Thursday, July 31, 2008


Derek Empringham and his team's demolition of the derelict Colton Street canteen buildings prompted memories of the old refrectory at Brigg Grammar School.
This was out on the field, not far from the boarding house.
The roof of the brick-built structure came in for some hammer during the cricket season, when those with sufficient hitting power would bombard it with sixes.
Long after it ceased to provide hot dinners for pupils, the building still operated as a makeshift tea room for Brigg Town Cricket Club, when it played weekend home games on what, by then, had become the Sir John Nelthorpe School field.
Returning to the 1960s and 1970s, any ex-BGS pupils remember a man driving onto the school field with vehicle and trailer to collect the dinner left-overs in large bins? We understood the 'swill' went to feed pigs on some local farm.
Can anyone confirm that's correct?

Our picture shows the refrectory at Brigg Grammar School in the late 1960s, plus the cricket pavilion - also now demolished.


It's amazing how many small villages you go through which have boards containing up-to-date bus timetables. Yet, at Brigg's main picking up and dropping off spot, in Cary Lane, there's nothing at all to inform passengers of the times.
This Blog has issued several reminders about this in recent months, but all to no avail.
Maybe someone in the offices at Traveline, North Lincolnshire Council - or even one of the bus companies - could get this sorted.


Acts providing live entertainment at the Woolpack, in the Market Place, in the coming weeks are: August 9, Broadswood; August 16, Rappor; August 23, Refined; August 30, Squadron 5.


Brigg's Riverside Mews residential home, off the Market Place, is holding a garden fete on Saturday, August 9, from 2pm. Attractions include a table-top sale and raffle.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Perhaps today I became the first Brigg resident to lament the passing of Paper Lincs, the newsagents in Spring's Parade.
Despite having read the closure date of 'from July 30' only a few days ago I forgot and popped by for my usual morning paper, on the way to catching the 6.30am bus from Cary Lane to Scunthorpe. But the shutters were up.
We stated the reasons for Paper Lincs shutting at some length in an earlier story.
It's always sad when a small business closes in Brigg. Especially when you were a customer.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Pam Abbey, long-serving member of staff at the Brigg Tourist Information Centre, has retired.
She was a member of the ever-helpful team which dealt with inquiries from visitors and locals calling in at the Buttercross, seeking information as diverse as bus timetables, walks and day trips.
Brigg Town Council sent its best wishes to Pam, who replied to say she had plenty of leisure activities planned, including golf.
We trust she will enjoy a long and happy retirement.

Monday, July 28, 2008


There's nothing more tedious than queuing at the checkouts in Brigg's Tesco score, as customers and staff wait for the clock to tick round to 10am when the law allows them to start serving. And not a minute sooner!
That's not meant as a criticsm of the way the store operates - it stays within the law. But, as Charles Dickens so famously wrote in Oliver Twist, the law is an ass!
You can buy your Sunday papers from other outlets in Brigg before 10am, but not the same newsprint if you collect it from the shelves in Tesco.


Brigg Town Council meets tonight (Monday) in the Angel Suite (7.30pm).
As there is no meeting of the authority during August, this is residents’ last chance for some weeks to catch up on what’s going on in the town.
If any members of the public wish to raise matters of interest or concern, they can do so at the beginning of the meeting.
A meeting of the planning and environment committee is planned before the monthly town council meeting (6.45pm).

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Brigg's hot new property development was launched this morning in blazing sunshine and a blaze of publicity.
Actress Wendy Craig - famed for her roles in hit TV series like The Royal and Butterflies - cut the sash to officially open Golden Living's Ancholme Mews development, on Bigby Street.
Very complimentary about the development and its Brigg location, she was joined by Brigg Town Mayor and Mayoress, Coun Mike and Ann Campion.
Watch the Scunthorpe Telegraph during the week for reports and pictures, including Friday's Scunthorpe Telegraph full colour property supplement.
For further details call at the on-site office, visit the website or email

Our picture shows Wendy (in the blue outfit) with the Town Mayoress and Mayoress, and Golden Living managing director Trevor Walters Thompson at today's official opening, which attracted considerable media interest.

Friday, July 25, 2008


We hear some joker has stuck a 50p piece to the pavement in Glanford Road - no doubt to test out pedestrians passing by. How many have given in to temptation and tried to pick it up?


Brigg Town Cricket Club's hopes of making the Trident Plate final during their first season in the East Yorkshire Alliance failed when they lost away to Beverley Town 4ths by 25 runs.
Beverley scored 154 for seven, Danny Bradley taking four for 16. Brigg put up a spirited fight, with Dale Coy scoring 50, but were all out for 129.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Don't forget TV actress Wendy Craig, who stars in popular Sunday series The Royal, will be opening the Golden Living apartments in Bigby Street on Saturday morning.
It's not often we get a well-known celebrity in town, and Wendy has made it known she is looking forward to visiting Brigg.
Doubtless her busy schedule won't leave any time for sight-seeing - but you never know. It is farmers' market day, after all!
For full details of the star's visit, don't miss tomorrow's colour property supplement in your Scunthorpe Telegraph.


Today (Thursday) 'assorted games' are on offer when the Brigg Over-50s Club meets at St John's Church Hall, Bigby Street, from 1pm-3pm.
Next Thursday (July 31) will see a talk on graphology.
For further details ring Marilyn Demott, tel 01652 653384.


More senior Brigg folk seem to have enjoyed our piece on chip shops of the past.
We have been reminded of Buggie Wright, who is said to have counted every chip into the bag.
And who remembers getting one of each from Staples? Or Dickie Mundy, whose sons became butchers in Brigg?
In the good old days you could get fish and chips and a pint for one shilling and threepence!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


One of the distinctive poplar trees at Brigg Recreation Ground - second from the end near the car park - has been felled onto the cricket outfield.
Our informant, who plays the great summer game, says: "What puzzles me is why that particular tree, as it seemed just as healthy as the others? Who decides these things, and aren't trees protected?"
We will be sending his thoughts on to North Lincolnshire Council - owners of 'The Rec' - seeking a word or two of explanation.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A routine press release received about the hunt for the national fish and chip shop of the year set me thinking about Brigg chippies past and present. Especially as I paid a rare visit to Scalinis, in Wrawby Street, the other day and found the chips to be very good.
In recent years I’ve tended to divide my custom between the outlet in Coney Court, Den’s in Glebe Road, and the one next to the Ancholme in Grammar School Road, where Andy Pang forged his reputation.
Going back in time, Evy Wojak was a legendary frier of fine fish and chips in Glebe Road, before she moved on to Wrawby. And older Brigg residents will recall Morris’s, in Wrawby Street.
As a boy in the 1960s it was a very occasional Friday night treat to get a bag of chips and scraps from Jack Wattam’s, in Wrawby Street, where the premises were said to be haunted, with knives and folks flying about the place in the dead of night where no-one was there.
I’m not sure whether any of our current chippies will be nominated for the contest, which is celebrating its 21st year. Customers have until August 16 to vote, forms being available in shops across the country.
Celebrity chef Simon Rimmer, a big fan of fish and chips, kicked off the competition and is encouraging other fish and chip enthusiasts to visit their favourite shop and vote.
The TV star said: “Fish and chips have gone from strength to strength in recent years. This great British staple offers terrific value for money and a real feel good factor as you tuck in. Fans of fish and chips have really been spoilt by the choice and high standards of the UK’s best shops. I’m looking forward to getting out and sampling some of them.”
The current reigning champion of the east of England is from Lincolnshire – Blair Butler, owner of The Boundary, Market Deeping.
The people behind the contest reckon fish and chips contain 36 per cent less calories than a chicken korma and pilau rice, and 42 per cent less fat than a doner kebab with pitta and salad.
Andy Gray, project manager for the competition run by Seafish, said: “The best performing shops not only serve the highest quality fish and chips, but also offer the greatest choice in the best environment. Since 1984, the standards across the industry have risen significantly and the bar is raised every year. This year’s winner will have to prove they are the best of the best to pick up the title.”
Which of Brigg’s current chippies are your favourites, and why?

Our nostalgic illustration – by Stephen Hill – turns back the years to the Frugal ’50s and Ron Morris’s fish and chip emporium in Wrawby Street.


Althams Travel is moving to the former Brigg Photolabs shop in the centre of Wrawby Street, which has been vacant since the long-standing business closed late last year.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Brigg Men's Hockey Club stages its annual meeting on Wednesday at the White Hart, in Bridge Street, from 8pm.
If you are interested in joining the club, or even taking up the sport, why not pop down? Officials will also be hoping for a good turn-out of existing members.
Many of us can look back on happy years spent playing hockey for Brigg, initially on the famed grass pitches at Brigg Rec, and latterly on 'the Astro' at Quibell Park, Scunthorpe, and Yarborough, Lincoln.
Such matches were always followed by a few pints, just to put back the fluid lost during all that running about!
We wore the green shirt with pride, but we lost more games than we won during my 18 years. Especially once the friendlies were replaced by fixtures in the Yorkshire League's lower divisions.
But it really was the taking part which mattered, not whether you won or lost...Even when we journeyed halfway to Lancashire, to take on Ben Rhydding within the shadow of Ilkley Moor (Bar T'hat).
Once, with 'Sass' Markham in goal (now Coun Andrew) we ventured into Cambridgeshire for the first time, only to get heavily beaten on a windswept day in Wisbech. It was the only friendly opposition we could find, but we were hopelessly mis-matched.
Early and late season treks to Nottingham were the norm, and we went north to Old Malton, who then had one of the few remaining grass (and muddy) pitches in the league.
A trip down memory lane for the seniors, but a terrible shock to the young up-and-coming players who found what would have been deft touches on a synthetic pitch failed to roll more than a few inches on the Malton gluepot.
Always hotly contested were games against Normanby Park, especially the Sunday friendlies which we dubbed The World Series. Friendly opposition had become so difficult to find by then that the two local teams often ended up taking on each other month after month.
Our picture shows action from the 1998 Normanby Festival involving Brigg (green shirts) and the host club.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


A boost has come for Brigg folk with homes up for sale, at a time when the housing market is not exactly booming.
A report from the Halifax suggests traditional market towns look better placed to survive the slump because of their high quality of life, architecture, history, setting and community spirit. That, is appears, make market towns a premium place to live.
Market towns clearly don't come much more traditional than ours, which has held its charter since the 13th century. And unlike many so-called market towns, which no longer have functioning markets, ours is still going two days a week.


Last night's scheduled annual cricket match between The Briggensians (ex-pupils) and Sir John Nelthorpe School at the Recreation Ground was called off, due to heavy rain.
Not a ball was bowled, with captains Adrian Gibbons (School) and Lee Fielden (Briggensians) agreeing after half-an-hour that there was no prospect of any play.
Some of the senior players then headed off to the Nelthorpe Arms and the Yarborough Hunt to drown their sorrows.
Due to the school year ending next week, it will not be possible to re-arrange the match to a new date.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Judging by the Tannoy-type announcements filtering through the air this morning it appears like sports day has been on at Sir John Nelthorpe School.
It's good that these old traditions keep going. And ex-SJN pupils, and those who came before them at Brigg Grammar and Brigg High School, will have their own memories (not always fond) of sports days long gone.
If you weren't interested in athletics then it was a pain to have to take part and finish down the field in the 220 yards race (no metres for us!). Or else get eliminated in the first round of the high jump.
In the days of the old Lincolnshire Times and Brigg Star weekly newspapers, the inclusion of sports day results was a 'must'. But having to type them up from the official school sheets was not the easiest of tasks. Especially if there had been some rain and the writing had started to run on the paper.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We trust you saw the story on the Brigg Extra page of the Scunthorpe Telegraph about the boat trips now running to our town from Brandy Wharf.
These deserve to do well, particularly with those tourists who reach our town, or visitors who come in for the day from outlying villages.
If you missed the Telegraph story, or have mislaid the number to ring to ring it is (01673) 818010. There isn't a set timetable, so a call is advisable, the picking up point being on the Old River Ancholme, near Riverside Surgery.


Brigg Town Football Club's pre-season friendly with Scunthorpe United on Tuesday at the Hawthorns heralded the start of another football season.
Nationally, championships like Euro 2008 ensure there's hardly any break between one campaign and the next.
But football in Brigg set me thinking about school days at Brigg Grammar when a favourite pastime was Quad Football, played on a small playground long since encroached upon by the staff room and the science lab at what's now Sir John Nelthorpe School.
The BGS derivative of The Beautiful Game was fast and furious, even though the setting (one touchline was formed by the boys' toilets) was hardly on a par with Wembley.
Switching back to cricket, just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday) sees the annual match between SJN and the old boys of Brigg Grammar (alias The Briggensians). In sporting terms, some of us are getting to be very old boys, and there will be quite a few groans of pain come Saturday morning. The game is at Brigg Recreation Ground, starting at 6.30pm. Spectators, and players, will be very welcome.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Anglian Water has put a new slant on the old war-time slogan 'Dig for Victory' to settle a long-running dispute with Brigg Town Council over the supply to the allotments on Grammar School Road.
At long last - after many months - the site's water meter has finally been located, hidden 'in piles of dirt'.
That has allowed a reading to be taken, resulting in the town council, which runs the allotments, paying £325 to settle the issue.


The annual meeting of FreshStart (Brigg and District) has had to be postponed, due to unforseen circumstances, until Friday, September 12. Further details will be given nearer the time.
The AGM was to have been held this Friday at Brigg's Angel Suite.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The organisation which provides a wide range of events in Brigg - from Spanish classes to new age kurling – had its annual meeting on Friday (July 18).
It will be in the Angel Suite, off Market Place, at 10am.
FreshStart (Brigg and District) serves the over-50s and officials want to hear views from within the community.
They are on the look out for ambassadors who will be responsible for information being passed on to residents in their community, and be a voice for the community.
For further information contact Marilyn Demott on 01652 653384.


Brigg Town Football Club take on Scunthorpe United in a pre-season friendly at The Hawthorns tonight (7pm kick-off).
The clubhouse will be open from 5.30pm, and prices for watching the match are £6 (adult), £4 other classes, with a child accompanying an adult getting in free.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Well-known Brigg man Pete Boston - he of the pink 1959 Vauxhall Victor Super - is keeping the monthly rock and roll nights at the Ancholme Inn going for the remainder of the year, and hopefully into next.
There's another coming up on Friday, July 25 (7.30pm) when entertainment will come from the Memphis Riders, and admission is £6 (on the door).
Other dates are:
August 29, Bob Cats
September 26, The Rapids
October 31, The Class of 58
November 28, The Sureshots
December 19, Craig Barry and his Rhythm Men.
For further details phone Pete on 07517868903.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


At which Brigg hostelry could you 'Ask Les' for a pint?
The answer is The Britannia, in Wrawby Street. But before you say: "Hang on - surely it should be 'Ask Phil' (mine host Phil Clipson) we should point out that 'Ask Les' refers to the lettering on a sign outside the front door of the popular hostelry.
Some joker has rubbed out letters from 'Cask Ales' to leave 'Ask Les'.
Maybe he, or she, was inspired by the TV comedy classics Fawlty Towers and the Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin. They both a running joke at the beginning of episodes, where the letters outside Basil's hotel and Reggie's factory would be re-arranged to spell something funny.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Lee Fielden (pictured), current Brigg Town cricket, is organising a team of Briggensians (old boys of Brigg Grammar and Sir John Nelthorpe School) to take on a School X1 at Brigg Recreation Ground next Friday (July 18), starting at 6.30pm.
He urgently needs available players - of whatever vintage - to volunteer to play. Telephone 07787715825.
Afterwards we will probably visit a Brigg hostelry or two. No, we definitely will!
This is a long-standing annual fixture, so please support it if you can.


Mr M B Fennimore has been refused planning permission to retain the use of land as an extension to the rear residential garden at Linford Chase, 48 Bigby High Road, Brigg. He applied to North Lincolnshire Council.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


A lot more water will have to flow under the County Bridge until November 5 comes round, but already a colourful sign has gone up about Chinese fireworks on Brian's DIY shop - at the corner of Wrawby Street and Grammar School Road South.
It won't be long before some businesses start mentioning Christmas.
But please..not before we've at least got Brigg horse fair out of the way!


The Wold Singers staged a very well-attended musical evening in Brigg's Angel Suite last night, during which they performed the theme music from BBC TV's hit comedy The Vicar of Dibley.
Beneath the former ballroom, in the lounge, Brigg councillors were busy with a property and services committee meeting, and the song could be heard very clearly as it drifted through the airwaves.
The Vicar of Dibley pokes gentle fun at the parish council, whose meetings often feature in the various episodes. But no-one on the Brigg authority batted an eyelid, or even paused in mid-sentence, while the Dibley song was being performed.
It should be pointed out Brigg Town Council has no-one who looks, or acts, like anyone from the ficticious Dibley Parish Council.
But at one point last night, committee chairman Coun John Kitwood did manage a shake of the head and a sardonic smile to show his displeasure at a certain item on the agenda which reminded me very much of his opposite number at Dibley, Coun Horton, played by Gary Waldhorn.
He clearly thought it was a waste of time but did not resort to using the famous catchphrase of one of the best-loved Dibley TV councillors: "No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!"

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Continuing our look at odd things spotted on Brigg streets: Did you see the easy chair parked on the pavement in Cross Street last night?
And eagle-eyed Blog follower Ken Harrison reckons The Monument has magnetic attraction, as he spotted a large, shiny adjustable spanner lying in the middle of the road, near the exit leading to Bigby Street.
"An elderly cyclist, complete with helmet and tight lycro shorts, picked it up," Ken reports. "I Don't know how he was going to carry it as his shorts didn't have pockets and the spanner was almost a big as his back wheel."
Over recent weeks we have had a bath spotted nearby on the pavement and rubber gloves scattered about the A18, prompting Ken to ponder: "The roundabout isn't on a ley-line, is it?"
Any thoughts?


A surprise cake was produced by Black Bull landlady Amber Smith (Sykes) last night as two well-known Brigg people celebrated their 50th birthdays.
Simon Fisher and Linda North were in the Wrawby Street hostelry during the Tuesday quiz.
Simon, who is a former Brigg Town cricketer and one of the select band to have performed the hat-trick during a league match, also went home with a 'booby prize' party bag of Smarties, as a member of the quiz team which finished last.
Linda (nee Pottage) is married to Martin North, former Brigg Amateurs footballer and ex-licensee and club steward in the town.
The quiz was won by the team overseen by George Dyer, the town's fire chief, but Col Mumby missed out on the chance to cash in on the rollover when, after his ticket had been drawn, he failed to come up with the right answer about points gained by British Formula One racing drivers.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


IT’S difficult to get a taxi from our town to Hibaldstow after 5pm, a resident of the village has complained to Brigg Blog.
Wishing to remain anonymous, our informant says it’s creating difficulties coming in for shopping, doctor’s visits, trips to the library ‘and having a few pints in the pub’. He thinks there is an ‘open opportunity’ for taxi or bus firms to generate business from the ‘many non-drivers’.
So over to you, local entrepreneurs!
Talking of travel, how long does it have to be before someone in authority gets the farce in Cary Lane sorted out?
We've commented before in Brigg Blog about the lack of information for bus-users.
The computer-controlled information screen was out of action for months, then finally removed...we were led to believe for repairs.
Then old-fashioned glass-fronted panels were put up for timetables, but currently contain no information.
That means the casual traveller arriving at our main bus stop has no idea when the next bus is arriving, or where it's heading.
True, there are two lamp-posts on which are stuck adverts for Traveline, inviting people who want info to ring 0871 2002233 or visit the website
Fine, if you happen to have a mobile phone, Blackberry or laptop with you. But not if you are a casual traveller who would surely prefer just to see an up-to-date timetable available in Cary Lane.
Maybe one, or more, of the councillors who read Brigg Blog will be able to give us some idea when Cary Lane's computerised travel information 'Tardis' is to be returned to its rightful place in the bus stop? And when we can expect some timetables to be placed in the glass-fronted display panels?

Monday, July 07, 2008


Sharing a pint with well-known Brigg drinker Andy Broughton the other night in the Nelthorpe Arms, and reflecting on times past, he recalled Madge Evans, very, very long-serving staff member when the Angel Hotel was still going.
How many of you Blog followers remember her behind the bar? I'll bet many do.


Among a diverse range of items to be discussed by Brigg Town Council's property and services committee when it meets on Wednesday is 'to consider provision of a nappy changing table' in the Angel Suite.
Councillors will also be evaluating the success of their wedding open day, held to coincide with the last farmers' market.
The meeting is open to the public and starts at 7.15pm.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Brigg Tourist Information Centre, housed at The Buttercross, handles all the bookings for the interesting railtours around Scunthorpe steelworks, operated by the Appleby-Frodingham Railway Preservation Society.
Most of them are steam-hauled, setting off from the society's own platform alongside Brigg Road, Scunthorpe (near the main works office block).
If you've never been on one of these trips, they come highly recommended.
All places must be pre-booked at Brigg TIC. Tel 01652 657053 or email
To get a taste of what's in store, visit the website

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Attention all Brigg Blog readers: Can you help with information about Pingley Camp?
Trevor Martin is interested in Second World War POW camps and is putting together a website containing his research.
In an email sent to the Briggensians' Association, his brother, Tony, says: "I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone of your members has any information on the camp at Brigg, either personal or general."
Briggensians' secretary Barbara Kernon has forwarded the request to Brigg Blog, so if you can help, please e-mail
You are asked to mark your email Brigg POW. Any old pictures would also be welcome.
Obviously there will be much in the Scunthorpe Telegraph's extensive archive on this subject, and we are going to do all we can to help Andrew.
Once his website is up and running, may be we can provide a link so interested Brigg people can pay it a visit.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Trains will be running again from Brigg station tomorrow. Well, we are pretty sure they will!
All week, some confusion has surrounded the Saturday-only passenger train service which links Brigg with Gainsborough, Retford and Sheffield (westward), and Barnetby, Grimsby and Cleethorpes (to the east).
Buses replaced trains on the Brigg part of the route for several months while the line was being extensively upgraded, particularly near the River Ancholme. But once that contract was completed - and freight trains have been running through - was it unreasonable to expect the trains would be re-instated straight away?
Employing what is supposed to be the quickest form of communication, website/email, I inquired of Northern Rail at the beginning of the week whether the trains would be running again to Grimsby and Cleethorpes tomorrow (Saturday) from Brigg station.
A company representative replied the service was 'operated in part by a bus' with departures fom Brigg at 9.50am, 1.50pm and 5.15pm. The cost £8.80 for a standard day return.
I then emailed back to point out the engineering work on the line had ended (with freights now coming through), and got the following reply: "I have just received confirmation from Network Rail that the engineering work has been cancelled. So train services will operate as normal."
I emailed back requesting confirmation that reinstatement would apply from this Saturday, but up to 10am today had only received an automated reply saying my request for further information would be handled within the next 20 working days.
So I've ended up having to ring Northern and speak to a helpful chap who confirmed the engineering work had been cancelled and that trains would be running tomorrow through Brigg. That was my second call to Northern, the first being answered by someone who just kept me hanging on and hanging on until I gave up and called again.
My advice is not to use the website/email but to ring 0845 000 0125, stay on the line (don't key in any of the five options offered by the voice) and then ask for Brian. Old-fashioned, but it works.
Back in the 1960s, of course, you could have inquired, in person, of staff in the Brigg station booking office (long since demolished), asked a porter on the platform, or even inquired of the stationmaster himself.
Such is progress!

Thursday, July 03, 2008


You have to feel some sympathy for council highways staff when it comes to syncronising the two sets of traffic lights on Barnard Avenue, where the A18 connects with Cary Lane and Wesley Road/Old Courts Road.
For however they 'stagger' the lights to allow more vehicles to flow in one direction, it has to slow things down for people in the other.
However, I'm certain the other day, on the way out to Scunthorpe, I queued up on Barnard Avenue, adjoining the police station, with the lights on red while no vehicles at all were waiting to get out of Cary Lane.
That's the sort of thing guaranteed to get up the noses of motorists less familiar with the situation than some of us Brigg residents.
Given the thousands of vehicles which pass along Barnard Avenue every day, there is no easy solution, and probably no solution at all.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Have you noticed people in the traffic survey booth busy counting vehicles passing by on Wrawby Road, at its junction with Churchill Avenue?
Last week they did the same thing at Castlethorpe Corner.
Requests to North Lincolnshire Council for the specific reasons behind such surveys usually bring the response that it's only routine.
Nothing wrong with collecting up-to-date statistics. But how about a survey of traffic in the Glebe Road area? Or along Grammar School Road?
The figures gained by counting vehicles on those two Brigg streets would be of great interest to local residents, and you might think very helpful to councillors considering future development plans in these parts of town.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


You may have seen in yesterday's Scunthorpe Telegraph that Kirton Town Council will not be operating Christmas lights this winter, due to the expense.
The Kirton authority is not alone in this - many others throughout the country have gone the same way while trying to meet new health and safety regulations and requirements.
Brigg Town Council, we are pleased to say, has done all the necessary work and the town centre illuminations will continue from late November into the New Year.


At 11am today (Tuesday) Tennyson Close, off Albert Street, Brigg, will play host to a coffee morning, followed by fish and chip lunch, and then a game of bingo.
Organisers Fresh Start say all are welcome - you don't have to live in the housing development. Total cost of the meal and refreshments is £2.40p.
For further details ring 01652 653384.