Saturday, January 31, 2009


The Redcombe Carers' Group meets every Thursday, 1.15pm-3.15pm, at the Carers' Support Centre, 11 Redcombe Lane, Brigg. Carers' groups provided friendship, fun and a chance to talk to people who understand. Tel (01652) 650585 for full details.


There's a price to pay for safety in local government - even during the season of goodwill.
It cost Brigg Town Council £70.17p to hire the small barrier placed round the Christmas tree in the Market Place, covering the period December 1-31.
Incidentally, the council is renewing its membership of the Council for the Protection of Rural England - at a cost of £29.


Tonight (Saturday), from 7pm, there's a reunion for former school chums of Brigg Grammar and Sir John Nelthorpe.
The not-so-old Briggensians should have been meeting up with Simon Church - over from Australia - but a health scare has meant him staying put in Perth.
The get-together is at the Yarborough Hunt, in Bridge Street. Everyone welcome.
Simon went to BGS and SJN and played lots of cricket for Brigg Town before emigrating down-under.
He's hoping to get over to Brigg later in the year. Watch Brigg Blog for details.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Brigg Town Cricket Club first teamers have regained their place in the area's top competition, the Lincolnshire County Cricket League.
In the George Marshall Knockout Trophy they have drawn Market Rasen in the first round.
Home games will be played at Brigg Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road.


Market Rasen 2nds v Old Lincolnians
Scunthorpe 3rds v Morton
South Kelsey 2nds v Alford 2nds

Brigg Town v Alford 2nds
Morton v Wshingborough
Old Lincolnians v Market Rasen 2nds
Scunthorpe 3rds v Hykeham 2nds
Stamford Homes v South Kelsey 2nds

Hykeham 2nds v Stamford Homes
Old Lincolnians v Washingborough
Scunthorpe 3rds v Alford 2nds

Market Rasen 2nds v Brigg Town

Hykeham 2nds v Brigg Town
Morton v Market Rasen 2nds
Old Lincolnians v South Kelsey 2nds
Stamford Homes v Alford 2nds
Washingborough v Scunthorpe 3rds

Alford 2nds v South Kelsey 2nds
Brigg Town v Washingborough
Market Rasen 2nds v Scunthorpe 3rds
Morton v Hykeham 2nds
Stamford Homes v Old Lincolnians


Alford 2nds v Morton @ Roses

Hykeham 2nds v Alford 2nds
Old Lincolnians v Morton
South Kelsey 2nds v Brigg Town
Stamford Homes v Scunthorpe 3rds
Washingborough v Market Rasen 2nds

Alford 2nds v Washingborough
Brigg Town
v Morton
Hykeham 2nds v South Kelsey 2nds
Old Lincolnians v Scunthorpe 3rds
Stamford Homes v Market Rasen 2nds

Brigg Town v Old Lincolnians
Scunthorpe 3rds v South Kelsey 2nds
Stamford Homes v Morton
Washingborough v Hykeham 2nds

**league game Hykeham 2nds v Morton to be played this day if both out of Cup

Brigg Town v Scunthorpe 3rds
Market Rasen 2nds v South Kelsey 2nds
Old Lincolnians v Hykeham 2nds

Alford 2nds v Old Lincolnians
Hykeham 2nds v Market Rasen 2nds
South Kelsey 2nds v Washingborough

Alford 2nds v Scunthorpe 3rds
Brigg Town v Market Rasen 2nds
South Kelsey 2nds v Morton
Stamford Homes v Hykeham 2nds
Washingboroufgh v Old Lincolnians

Alford 2nds v Brigg Town
South Kelsey 2nds v Stamford Homes
Washingborough v Morton

Old Lincolnians v Stamford Homes
Scunthorpe 3rds v Market Rasen 2nds
Washingborough v Brigg Town

Alford 2nds v Hykeham 2nds
Brigg Town v South Kelsey 2nds
Market Rasen 2nds v Washingborough
Morton v Old Lincolnians
Scunthorpe 3rds v Stamford Homes

Brigg Town v Hykeham 2nds
South Kelsey 2nds v Old Lincolnians
Washingborough v Stamford Homes

Market Rasen 2nds v Stamford Homes
Morton v Brigg Town
Scunthorpe 3rds v Old Lincolnians
Washingborough v Alford 2nds

Alford 2nds v Market Rasen 2nds
Hykeham 2nds v Washingborough
Old Lincolnians v Brigg Town
South Kelsey 2nds v Scunthorpe 3rds
Stamford Homes v Morton

Brigg Town v Stamford Homes
Market Rasen 2nds v Hykeham 2nds
Morton v Scunthorpe 3rds
Old Lincolnians v Alford 2nds
Washingborough v South Kelsey 2nds

Market Rasen 2nds v Morton

Alford 2nds v Morton
Hykeham 2nds v Old Lincolnians
Scunthorpe 3rds v Brigg Town
South Kelsey 2nds v Market Rasen 2nds
Stamford Homes v Washingborough

Hykeham 2nds v Scunthorpe 3rds
Market Rasen 2nds v Alford 2nds
Morton v Sotuh Kelsey 2nds
Stamford Homes v Brigg Town

Alford 2nds v Stamford Homes
Scunthorpe 3rds v Washingborough
South Kelsey 2nds v Hykeham 2nds

C Willingham v H L C
Brigg Town v Market Rasen
Alford v Broughton
Stamford Homes v Haxey
Hykeham v Grimsby Town 2nds
Washingborough v Owmby
Louth 2nds v Nettleham 2nds
Outcasts v Caistor 2nds
Immingham B W v Old Lincolnians
Scothern v Hartsholme
Alkborough v Keelby
South Kelsey v Scunthorpe Town
Horncastle v B Heath 2nds
Hibaldstow v App Frodingham 2nds
Messingham 2nds v Cleethorpes 2nds
Barton Town v Morton

1. Barton Town / Morton v Louth 2nds / Nettleham 2nds
2. Hibaldstow / App Frod 2nds v Outcasts / Caistor 2nds
3. Scothern / Hartsholme v Horncastle / B Heath 2nds
4. Hykeham / Grimsby 2nds v Messingham 2nds / Cleethorpes 2nds
5. Wash'boro / Owmby v S Kelsey / Scunthorpe Town
6. Imm B W / Old Linc v Alkborough / Keelby
7. C Willingham / H L C v Brigg Town / Market Rasen
8. Alford / Broughton v Stamford Homes / Haxey

For further details about Brigg Town Cricket Club contact Lee Fielden 07787715825 or email

Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's very sad to see such a prominent town centre building as the former Brigg Preparatory School, on Bigby Street, standing empty. Now it's gone on the market, let's hope the site is soon snapped up and put to new use.
A couple of people have put postings on the Scunthorpe Telegraph website suggesting it might be converted into a mosque. I'm unsure whether those are serious thoughts, or whether the ethnic make-up of the local population would justify such an investment, with £1-million being one figure talked about to acquire the site.
Given the current economic climate, this is not exactly an ideal time to be marketing such a site. So let's do a bit of crystal ball gazing, armed with a few facts.
Fact one: Some prominent buildings in Brigg no-one wanted for private/business use have eventually being taken into public ownership, or quasi-public ownership (eg ex-Angel Hotel).
Fact two: The Prep school site is right next door to North Lincolnshire Council's Hewson House office complex, which is not the best, having started small in the days of Brigg Rural District Council and had extensions bolted on by successive authorities down the decades.
If you are thinking what I am thinking, then let's hope we are drawing the wrong conclusion. Time will tell.


There's a music quiz tonight (Thurs, Jan 29) at the Britannia pub, on Wrawby Street, starting at 9.30pm, with a gallon of ale among the prizes.
Tomorrow, you can enjoy another of Pete Boston's 1950s rock and roll events at the Ancholme Inn, Grammar School Road, with live band Lights Out on stage. This event is billed as '8 till late' and you can pay on the door (£6).


Fresh Start – serving the over-50s – has a session on acrylics on Tuesday, February 3, from 10am-noon, at the Brigg Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue. It’s part of the Tuesday Crafters series of events.
Contact Marilyn Demott, tel (01652) 651127, for details.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Maybe while Coun Sherwood is in Superman mode he might use his Blackberry to again check up the progress, if any, on the defunct street light in Springfield Road.


Maybe Coun Nigel Sherwood (pictured), one of the Brigg area representatives on North Lincolnshire Council, has been on Superman's kryptonite diet, or has been cadging a crafty ride with Doctor Who in his Tardis.
For within five seconds of colleague Coun John Berry saying Coun Sherwood was in Bonby and therefore tendering his apologies for non-attendance at the town council's monthly meeting, the doors of the Angel Suite flung open and in walked Nigel.
He did not seem out of breath, having covered the miles from Bonby at a very impressive rate, if not exactly the speed of light.
I knew Nigel planned to turn up at the Brigg meeeting, but clearly that news had not reached Coun Berry, his Tory colleague.
John did indicate to me once that he wasn't a supporter of council-issued mobiles and Blackberrys.
That may, or may not, be relevant to this tale.


Further to Brigg Blog's earlier tongue-in-cheek postings about the lowly-hung bus timetable on a pole at Cary Lane bus station, we can report progress by the powers-that-be.
The board containing the bus times has now been repositioned - further up the pole. If you are 6ft it still involves crouching, or bending, to read the information at eye level. But it's a lot better than it was.
Regular readers may recall the board had been so near the pavement the only person who could possibly have read it face-on would have been actor Verne - Mini Me in the Austin Powers movie and one of the stars of the recently-concluded reality TV series Big Brother.
And talking of Big Brother, at Monday night's Brigg Town Council meeting, Town Mayor Coun Mike Campion used the word 'nominations' several times.
Now that's the word guaranteed to make all Big Brother followers take note. Coun Mike wasn't seeking a list of folk wanting to leave the council chamber - but every time I hear the word 'nominations' at the moment I hear (in my head) the voice of that Geordie narrator saying it on the programme.
Is it the same for you, Big Brother fans among Brigg Blog followers?
We needn't worry - surely it will wear off in a few days!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Peter Thompson, of Brigg Hockey Club, is looking for support for the campaign to get an all-weather, floodlit pitch in the town.
Efforts have been made for more than 20 years - without success. But the new hope is an initiative called Building Schools for the Future in North Lincolnshire.
Basically, there's £100-million up for grabs to transform secondary schools in rural areas.
North Lincolnshire Council says it is keen to hear opinions, and the hockey contingent would like to press for an 'Astro' which could be used by school students and for club matches, plus football training and matches, and netball.
North Lincolnshire Council will have a delegation visiting Vale of Ancholme on Thursday (Jan 29) at 6.30pm if you want to go along and voice your opinions.
There will be a similar session at Sir John Nelthorpe on February 4 (also 6.30pm).
Even if you are not interested in the hockey pitch, there's plenty of scope to raise other issues relating to secondary education in Brigg.
Previously, sites at Sir John Nelthorpe School and Brigg Recreation Ground have been put forward for the hockey pitch.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Exactly how much Brigg households will have to pay to fund the work of Brigg Town Council will be decided tonight. Currently, the average is £1.10 per week.
Councillors will set the budget for the period April 2009-March 2010 when they meet tonight in the Angel Suite.
This important issue will form part of the council's monthly meeting, starting at 7.30pm.
The session is open to the public, but those planning to go along should note the budget is item 13 on an agenda of 17 items - so it will be some time before things get round to the main topic of the evening.
We are also expecting the winner of the Joseph J Magrath OBE Award for Public Voluntary Service to be made known tonight, although there is a 'gentleman's agreement' between town clerk Jeanette Woollard (pictured) and members of the press that we hold off from announcing the winner until she has had the chance to pass on the good news to the worthy winner, whose trophy will be handed over at March's annual civic banquet.
Just to make it clear to those who may not be 100 per cent clued up on local government finance: Brigg Town Council's slice of what North Lincolnshire Council collects from households is very small, as the services provided by the town council (such as running the Angel Suite and allotments) are obviously much less than the North Lincs authority, which provides education, planning, refuse collection, street lighting and many more functions.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


The site of the old garages on South View Avenue is being transformed into a small housing development, with building work now well under way.
How long before something similar happens off Glebe Road, where the old garages have just been demolished by North Lincolnshire Homes?


A small piece in one of today's Sunday papers suggests the Government is taking steps to combat the number of advertising boards for businesses dotted about town and city streets, as these are obstacles to blind people.
Brigg has its fair share of these A-boards, although those near the entrance to Old Courts Road, off Barnard Avenue, are not on the footpath but an area of grass.
We'll have to wait and see whether the edict cascades down as far as Brigg streets.


Scaffolding's up round a number of houses on the Newlands estate, as North Lincolnshire Homes carries out improvements.
Welcome, but small scale compared with what went on in the latter days of Brigg Urban District Council, in 1973/4 when scores of homes in the town were modernised, with the introduction of indoor toilets and a bathroom, plus central heating.
Those of us who lived through it - in the middle of all the mess - will never forget. But it was worth it in the end.
Unless, of course, you are a fan of coal fires!


I noticed today the sign outside Westmoor House, Grammar School Road, refers to one of Brigg's two secondary schools as The Vale.
Short and snappy. But some older Brigg folk will remember it at Westmoor School, in the days when he also had Glanford Secondary Modern.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Brigg town centre was amazingly, and surprisingly, busy today, given the economic climate and general air of doom and gloom nationally and internationally.
Among the shoppers thronging Wrawby Street and the Market Place was Town Mayor Coun Mike Campion, who expressed his delight at seeing the town doing so well.
Obviously much was down to the monthly farmers' market attracting people into our town who might not normally have been there on a Saturday morning, but Mike was at pains to point out how many folk were visiting businesses and using services unconnected with the market.
It was so busy some cars were circling Lidl and Tesco car parks waiting for other motorists to leave so they could get parked. It took me a good 10 minutes to find a slot near the ex-Smith Parkinson exhaust and tyre building.
Brigg businesses come and go, of course, and a short walk down the Old River Ancholme towpath today demonstrated just that.
I stopped to admire the terracota Spring's jam factory sign built into the wall on the side of Lidl's building. Spring's - once a very large employer in the town - bit the dust in the 1970s, another decade which saw the UK suffer some very low spots economically, including the three-day week, oil crisis, power cuts and rampant inflation.
Let's hope things don't get that bad in 2009.

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's now almost a week since 50 per cent of the street lights in Brigg's Springfield Road cul-de-sac went out (OK that's one light, if you don't like the mathematical way of doing things!).
We used the council's recommended fast-track system (via the website) to report the fault but householders are still living in the Dark Ages.
Last night someone calling at an address in the street for the first time ended up three doors away, as it was so dark she couldn't make out the numbers.
Still, it's nice to know how difficult it must have been for Brigg residents before street lights were installed, and during the Second World War when they were all left unlit to avoid alerting German bombers overhead.
You may well remember Mr Hodges (played by Bill Pertwee, pictured), the air-raid warden in legendary TV comedy Dad's Army with his catchphrase: "Put that light out!"
I'm sure we are all grateful for our free 'living history' lesson, but perhaps the novelty is beginning to wear off just a little bit.
Seriously, it must be a very busy time of year for the folk who mend street lights across the whole of North Lincolnshire. And I know a councillor who reported one near his house not long ago and that took quite a time to get repaired - so there's no guarantee of a quick fix. However, he lived in a much longer road, with many more lights. For when half your bulbs blow that's quite a reduction.
I'm just old enough to remember when Brigg still had gas lights, which involved someone lighting them by hand. So we should be grateful for modern mercies like electric street lights.
Patience is a virtue!


This unusual car was spied in Tesco's Brigg car park - a black hearse. 
Ken Harrison, who kindly took the picture and spoke to the owner, says: "Initial thoughts were that the driver was in the store sorting out his Tesco life insurance policy."
As Ken was looking round the vehicle, the owner and his wife appeared.
"It's got a fantastic body" was his opening response. Not bad for £700. Why pay an arm and a leg for a smaller new car when you can get a vehicle like this?"
While his wife was munching sandwiches in the passenger seat, obviously unperturbed by it past history, the man continued: "If you want one, there's a guy in Worksop - he's got a whole yard full."
The hearse/family car is based on a three-litre Ford Granada, and rear is now neatly carpeted in grey.
Ken asked what the long, two-seater was especially useful for, and the guy replied: "Grandads - yes, grandad clocks. I go to Browns (Brown & Co) when they've an auction on and I just slide them in the back."

Turning the clock back to the early 1980s, a Brigg family (Pybus?) also had a hearse as a family car. I seem to recall we ran a story about it in the Lincolnshire Times. Anyone remember their car drifting down Grammar School Road? I bet some of you do!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Fresh Start - serving the over-50s - has a session entitled Quilling on Tuesday, January 27, from 10am-noon, at the Brigg Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue. It's part of the Tuesday Crafters series of events.
Call Marilyn Demott, tel (01652) 651127 for details.


Some Brigg folk tell me they are not receiving their weekly copy of the Scunthorpe Target. If yours isn't arriving through the door, please post a comment on this story - or email
We can then pass this information on to the staff overseeing distribution of your local free newspaper.
There's regular Brigg content these days, if you didn't already know. And this week's issue (published today) includes an extensive report from the public meeting on policing, held in the Angel Suite.


Don't forget Saturday sees the monthly farmers' market in the Market Place, from 9am to approximately 3pm.
That's our award-winning farmers' market - voted the best in Britain!
As always it will bring many people into the town, and benefit not only the stallholders but also other traders, as people 'make a day of it'.
A welcome boost in trade, given the current economic climate.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


One of the early birds in Brigg is Roy Booth, of the Black Bull, in Wrawby Street - a well-known character about town, known to many of us.
Like lots of pensioners he gets up early, and can usually be seen in the town centre popping out for his morning paper.
During opening hours, of course, Roy occupies his very own (specially reserved?) seat in the corner of the pub, as he has done for years, chatting away pleasantly to the regulars.
Not exactly Roy of the Rovers, but certainly Roy of One of Our Most Popular Hostelries!


Have you picked up a copy of the 2009 calendar produced by the Brigg Amateur Social Historians?
It contains some great 'then and now' images of Brigg street scenes, showing just how much the town has changed down the decades.
Particularly impressive is the late 1920s/early 1930s view of workers involved in constructing the Brigg Urban District Council houses on Hawthorn Avenue. The photographer was standing at the top of the slope going down to what is now Preston Drive.
Many of us love old photos from the past - and this is a cracker!
I managed to get a copy of the calendar from Josie Webb, the hard-working BASH chairwoman, who went to some trouble to get it for me.
BASH is a great group, drawing good attendances to its monthly meetings and special events, details of which appear regularly in the Scunthorpe Telegraph and on Brigg Blog.
Our picture, courtesy of BASH'S Graham Austin, shows (left to right) Pat Parkinson, Josie Webb, Coun Ben Nobbs and Anne Denison admiring the calendar.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Many middle-aged and elderly Brigg folk who these days pass along Grammar School Road, near the entrance to what is now Sir John Nelthorpe School, will remember when what is now a house used to be Jack Clarke's tuck shop.
The amiable proprietor got a good deal of his trade from pupils at the grammar school across the road.
During the 1960s and 1970s he only allowed two pupils into the shop at a time, during morning break, the queue being controlled by prefects on the door.
Whether this was due to concerns over possible shoplifting, or just a wish to avoid a stampede, is not clear. Possibly a bit of both.
Favourites to buy in our day were flavoured crips and (at the right time of year) creme eggs.
Jack also sold magazines and newspapers, and stocked specialist school items like expensive paints and brushes.
The shop went through several pairs of hands until being taken over by PaperLincs, who eventually closed it, centralising their business in Spring's Parade, which was then closed last year.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Former Brigg resident and well-known sportsman, Stuart Trevor, is now living and working in Scunthorpe.
I bumped into him in the steel town on Friday, and we had a chat about enjoyable days spent with Brigg Hockey Club.
Stuart also played regularly for Brocklesby Park Cricket Club, with some games for Brigg Town.
On one occasion Brigg got a very difficult Sunday cup draw away to Ross Sports (Grimsby) when they were in the top flight of Lincolnshire League cricket and we weren't.
Ross brought on their premier division spinner, whose flighty deliveries did not impress Stuart who promptly hit him twice onto the roof of the clubhouse in the same over. Huge hits on a big ground.
We lost the game but Stuart's was by far the most entertaining innings of the day.


Some excavating machinery could be seen on the former Glebe Road school site over the weekend.
Is this, perhaps, the first concrete sign of working getting under way on the new housing development?
Keigar Homes bought the extensive site from North Lincolnshire Council, but since then the housing market has gone very flat indeed.


We tend to take street lights for granted...until they stop working.
So it was not until a light failed in the cul-de-sac of 15 homes, Springfield Road, that we realised there are only two in total!
I've just been on North Lincolnshire Council's website and filled in a form to report the fault, although there's no indication whether this gets the job attended to more quickly than phoning.
We shall see!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Top table speakers at this week's Brigg Neighbourhood Policing Panel public meeting in the Angel Suite. Left to right: Panel chairman, Coun Tom Glossop; Insp Brett Rutty, head of rural policing; Pete Scott, head of safer roads, North Lincolnshire Council, and a key member of the Road Safety Partnership.
Some interesting crime, road safety and traffic management issues were raised.
Keep watching the Scunthorpe Telegraph and Brigg Blog for full details!


Concern expressed by town councillors in recent months about the poor state of many of Brigg's footpaths are supported by this photo taken on Central Square.
The worry is people, particularly the elderly, may trip and suffer injury.
Risk assessments are everywhere, in this age of litigation.
Maybe North Lincolnshire Council is just waiting for better weather in the spring to start work on repairs. Let's hope so

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Only tiny actor Verne, from current hit TV show Big Brother, could cope with the newly re-hung bus timetable in Cary Lane, Brigg.
The glass-fronted cabinet, containing the timetable information, became detached from its fitting and was propped up against the metal pole.
Now someone in authority has sent a worker down to re-hang the cabinet...but it's only a couple of inches above the footpath (right of picture).Anyone above Verne's height - remember him as Mini Me in the Mike Powers movie? - has to get down on their knees to have a hope of finding out the time of the next bus to Sunny Scunny.
A simple thing like providing a readable timetable seems to be impossible in Cary Lane.
First we had what I laughingly refer to as The Tardis - a top-of-the-range computer-controlled console allowing passengers to access all sorts of transport information.
The trouble was it only worked for a few weeks and was eventually spirited away, with no promise it would return. Just like Doctor Who, really!
Once the Tardis left Planet Brigg, there was a long gap with no passenger information available at all until eventually the two old-fashioned display cases (pictured) appeared on the scene.
If actor Verne ever turns up in Brigg, he'll obviously be impressed by the positioning of the timetable. But maybe someone can explain exactly why it's resting only a couple of inches off the ground.
My first thought was it had been re-hung at the proper height, then maybe pushed down the pole by some joker. However, the glass-fronted case seems to be very firmly fastened to the pole, in its current position, by two metal clips.
Watch out for the next instalment in what could run over several weeks, just like a series of Doctor Who!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


North Lincolnshire (Brigg) Music and Drama Festival entries close on Friday, and spokeswoman Maureen Settle is urging people to get their entries in NOW.
"Can you toot a trumpet or belt out a good song?  Can you make a violin talk, perform in a play or recite a funny poem? Could you do a football commentary or read the news? Are you in a choir or a music group? Are you just beginning to squeak out a note or two on the recorder or tentatively tinkling the ivories?" she asked.
"Doesn't matter a bit if you are well √°dvanced in your skill or just a novice - there are classes to suit all levels.  And wouldn't you just love to strut your stuff on stage and pace yourself against other competitors ina friendly happy atmosphere? Of course you would - and the North Lincolnshire (Brigg) Music and Drama Festival promises you a warm welcome.
Entries for this year's festival, which takes place in March, in Brigg,  need to be in by tomorrow.
Syllabus and entry forms are available from Wallheads Outfitters, Wrawby Street, and Michelle's Hair Salon, College Yard, plus Paul's Music Shop, Laneham Street, Scunthorpe.
Any enquiries please to Maureen on (01724) 733989. "Advice and encouragement gladly given," she added.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Get down to the Angel Suite in Brigg at 7.30pm tonight for the quarterly Neighbourhood Policing Panel public meeting.
It's a golden opportunity to meet the police, and highways officials, face to face - and raise issues of concern, or ask questions of them.
We are anticipating Insp Brett Rutty (pictured), head of rural policing, will be there.
In addition to councillors representing towns and villages in the Brigg area - as far as Kirton in Lindsey - we get relatively few members of the public attending these events. Which is a great pity.
There have been exceptions - like the time a huge contingent from St Clare's Walk, Brigg, turned out to make their feelings known on parking problems in their cul-de-sac.
Maybe see you there!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Very few drinkers were about in Brigg about 10am last night. Indeed, it was so quiet, with the White Hart sign swinging gently on its hinges in the wind, I half-expected to see balls of tumble weed scutling towards the County Bridge as Clint Eastwood rode into town.
This being a very quiet new year, and given the economic climate, our pubs could certainly do with A Few Dollars More!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Viewing the very low level of the old River Ancholme in Brigg today prompted memories of the early 1970s when - at just such a time of year - some of us A-level history students played a part in recovering an ancient milepost, uncovered in the mud.
It dated from the 18th century, if memory serves me right, and was eventually taken to a council depot - after which we heard nothing.
Perhaps it would have made a good museum exhibit.
We also used to wade into the mud near the County Bridge and fish out old alley bottles - now much sought-after by collectors.
Under instruction from our teacher, Nick Lyons, we also enjoyed digging up claypipes on a site occupied by houses on the old courts stretching back from Wrawby Street (where the car park now is).
We much enjoyed this practical approach to teaching, which made a very welcome change from sitting in the classroom.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


North Lincolnshire Homes is carrying out its pledge to remove the derelict, vandalised garages between East Parade, West Square and Glebe Road.
Formerly owned and hired out by Glanford Borough Council and North Lincolnshire Council, they became increasingly derelict, some having the doors kicked in.

Friday, January 09, 2009


Fresh Start - the organisation serving the over-50s of North Lincolnshire - has started another year with a good range of events available in Brigg and district.
All these, and more, can be found in the glossy, monthly newsletter, free copies of which can be picked up at the Spa shop in Atkinson Avenue, and at North Lincolnshire Council's Angel and Hewson House offices.
You can also contact the organisation's development worker for Brigg, Marilyn Demott (pictured), who is based in the Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue. Tel (01652) 651127 or email
Tuesday (January 13) sees Brigg Lunch Club meeting at the Ancholme Inn, on Grammar School Road, at 12.30pm. The two-course meal costs £5.50, and you need to book your place in advance with Marilyn.
We will keep publicising events, as they come up, on Tuesday Brigg Extra pages in the Scunthorpe Telegraph and on Brigg Blog.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Representatives of the Environment Agency met Brigg town councillors last night in the Angel Suite - behind closed doors, in private, and at some length, to discuss flooding and how it might be avoided.
Was this in camera because the Agency had issues or information it did not think should reach the ears of public?
All very strange. People (often wrongly) get suspicious when things are discussed in private.
However, back in the days of the old Anglian Water Authority, in the early 1980s, at the very same venue (then the Angel Hotel ballroom), top management of the AWA were given a huge public dressing down.
You may recall how heavy spring rain caused a rapid rise in the level of the Ancholme, and caused widespread flooding throughout the valley, with a number of farms very badly affected.
People wanted to know why the AWA appeared to have been caught out? Why weren't the sluice gates at Ferriby able to run off enough water quickly enough?
I've attended more public meetings than some folk have had hot dinners, but this one stands out on its own for the anger expressed at officials.
The conclusion was factors conspired to produce a situation only to be expected once a century - or longer.
Considering it's just above sea level, and close to the Ancholme (connected to the Humber), Brigg hasn't faired badly in terms of flooding from the river. There has been bank strengthening in years gone by, near Manley Gardens, and other improvements.
Probably nothing radical was discussed, or revealed, at last night's meeting. But it would have been nice to have the opportunity to make my own mind up on whether the information being imparted was newsworthy - or not.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


A residents' request for Brigg Town Council support over the proposed village green will be considered tonight.
The idea is to gain village green status from the government to protect The Paddock, off Station Road - a wildlife haven.
Brigg Town Council's planning and environment committee will consider the residents' request at a meeting tonight in the Angel Suite, of Market Place (8pm).
The meeting is open to the public.
See you there?


It's sad to hear of the death of Terry Bates, former Brigg-based Glanford Borough Council leisure services officer.
Terry did not stay with the Glanford authority very long, but made his mark by launching - among other things - a series of popular quizzes at the then Glanford Leisure Centre.
Always a keen cricketer, he went on to become manager of the Lincolnshire Minor Counties team, and also worked as a full-time cricket official with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in London.
He continued to have an important role within the Lincolnshire ECB League up to his death.
Terry's son, Richard, played professionally for Nottinghamshire and is now a leading coach.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Salting or sanding footpaths continues to be a major talking point in Brigg.
North Lincolnshire Council has come under fire for not treating the vast majority of icy paths in the town. However, judging by the amount of sand/salt about this morning on Wrawby Street and in the Market Place, council workers were clearly sent out to treat the pedestrian area yesterday.
Paradoxically, down at Brigg's little-used railway station (see picture), you can find a really big salt/sand bin on the platform of a facility used only on Saturdays.
Switching tack to domestic bins, many Brigg folk seem unsure of today's 'bonus' collection of general waste (your green or black bin) by North Lincolnshire Council.
This extra visit by the binmen is very welcome, given the added waste generated over Christmas and New Year. Normally, of course, our green/black bins are only collected fortnightly.
But a walk across town this morning revealed many households had failed to put out their general waste bins. Maybe they hadn't heard of the extra collection.
Also being collected today are Brigg's burgandy bins, containing cardboard and plastic.
If North Lincolnshire Council wishes to send information to Brigg Blog relating to collection details, we will always be delighted to post it - as a worthwhile service to the public. How about every bank holiday?
For clearly, some households do not keep, or read, their copy of the council's Direct Magazine.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Spotted husband and wife, Coun Tom and Maureen Glossop, popping into the Pop-in Centre, on Cary Lane, to take down the festive trimmings late yesterday afternoon.
Tom seemed to be the one up the ladder, which he'd taken along himself for the task.
The Pop-in is very popular with pensioners, giving them somewhere to enjoy a cuppa and a chat.
It all operates on a voluntary basis, with Maureen (pictured) in charge of the helpers' rota.
If you've a few hours to spare, why not volunteer? You can call her on 01652 656744.


Brigg's Tesco store is again playing its part by collecting Christmas cards for recycling.
There's a large collecting box just inside the door at the main entrance, near the customer service desk.


Weather conditions overnight have transpired to make Brigg footpaths very slippery underfoot this morning. So take special care if venturing out - or stay in, if you can, until the situation improves.
We don't want a repeat of that terrible Thursday a month ago when many suffered bad falls on our footpaths.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Improvisation at the White Horse Inn, on Wrawby Street, where a notice on the front door tells customers there's been a boiler breakdown, but heaters are in place to keep the place warm.
Visitors are being asked to close the front door after them, to help keep the heat in.
Nearby, you have to feel for the staff operating the hand car wash, in the old Sass's garage petrol station. Hardy souls, obviously, carrying out such work in these freezing conditions.
It wouldn't suit those of us who are used to working in warm offices.
Think on, next time you complain about the temperature being down a few degrees, to less than 70F!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


The refuse collection service provided by North Lincolnshire Council over the festive period was very efficient. The lorries turned up on the appointed day.
So what? You might wonder.
Well, it's not many years since Brigg used to suffer every bank holiday because we then had a Monday collection, and the council didn't collect on bank holidays.
Following much adverse publicity, they saw the light and things were changed to stagger and reorganise collections.
Quite why they didn't see the light in the first place we shall never know.
But all's well that ends well.


I observed a couple of pensioners near Wilkinson's store the other Sunday, just as Wilkinson's was closing. She needed the pubic toilets on Cary Lane and he took her, in a wheelchair, to use the facility paid for by Brigg Town Council.
You might well wonder why Brigg council funds something owned and run by North Lincolnshire Council. But it's been like that for some years.
Presumably for reasons of expense - opening and locking the toilets - the North Lincs authority won't make them available on Sundays and bank holidays.
But Brigg Town Council thinks it's something our town ought to offer its visitors, and so stumps up an annual fee.
I can't remember the exact amount and aren't in the office to be able to look it up, but I think it's about £600.
Which adds a whole new dimension to the phrase Spending a Penny!


Brigg Blog reader 'Chris' has replied to the recent posting informing people in our area that the direct route for vehicles between Brigg and Cadney (pictured) will be cut off for a few days later this month, while repair work is carried out by the Ancholme Internal Drainage Board.
"We could use the bus - oh, I forgot, we don't have public transport in Cadney," he comments.
A very fair point. Public transport in the Brigg area is strange, to say the least.
Contrast Chris's observation on the lack of buses linking Brigg and Cadney with the situation the other morning in Cary Lane.
At about 7.30pm a Stagecoach (Lincs Road Car) bus arrived heading for Scunthorpe, to be followed, seconds later, by a Hornsby (No 4) one going to the same destination. One travelled via Scawby and Ashby, the other via Broughton and Ashby.
I think this might relate to college/school term time, when many youngsters from the Brigg area go to John Leggott, North Lindsey College and (possibly) St Bede's.
But it is strange to get two going to the same destination at the same time, and no meaningful service at all to other places in the Brigg district.
Then, of course, there's Brigg station with its deplorable service of only three passenger trains each way on a Saturday - and none at all during weekdays and on Sundays.
For years, politicians have been banging on about co-ordinated public transport.
The long-suffering public is still waiting, ladies and gents!

PS The 7.30pm trip to Scunthorpe by Stagecoach costs £2.30 - 10p more than early morning trips with Hornsby. I think I'm right in thinking this is related to the commendable subsidy paid by North Lincolnshire Council to help encourage the use of public transport.


Brigg Town Mayor Coun Mike Campion descibes ours as 'a vibrant small town'.
In the latest update to his Blog, he says: "The Town Council have prided themselves on the Christmas lights and this year has proved to be better than ever.
"As always, the Christmas Fair was a tremendous night, bringing hundreds of visitors to Brigg. We must really thank Brigg Lions for their hard work again. What a shame the weather was awful!"
Read the full piece by visiting

Friday, January 02, 2009


Sorry to see the number of smashed bottles and discarded beer cans about in Brigg town centre in the aftermath of New Year, making extra work for our renowned roadsweeper.
The sad thing is we have plenty of available litter bins.


Brigg folk who visit Cadney should be aware the usual route beside the Old River Ancholme will not be available to traffic between January 19 and 23, while the Ancholme Internal Drainage board does some work.
You will have to drive round via the A1084 and Howsham village.


Members of Ancholme Rowing Club donned festive headgear, including Santa hats, while rowing round the Island and returning to their base in Manley Gardens.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy new year to all Brigg Blog readers. But what can we wish for in the town during 2009?
We'll start off by hoping the Dying Gladiator (pictured) and the Brocklesby Ox can be reopened, and that no further Brigg hostelries have to close their doors, for whatever reason.
Let's hope Brigg Town Football Club can start to recapture some form, and that the town cricket club has a good season when it returns to the senior competition, the Lincolnshire League, in the spring.
It looks like being a very difficult year in economic terms, with the recession, so we hope Brigg manages to ride things out, without too many jobs being lost.


Did you catch the short film sequence of Brigg on a regional TV news programme the other night?
The 'stock footage' used to illustrate a crime prevention story included a view of two policemen on their bikes. And they duly dismounted when entering the pedestrian area.
Clearly, then, the police know it's illegal to bike through the town centre. Maybe it's time they did something about enforcing it. And cycling on pavements generally.


When, or if, Coun Tom Glossop and the Friends of the County Bridge get the funding to do up the town centre's landmark crossing (dating from the early 19th century), it is to be hoped funds can also be found to repair the riverside brickwork, near the old Trent Foods factory, which is in a very poor state and would seem to be letting water into the bank.
Administrative difficulties have not helped this project, which has been on the drawing board for years. Tom's been a bit hot under the collar about the delays for some time.
Stop him on Brigg Streets for the full story.