Saturday, April 17, 2021


Brigg needs an additional light-controlled pelican-type pedestrian crossing on the very busy A18, one of our followers is suggesting.
He believes there is "an accident waiting to happen" where Bridge Street curves round to Ancholme Way, close to the Yarborough Hunt pub.
Traffic island crossing points were provided here and nearby as part of the inner-relief road scheme three decades ago, but the increase in vehicles since then and the forthcoming addition of a large housing development off Bridge Street (creating additional footfall) has prompted his call for improvements to help pedestrians cross the A18 safely, particularly elderly people and those with mobility issues.
A local resident who has been concerned about this for some time emailed us, saying: "A few months ago while driving along there I saw a person on a disability scooter unable to get across.
"Driving on the road leading towards Lidl/the bridge, I couldn't stop as I could not guarantee anyone stopping who was coming from the opposite direction.
"Also, with a new housing estate being built next to Bridge Street, and the existing estate at Scawby Brook, I feel that there will be an increase in footfall with people walking into town.
"This is getting to be quite a dangerous road to negotiate and very rarely does anyone stop on the corner for pedestrians.
"There are no traffic light-controlled crossings on the length of the road so people not so quick on their feet, or the elderly, must cross a road on foot or double back under the bridge, which is not ideal, if going to Barnards butchers or the Yarborough, for instance.
"I just thought that I'd share my thoughts with you as I feel there is an accident waiting to happen in this area."
Our informant suggests this is an interesting topic which Brigg Blog might raise through its "connections with the local council."
The curve in the A18 near Peacock & Binnington's frontage does not help pedestrians when it comes to observing traffic that is approaching them along Bridge Street from the direction of Scawby Brook.
Humberside County Council was still the local highway authority in the early 1990s when plans for the new inner relief road/by-pass were drawn up. Pelican crossings were subsequently installed on the re-aligned A18 along Barnard Avenue and at the top end of Wrawby Street (near the White Horse and the China Garden takeaway).
But as our correspondent rightly points out, the western stretch of the A18 along Bridge Street still does not have a light-controlled crossing.
For many decades a traditional zebra crossing was provided while the entire length of Bridge Street still formed part of the A18.

Since 1996 the local highways authority has been North Lincolnshire Council, which we hope will now consider our correspondent's thoughts and his suggestion for a new pelican crossing on the A18, near the Yarborough Hunt, to replace the traffic island.

Note that the vehicles seen here posed no threat to pedestrian safety.


Brigg pubs will be hoping for a very successful weekend, with visiting customers following the rules.
Many locals will be visiting their local for the first time today (Saturday, April 19) or on Sunday now the Government has eased lockdown restrictions to permit outdoor 'table service' at licensed hostelries.
Sunny weather earlier this week gave Brigg bars a boost as they got back into the swing of things following Monday's partial resumption.
The Black Bull, on Wrawby Street, has now taken delivery of some additional furniture for its beer garden to the rear of the premises.
The test & trace system employed during earlier lockdowns continues, so customers visiting any of Brigg's bars need to download this mobile phone 'app' or tender their details in writing when they arrive at premises to be shown to an available table. Masks need to be worn until you're sitting comfortably and place an order.
North Lincolnshire Council's Brigg Saturday Market will be taking place today from 8am. Hopefully, there will be similar footfall to that enjoyed by the market held yesterday (Thursday) in glorious sunshine.
In beer gardens or while out shopping, many Brigg people this weekend will be meeting up in socially-distanced fashion with friends & family members they haven't seen much of since late December due to the anti-virus restrictions.
Some of us this week went for our second and final Coronavirus 'jabs' at the town's Riverside Surgery or elsewhere. Fingers will be firmly crossed that possible side-effects do nor rule out pub visits this weekend!

And finally, on a serious note, please remember that one minute's silence will be observed across the nation this afternoon at 3pm for the Duke of Edinburgh, whose funeral is being held in Windsor, following his death aged 99. Many people in Brigg will be showing their respects at this time.


Plans have been announced to turn a Broughton pub - located on the No 4 bus route between Brigg and Scunthorpe - into a convenience store providing jobs for 12 people.
'Change of use' permission for the Red Lion, on the High Street, is now being requested from North Lincolnshire Council. The scheme, submitted by a Scawby-based applicant, includes the addition of a front extension.
A design & access statement submitted in support of the application mentions Broughton having three other licensed premises, and suggests "the community will still be well served by similar establishments."
The store will sell convenience goods such as foodstuffs, newspapers and magazines.
Proposed opening hours are 7am to 10pm, seven days a week.
The scheme will create 12 new jobs (a mixture of full & part time positions).
Parking provision is being made for 13 vehicles.
North Lincolnshire Council is now considering this application. A public consultation period will end on May 6.

PICTURED: The Red Lion, Broughton, pictured recently while we were waiting on the High Street for a Hornsby No 4 bus back to Brigg.

Friday, April 16, 2021




Next month it will be three years since the Nelthorpe Arms in Brigg served its last pint prior to closure and conversion into purely residential use - a case being put forward that the Bridge Street licensed premises were no longer viable as a hostelry and 'change of use' was the only viable option. North Lincolnshire Council agreed and permission was granted, with the outward appearance of the listed building in the conservation area being preserved
Pub-to-housing conversions have been approved across the UK for many years.
However, West Lindsey District Council has has now REFUSED an application to convert an early 19th century pub - eight miles south of Brigg - into a dwelling.
Announcing its decision on the Marquis of Granby at Waddingham, the council informed the applicant: "The proposal fails to provide sufficient information to demonstrate that the public house, a centrally located community facility, is no longer fit for purpose and the site is not viable to be redeveloped for a new community facility. Nor is there alternative  provision that exists within reasonable proximity."
Local ward councillor Jeff Summers (Waddingham & Spital) said: "The success of a public house is down to the level of hospitality, and personable attributes of the landlord. Please allow for another occupant to prove himself. Please allow the prospective buyer a chance to provide much needed facilities for this rural community.”
Waddingham Parish Council also objected to the application, saying: "The Marquis of Granby is at the centre of our community and has been successful for many years."
The council received objections from many Waddingham residents, and there was also some support expressed for the proposal.
A detailed report submitted on behalf of the Mansfield-based applicant said: "It's abundantly clear that the property in question unfortunately no longer functions as its intended use. The application which this Design and Access Statement supports, if approved, would allow the building to be brought back into use again and provide a family home for future generations."
Brigg Blog photographed the Marquis of Granby a couple of years ago from the top floor of a double-decker bus operating the Fridays-only Brigg to Lincoln service (since discontinued).
In Brigg, over recent years, the Brocklesby Ox (Bridge Street) and the Ancholme Inn (Grammar School Road) were knocked down with new housing being built on both sites. Barnetby's Railway Inn has also given way to new properties.
At Scawby Brook, council approval was given last month to convert the King William IV pub to residential use, and outline permission granted to build new properties on land behind the hamlet's hostelry. 

The 'King Billy' remains open at present.
There is considerable demand for new housing in Brigg and surrounding settlements within a 10-mile radius. And that has been the case for many years.

PICTURED: Above - The Marquis of Granby on Waddingham High Street (left) and the Nelthorpe Arms, Brigg, on its farewell night in May 2018 including our last pint of many supped there over the years. Below - the town's Brocklesby Ox and the Ancholme Inn - demolition underway and pending.




A plan for safe access in Brigg is among the latest applications for our area decided by North Lincolnshire Council.
The authority has granted planning permission to install a dropped kerb on land adjacent to 26-27 Bigby Road, Brigg, alongside the A1084.
No objections were received from the highways department, the conservation officer or the public.
A council assessment report said the dropped kerb "would allow the applicant to safely access and egress the parking provision located adjacent to their address."
Local authority planners are now considering a similar proposal for Scawby.
Permission to install a dropped kerb to permit vehicular access to the highway (including part-demolition of existing boundary wall) is being requested for 19 Ivy Cottage, Vicarage Lane. A decision has yet been made.
There is no let up in the high number of proposed developments within the Brigg area being submitted to North Lincolnshire Council.
BROUGHTON: Approval is being sought to erect single and two-storey rear extensions and make alterations to the front elevation at 3 Raven Close.
HIBALDSTOW: Listed building consent is being requested to replace all the windows and the front door at Beechwood Farmhouse, 18 East Street.
SAXBY-ALL-SAINTS: Planning permission to erect a single-storey extension to the existing garage and to erect a new detached outbuilding is being sought for Gamekeepers Hillside Cottage, on Danns Hill. Another application in this Wolds village is seeking approval to erect single-storey and two-storey extensions with associated works including a dormer to the rear of the property at 62 Hall Cottage, Main Street.
Permission to erect two dwellings at Church Farm, Waddingham Road, South Kelsey, has been refused by West Lindsey District Council. There is an option to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.


Can a case by made for planting new trees beside main roads in Brigg to replace mature examples that have been lost?
The town has very attractive avenues of trees lining its Wrawby Road (A18) and Bigby Road (A1084) approaches.
But disease, bad weather (including storms) and other factors have taken their toll in some instances.
North Lincolnshire Council is currently spearheading a praiseworthy 'green' campaign to plant 170,000 saplings across the area it administers. The locations are many and varied.
But as trees are lost, particularly on roadside verges, could replacements be planted in these gaps?
Rather than 'X' marking the spot, the rotting stumps give a good indication of the locations if the council decides to act along these lines.

PICTURED: Tree stumps on Bigby Road and Wrawby Road earlier this week.

Thursday, April 15, 2021


North Lincolnshire Council planners have now decided an application relating to one the most historic buildings in Brigg town centre.
The Manor House, once the seat of the Elwes family which owned extensive areas of land and property in Brigg, was later passed to Nuns for use as a convent and school until the early 1970s, following which it was converted into residential accommodation. 

Members of the Elwes family held the title Lord of the Manor in Brigg over many decades.
Planning permission has now been granted for 2 Manor House Convent, on Bigby Street, to make internal alterations and for the replacement of a rear bay window with bifold doors. 

This Brigg Conservation Area application, relating to an 18th century listed building, was submitted late last year.
A heritage statement submitted by an architect for the applicant stressed: "My client is drawn to the historic importance of the building and wishes to enhance the internal character as part of their renovation of the property."
A subsequent assessment report prepared by council staff concluded: "The proposal would be in materials traditional to the property and would not result in any impact appreciably upon its character or the wider area."
No objections were received during the mandatory consultation period.
The planning authority has yet to rule on another application which relates to No 3 Manor House Convent (adjoining No 2). Notice of intention to fell a False Acacia tree situated within Brigg Conservation Area was submitted last month. The tree is behind the property.


PICTURED: Above - 2 Manor House Convent (on the left) with 3 next door. Below - the Convent circa 1970 when Bigby Street still formed part of the A18.



Brigg Blog has today logged a request with North Lincolnshire Council to find out what type of work was being carried out to CCTV in the town centre yesterday afternoon (April 14).
Was a new camera being installed high up on Wrawby Street? Or was it a welcome upgrade or maintenance of existing equipment?
A specialist company was using a 'cherry picker' near the Golden City takeaway.
In December we think the same firm was brought in to install additional cameras to survey the riverside from the County Bridge to the Ancholme Way Bridge.
Camera footage from across North Lincolnshire is monitored at a control centre in Scunthorpe. Some crimes are caught on camera and prove useful in bringing people to court.
Prior to the CCTV additions made to monitor the riverside, cameras were installed on Elwes Street near the Millennium Green, following reports of anti-social behaviour.
Brigg Town Council and the North Lincolnshire authority have been working together on CCTV provision in recent years.

11.15am UPDATE TODAY: A helpful spokesman for North Lincolnshire Council replied to explain: "The Wrawby Street camera was the last remaining analogue camera in Brigg and has now been upgraded to digital."


There are many public seats in Brigg and they will be very well used over the coming months as the weather warms up and especially now some of the Coronavirus emergency restrictions on UK residents have been lifted. The Government's amended message  is 'Stay Local' rather than 'Stay (At) Home.'
A Brigg Town Council project to refurbish or replace various benches in the town is now well underway.
The new seats are heavy duty, made from recycled materials and do not weather like traditional wooden examples or require anywhere near the same level of maintenance.
Within the space of 100+ yards on Wrawby Road today there are new and old examples.
Opposite Sir John Nelthorpe Lower School and near Nicolgate Lane is a wooden bench which, if it lasts a couple more years, will have been in faithful service for half a century.
A weathered plaque on the front explains it was donated in June 1973 by Brigg Women's Institute.


We think this might well be the oldest public seat in Brigg today. Benches were bought and located within the town centre as part of the pedestrianisation scheme, but that was in 1990s.



Not far from the WI-provided 1970s survivor on Wrawby Road and near the turn into Eastfield Road is an addition made only last year - moulded from recycled plastic (pictured above).
Many benches have been provided over the years by local families in memory of loved ones. If any of these seats still in use carry dates which are earlier than June 1973, we'd welcome being informed.
Otherwise, it looks like the honour of donating the town's longest-server goes to the WI.
Does anyone know why the local branch decided to donate this seat? Perhaps the minutes of meetings held in 1973 are still in the archive at the WI Federation office on Queen Street.
We think Coun Dorothy Selby, who chaired Brigg Urban District Council at that time, was a keen member of the WI. She was the only woman ever to be elected head of this authority, going back as far as the 1890s. Dorothy lived on Hedgerow Lane, off St Helens Road.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021


It will be interesting to see how busy Brigg town centre is tomorrow - Thursday being market day which is traditionally when most custom is generated (other than the monthly farmers' markets held on Saturdays).
Brigg has possessed a market charter since the 13th century, and in Lockdown 3 the stalls put out by North Lincolnshire Council have continued to operate since the new year with social distancing and other measures in place.
However, with the reopening of 'non-essential' shops earlier this week, increased 'footfall' can be expected tomorrow.
An important factor is the Government downgrading its 'Stay Home' instruction to 'Stay Local'. So people who were previously reluctant to visit Brigg town centre to shop can now consider revising their approach.
This week has also seen pubs freed from lockdown and permitted to offer outdoor 'table service.'
Full reopening of licensed premises is earmarked for mid-May unless there is a sizeable rise in Coronavirus infection figures across the UK.

The free car parking concession, courtesy of North Lincolnshire Council, continues to apply in Brigg for those keen to use and support local businesses.

PICTURED: Pavement markings indicating social distancing at Brigg's Thursday market, with former Town Mayor Coun Ann Eardley (right) doing some shopping.


Sports teams in the Brigg area will be paying their respects to Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, while his funeral is being held this weekend.
Start times for matches on Saturday afternoon are being amended "where possible" so no play takes place during his state funeral in Windsor.
This request has been forwarded to local leagues by governing bodies the Football Association (FA) and the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and passed on to clubs.
"With this in mind, all fixtures on Saturday 17th April 2021 will kick off at 13:00," says the EC Surfacing Scunthorpe & District Football League. That's two hours earlier than originally planned.
Briggensians FC host Santon at the Recreation Ground in Division Two, while Barnetby United Reserves will entertain Scotter United Reserves at Silver Street.
Barnetby's first teamers have a Division One game at Scotter.
Start times of the opening Saturday of the Lincolnshire County Cricket League, originally planned to start at 1.30pm, are also being reviewed.
Broughton 2nds are our only local side in action, having a Division Two home fixture against Grimsby Town 2nds at the Scawby Road ground.
Sports clubs across the country are also being instructed to observe a minute's silence in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh who died last Friday, aged 99.
Flags on civic buildings, including Brigg's Hewson House (pictured above) will continue to fly at half-mast until after the funeral.
There is also a request for sports players to don black armbands during matches and to observe one minute's silence prior to their games on Saturday.

The Duke of Edinburgh accompanied his wife, The Queen, during her visit to Brigg in summer 1977 - her Silver Jubilee year - and they watched a pageant being performed on the Recreation Ground.


The recent lifting of certain lockdown restrictions has allowed golf courses in the Brigg area to reopen - at Elsham and Broughton.
The DoubleTree By Hilton Forest Pines Golf & Spa Resort in Broughton, pictured, has also re-introduced its gym after many weeks, as has North Lincolnshire Council's Ancholme Leisure Centre at Scawby Brook.
Forest Pines, with licensed bars now offering table service outdoors, tells Brigg Blog: "Al fresco dining is finally back on the cards and friends and families can once again enjoy a meal together somewhere other than at the dining room table at home."
Fare on offer includes its special Power Lunch - soup, sandwich and hot beverage. It's also offering stone-baked pizzas.
This venue near the A18 roundabout began life as Briggate Lodge Hotel - developed by the Middleton family which had run the Lord Nelson in Brigg Market Place.
It was created on land which had previously formed part of a Glanford Borough Council camping and caravan park - named after a quaint estate lodge which had once stood on the site near the Scunthorpe to Brigg road.
Today's complex, with adjoining golf course and under different ownership, "is nestled within 190 acres of beautiful Lincolnshire woodland and is the perfect location for a leisurely day outdoors in the fresh air," Brigg Blog has been told.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Good weather helped to attract people into Brigg town centre when Government-imposed Coronavirus 'retail and hospitality' lockdown restrictions were lifted yesterday (Monday, April 12).
Sunshine, blue sky and a lack of rain (or snow!) put many folk in the mood to visit those 'non-essential' shops and businesses permitted to trade again for the first time in many weeks.
Various pubs also reopened on a limited basis yesterday morning, offering outdoor 'table service only' to those wishing to enjoy a pint or two in the beer gardens.
Wetherspoon's White Horse and the Lord Nelson were also serving snacks and meals from their menus, with many takers.


The Cafe Courtyard restaurant had its newly-licensed eating area adjoining the frontage of the Angel building available for use for the first time (pictured above and top right).
Across the Market Place, the Woolpack, which also holds a pavement licence, was serving drinkers from temporary furniture located near the front door (pictured top left).
The Black Bull opened its side entrance off Wrawby Street to allow customer access to the rear beer garden with its palm trees, and there was also plenty of shelter from chilly early April winds available at the Dying Gladiator whose beer garden is walled on all sides.


Vehicles have picked up winter mud and grime during lockdown. So it came as no surprise to see busy scenes at the Brigg Hand Car Wash near the Monument roundabout as people took their cars in for a spot of t.l.c.
Hairdressers were also allowed to reopen yesterday, and a queue of gents whose locks needed a trim formed near the Jones Barber's in the Market Place.
A good indicator of how busy Brigg town centre is can always be gauged from the number of spaces taken up in the municipal car parks off Old Courts Road (pictured above about 1.30pm yesterday) and behind the Angel.
It might be stretching things a bit to suggest yesterday proved to be The Glorious Twelfth in Brigg, but things went well and there was no real reason to grouse!

Brigg Town Football Club reopened the Hawthorns bar for beer garden service yesterday afternoon, as did the Yarborough Hunt on Bridge Street.
Jaylaurs Sewing Studios, on Wrawby Street, will be reopening today (Tuesday) as will the Brigg Servicemen's Club beer garden overlooking Coney Court.


A well-known Brigg business will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in style this year with customers being given the chance to join the management in raising a glass to mark the occasion.
Radley Appleby Tours has now reopened its travel office on Chapel Court, adjoining the town's main car park.
In view of the recent lockdown, it has rescheduled its 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner Weekend to June 5.
A coach will leave Brigg to visit one of the firm's favourite hotels, The Holiday Inn Cambridge, "for a Bucks Fizzz reception followed by a sumptious Gala Dinner and overnight stay."
The cost is £90 per person (2 days - 1 night) with a £30 'single supplement' operating.
Visit the Brigg shop for details, call 01652 653583 or email

ABOVE: A couple of Radley pictures from Brigg Blog's archive - the one featuring the coach having been taken by Ken Harrison in 2013 to mark the launch of that year's travel brochure.


The return of local football at the weekend after lockdown reminded Brigg Blog of how things were 40 or more years ago at our own Recreation Ground.
Barnetby United's Sunday team played a 'double header' in the Scunthorpe League on Sunday (April 11), meaning successive games against the same opponents at the village's Silver Street ground.
This reminded us Aprils in the 1970s and 1980s when Brigg Amateurs and other local clubs used to play midweek (evening) 'double headers' at the Rec, usually to catch up on games postponed earlier due to bad winter weather.
There used to be some surprising scores, too, between the same sides on the same night!
Barnetby's Lee Fielden has kindly provided these reports on this weekend's 'double'...


There was drama aplenty at Silver Street as Tony Gowing’s Sunday side emerge from lockdown 3 to collect all 6 points on offer in a double header against fellow strugglers Balin Sports.
In the first game, Ryan Frankish put The Railwaymen in front and looked set to seal the points despite a rusty and laboured effort until Balin Sports were thrown a lifeline with a last kick of the match penalty.
Custodian of the Barnetby goal Joel Jackson, though, was in no mood to give up 2 points and pulled off a stunning save to seal himself a clean sheet and his team 3 points.
The second game was a more open affair, most likely due to weary legs following over 3 months' inactivity.
Balin Sports took the lead but James Hannabuss drew The Railwaymen level before Kyle Sylvester put them 2-1 up.
Balin Sports struck again to level matters up before Sylvester sealed the points with an audacious chip for his 2nd and Barnetby’s 3rd as the game finished 3-2.


Division 2
Blyborough Utd 1 Messingham Jrs. 5
Redbourn 0. Mulligans 7.
Black Beauty 1 BFC. 1.

Division 3

Barnetby Utd 1 Balin Sports 0.
Balin Sports 2 Barnetby Utd. 3.
Trinity FC 1 App-Frod. 3.
Ashby FC 16 FC Crown 3.

Division 4
Hibaldstow 1 Duffs Dynamos 1.
Scawby Rovers 0 CDF Republic of Heslam 2 (played at Brigg Rec)
Winterton Rovers 9 AFC Galacticos 0.

PICTURED: A trophy-winning Brigg Amateurs team at the Rec in the 1960s.

Monday, April 12, 2021


Brigg shops classed as 'non-essential' can reopen today (Monday, April 12) together with town pubs which choose to do so as the Government lifts some of its Coronavirus emergency restrictions. We should stress that it's outdoor 'table service' only at local hostelries.

This resumption after another lengthy Coronavirus emergency lockdown will be welcomed by many people on both sides of the counter.

Two Brigg businesses have been on the move to Wrawby Street during lockdown.
Formerly in courtyard premises, Honey Bee Gifts & Lifestyle is now at 71 Wrawby Street - between Cooplands and DDM.
The Kennedi Boutique has relocated from the Market Place (near the County Bridge) to take over double-fronted premises previously used by the Lindsey Lodge Hospice.
Charity shops are also permitted to reopen after lockdown and the Sue Ryder outlet (seen here) will be trading again on Springs Parade from 9.30am today.

The Government has changed its 'Stay (At) Home' instruction to 'Stay Local'. So, from today, Brigg can expect to see more people travelling in for nearby communities to use our shops and other businesses.
Pubs beer gardens in the town reopening today are:

The Dying Gladiator, Bigby Street.

Lord Nelson, Market Place.

Wetherspoon's White Horse, Wrawby Street.

Woolpack, Market Place.

Black Bull, Wrawby Street.

Yarborough Hunt, Bridge Street.

Brigg Town Football Club's licensed Hawthorns clubhouse will also resume serving drinks in its adjoining beer garden, from 3pm.
North Lincolnshire Council is reopening Ancholme Leisure Centre at Scawby Brook for swimming and gym use from today (Monday).
Brigg & District Servicemen's Club will be offering outdoor table service from Tuesday (13th) in its beer garden overlooking Coney Court.

PICTURED: Honey Bee and the Kennedi Boutique at their new locations on Wrawby Street, the Sue Ryder charity shop on Springs Parade, and the Yarborough Hunt pub's rear beer garden which will be back in business from 4pm today.


A Pavement Licence has now been granted to a Brigg town centre eatery - meaning it can put out tables and chairs for customers to use while consuming food and drink.
The new licence for the Cafe Courtyard, in the Market Place, has been granted by North Lincolnshire Council which approved an application submitted some weeks ago.
This will permit the well-known eatery, located on the ground floor of the Angel building, to position furniture on a paved part of the Market Place near Exchange Place from today (Monday, April 12) when some lockdown restrictions are lifted by the Government.  

Our picture above shows the area of pavement designated - the application requesting up to 3 metres from the building.
Eateries are still banned from serving food inside their premises, but they can offer food and drink al fresco if they have suitable facilities available nearby.
Hot items on the refreshment menu (examples seen above) are likely to be in demand during April, in view of the weather!
Elsewhere in the Market Place, the Woolpack and Yellow Belly Pizza submitted successful applications for Pavement Licences last year. 

Pavement Licences relate to the Business & Planning Act 2020 - a relatively new law. 

Elsewhere in Brigg town centre, Wetherspoon's White Horse on Wrawby Street, will be serving food for consumption outside its premises from 9am today.
The company says there will be a slightly reduced menu, to include breakfast, burgers, pizza, deli deals, fish and chips and British classics. Food will be available from 9am to 8pm, seven days a week.
Food is also expected to be available to those visiting the beer garden behind the Lord Nelson, in the Market Place.


Safer Roads Humber says safety enforcement cameras are used across the region as part of its overall strategy to make local roads safer. A road in Brigg will be monitored this week.
Mobile and fixed speed cameras detect speeding vehicles "at sites of risk." They are able to deploy the cameras at a range of locations.
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14: There will be 'daily enforcement' on the A1084 Bigby High Road, Brigg.
Our Town Council recently funded a 'flashing' speed warning sign on Bigby High Road to remind approaching drivers about staying under the limit, with another being sited on the A18 on Wrawby Road, near Sir John Nelthorpe Lower School.

Sunday, April 11, 2021




Saturday football finally returned to the Brigg area yesterday (Saturday, April 10) following lockdown, with three of our local sides in action within the EC Surfacing Scunthorpe & District League.
In Division One, Barnetby United went down 1-0 when hosting The Butchers Arms at the village's Silver Street ground. Action pictures are featured here, together wtih a match report (below) from Barnetby's Lee Fielden.
In Division Two, Briggensians went down 3-0 on their visit to Scotter United Reserves, while Barnetby United Reserves secured a 4-2 win at Crowle Colts Development - courtesy of goals from Dawid Kotwica, Shaun Clark, Ryan Thompson and Steve McCarron.
Another round of games involving local sides is coming up this Saturday (April 17) to be previewed by Brigg Blog later in the week.


A Cole Page goal midway through the first half was enough to settle a close affair at Silver Street as football returned, writes Lee Fielden.
He took advantage as Barnetby gave away the ball in midfield to cut in from the left and fire past Dale Coy for what would ultimately prove the winning goal.
From the first whistle the men from Winterton were the sharper but it was not all one way traffic as chances were created at both ends.  
The Railwaymen changed formation at half-time and a stinging volley from man of the match Liam Jordan was tipped over by
Matt Key in the Butchers goal, while at the other end Coy pulled off a stunning one-handed save to keep his side in the game.
As the clock ran down frustration boiled over and O’Callaghan saw red for an off the ball incident and try as they might Barnetby could not breach the Butchers back line which held firm.




Brigg Blog was sad to hear of the recent death of Arthur Bunyan who represented Broughton people as a town, district and unitary councillor for decades.
He was chairman of North Lincolnshire Council's Planning Committee until 2015 and presided at many meetings when decisions were made about proposed developments, including a good number in the Brigg area.
We got to know Arthur very well in the 1980s while covering Thursday meetings of Glanford Borough Council for the Lincolnshire & South Humberside Times. These were held in the ornate council chamber on Station Road, Brigg - part of what's new Hewson House.
He was one of three Broughton representatives at that time - the others being Phil Grundy and Tom Beacock.
We shared a keen interest in cricket with Arthur, and his sons played for the Broughton club of which he became chairman.
Brigg Blog posted a piece three years ago in which we congratulated Arthur and his wife Rose on their 65th (sapphire) wedding anniversary.
Uniquely, he was made a Freeman of his town. Broughton Town Council said it was saddened by Arthur's passing; he would be really missed within the town.

"Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all of Arthur’s family," the council added.
Brigg Blog's picture shows him during a North Lincolnshire Council election count held at Ancholme Leisure Centre, Scawby Brook. We think this is how many people will remember Arthur, wearing a smile and enjoying a joke.


The first weekend league football match in Brigg since the lifting of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions is due to be played today (Sunday, April 11).
Scawby Rovers will be at Brigg Recreation Ground for a Scunthorpe Sunday League Division Four fixture against CDF Rep of Heslam (kick-off 10.30am).
At the same time, Barnetby United will be hosting Balin Sport at the village's Silver Street Ground, in Division Three.
The Sunday League's divisions WILL be played to a conclusion over the coming weeks, although the knockout cups have been scrapped.
Only two teams wanted to resume in Division One - top-ranked Broughton WMC and AFC Berkeley who will play twice in May to decide the destiny of the top-flight championship.
We understand that AFC Brigg elected not to restart, but Barnetby, Broughton, Scawby and Hibaldstow decided to resume play at this late stage in the 2020/21 campaign.

PICTURED: Weekend football being played on the main grass pitch at Brigg Rec (pre-Covid).


Flags in Brigg were flying at half-mast over the weekend in memory of Prince Philip - The Duke of Edinburgh who died on Friday, aged 99. They are expected to remain like this for the remainder of this week.
He visited Brigg in 1977, accompanying his wife, the Queen, during a royal visit to the town during her Silver Jubilee year.
Having arrived by car along the A18, they watched a summer pageant being performed at the Recreation Ground, on the area of well-tended grass used by Brigg Town Cricket Club for its home games.
Among those forming the welcoming party for the royal guests were Town Mayor Coun Bryan Robins, Town Clerk Joseph J. Magrath, Glanford Mayor Coun Phil Wood and Robert Crosby, Glanford's Clerk & Chief Executive.
The Duke also accompanied Her Majesty when she opened Scunthorpe's new Anchor steelworks, off Brigg Road, in 1974, and also the official opening ceremony of the landmark Humber Bridge in 1981.
As young people, many in the Brigg area, over the years, took part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, which he founded.
During the Second World War he saw active service as an officer aboard Royal Navy ships.
Brigg Town Council sent its condolences to Her Majesty The Queen and her family "at this very sad news."
North Lincolnshire Council, which owns the Hewson House offices on Bigby Street and other civic buildings in Brigg, issued a statement on Friday.
On behalf of the unitary authority the Mayor, Coun Jonathan Evison, said: “We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.
“On behalf of North Lincolnshire we would like to offer our sincere condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family at this sad time.
“Prince Philip served with bravery and distinction during World War II and dedicated his long life to this country and its Queen.
“Many in North Lincolnshire have benefited from the charities he has supported, particularly young people who took part in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.
“We also remember him when he visited Normanby Hall with her Majesty the Queen as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002. He also presented DoE Gold awards in Scunthorpe’s 20-21 on the same day.
“He dedicated his life to duty and we join the Queen and the Royal Family in mourning his loss.
“As a mark of our deep respect, the flags at Church Square House and Hewson House will be flying at half-mast and will remain so until after the funeral of His Royal Highness.
“Due to current restrictions, we are unable to open books of condolence, however they can be found online in due course at

PICTURED: The Hewson House flag in Brigg yesterday (Saturday, April 10) at half-mast to mark the Duke's passing.

Saturday, April 10, 2021


These pictures show steps have been taken ahead of all shops in Brigg being permitted to serve customers once again from Monday (April 12).
So called 'non-essential' businesses will then be freed from the latest, long-running Coronavirus emergency lockdown and can rejoin those 'essential' premises which the Government has permitted to stay open throughout.
We observed stencils and white paint being employed to fashion footprints on town centre paving the other evening.
These emblems run parallel to shop fronts and indicate where people should queue to await service inside the premises.
With good foot-fall expected on Monday and the shopping days which follow, people are advised to comply with these guidance measures (toe the line?) and not queue across Wrawby Street during busy periods.
This will avoid waiting shoppers and other people walking along the town's main shopping thoroughfare coming into close proximity. Social distancing needs to be observed.
Although the Market Place is wide and spacious, the painted footprints evident on the paving here will prove useful during the monthly farmers' markets when some of the Saturday stalls are located close to shop entrances.



Only a few hours after Brigg Blog posted about proposals to create a new solar farm at Cadney to generate electricity, we received an update on another local 'green' renewable power project - this time earmarked for land 2.5km northwest of Broughton and known as the Little Crow Solar Park.
The latter scheme has been under consideration for some time and is now progressing at national level through the Planning Inspectorate, which sent a representative to our area on April 6 to look at the site and the surrounding area.
The purpose was to enable the 'examining authority' to familiarise itself about the site’s relationship with:

  • The town of Broughton and Scunthorpe steelworks.
  • The strategic and local highway network in the area.
  • Local public footpath/rights of way.

The visit looked at paths within the application site itself and the B1207 (Appleby Lane and Ermine Street) and the B1208.
The representative drove along Ermine Street, Appleby Lane, Broughton High Street and the B1208 between its junctions with the B1207 and the A18.
A walk was made through the woodland bounding Appleby Lane into the application site, following the route of Footpath 214.
It is anticipated that the Planning Inspectorate will make a recommendation in due course to the Government which will make a decision on the solar park, designed to generate sufficient electricity to power thousands of homes.
Due to its potential generating capacity which stands at over 50MW, this development constitutes a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. Therefore, instead of applying to North Lincolnshire Council for planning permission, the applicant must apply to the Secretary of State for what's called a Development Consent Order.
Through its website, the company concerned explains: "Our formal submission was accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate on the 23rd of December 2020."
View more details about this major project here... 

PICTURED: A solar panel on the roof of a domestic property on Brigg's Cherry Tree Avenue.


People living in Brigg and district have been busy tucking into takeaways during lockdown - our area being well served by fast food outlets offering a variety of meals.
Foodhub  - the online portal which is involved with 20,000 outlets across the UK - has kindly sent us the results of a new nationwide survey. Some Brigg takeaways are listed on Foodhub - view details here... 

One of the UK’s leading takeaway delivery apps, it polled 2,000 British adults to assess their takeaway habits during lockdown.
The most popular takeaway ordered was Chinese food, the UK survey found, with 16% opting to order this type of cuisine over other dishes. Pizza came second with 15% of the votes, followed by classic English dish fish & chips.
Curry missed out on a top three status, with only one in 10 classing it as their favourite takeaway.
Foodhub sees this as a surprising result "as Chicken Tikka Masala has been regarded as a British favourite among takeaway fans for years."
Foodhub says takeaway sales have soared with one-quarter of Brits ordering up to twice as much takeaway food than they did prior to the pandemic, with one-third of UK customers ordering a takeaway meal at least once or twice a week.
More than half of those surveyed (52%) said they ordered more takeaways during lockdown because they were sick of cooking, while 35% said they had nothing else to spend their money on with restaurants, bars and shops being closed due to the national restrictions.
Wil Chung, Foodhub's spokesperson, said: “Lockdown saw a big rise in takeaway orders and fast-food deliveries, due to restaurant and pub closures. In fact, as a nation, we ordered so much takeaway food during the last year that many of us (42%) are now on first name terms with our delivery drivers.
“When it comes to ordering a food feast, customers clearly like to stick to their favourite takeaway treats - almost three-quarters of people (69%) said they have not tried new takeaway cuisines during lockdown and just stayed with ordering what they know and love.”
During lockdown, one in 10 Brits have been spending between £50-£60 a week on takeaway food.
When it comes to takeaway favourites, 26% of 18-24-year-olds would choose to order a pizza above all other meals, while one in five 45-54-year-olds would opt for a Chinese, Foodhub's research reveals.

Chinese – 16%
Pizza – 15%
Fish & Chips – 13%
Curry – 9%
Burgers – 5%

Foodhub is an online food portal, launched in 2017. There are more than 20,000 takeaway & restaurant 'partners' currently featured online at and through the apps available for iOS and Android.

Friday, April 09, 2021


Brigg Blog today completes its series of posts setting out the reopening dates of pubs in the town following weeks of Government-imposed Coronavirus emergency lockdown.
The Yarborough Hunt, on Bridge Street, has now issued its reopening details ahead of the Government permitting outdoor 'table service' only.
The Yarborough, specialising in real ales, will be back in business on Monday (April 12) at 4pm - serving drinks in the beer garden only.
Entry for customers will be through the front door only and be followed by the mandatory track & trace signing in procedure. Masks must be worn until people are seated outside to the rear of the premises.
Walls surround the Hunt's beer garden, helping to block any cold winds which might be blowing in April.
Customers will be directed to leave the pub through the side gate leading through to Bridge Street.
Initial opening hours are: Monday 4pm-9pm (except bank holidays), Tuesday 4pm-9pm, Wednesday 4pm-9pm, Thursday noon-11.30pm, Friday noon-11.30pm, Saturday noon-11:30pm, Sunday noon-10pm.
Brigg Blog has previously given beer garden reopening details for other beer gardens at town pubs and clubs.
No drinking will be permitted inside any English licensed premises until mid-May.


With warmer Spring weather hopefully not too far ahead, a new sunroom has been approved near Brigg.
West Lindsey District Council has granted permission for a rear garden store room and sunroom at 27 Pingley Park, Kettleby.
This domestic property forms part of a modern housing development adjoining the A1084 near Brigg Garden Centre.
The Gainsborough-based authority is now considering detailed plans for the erection of six dwellings on land off Carr Road, North Kelsey. Having granted outline permission in 2018 for development at this location, the council will now look at the proposed access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale.
North Lincolnshire Council is now considering an application seeking approval to erect a two-storey side extension and make associated alterations, including a loft conversion, at 26 Queens Road, Barnetby.


People living in a number of villages near Brigg will be going to the polls in two council elections.
Councillors will be elected for wards represented by Coun Lewis Strange until his death in May last year.
Former farmer Lewis, who lived in Grasby, was a member of Brigg Rotary Club and Brigg Hockey Club for many years as well as playing cricket for Brocklesby Park. He was very well-known in the town and is pictured above right supporting a Rotary event held on a Brigg Farmers' Market Saturday.
There will be elections on Thursday, May 6 for the Kelsey Ward he represented on West Lindsey District Council and also to fill the Market Rasen Wolds seat he held on Lincolnshire County Council.
The area covered by these wards includes Kettleby, Bigby, Grasby, Searby, Owmby and North and South Kelsey.
By-elections could not be held in the Kelsey or Market Rasen Wolds because of restrictions imposed by the Government because of the Coronavirus emergency.

Thursday, April 08, 2021


A big solar farm is planned near Brigg and designed to generate sufficient 'green' electricity from the sun's rays to meet the annual needs of 11,550 households.
However, a number of people living near the proposed site are unhappy about the scheme proposed for approximately 45 hectares (111 acres) of agricutural land.
The location is south and east of Edlington House Farm, Church Lane, Cadney - 3.5km south of Brigg, 3.5km east of Hibaldstow and 2km west of Howsham.
The company behind the scheme has submitted details to North Lincolnshire Council which made them public and offered people the opportunity to express their views.
However, this is NOT a formal planning application; OPDENERGY UK Ltd has made what is known as a Screening Opinion request to our local planning authority "in order to confirm whether an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) would be necessary for a planning application seeking planning permission for the development of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Farm for the purposes of commercial electricity generation, on farmland southeast of Cadney, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 9HR."
The consultation period ends today (Thursday, April 8).
In a statement submitted to North Lincolnshire Council the company says the development is for a solar energy farm of up to 42,000 MW, including the provision of a secure connection to the national grid network.
As required by the regulations, the firm's screening request outlines "the potential impacts of the proposed solar array, during both construction and operation."
Under the heading "Traffic" it says construction will take between five and six months, depending on weather conditions.
The development is for a renewable energy scheme that will contribute to the district’s energy requirements, providing the electricity needs of approximately 11,550 homes' annual usage.
In terms of "Visual Impact" the site "is well screened from the handful of surrounding residential properties."
The council has so far received 18 comments from the public (some people submitting more than one).
Views expressed make reference to the loss of agricultural land, the size and scale of the development, vehicles visiting and leaving the site during construction and the potential impact on the lives of local residents, wildlife and birds.
Some people say that, in principle, they support solar power, but one asks: "Does it have to be so close to such a small village?"
North Lincolnshire Council will now consider its response to the screening option request under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017.

PICTURED: Solar panels on Barnard Avenue bungalows in Brigg. OPDENERGY UK Ltd says its Cadney renewable energy scheme  "will contribute to the District’s energy requirements, providing the electricity needs of approximately 11,550 homes' annual usage."


North Lincolnshire Council is marketing the former community hub on Brigg's Springbank housing estate as being surplus to requirements and available for sale with a view to being developed for new housing, subject to planning permission being obtained.
There are long-established roadside signs in the town pointing the way to this site off Horstead Avenue if interested buyers want to go along and take a look.
Prior to becoming a hub where local people could meet to access services and take part in events, this area hosted the Brigg Resource Centre, whose directional road signs are still evident near the A18 main traffic lights on Barnard Avenue and on Grammar School Road (close to the Colton Street and Glebe Road turn offs).
The initial buildings on what had been agricultural land were erected in the 1960s when the old Lincoln-based Lindsey County Council, then providing local social services, introduced its Cormac House residential facility.
These premises passed to Humberside County Council in 1974 and then to the North Lincolnshire authority from April 1996.
Anyone interested in acquiring the former well-being and community hub should contact North Lincolnshire Council staff in Scunthorpe by calling 01724 646009. The authority says offers are invited - listing the building and land as 'residential development for sale'. The site covers 1.13 acres (0.45 hectares). View full details here...

PICTURED: Current road signs (above) pointing the way to the site where the community hub (below) was later established.




Members of sports clubs in Brigg and district must be desperate to return to team action again after months spent kicking their heels on the sidelines during lockdown. Local league football will restart this Saturday now the Government has lifted its Coronavirus emergency restriction on club matches. 

The Isle of Axholme is as far as Scunthorpe & District Football League teams need to travel at present. But Brigg sports clubs have visited far more distant venues in past years to play run-of-the-mill matches (excluding tours, cup-ties and finals).
We recall Brigg Town FC playing a league game in the early 1980s at Guisborough in the very north of North Yorkshire.
The following decade saw Brigg Men's Hockey Club hire a bus to Colwyn Bay, North Wales, for two friendlies; we played in one of them in glorious sunshine at this popular resort, despite it being early January.
The 1990s also saw Brigg's first team step up a league which involved trips to far-away Sunderland and perhaps even Newcastle.
Our recent post about playing hockey for Brigg in a snow shower at the end of April brought a response from one of our team-mates that day in Nottingham. April 27 was his birthday, and this game was against Beeston, he confirms. Brigg also played regular friendlies against the West Bridgford and Notts Gregory clubs from Nottingham in the 1980s - this city being more than 70 miles away.
As league hockey became increasingly popular with the arrival of all-weather pitches instead of traditional grass, lower-ranked club teams still playing friendlies found it more difficult to find opponents every Saturday.
A helpful volunteer (not local) set himself up as an intermediary; sides with blank dates on their fixture card let him know and he paired them up with others of similar ability.
This was how Brigg Men's 4ths came to be offered a friendly away to Wisbech (Cambridgeshire) in the late 1980s. The weather was wet and windy and Brigg soon discovered they had been matched with a team far above their own level. Great efforts in goal by Andrew 'Sass' Markham kept the score down but this heavy defeat in rough weather left some of the Brigg lads questioning whether their 160-mile round trip had been worth it. But after a few pints back in the warmth of the Queens Arms, on Wrawby Street, the general opinion was: "At least we got a game in."
Brigg Town Cricket Club played a Sunday friendly away to British Steel Irlam Works (Lancashire) in summer 1978. With the temperature nearing 90F, Brigg had to field first in the heat, entering the clubhouse to find that the tea provided was hot pie and peas. This fare, in many cases, was washed down with something cold from the bar!

PICTURED: Veteran Brigg hockey goalkeeper and charity fundraiser Andrew 'Sass' Markham and the old Queens Arms pub, on Wrawby Street, where players from the men's and ladies' teams met up after matches for many years.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021


Reopening dates have been announced for three more pubs in and near Brigg.
The Lord Nelson, in the Market Place, has added a gazebo to its rear beer garden and confirmed that it intends to reopen from Monday, April 12 to offer table service only, as permitted by the Government.
This is the only local outlet of Snaith's Old Mill Brewery, which makes its own ales.

The Jolly Miller in Wrawby will be reopening its beer garden on Monday, April 12 at 4pm - serving food and drinks to tables from its Restaurant Pizzeria.
The Britannia Inn, on Wrawby Street, Brigg, will be reopening on Monday, May 17 at noon. Due to the small size of the Brit's rear beer garden, it will not be offering table service from April 12.
Monday, May 17 is the date indicated by the Government for pubs to fully reopen, serving drinks and food indoors as well as outdoors.

PICTURED: The Lord Nelson's beer garden and the Britannia Inn (above) and Wrawby's Jolly Miller below.




With Brigg suffering a further unseasonal Spring snow shower yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, April 6) and cold weather continuing today, we received an email reminder this morning that the 2021 cricket season will soon be starting for hardy souls in their thick white jumpers!
The Lincolnshire County Cricket League in which Brigg Town, Hibaldstow and two Broughton teams take part will get underway on Saturday April 17, weather permitting, with a full set of Premier Division fixtures and half-a-dozen in the lower leagues.
This is the scheduled start date for the 2021 season and comes just after the Government's lifting of Coronavirus emergency restrictions on team sports.
Only one of our four local sides will be in action on April 17 - Broughton 2nds hosting Grimsby Town 2nds at the Scawby Road ground in a Division Two clash (1.30pm start).
Broughton's first team and Hibaldstow will be playing in Division One, with Brigg Town in Division Three (home games at the Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road).
Last year's Lincs League programme was unable to start on time in mid-April because of the Covid-19 emergency and the initial lockdown. No play was possible in May, June or July.
But during August and early September a specially-arranged competition replaced the scheduled league fixtures. So the season was not a total loss.
Brigg Blog will be previewing games and reporting on matches involving our four local sides until the 2021 season ends in September.

PICTURED: Yesterday afternoon's April snow shower in Brigg and cricket being played by the Town club at the Rec Ground (pre-Covid).