was given the go-ahead by Brigg Town Council at its June meeting, held in the Angel Suite on Monday evening.
It has taken several years for this project, originally launched at the Buttercross, to get off the drawing board.
Further phases will see more metal arches added at the entrances to courtyards housing niche shops, eateries and other businesses.
The arches will help to guide shoppers between the Old Courts Road park, Wrawby Street and the Market Place.
Coun Rob Waltham told the council's latest meeting: "This is the start of the phases."
Some of the cost will be covered by fundraising and donations from local groups; not all the money will have to come from the public purse.
Coun Nigel Sherwood said this was something that needed to be stressed, as some people had used social media to suggest the project was a waste of money.
Pictured here are impressions of how a couple of the archways will look. Broughton-based Ivy Designs Ltd produced the illustrations, and many others.
A date for erecting the initial arches has yet to be revealed.



New super-sized litter bins are coming to Brigg.
During the Town Council's June meeting, Coun Rob Waltham said the River Ancholme was incredibly popular with people at this time of the year but needed bigger bins to keep the area tidy.
He stressed that these needed to be large enough to take pizza boxes without filling up the entire space available.
These big bins were also ideal for polystyrene fast food cartons, Coun Waltham pointed out.
He outlined additional suggested sites, including the Ash Grove to Redcombe Lane footpath.
The Old Courts Road car park was also mentioned as somewhere needing attention.
Resolving an issue raised by members of the public at the Annual Town Meeting in March, Coun Waltham said bins would be earmarked for the Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road.
Some bins replaced by the super-sized newcomers will be relocated to other sites.
Coun Carl Sherwood reported that a bin from the Memorial Park, near the river, had been stolen and needed replacing.
The council agreed funding for additional litter bins, with Coun Waltham adding: "It will be something the residents appreciate."
A suggestion that Brigg might buy a mechanical street sweeper has been passed to the Town Council's environmental working group for further consideration.
The matter will then be re-considered again by the Town Council.
June's meeting heard that thousands of pounds would be needed to buy a machine outright or even hire one by the month.
Coun Ann Eardley said the machine was definitely required to tidy up mess, while Coun Jane Kitching wondered whether it might be possible to join with another town authority to share the cost.
The environmental working group is also to look into providing information boards to be displayed in the Old Courts Road and Angel car parks and near the Lidl and Tesco stores.
These will tell visitors about the town and its history.


The annual Civic Service for Brigg will be held on Sunday, July 14, 2019.
Town Mayor Coun Sharon Riggall and her Consort Martin (pictured above) will be joined by councillors, visiting VIPs and members of the local community.
The service will be held at St John's Church, in the town centre, starting at 3pm.
It will take place just a couple of weeks before Brigg's Curate, The Rev Trudy Hobson, becomes Priest in Charge of the Upper Wylye Valley Team.
She will be licensed on July 29 at the Heytesbury St Peter and St Paul Church by the Bishop of Salisbury, The Rt Rev Nicholas Holtam.
For some time The Rev Trudy has been working alongside Father Owain Mitchell, Vicar of Brigg, also covering Wrawby, Cadney and Howsham, Bonby and Worlaby.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


The historic Tiffin Room at the Exchange Coach House in Brigg town centre is now being used for dining again

A new meal deal is due to launch in Brigg today (Tuesday, June 25) and we expect it to prove particularly popular with diners.
The Thai Meal Deal is available from today at The Exchange, which has pedestrian access off Wrawby Street (through the archway) and Bigby Street.
For a tenner, diners can enjoy a two-course meal and a pint.
There's a choice: Starter and main course, or main course and dessert.
The Exchange has also launched Steak Nights on Wednesdays, with another coming up tomorrow.
This popular licensed venue closed recently for internal refurbishment/redecoration.
We are pleased to see that the historic Tiffin Room, on the ground floor, has reopened to the public and is being used to seat additional diners.
Some of the Tiffin's fine period features date back to the 18th century when the Exchange was built.
If you use the Tiffin, try to identify famous characters from the past whose busts are displayed in this room, which looks out on Bigby Street.
Joe Mullen, owner of the Exchange, invited Brigg Blog along to see the Tiffin Room and to obtain details of the Meal Deal and Steak Nights from manager Mark Burns and staff.
The Exchange, built in 1760, is Brigg's only grade two star listed building.
Joe also gave us a guided tour of rooms on the upper floors that are not currently open to the public.
This proved fascinating and we even ventured onto the roof, enjoying panoramic views of the town centre, and beyond.
Brigg Blog will write at length about this tour of the Exchange, with pictures included, at a later date.


Photograph of the team from Broughton Primary School accepting the Unsung Heroes award at the ceremony on Friday 14 June 2019.

The catering staff at Broughton Primary School won the Unsung Hero award at the regional Local Authority Catering in Education (LACA) Excellence Awards, held on Friday 14 June 2019.
The award aims to give unsung heroes within the school catering industry recognition by celebrating a team or individual who has shown amazing dedication and goes above or beyond their role.
The team at Broughton Primary School were nominated for the award after they lost a colleague in tragic circumstances.
Despite their grief, rather than see the pupils of the school go hungry, all the kitchen staff returned to work the following day, and every day after that, to support each other make sure lunch was ready for the children.
The  award-winning team –  Debbie Dring, Amanda Haywood, Kim Dobson, Joanne Blakey, Shirley Norton and Elisabeth Senior – have more than 50 years' combined service, and most of them live in Broughton.
Sharon Ainsworth, Head of Catering and Cleaning at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “I am immensely proud of how this team has worked together through the toughest of times and have shown real character and dedication to the school. It is fantastic to see this strong team recognised for their professionalism and strength with this award.
“A few months on from the tragedy, the staff at Broughton are now even closer, but the loss of their colleague has left a big hole in the team and their lives which will take a long time to heal. They have recently found the courage and strength to turn the radio back on to their favourite station and smile at the memories of their colleague singing and dancing - remembering all the good times.”
This is the first time the LACA Excellence Awards have been held for the Yorkshire and Humber region, so the team from Broughton Primary School has taken home the very first trophy.


Brigg Town are in second place in the Lincolnshire County Cricket Division Three following a  convincing home win over Barton Town 2nds at the Recreation Ground on Saturday (June 22).
There were two half-centuries scored for Brigg, an impressive 122-run fourth wicket partnership, followed by a five-wicket haul with the ball after tea.
Matthew Bell hit 84 and Danny Minshall 75 as Brigg rattled up 233, despite being bowled out with 35 balls still remaining in their permitted 45 overs.
However, it did not matter as Barton were dismissed for 51 in the 24th over, with Nick Beacock taking five for 18.

Brigg won by 182 runs to claim the maximum 20 points on offer.
Broughton 2nds, who are runaway leaders of Division Three, won their home game against Cleethorpes 4ths by seven wickets on Sunday (June 23).
Robbie Ward took five wickets for Broughton who dismissed Cleethorpes for 96. Joshau Smith then finished 44 not out and Craig Hall 24 not out.
In Division One on Saturday, fourth0-in-the-table Broughton's first teamers had a 26-run home win over Normanby Park.
In Division Two, second-placed Hibaldstow gained a narrow two-wicket win in a low-scoring match at Cherry Willingham 2nds.
Hibaldstow did not have a game in the North Lindsey League on Sunday and are without a Lindsey fixture this coming weekend.

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Premier Division
Bracebridge Heath 2nds 81, Haxey 83 for three
Market Rasen 153, Caistor 156 for four
Lindum 2nds 135, Cleethorpes 2nds 130
Cherry Willingham 237 for seven, Nettleham 181 for nine
Grimsby Town 110, Scothern 112 for one

Division One
Holton-le-Clay 175, Appleby-Frodingham 2nds 177 for nine
Barton Town 155 for seven, Outcasts 159 four four
Broughton 139, Normanby Park 113
Scunthorpe Town 2nds 194 for seven, Messingham 186 for eight

Division Two
Cherry Willingham 2nds 97, Hibaldstow 98 for eight
Grimsby Town 2nds 125, Caistor 2nds 78
Old Lincolnians 103, Hartsholme 2nds 107 for two
Clee Town Laportes 257 for seven, Holton-le-Clay 2nds 184 for nine
Market Rasen 2nds 179 for nine, Cleethorpes 3rds 132

Division Three
Brigg Town 233, Barton Town 2nds 51
Lindum 3rds 227 for four, Haxey 2nds 174 for seven
Messingham 2nds 116, Nettleham 2nds 117 for three

Division Four
Scunthorpe Town 3rds 174 for seven, Scothern 2nds 183 for two
Keelby conceded the game to Horncastle

Division Three

Cleethorpes 4ths 96, Broughton 2nds 100 for three

Monday, June 24, 2019


When Brigg Blog was told that what's widely known locally as Stennett's Market had failed to take place a couple of days earlier, we went straight down to Station Road and found this sign propped up at the front of the auction building.
As North Lincolnshire Council owns the land, we sought a statement and received the following in reply from a spokesperson for the local authority:
"An opportunity has arisen for a new business to take over a vibrant market and auction house in Brigg.
"The market site has traditionally opened on Thursdays with a whole host of different goods including fresh produce, poultry and game, and complementing the Thursday Market which is held in the pedestrianised town centre.
"North Lincolnshire Council is now seeking a suitable partner to deliver a much loved and well attended Thursday auction for Brigg."
Coun Rob Waltham Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, and a ward member for Brigg and the Wolds, says: “This is an exciting opportunity for a new or existing business to take stewardship of one of North Lincolnshire’s many thriving markets. As someone who can remember visiting the old Stennetts market on many occasions over the past forty years, I am really keen that we keep up the traditions of this auction and reinstate it as soon as possible.
“We are really keen to open up discussions with prospective businesses as soon as possible.”
Interested businesses are asked to get in touch with North Lincolnshire Council’s economic development team by either emailing or calling 01724 297330.
The auction's history can be traced back more than 100 years.
For some time, Thursday morning sales were held on land off Manley Gardens and later on part of the old stockmarket site, near Barnard Avenue (now occupied by the Tesco store).
Things then continued on Station Road, close to the railway station.
A railway campaigner has now emailed Brigg Blog to suggest that a "perfect opportunity" currently exists to re-locate the auction to the far end of the station area.
He believes this will benefit the train service, as passengers using the Saturdays-only service will no longer see any discarded rubbish/litter people have left on Thursdays during the market.
Brigg Blog has happy memories from the early 1980s while on the staff at the Lincolnshire & South Humberside Times newspaper at 57 Wrawby Street.
We took our turn on the rota to visit Stennett's auction 'shed' down Manley Gardens to collect that week's produce prices for inclusion in the following day's edition of this local weekly.
The list included eggs, butter, ducks, chickens and pigeons - written on a pre-printed sheet by the chief clerk, using a very heavy 4B (?) pencil.
Long before email arrived, these had to be telephoned to a copy/typist at the Hull Daily Mail, who took down the details which were set in type - one of the last items to be included in the paper before the Mail's press began to roll.
In the 1990s, a few chickens 'escaped' from Stennett's on the old stockmarket site and made their home on the grass beside the senior citizen's bungalows on Barnard Avenue.
Chicks soon joined the chickens, which lived there for some years until eventually, all the poultry were C-lucky to be re-homed in the country!

A Thursday auction scene in 2011


Safer Roads Humber says safety cameras are used across the region as part of its overall strategy to make local roads safer.
Mobile and fixed speed cameras detect speeding vehicles "at sites of risk."
They are able to deploy the cameras at a range of locations.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26: 'Daily enforcement' will be carried out on the A18 between Brigg and Wrawby.
Brigg Blog's advice to drivers is: Slow down and stick to the speed limit in place on local roads at all times.



Brigg and Barnetby figured prominently in end-of-season local football awards, achieving a notable hat-trick of honours.
The EC Surfacing Scunthorpe & District Football League, which operates on Saturdays, presented awards at its recent annual general meeting.
Briggensians, who played home games at Brigg Recreation Ground and Brigg Town's Hawthorns, won the team sportsmanship award, while the club's player/official Craig Benson collected the coveted R. A. (Bob) Bedford Trophy for his efforts during the 2018/19 season.
Barnetby United Reserves' Kyle Sylvester was honoured as the league's top goalscorer.
These pictures come courtesy of the league, which is sponsored by Brigg company EC Surfacing.
Trophies were presented by league president Ray Hewson.
The other winners were: player of the year, Lee Hutchinson, College Wanderers; referee of the year, Jeremy Hyke; secretary of the year, Robert Grocock, A.F.C. Queensway.

PICTURED: Above, Craig Benson receiving the team sportsmanship award for Briggensians; immediately below, Ray Hewson presenting Craig with the Bob Bedford Shield; below that, Barnetby's Kyle Sylvester receiving the league goalscoring trophy. 


Sunday, June 23, 2019


O'Brien's Opticians in Brigg town centre - runner-up in the UK Opticians Awards 2019

Congratulations are in order - a well-known Brigg business has been ranked among the very best in Britain.
O'Briens, on Wrawby Street, finished runner-up in the national Optician Awards 2019 for Independent UK Practices.
The company rightly sees this as a great achievement, and O'Brien's optometrist and director, Dr Sheeraz Janjua, kindly informed Brigg Blog.
Congratulations are due to all staff members at the practice.
The award comes as O'Briens celebrates its 40th anniversary.
Open Monday to Saturday, it says it is welcoming new patients. Call 01652 653595 or email
O'Briens is based at 43/44 Wrawby Street - opposite Wetherspoon's White Horse pub and close to Queen Street. It offers free home eye tests.
Dr Janjau is also on the ball in another field; he's consultant optometrist to Derby County Football Club.


A new car wash is planned in Brigg - something that will interest local motorists.
It is designed to replace the existing one at Brigg Service Station, on Bridge Street.
An application from Motor Fuel Limited to install the new facility is now being considered by North Lincolnshire Council.
The new jet washer will have screens made from galvanised steel and perspex.
Plans show the new vehicle washer - situated behind the forecourt's kiosk/shop - will have low-level LED lights.
An earlier application, seeking approval to raise the height of the canopy over the service station, is also awaiting a decision from council planners.


North Lincolnshire Council has carried out more routine food hygiene inspections of premises, including FIVE recent ones in Brigg and district.
The council has awarded a five star - "very good" - rating to the following:

  • Harrisons Hideaway Cafe, Island Carr Road, Brigg
  • The Loft Restaurant, 10 Wrawby Street, Brigg
  • Sir John Nelthorpe by Chartwells, Sir John Nelthorpe School, Brigg; Chartwells is the school meals provider
  • ASalt n Battery Fish and Chips, Victoria Road, Barnetby
  • Broughton Primary School, Brigg Road, Broughton
Businesses rated through this national 'scores on the doors' initiative receive a green certificate to display, showing the number of stars awarded to them.

Saturday, June 22, 2019


People in the Brigg area may be interested in a gym membership offer from North Lincolnshire Council which applies to its Ancholme Leisure Centre, on the edge of the town.
Brigg's Coun Carl Sherwood says it's a fantastic opportunity.


Get a six week Fitness+ membership at any North Lincolnshire leisure centre and pay just £40 with the new Shape up for Summer offer.
Choose your leisure centre and get unlimited use of the gym, swimming pool, group fitness classes and racket sports at this discounted price.
You can start your six-week membership anytime between Monday 17 June and Sunday 11 August 2019. Your membership will run for six consecutive weeks from the day you join.
The membership is available at:

  • The Pods, Scunthorpe
  • Ancholme Leisure Centre, near Brigg
  • Axholme North Leisure Centre, Crowle
  • Baysgarth Leisure Centre, Barton upon Humber
  • Epworth Leisure Centre
  • Riddings Pool
If you get bitten by the fitness bug during your six weeks, you can upgrade to swim or Fitness+ membership before your Shape up for Summer pass ends and pay no additional joining fee. Alternatively, you can become a casual gym member at a discounted rate of £5.
The offer is open to customers aged 17 years-old and over. Shape up for Summer membership is valid at the centre of joining only. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is non-transferable.
Terms and conditions apply; contact your local leisure centre for details. For more details on your local leisure centre, visit
Cllr Carl Sherwood, Cabinet Member for Environment and Wellbeing, said: “The Shape up for Summer membership is a fantastic opportunity for people who haven’t used a gym before or haven’t been for a long time to try out our leisure facilities at a reduced rate and without a long-term commitment. If you decide that you want to carry on with your fitness regime, you can sign up for a membership without having to pay a joining fee.
“Keeping active is really important for your health and has lots of benefits. If you haven’t done much exercise, the staff at the leisure centres will be happy to support you on your fitness journey.”


Plans to create residential apartments in Brigg Market Place will be considered at a forthcoming meeting.
When the Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee convenes in the Angel Suite Lounge on Monday, June 24, from 6.45pm, it will look at this application for four apartments at 27 Market Place (close to the former HSBC bank).
This is a resubmission of an application lodged some years ago.


1.  Election of Chairman

2.  Election of Vice Chairman

3.  To Receive Apologies and Approve reasons for absence.

4. (a)  To record declarations of interest by any member of the council in respect of the agenda items listed below.  Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.

   (b)  To note dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of agenda items listed below.


6. To Receive any general correspondence.

7.    a)    To Receive and Note any Applications for Market Consent
        b)    To Receive and Consider any Applications for a Grant or Variation of Premises Licence.
8.    To Receive the update on outstanding issues from the Clerk


  • Convert and change use of upper and second floor to form 4 residential apartments and upgrade rear parking area (resubmission of PA/20015/082) at 27 Market Place, Brigg
  • Resubmission of PA/2018/355 for the (conversion of garage, erection of first floor side extension and internal alterations) to alter roof design, height and depth of the first floor extension) at 12 St James Road, Brigg
  • Erect a single-storey rear extension at 30 Central Square, Brigg
  • Erect first floor side extension at 11 Maple Close, Brigg
  • Raise existing canopy over petrol station including associated works at Brigg Service Station, Bridge Street, Brigg


A very familiar feature of summer in Brigg seems to be less of a spectacle in 2019. But perhaps local people can help, starting from today.
The number of Swifts - birds that screech and swoop across the sky in search of insects - is  down this summer when compared with previous years.
However, it's not just our town that is suffering declining numbers; it's the same across the UK.
These birds migrate from Africa in spring but unusually cool and prolonged wet weather on their flightpath across the Continent  killed many of them long before they reached the UK.
Those that have made it are late getting back to Britain, where they breed.
It was not until the  middle of this week that the birds returned to the East Parade/Central Square part of the town - one of their strongholds. 

We hope more of them will make it to Brigg in the days ahead. 
Bird charity the RSPB is undertaking a  survey in association with Swift Awareness Week (from today, June 22 to June 30).
It is asking people to help with data-gathering by logging Swift sightings. Ones from the Brigg area will be welcome. Use this link if you want to take part...
Loss of nesting sites is not helping and it's suggested that this species is in trouble.
Swifts like to nest under the eaves of roofs but there are fewer of those available today.
Swift nest boxes are provided in some areas of the UK.
In the future, how about some being earmarked for new properties which are granted council planning approval in Brigg?
This is sometimes done for roosting bats, so why not Swifts?

Friday, June 21, 2019


Brigg people are being given the chance to put weeks of dismally wet and cloudy weather behind them tonight (Friday, June 21).
The Yarborough Hunt pub, on Bridge Street, will be holding is annual Summer Solstice Celebrations from 6pm.
It's been far from Flaming June for most of the month but tonight there's a chance to mark a milestone moment in the year with a few drinks, live music from the Johnhouse Duo and a delicious hog roast.
Hopefully the sun will get his hat on for at least part of the evening!
The daylight hours will soon start to reduce, with autumn and winter ahead. But that won't be something to contemplate during tonight's celebrations. Pop along and take a look.
PICTURED: Sunny reflections on the Old River Ancholme in Brigg.


There's a choice of live music and comedy to enjoy at three Brigg venues on Saturday, June 22, 2019.
An acoustic duo playing pop and rock, Johnny And The Rocket will be at the Woolpack Hotel, Market Place, from 9pm. Free admission - all welcome.
The Blindside rock, pop and indie covers band will be playing at Brigg Town Football Club's licensed Hawthorns venue, from 9pm. Pop along and take a look - admission to the gig £5.
In addition, there's a live stand-up comedy night at Brigg & District Servicemen's Club, Coney Court, from 8pm.
This event -  featuring Funhouse Comedy's Andrew Bird, Karen Bayley, Simon Lomas and compere Stevie Gray - is ticket only.
They cost £10 on the door or £8 in advance; Call 07745722113 or use this online link...
PICTURED ABOVE: Award-winning Karen Bailey, who will be cracking jokes at the Servicemen's Club.


The J D Wetherspoon White Horse pub in Brigg town centre

There was to have been a school reunion taking place in Brigg tonight (Friday, June 21) but please note it has been postponed. The new date has yet to be finalised but we will let you know when it is agreed.
On the Sir John Nelthorpe School playing field, a cricket match will be played between former pupils and a school XI, starting at 6pm.
Afterwards, the former pupils will be meeting up at Wetherspoon's White Horse pub, in the town centre, to talk about their school days, among other topics.

  • Spectators will be welcome at the match and ex-pupils are invited to join the players at Wetherspoon's, from about 9pm.
The Briggensians' Association represents former pupils and staff of Brigg Grammar, Brigg Girls' High, Sir John Nelthorpe School and Brigg Sixth Form.
It holds a number of sporting reunions throughout the year and also hosts an annual dinner every March at Elsham Golf Club.

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Brigg Bike Night 2019 organiser Lucy Fensome - landlady of the Yarborough Hunt pub on Bridge Street

Brigg Bike Night 2019 organiser Lucy Fensome, pictured, has now announced the band which will be playing live at this showpiece event.
Lucy, who is landlady of the Yarborough Hunt, on Bridge Street, tells us that Scunthorpe group The Band of Fiends will be performing at her hostelry on Friday, July 5.
They play classy bluesy, rocky pop from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
The Fiends will be in the beer garden at the back from 6pm unless the weather is bad, in which case they will be be playing inside the pub, where it will be warmer and drier.
A case of Canned Heat, perhaps! They also perform songs made famous by bands like The Small Faces, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy and Steppenwolf.
Will there be any Atomic Rooster or Juicy Lucy tracks?
The Band of Fiends confirms the line-up for Bike Night, Lucy having previously revealed details of refreshment vans/stands and other supporting attractions.
Bike Night 2019 -  likely to attract a crowd of 1,000 to 1,500 people - will get under way  on Bridge Street from 5pm. View full details here...


It's pleasing to see historic Brigg Town Football Club hitting the headlines in the latest issue of a national newspaper.
An extensive and illustrated feature about the Zebras appears in the current (Sunday, June 16, 2019) issue of The Non-League Paper.
It is headlined Back in the Brigg Time - Zebras ready to earn their stripes again.
Brigg - twice winners of the FA Vase - had some seasons in the doldrums before bouncing back and gaining promotion from the Balcan Lighting Supplies Lincolnshire League after a successful season that ended in May.
Their 2019/20 campaign will be in the Northern Counties East - one step up football's pyramid structure.
The Non-League paper is a good read, offering extensive coverage. View its website here...
In past years we often used to see the then chairman of Brigg Town FC buying the latest copy in a town shop when we went to get our Sunday papers.


Watching the cricket at Brigg Recreation Ground - picture on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

After some weeks of Supplementary Cup action, Brigg Town Cricket Club will be returning to Lincolnshire County Cricket League Division Three action at the Recreation Ground on Saturday (June 22).
Brigg host Barton Town 2nds (1.30pm start) and spectators are welcome. It's a 45 overs a side contest, expected to last into the early evening.
The Brigg and Barton clubs have played each other, on and off, for decades - in the Lincs League, the Broughton & District Evening League, the Humberside Alliance, the North Lindsey League and the Scunthorpe Intermediate League.
Barton Town CC was formed in the 1840s, while Brigg had a team as far back as the 1820s, although our club disappeared for three decades until the mid-1970s when it was relaunched.

Broughton first teamers have a Division One home game coming up against Normanby Park this Saturday,  while Broughton 2nds will be hosting Cleethorpes 4ths on Sunday in Division Three.
Brigg Town Cricket Club features on the front cover of the latest issue of Brigg Matters Magazine, and inside there's a feature article about the club and its history.  Have you got your copy yet?
Hibaldstow were defeated in Sunday's game in the North Lindsey Cricket League's Knockout Cup Group B. Scunthorpe side Appleby-Frodingham clinched top spot in the group with a five-wicket win at Hibaldstow, who set a target of 146 for eight, Lee Robinson top scoring with 70. But Simon Taylor's 52 and Jay Beattie's 42 not out saw the Steelmen through to the last four.

(Sponsored by Readers)

Premier Division
Bracebridge Heath 2nds v Haxey
Caistor v Market Rasen
Lindum 2nds v Cleethorpes 2nds
Nettleham v Cherry Willingham
Scothern v Grimsby Town

Division One
Appleby-Frodingham 2nds v Holton-le-Clay
Barton Town v Outcasts
Broughton v Normanby Park
Scunthorpe Town 2nds v Messingham

Division Two
Cherry Willingham 2nds v Hibaldstow
Grimsby Town 2nds v Caistor 2nds
Hartsholme 2nds v Old Lincolnians
Holton-le-Clay 2nds v Clee Town Laportes
Market Rasen 2nds v Cleethorpes 3rds

Division Three
Brigg Town v Barton Town 2nds
Haxey 2nds v Lindum 3rds
Messingham 2nds v Nettleham 2nds

Division Four
Keelby v Horncastle
Scunthorpe Town 3rds v Scothern 2nds (at Hibaldstow)

Division Three

Broughton 2nds v Cleethorpes 4ths

Premier Division games begin at 1pm; matches in all other sections start at 1.30pm.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Plans to build 226 new homes in Brigg have been revealed.
Harron Homes says it has prepared an application to secure planning consent for the development on fields off Wrawby Road, near the Recreation Ground and adjoining Horstead Avenue/Foxton Way.
A "covering letter" sent to North Lincolnshire Council explains this land is allocated for residential development within the North Lincolnshire Local Plan.
The site covers 9.6 hectares and in addition to the new properties there is provision for "associated public open spaces," plus roads and drainage infrastructure.
The land in question is described as being "greenfield."
The site is made up of three agricultural fields separated by hedgerows, trees and dykes.
Vehicular access will be provided by upgrading the existing Wrawby Road/Churchill Avenue T-junction to form a roundabout.
The detailed report submitted to the planning authority by Harron Homes, dated June 6, requests a response from North Lincolnshire Council "within the requisite three weeks."
It has submitted an "EIA screening request for a residential development."
EIA stands for Environmental Impact Assessment.
North Lincolnshire Council has set a Consultation End Date of July 1 for this EIA request.
This is NOT a planning application. However, members of the public can make their views known to the local authority, quoting reference PA/SCR/2019/3.
Harron Homes' nearest office is in Leeds. View the company's website here...


The aim of Environmental Impact Assessment is to protect the environment by ensuring that a local planning authority when deciding whether to grant planning permission for a project, which is likely to have significant effects on the environment, does so in the full knowledge of the likely significant effects, and takes this into account in the decision making process. The regulations set out a procedure for identifying those projects which should be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment, and for assessing, consulting and coming to a decision on those projects which are likely to have significant environmental effects.
The aim of Environmental Impact Assessment is also to ensure that the public are given early and effective opportunities to participate in the decision making procedures.
Environmental Impact Assessment should not be a barrier to growth and will only apply to a small proportion of projects considered within the town and country planning regime. Local planning authorities have a well established general responsibility to consider the environmental implications of developments which are subject to planning control. The 2017 Regulations integrate Environmental Impact Assessment procedures into this framework and should only apply to those projects which are likely to have significant effects on the environment. Local planning authorities and developers should carefully consider if a project should be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment. If required, they should limit the scope of assessment to those aspects of the environment that are likely to be significantly affected. Pre-application engagement can also play a role in identifying when a proposal should be subject to environmental impact assessment. 

PICTURED ABOVE: Part of the proposed development site, viewed from the Churchill Avenue/Wrawby Road T-junction.