Monday, November 30, 2015


Pedestrians need to take care when crossing Old Courts Road, Brigg - the main entry/exit for the town's main car park, particularly  at this point near the Boyes store.
The speed retarder hump in the road is used by many people on foot. But although it may appear to be some sort of official  or semi-official crossing point, it is not. 
Cars have the right of way, though some pedestrians for whom drivers fail to stop carry facial expressions suggesting  they think otherwise!
Thankfully, due to the road layout, vehicles are not travelling at great speed along Old Courts Road. 


The way in which Brigg people communicate with the local service-providing council has changed out of all recognition since the 1960s when the Brigg Urban District authority sent  the rent collector round on foot  to households and you got a letter in the post, signed by the Town Clerk, confirming permission to put a concrete washing line post in the back garden. 


North Lincolnshire Council is encouraging people to use its website,, to keep their details relating to council tax, business rates and housing benefits up-to-date using the online forms. 
If you’re a council tax, business rates or housing benefit customer, it’s important that you tell the council about any changes in your circumstances.
If you don’t, you could be committing fraud and may have to pay back any overpayments of housing benefit.
Some changes to your circumstances might also mean you’re entitled to additional benefits or discounts, so it’s always worth letting the council know.
Letting the council know about changes is easier than ever and can be done online at a time to suit you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at
If you’re claiming housing benefit or council tax reduction, you must inform the council if you, or anyone your live with, experiences any of the changes of circumstances listed below:
  • A change of address 
  • Someone moving in with you 
  • Income changes (this could be wages, pensions, benefits, savings and so on) 
  • Universal Credit, Income Support, or Job Seeker’s Allowance stopping 
  • A change from Jobseeker’s Allowance (contribution-based) to Jobseeker’s Allowance (income-based) 
  • A dependent child leaving full-time education 
  • Rent changes 
  • Going abroad or being away from your home for more than two weeks 
There are lots of other tasks you can do online as well such as view your balance and pay your council tax, apply for Single Residency Discount and check your entitlement on the benefits calculator - plus much more!
Before, customers would have to contact the service within office hours, which wasn’t always convenient.
Access the online service at:
It’s not only the taxation and benefits service that you can access online, there are lots of other things you can do on the council’s website. You can do everything from reporting fly-tipping and finding out your bin collection days to reporting a problem with a road, just visit
Natasha Thumwood from Scunthorpe who has used the online forms, said: “I did my school application for my daughter online. I was really surprised at how quick, simple and easy it was, and how easy it would be to edit application if needed to. Great service and told all my friends to do it online too!”
Coun Richard Hannigan, Cabinet Member for Policy and Finance, said: “Customers will see lots of benefits from using the online forms. It will save people a lot of time because they don’t have to work around office hours and can avoid the queues. They will be asked fewer questions as the ‘intelligent’ forms will only ask questions relevant to your circumstances.
“It has never been easier to tell us about your changes in circumstances, so please make sure you do. Otherwise you could be committing benefit fraud or missing out on council tax reductions. It will only take a few minutes of your time to complete the online form.
“Take a look at what you can do online by visiting our website. If more people accessed council services online instead of calling or visiting in person, you could help us to keep council tax at a low level.”
If you need a refresher course, there are some free online training sessions provided by the council and Ongo across North Lincolnshire. 
They include: 
  • Thursday at Brigg Community Wellbeing Hub, Horstead Avenue, from 10am to 12pm.
If anyone wants more information, contact John Daly on 01724 298427 or email, or Kayleigh Hancox at Ongo on 01724 298665 or email
Don’t be put off if you don’t have access to a computer at home. You can still do things online using the computers at your local link or library, which is free for 30 minutes. Each additional session of up to 30 minutes after this costs just 55p.


There was a generous gesture from sport-minded Coun Mike Campion at Brigg Town Council's latest meeting.
He successfully suggested the authority should send a letter of congratulation to the locally-based Koku Ryu Karate Club for its notable achievements during 2015.
He told the meeting in the Angel Suite that club members had enjoyed a very successful year, collecting 190 medals and trophies, with appearances in World and European Championships.
"I think this is a remarkable achievement," said Coun Mike.
In addition to sending the letter, he  thought the council should consider buying the club a trophy for which members could compete.
He also suggested Koku Ryu Karate should be asked whether it was  willing to put on a display for councillors at a future  meeting.
Coun Carl Sherwood added his support, feeling provision of a trophy to be a worthy idea.
After the meeting, Coun Campion handed Brigg Blog four closely-typed A4 pages listing all the trophies won by Koku Ryu Karate Club - "2015 total medal and trophy count - 190."
The final two entries show top-level achievements.
At the World Martial Arts Organisation World Championships in October, Jack Rhoades was world champion in Musical Weapons Forms, while Natasha Eardley gaining world titles for Creative Forms and Creative Weapons.
On November 8, during the Unified World Championships in Benidorm, Spain, Andrew Banks became world champion.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Here's a busy scene at Brigg Fire Station, on Barnard Avenue, viewed from Old Courts Road - its vehicular access to the nearby A18 when our retained fire-fighters are  "on a shout."
In the spring there was a planning application to erect a single storey extension, which was followed in the summer by one seeking approval to change existing windows in the south elevation.


As we reported recently on Brigg Blog, mushrooms popped up in an unexpected location  in the town's main Old Courts Road car park. Here's a picture to prove we were not pulling your leg! Autumn in the season when fungi thrive, we gather.


If you are looking to treat a family member in Brigg this Christmas (hint, hint, Mrs F...) there's a fine selection of "new" Lincolnshire ales available at Newell's, in Wrawby Street.
Seen here on display in the shop window are various ales from the Black Horse Brewing Company, Louth, and our own Tom Wood, of Melton Ross.
You can generally stock up on  bottles of Tom Woods from a stall at the monthly Brigg Farmers' Market. Or sample some of his range on draught at the Yarborough Hunt, in Bridge Street.
But we can't be the only real ale fans in Brigg who have yet to try the bottled beers pictured here from the Black Horse stable (pardon the pun!).

Saturday, November 28, 2015



Today (Saturday, November 28)  sees the monthly Brigg Farmers' Market being held in the town centre, from 9am to 3pm.
That's quite easy to work out, as the market does businesses on the fourth Saturday of the month.
However, there will be an important exception to this rule next month. Vitally important, we might say, as December's  is usually the best-supported of the year (weather permitting) as everyone stocks up on tasty goodies for Christmas.
So take careful note that SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19 will see the Pre-Christmas Brigg Farmers' Market 2015 (having been brought forward one week).
While checking those dates for you with North Lincolnshire Council, which manages the markets, we thought we'd better seek confirmation of the general market dates for the next few weeks.
Our thanks go to Vicki Brooks, the authority's Events Management Officer, for furnishing the official list.
Dates of Brigg's general markets in the run up to Christmas are: 

Thursday and Saturday, December 3 & 5 - from 9am - 4pm.
Thursday and Saturday, December 10 & 12 - from 9am - 4pm.
Thursday and Saturday,  December 17 & 19 - from 9am - 4pm.
Thursday  December 24 - from 9am - 1pm. 
Christmas Eve will see a roaring trade being done in  fruit, veg, nuts and other festive essentials. Our advice is to get there ahead of the 9am  opening. 

PICTURED ABOVE:  Brigg Farmers' Market, December 2014.


"Drains collapsed at Recreation Ground  - The old hockey pitch is cordoned off whilst work is being undertaken by Anglian Water, taking up to four weeks."
That update was given by Couns Carl Sherwood, Nigel Sherwood and Rob Waltham to Monday night's November meeting of Brigg Town Council.
Brigg Blog commented on these very welcome emergency repairs a few days ago, featuring a couple of 'work in progress' pictures with our post. 
We then stood with our back to the cordoned-off site to take this picture of "the old hockey pitch" as the councillors describe it. 
In our day as a player with Brigg Men's Hockey Club, this was known as the front pitch. When hockey was still played on grass - today artificial, floodlit facilities are the norm -  this patch of pristine turf was used by the first and second teamers for their home games. 
Those of us in the lower XIs played on pitches either side of the cricket square at Brigg Rec.
For some years now the grass pitch nearest Wrawby Road (pictured) has been used for junior football. 
It's good to know that today's youngsters are getting enjoyment out of it, just as our sporting generation did.
The Recreation Ground was created post-war by Brigg Urban District Council, passing into the control of Glanford Borough Council in 1974 and then the current North Lincolnshire unitary authority in 1996.
Which brings us neatly to our next point...
"Consultation has finished on the planning application for the Brigg Recreation Ground and we are waiting one final statutory consultee response."
That's a further update from our three Brigg & Wolds councillors, kindly outlined to Brigg Blog on Monday night.
North Lincolnshire Council plans to completely refurbish this leisure facility. The planning stage has taken a lot longer than anyone expected, but hopefully will be completed in the not too distant future. Then we'll be able talk of a likely starting date for our 21st century sporting centrepiece.
We are sure that Coun Carl Sherwood, whose cabinet remit includes sport and leisure, will  keep us informed of developments so we can let you know.
The grand opening will be a real red letter one for anyone with an interest in Brigg sport.


This being a Saturday in November, Brigg Blog is getting a shade nostalgic for sporting days long gone, but not forgotten.
Had today been a November Saturday some 20, 25 or 30 years ago, this building would have been the focal point of a very enjoyable day.
It was then the Queen's Arms pub, on Wrawby Street, and all four teams from Brigg Men's Hockey Club would be dropping by - probably before as well as after their matches.
Come the evening, player after player would dump his kit-bag (and stick) on the growing pile near the door on the right of the picture before venturing inside for a pint or three.
The Queen's was run by Jean Cunningham at the beginning of the period under review, later being acquired by Bob and Sue Nicholson.
Sue provided some very fine teas for visiting teams.
The pub later became speciality eatery The Fish Inn and was later transformed into a restaurant.
The Vines has not been open to diners for some time


Brigg Blog has followed the refurbishment of the former Kar Restaurant, on Old Courts Road, Brigg, with great interest.
It is now the Mumbai Lounge, serving Indian food, rather than the Chinese cuisine for which previous owner/proprietor Harry Wu built up such an extensive client list across northern Lincolnshire and even beyond.
After Harry retired and the premises were placed on the market, we were always confident a buyer would be found, although we were surprised it took as long as it did.
Many of us have happy memories of "A night at Harry's" and we now look forward to visiting the premises once again and sampling a different menu.
Perhaps we'll see you there!

Friday, November 27, 2015


Don't go into Brigg Market Place tonight (Friday, November 27) expecting to see the Christmas lights come on because the switch will be thrown on the town centre illuminations on Friday, December 4.
Our apologies if you already knew December 4 is the big day. But not everyone is in the loop and Brigg Blog has followers who live outside the town.
Next Friday night we suggest you get into the Market Place by 5pm to ensure a good vantage point to see the Christmas lights come on.
Provided by Brigg Town Council, they are  LED now, which means big savings on electricity compared to the days of conventional bulbs.
Brigg District Lions' Christmas fair (from 4.30pm), late night shopping and other attractions will be on offer.
But more of that nearer the time...


Ancholme Arists will be staging a paintings exhibition in Brigg on Saturday (November 28).
There's free admission to view the artwork at St John's Church Hall, from 10am to 3pm.
Refreshments will be available. "Do come and look around," say the organisers.
Brigg Blog has attended a number of these exhibitions in recent years and always likes to look for paintings showing local scenes.



Network Rail's Rail Head Treatment Train ( RHTT ) did not come down the Brigg Line as planned. 
A Network Rail team did come out and scrub the track but delays were still clocked up due to track conditions between Kirton In Lindsey and Brigg and in  Kirton Tunnel. Because of the major delays  Brigg Line trains have had over the last 4-5 weeks, many travellers are now staying at home as they are worried whether their train is going to turn up. 
This highlights the fact that the  Saturday-only  stations of Gainsborough Central, Kirton In Lindsey and Brigg need some form of customer help-point or display in the future.
Sadly we all thought that the onsite contractors' presence at Brigg  would nip in the bud the on-going issues of flytipping in the station area. However,  on Saturday,  passengers were 'welcomed'  by a large amount of dumped tyres and oil drums in the old coal-drops area. 
This has been reported to  British Transport Police and has a reference number 223 of 21/11/15.
A few pictures from Saturday can be found below in the link.


Something unique happened at Brigg Town Council's monthly meeting on Monday in the Angel Suite.
A steel union representative addressed councillors from the public gallery about the Save Our Steel campaign. 
Due to dumping of foreign-made steel on the market, and other factors, major job cuts are planned locally by Tata, owners of the Scunthorpe works.
Link to full details of what the steelman told Brigg Town Council
Brigg Blog approached the speaker at the end of the meeting, to introduce ourselves. We told him how we'd worked in the public relations department at Scunthorpe steelworks from 1974 to 1979.
We left BSC during the steel strike and started work at the Lincolnshire Times, in Brigg, during January 1980. Day one saw us on duty at our first meeting of Brigg Town Council, when it used to meet in an ornate wood-lined chamber off Bigby Street. Yes, 35 years ago!
The Save Our Steel speaker was once employed at Shelton steelworks, Stoke-on-Trent. And during our time in the PR department we used to handle publicity for this Midlands plant, which was part of the Scunthorpe Division of BSC.  It's a small world!
Shelton was an integrated plant - ironmaking, steelmaking and rolling mills - just like Scunthorpe's Appleby-Frodingham, Redbourn and Normanby Park works (Lysaght's).
There was a long and bitter fight in the 1970s to try and keep all parts of "Shelton Bar"  open. 
A truly wonderful statue of a steelmaker in full protective clothing was made and became the icon of the campaign. Monday's speaker, like us, remembers it well.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


The new tenant of the Britannia Inn, Brigg - an old friend  of many people in the town where he grew up - will be reopening the Wrawby Street hostelry this Friday (November 27) at 6pm.
Calvin Dow and the brewery will be welcoming customers old and new to the refurbished Brit, with its fresh decor, extended range of drinks and wider range of meals available on more days of the week.
During Monday night's monthly meeting of Brigg Town Council in the Angel Suite,  a letter was read saying all councillors wer duly invited to the launch night.
We should stress that it is not a VIP guest-only launch - anyone and everyone can go along to take a look.
View further details and pictures here...
As you might have guessed, Brigg Blog will be popping along to the opening.

PICTURED: Mum's the word on this family favourite snap... Calvin, centre, behind the bar at the Britannia with  Phil and Dawn during their retirement party in the summer,  Phil having been landlord for 25 years. 


We thought Black Friday (November 27) was something that only operated in big stores in cities and sizeable towns.
However, the other day we heard staff in a Brigg town centre shop talking about getting ready for Black Friday tomorrow. We didn't get the impression it was being said it jest.
As we understand it, this craze started in the USA about 15 years ago and saw shops offering discounts to capture  lucrative Christmas shopping trade. 
In recent years it has spread to the UK, with thousands of bargain-hunters crowding shopping centres.
This all seems a million miles from shopping at your leisure in Brigg - one of the main attractions our town offers the consumer.
We will be pleasantly surprised if queues form in Brigg shops on Friday and amazed if people start jostling each other to grab items off the shelves.


The authorities can only do so much when it comes to keeping the streets of Brigg free from litter. Sometimes it must seem like an uphill battle.
North Lincolnshire Council has increased the frequency of bin emptying and street tidying operations at the weekend, for which the community should be grateful.
But early on Sunday morning we passed the Tintabs shelter and noted fast food carton and    paper bag litter.
We checked and there was plenty of room in nearby litter bins - just 10 yards away!  Not only that, but a brand new bin is in place  further along Bigby Street.
Some weeks ago, Brigg Blog flagged up waste bins being full by Sunday morning in the town centre and called for emptying arrangements to be addressed by the council. 
But we really need people who buy fast food on Saturday night to play their part by disposing of the left-overs in the bins provided.



As part of our Christmas campaign, Brigg Town Business Partnership is for the very first time   organising a Tree of Light or a Remembrance Tree.
This tree will be stand proudly in Chapel Court (just off the Old Courts car park). It will be lit from Friday, December 4th until Wednesday 6th January 2016. 
Hopefully this will be seen as a symbol of hope and comfort for the many people who find Christmas a sad and lonely time.
This provides an opportunity for all members of the community to place a memory card on the tree in remembrance of departed loved ones. 
The cards can be found at Design Orchard, Brigg Tourist Information, St John’s Church, Brigg and Brigg Methodist Church. 
All monies raised will be donated to the Carers’ Support Centre in Brigg they touch the lives of many local individuals and families through difficult times and beyond.
An informal dedication service will take place on Saturday, 5th December at 11.00am, followed by a final service when the tree lights are switched off on 6th January at 6.00pm. 
All are very welcome.
Don’t forget late night opening for the shops and market stalls in Brigg on Thursday, 17th December until 8.30pm. 
Winners of the Christmas windows competition will be announced before Christmas please look out for general advertising or visit our website at to keep up to date and for further information.
The Brigg Town Business Partnership would like to give special thanks to Father Owain of St John’s Church, Brigg, Mr & Mrs JC Dyson for the loan of the tree lights, Roger of the the Hub Computers (for taking the “A” board in and out on Wrawby Sreet, Rita and her staff of Design Orchard, the staff of Brigg Tourist Information Office and especially Mr Rowbottom for allowing Brigg Town Business Partnership to put the tree in Chapel Court.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Following our report about the pelican crossing in Brigg  being out of action, North Lincolnshire Council got the lights working again just a few days later. And all is now well.
These repairs were very welcome. For over the weekend we saw a woman with four youngsters trying to get across the A18, near Horse Fair Paddock, while the lights were out. 
Finding a gap in the traffic so five folk could cross the road at this location was no easy task - even on a Sunday afternoon when there are fewer lorries, cars and vans about
It was the second time in the space of a  few weeks that this pedestrain crossing "failed."
Hopefully the root cause of the problem has been identified and this important road safety feature will stay with us for months to come.  
This is an ideal location for such a crossing, which is very well used by pedestrians of all ages.


A Magical Christmas Concert by Angelica Hughes will be held on Friday, December 4 at Brigg Servicemen's Club, Coney Court (8pm).
Tickets cost £5 and are available from Helen Hussey by calling 07877778847 or from the club.


North Lincolnshire Council has granted planning permission for the following in Brigg:

  • Erect a single-storey side extension, Vikeland, 12 Kings Avenue.
  • Erect a single-storey rear and side extension to form sitting room, 11 Woodbine Avenue.
  • Erect a white UPVC porch, 9 Chapel Way.


Brigg Garden Centre is supporting Mission Christmas. You can drop a festive present off at the centre, on Bigby High Road, any time before December 16 "and make a child's Christmas special this year."
On the subject of the garden centre, are you aware of the new speed limit in place  along the A1084, on the outskirts of Brigg? Read about it here...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


You can now buy tickets in Brigg for a Christmas draw being run in aid of Lindsey Lodge Hospice, on Burringham Road, Scunthorpe, which serves northern Lincolnshire.
Visit the hospice's charity shop in Wrawby Street, buy a ticket for a quid and you could win the star prize - "the year in cash" - £2,016. There are various £50 runner-up prizes and a £100 M&S gift card.
The closing date for ticket sales is December 11, with the draw being made a week later.


There's a fine selection of Christmas books for sale in the Oxfam Book Shop, on Wrawby Street, Brigg.
The shop varies the theme of its front window display, and there are many festive season offering to be seen at the moment.
Among them is a book by TV's much-travelled cookery presenters, Dave Myers and Si King, The Hairy Bikers.
All purchases made at this shop help the good work done by the world-famous charity.
Just a reminder that the Oxfam shop, also in the town centre (not the book shop), is closed for a refurb until Wednesday, December 2.


A Christmas fair will be held on Sunday, November 29 at St Mary's Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy, Grammar School Road, Brigg.

Monday, November 23, 2015


It's never nice, in polite company, to talk of sewage. But Brigg Blog has to do so to report on extensive repair work  underway on the Recreation Ground, just off Wrawby Road - opposite the cemetery.
An Anglian Water sign pinned to a protective fence around the work  says: "Repair sewer pipe in field."
The forecast date to finish the work is December 4. 
So it's clearly a big job (sorry, folks!).
Fortunately, the location is very close to a mature hedge forming the boundary of the Rec,  which is managed by North Lincolnshire Council.
The repair work does not extend as far as the kids' football pitch which runs alongside the entry road to the Rec and leads to Brigg Town Football Club. So you'd think that sport could continue. But in today's  health and safety culture, it's never wise to make assumptions.
Much machinery, and you'd think much manpower, is being employed by Anglian Water on these welcome repairs.
There's a prominent banner pinned on the fencing which informs passers-by: "Love every drop - Anglian Water." 
Given that this is a sewage repair we must ask: "Every drop of what?"


The November meeting of Brigg Town Council will be held tonight (Monday 23rd) in the Angel Suite, off Exchange Place, starting at 7.30pm.
This meeting is open to interested members of the public, who are able to raise issues of interest during Public Question Time. 
Town Mayor Coun James Truepenny chairs council meetings.
There is also a meeting of the Planning & Environment Committee at the same venue tonight, from 7pm. This session is also open to the public.
Relatively few electors visit Brigg Town Council meetings, which is a pity and something of a surprise to us.  You can find out a lot about what's going on within the town. 


It is now almost four months since North Lincolnshire Council received a planning application seeking permission to build five new homes and garages on land to the west of Almond Grove (near the Donkey Field play area).
The application, which  has created a good deal of interest, was lodged on July 29 but has still to be determined.
The location is near the large poplar trees visible from Atherton Way and Lidl's car park (see picture above).
Lodged with the council on Brigg Horse Fair day, August 5, was an application to form four apartments at 27 Market Place. This also remains in the pending pile at the council.
A mid-August application to make improvements to the former coaching house building at the Dying Gladiator pub, on Bigby Street, is still undecided.
Hopefully, decisions are imminent on these three Brigg applications.


For those Brigg people wondering whether the town's Victorian railway footbridge has now disappeared into history, the answer is: Not yet, but it won't be long now.
We nipped down to the railway station on Sunday afternoon, just to check on progress.
The contractors have started preparations for the installation of the new footbridge close to the old structure. 
However, the old cast iron steam-age survivor nearby, dating back at least to the 1890s,  is still standing.
So if you want to take a last look, or   picture it for posterity, our advice is to act now - before it's too late.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Cliff Turner, in New Zealand - probably Brigg Blog's most senior follower and also our  most distant in air miles - has shared a golden memory of the town, rekindled for him by this  picture we used on one of our recent posts.
Cliff kindly e-mailed us to say: "Interesting to see the Dunham shop; it seems very little changed over the years. On each of my five visits home we stayed a few days with my brother at Scawby Brook and so passed the shop every time we walked into Brigg. 
"In 1937 or 1938 I was an Ugly Sister in Cinderella, put on by Joan Dodd (nee Lyon). Mary Dunham was the Fairy Godmother."


It's only a few weeks since a set of lights on the A18 in Brigg went out, but  it has happened again.
North Lincolnshire Council attended to the initial failure after a few days. But yesterday we noted the lights out again on the pelican crossing near the Horse Fair Paddock grouped dwelling for senior citizens.
This crossing is very well used by pedestrians wanting to get across the very busy main road, near JD Wetherspoon's Whiote Horse Pub and the China Garden takeaway.
We noticed that both sets of lights on the crossing were out of action on Friday. They could have failed ealier than that.
It would also be good to know the cause of the problem, if that could be made public by the highway authority. 


Briggensians FC enjoyed a fine 5-2 home win over Scotter United Reserves  yesterday (Saturday, November 21).
This triumph sees the Brigg team in fifth spot in division three of the TSW Printers Scunthorpe & District Football League, but with games in hand on all but one of the sides above them.
Stuart Briscoe hit a hat-trick in yesterday's victory, the other goals coming from Sol Hari and Mark Morris.
This coming Saturday, Briggensians will again be in action at Sir John Nelthorpe School.
This is a cup-tie against College Wanderers (WRFC) in the third round of the E C Surfacing Ltd Sporting Shield. 

HOW THEY STAND - DIVISION THREE                                  
                                           P   W   D   L    F    A  Diff Pts
BARNETBY UNITED RES           10   5   4   1   37   18  19   19
LIMESTONE RANGERS RES       8   5   1   2   28   14  14   16
THE BUTCHERS ARMS                5   5   0   0   30    2  28   15
SCOTTER UNITED RES               9   4   2   3   24   26  -2   14
BRIGGENSIANS                         6   3   2   1   19   10   9   11
COLLEGE WANDERERS RES     8   4   1   3   22   21   1   10-
A.F.C. QUEENSWAY                   6   1   1   4   10   13  -3    7+
CROWLE TOWN COLTS RES   10   1   4   5   19   43 -24    7
MIDTOWN UNITED                    6   1   1   4    8   26 -18    4

SANTON                                       8   1   0   7   12   36 -24    3


A special chartered train, carrying railway enthusiasts, will be passing through Brigg.
Our town's railway line has a  Saturdays only passenger service - always operated by diesel multiple units (one- or two-car with no loco at the front).
However, a heritage diesel of the 1960s will be hauling the special train on Saturday, January 23.
It will be a Class 37, of a type commonly seen in Brigg four or five decades ago. This Co-Co wheel arrangement loco will be working in tandem with a Class 47 (Brush Type 4, also from the 1960s) OR a more modern Class 57.
The train will be setting off from Lancashire and is to visit West Burton Power Station, Gainsborough, Barnetby, Brocklesby and Cleethorpes.
It will be called  the Ermintrude, Dougal and Florence Tracker. 
Clearly, the train fans who are paying between £85 and £115 for a ticket to ride round our area's tracks will see this as a Magic Roundabout tour!
The tour will see a donation made to Marie Curie Cancer Care. We hope to Brigg you the timings at a later date, for the benefit of those wishing to take a look as it comes through.
Brigg Blog's thanks are extended to Paul Johnson, of the Friends of the Brigg & Lincoln Lines, for the tip-off about this unusual visitor to our railway network.
Special excursions to Brigg in the past decade or so have seen three hauled by steam traction - a Black Five 4-6-0, a B1 4-6-0 and a V2 2-6-2.
There was also a memorable occasion when a mighty Deltic diesel came along the Brigg line.
View full details of January's tour here...

Our picture above shows the preserved B1 steam loco heading over the Cadney Road bridge, in Brigg, with a trainspotters' special. We waited a long time to get it, as the excursion experienced a number of delays. Well worth the chuffin' wait, though!

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Dunham's bakery and the China Royal Restaurant - close to each other in Bridge Street, Brigg - both have vacancies. If you are looking for a job, pop in and have a word. Inquire within, as they say.
North Lincolnshire Council is looking for a performance officer to work at Hewson House, Brigg, on a salary of £19k to £22k. The closing date is November 26.
View full details here...



The North Lincolnshire Community Champion Awards evening takes place next week (Thursday 26 November) at The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe. Tickets are still available to see this spectacular event.
One hundred and forty four nominations were received for the 22 categories.  
The four overarching themes are: 
  • Volunteer
  • Achievement
  • Community 
  • Inspiration.

The presentation of awards starts at 8pm.
Well-known radio presenter Blaire Jacobs will be compare for the evening. 
Sponsors will present individual awards. 
For tickets,  costing £5, contact the Baths Hall Box Office here or call 0844 8542776
Coun John Briggs, Cabinet Member for Asset Management and Culture at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “The Awards recognise the ambition, drive, commitment and determination of many unsung heroes in North Lincolnshire – those who have made a real difference and who deserve recognition for doing something inspiring.
“This year’s Awards have attracted more entries than last year and it was incredibly difficult deciding who should go through to the finals. They are all winners in my eyes and should be so proud of themselves. I look forward to welcoming them to the finals next week.”


It would be good to have a new Brigg pelican or zebra crossing between the Riverside Surgery car park and the westerly edge of the Tesco store car park,  close to the petrol station.
We could also do with a pedestrian footpath from the rough parking area at the rear of the surgery, to run alongside the hedge. 
This would be at the side of the store's entry/exit road.
Both these additions would help pedestrians get into and out of the surgery's main car park after they have been to see  the medics or picked up a prescription.
There was council dialogue some years ago about these issues. 
But that was before permission was granted to build a larger store - something later put on hold by Tesco.
It might prove difficult to have a crossing installed, due to the official status of the entry/exit road and the close proximity to the A18, Barnard Avenue. 
But  building a footpath alongside the hedge seems more straightforward. Apart from the cost for whoever would have to foot the bill!

Friday, November 20, 2015


Recently we brought you the story of the tomato plant living on an  A18 traffic island - just feet from thousands of vehicles passing by on very busy Barnard Avenue.
By way of a follow-up to our earlier well-bred piece, mushrooms have sprung up on a grassy area in the main Old Courts Road car park. They are very close to one of the ticket machines.
We are unsure whether these are of the edible variety, but  they don't look very appetising. As is always the case with fungi, don't put them in the pan, or toss them in a salad, unless you are 100 per cent certain it's safe to do so. For many species are poisonous.
We will  take a picture on our next visit to Old Courts Road and share it with you at a later date.


There's a Christmas Fayre in Brigg tomorrow (Saturday, November 21) which is bound to attract many bargain-hunters.
The annual event will be at St Mary's Church Hall, Barnard Avenue (alongside the A18) from 10am.
On offer will be Christmas gifts, a tombola, bric-a-brac, cakes, jams, preserves, plants, books, a raffle.


Brigg Blog would like to congratulate North Lincolnshire Council on stepping up its efforts to promote and publicise as many local events as possible during 2016.
Ken Harrison, a regular contributor to Brigg Blog, and ourselves, have commented many times about Sunday events taking place  in our town and drawing many participants and spectators  (eg rowing, car rallies, 10k races, triathlons) while most of the shops remain shut, despite the potential to tap into an influx of potential customers.
But do businesses always know events are coming up?
That question is the key one. So we were delighted to receive a circular from North Lincolnshire Council, which manages local tourism, in which it urges event organisers to let them know about forthcoming events - for inclusion in the 2016 Events Calendar.
"We would like to hear from event organisers, planners or venues that are holding events across North Lincolnshire," the authority says.
"Whether it’s an annual wedding fair, food festival, fashion show, marathon, historical re-enactment or live music performance, we want to hear from you.
"If your event is selected, you could be added to the Visit North Lincolnshire website events calendar. The website has thousands of visits every month.
"As well as that, there’s also the opportunity for your event to be included in the new Visit North Lincolnshire, Visitor and Accommodation Guide 2016/17 (10,000 copies will be available across North Lincolnshire)."
Get in touch with the tourism team and tell them about your events on 01724 297496 or email
Coun Rob Waltham (Brigg & Wolds), Deputy Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “Our events calendar is used by thousands of visitors every month and we want to open this up across North Lincolnshire. 
"We recognise that there are many events that take place throughout the county every month that we aren’t aware of. 
"The events calendar is a fantastic resource that brings all the events together, so we want to ensure that we include as many as possible. 
"If you’re not included in our events calendar and have an event you want to let us know about, get in touch. You could be chosen to be included in our Visitor Guide, which is an amazing opportunity to promote your event.”
Well said, Rob. Oh, and if you are an event organiser, don't forget to let Brigg Blog know and we'll give it an additional mention... at very local level!

Ken Harrison took the above picture prior to the start of the TSW car rally earlier this year, in Brigg Market Place.  


There's an interesting video online showing a Brigg company making quick work of demolishing a big building. Watch it here
CLS, on Atherton Way, is involved in civil engineering, demolition and construction.
Among recent clients are retail giants Tesco and Asda.
CLS do a good line in reclaimed bricks, and that's what prompted us to give the company a mention, with many Brigg properties being of senior years, shall we say .
"Our reclaim yard has some real treasures," CLS told its Twitter followers this week.
Perhaps worth a visit sometime, if you are down that end of town.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


The weathermen (sorry, people, as many are  ladies) are forecasting an icy blast over the next few days, with snow sweeping in on northerly winds from the Arctic.
History has a habit of repeating itself. Today being November 19,  we can inform you that it snowed in Brigg 34 years years ago exactly - on November 19, 1971.
We were playing football in a games lesson at Brigg Grammar School that Friday afternoon and conditions underfoot were not good. But we were made of stern stuff in those days and saw the game through.
It snowed overnight and the next morning. We took the train to watch York City v Grimsby Town in the FA Cup first round at snowy Bootham Crescent, where the Mariners lost 4-2. However, this meant they could "concentrate on the league" to finish the 1971/72 season as Division Four champions.

  • Sadly, we haven't any surviving family pictures taken on November 19, 1971 so we've had to make do with a scene  recorded a few years ago on December 2, showing a snow-hit Brigg Monument and the A18.


We met up with Calvin Dow in Brigg at the weekend to discuss the refurbishment of the Britannia Inn,  on Wrawby Street, which will create employment and offer visitors to the homely hostelry a wide range of meals and drinks, including cocktails.
Calvin has taken charge and outlined his ambitious plans while we enjoyed  a Saturday night drink at the Yarborough Hunt, the builders obviously being busy down at the Brit so it was impossible to take a tipple on his home turf!
Many Brigg Blog followers will know Calvin, who grew up in our town and was educated here. He has made a name for himself as a very successful landlord in Skipton, overseeing the Yorkshire Pub of the Year, no less (see pictures).
His family's connections with The Brit go back a quarter-of-a-century. Mine hosts Phil and Dawn retired in the summer but Calvin has now done a deal with the brewery, which owns the premises to keep the link.

Read about the Britannia refurb here...
Read about the jobs on offer at The Brit here....

KING OF THE CASTLE: Calvin outside his inn at Skipton, which he is to continue running as well as taking on The Brit in Brigg.


Brigg Town Cricket Club has received a top draw in the first round of the Bob Welton knockout competition, organised by the Lincolnshire County Cricket League.
Brigg (division four) have been drawn  at home to Scunthorpe steelworks side Appleby-Frodingham 2nds (division one).
The tie will be played on Saturday, April 30 at Brocklesby Park (Brigg Rec currently awaiting a revamp).

Scothern 2nds  v  Louth 3rds
Normanby Park    v  Messingham 2nds
Brigg Town       v  Appleby-Frodingham 2nds
Marshalls          v  Morton
Holton-le-Clay 2nds  v  East Halton
Cherry Willingham  v  Caistor Town 2nds
Keelby  v  Alkborough 2nds
Broughton 2nds   v  Hartsholme 2nds
Clee Town Laportes  v  Market Rasen 2nds
Haxey 2nds      v  Alford 2nds
Barton Town 2nds     v  Nettleham 2nds
Grimsby Town 2nds   v  Outcasts 2nds                                                                                                 Hibaldstow       v  Old Lincolnians
BYES :  Scunthorpe 2nds,  Lindum 2nds,  Cleethorpes 2nds

If Brigg get through to round two they will be play at home to either Hibaldstow or Old Lincolnians on Saturday, May 28.



We are pleased to announce that, thanks to Northern Rail, the Brigg Line group haS received another 10 Brigg Line posters.
One of these posters has just been erected at TPE's Scunthorpe Station. Through partnership working this will highlight that a change of train at Barnetby from a TPE service can connect with a Northern Rail service for the "iconic" Brigg Line on a Saturday.
We are also delighted that a request to erect our posters at Doncaster and York was given the green light within 9 minutes by East Coast.
Changing trains at Retford will let customers connect with the Brigg Line services and also increase the case for better improvements to Retford Low Level, due to better footfall.
Our next stop with permission from EMT is Nottingham and we are exploring Manchester Piccadilly where TPE / EMT trains can be caught to Sheffield Midland.  


 Provisional fixtures have been issued for  Lincolnshire County Cricket League division four, in which Brigg Town will be playing during 2016.
Town will make the short trip to Hibaldstow to play Scunthorpe Town 3rds in the opening game on Saturday, April 16.
Some fixtures may be re-arranged to other dates, generally because of ground availability.
Brigg Town will be playing all home games at Brocklesby Park, pending the revamp of Brigg Recreation Ground,


Barton Town 2nds  v  Louth 3rds
Lindum 3rds  v  Cleethorpes 4ths @ Sobraon Barracks
Scunthorpe Town 3rds  v  Brigg Town

Caistor Town 3rds  v  Brigg Town ( TBA )
Cleethorpes 4ths  v  Old Lincolnians 2nds
Keelby 2nds  v  Lindum 3rds
Marshalls  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds


Keelby 2nds  v  Cleethorpes 4ths
Lindum 3rds  v  Barton Town 2nds @ Sobraon Barracks
Marshalls  (Gainsborough) v  Brigg Town
Scunthorpe Town 4ths  v  Louth 3rds

Barton Town 2nds  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds
Cleethorpes 4ths  v  Marshalls
Keelby 2nds  v  Brigg Town
Louth 3rds  v  Old Lincolnians 2nds

**Caistor Town 3rds  v  Keelby 2nds ( TBA )
Louth 3rds  v  Brigg Town
Marshalls  v  Cleethorpes 4ths
Old Lincolnians 2nds  v  Barton Town 2nds


Brigg Town  v  Barton Town 2nds
Louth 3rds  v  Lindum 3rds
Old Lincolnians 2nds  v  Marshalls
Scunthorpe Town 3rds  v  Caistor Town 3rds

Caistor Town 3rds  v  Louth 3rds 
Keelby 2nds  v  Marshalls

Barton Town 2nds  v  Marshalls
Louth 3rds  v  Cleethorpes 4ths
Old Lincolnians 2nds  v  Keelby 2nds

Brigg Town  v (Lincoln) Lindum 3rds
Caistor Town 3rds  v  Old Lincolnians 2nds 
Cleethorpes 4ths  v  Barton Town 2nds 
Scunthorpe Town 3rds  v  Keelby 2nds
Marshalls  v  Louth 3rds

Brigg Town  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds
**Caistor Town 3rds  v  Barton Town 2nds (TBA )
Cleethorpes 4ths  v  Lindum 3rds
Marshalls  v  Old Lincolnians 2nds

Barton Town 2nds  v  Caistor Town 3rds
Cleethorpes 4ths  v  Brigg Town
Lindum 3rds  v  Keelby 2nds @ Sobraon Barracks
Louth 3rds  v  Marshalls
Old Lincolnians 2nds  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds

Brigg Town 2nds  v  Cleethorpes 4ths
**Caistor Town 3rds  v  Lindum 3rds ( TBA )
Keelby 2nds  v  Louth 3rds
Marshalls  v  Barton Town 2nds
Scunthorpe Town 3rds  v  Old Lincolnians 2nds

Cleethorpes 4ths  v  Keelby 2nds
Lindum 3rds  v  Caistor Town 3rds @ Sobroan Barracks
Louth 3rds  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds
Old Lincolnians 2nds  v  Brigg Town

Brigg Town  v  Keelby 2nds
**Caistor Town 3rds  v  Cleethorpes 4ths ( TBA )
Marshalls  v  Lindum 3rds
Old Lincolnians 2nds  v  Louth 3rds
Scunthorpe Town 3rds  v  Barton Town 2nds

Barton Town 2nds  v  Old Lincolnians 2nds
Brigg Town  v  Louth 3rds
Keelby 2nds  v  Caistor Town 3rds
Lindum 3rds  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds @ Lindum

Brigg Town  v  Caistor Town 3rds
Louth 3rds  v  Barton Town 2nds
Marshalls  v  Keelby 2nds
Old Lincolnians 2nds  v  Lindum 3rds
Scunthorpe Town 3rds  v  Cleethorpes 4ths

Barton Town 2nds  v  Brigg Town
**Caistor Town 3rds  v  Marshalls ( TBA )
Cleethorpes 4ths  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds
Keelby 2nds  v  Old Lincolnians 2nds
Lindum 3rds  v  Louth 3rds @ Sobraon Barracks
Marshalls  v  Caistor Town 3rds

Barton Town 2nds  v  Lindum 3rds
Brigg Town  v  Marshalls
Louth 3rds  v  Caistor Town 3rds
Old Lincolnians 2nds  v  Cleethorpes 4ths
Keelby 2nds  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds

Brigg Town  v  Old Lincolnians 2nds
**Caistor Town 3rds  v  Scunthorpe Town 3rds ( TBA )
Cleethorpes 4ths  v  Louth 3rds
Keelby 2nds  v  Barton Town 2nds
Lindum 3rds  v  Marshalls @ Sobraon Barracks

Barton Town 2nds  v  Cleethorpes 4ths
Lindum 3rds  v  Brigg Town @ Sobraon Barracks, Lincoln
Louth 3rds  v  Keelby 2nds
Scunthorpe Town 3rds  v  Marshalls