Thursday, September 30, 2010


An application has been submitted to change the commercial/industrial nature of the planning permission granted to part of the former Pingley Camp prisoner-of-war camp on Bigby High Road, Brigg.
The new proposal seeks to establish live-work units - places where people live and work, saving on carbon footprint by reducing the need to drive to and from businesses elsewhere.
This application is being considered by West Lindsey District Council, as the site is just over the Brigg/North Lincolnshire border. The housing part of the site seems unaffected by the new submission.
Pingley Camp was built during WW2 for German and Italian prisoners-of-war. Later, it housed many European workers who came to work on the land - some during summer holidays.
The old POW huts became increasingly rundown, until they were eventually knocked down to make way for redevelopment of the entire site.

Our picture shows Pingley Camp in its twilight weeks.


It's more than 30 years since I attended my first meeting of Brigg Town Council. Back then, the authority held just one meeting a month, where all business on every topic had to be undertaken. These monthly get-togethers often took longer than two hours and occasionally more than three. Things were quite often rushed through because time was running out.
These days the Town Council breaks down its business to be considered more thoroughly by various committees, with the monthly "full council" meeting being more of a rubber-stamping exercise, matters having been considered earlier at committee level.
Not all councillors sit on all committees and sometimes the agendas are a bit thin, not containing many items.
Such was the case on Monday night when the planning and environment committee met in the Angel Suite. Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs, chairing the debate, had his time-piece on the table and was able to confirm all business successfully concluded after 9 minutes and 31 seconds.
Had it not been for the "2GW output" Centrica Brigg Ltd power station proposal (see today's earlier post) we could have had a record on our hands. Or, more likely, the chairman might have considered cancelling the meeting, due to lack of business.
With the "full council" meeting in the Angel not due to start until 7.30pm that gave planning committee councilors, the Mayor and the press more than half-an-hour's free time.


We know there's already a gas-fired Brigg power station on part of the old sugar factory site - just over the border in Scawby Brook; we know there are controversial plans to build another straw-burning one nearby (still going through the appeals process).
Now a third scheme has been muted to our town councillors. This one will be gas-fired.
Details were somewhat sketchy, to say the least, when placed before members of Brigg Town Council's planning and environment committee. The Infrastructure Planning Commission has given notice so our councillors can consider whether they wish to comment on the environmental impact.
The actual planning application is expected to be lodged on March 1, 2011.
Coun Ann Eardley said they would need to question the amount of water being drawn from the River Ancholme for cooling purposes and what affect that might have on the waterway. She thought two stations would need twice the volume of water.
Coun Tom Glossop said the affect on the flood plain would need to be considered, while Coun Jane Kitching suggested questions about possible pollution, increased road traffic and noise.
It was agreed to look back in the records to check what questions were raised over the previous two power station applications for this area before drawing up the Town Council's response.
Whether there would be room for all three power stations on the site (subject to approval), or whether the respective applicants would wish to proceed with them all, remains to be seen.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


By Ken Harrison

Members of the Brigg Community-Led Plan project will be manning a stall in the bandstand tomorrow, Thursday - market day. They will be canvassing folks - residents, shopper and visitors - on the likes, hates and possible ideas about Brigg's environs and how community concerns should prioritised and evolve.


By Craig Cook

Students from the Brigg Kumon study centre are being encouraged to fill shoeboxes with gifts for all the family, such as toiletries, sweets and small games. The gifts will be sent to deprived families in Eastern Europe and can also include stationery, screwdriver sets, hats and gloves.
This is the second year that Link Romania, which provides humanitarian aid to some of the poorest communities in Eastern Europe, has teamed up with Kumon students and their families for the Family Shoebox Appeal. The national initiative has been running since 1992 and last year over 46,755 shoeboxes full of Christmas gifts were delivered to disadvantaged communities in Romania, Albania and Moldova.
Lisa Hector, Link Romania General Manager says: “We’re thrilled to be working with an organization that shares our values. Kumon’s students, their families and the wider community can help increase the number of Shoeboxes that we are able to send out. For the second year, Kumon is helping to raise awareness of our organiSation and mission and we are really grateful for their support.”
Local Kumon Instructor Craig Cook says: “With several months to go till we send shoeboxes to Eastern Europe, Kumon and Link Romania are encouraging students, their families and everyone in our local community to visit the Brigg Kumon centre and donate any useful items, however small. We are really excited about the appeal and welcome the opportunity to work with Link Romania. This initiative is great for our students too, as it allows them to learn about and help a different culture overcome some of their daily challenges.”
Anyone can take part in the appeal, so if you want to make a difference and donate a shoebox contact the Brigg Kumon centre. Alternatively, if you’re interested in finding out how Kumon can help your child’s English and maths skills, the Kumon Free Trial (which began in August) lasts until October 20th so there is still just enough time to enroll on the Kumon programme for an initial fourteen day period, totally free of charge.
Please contact Craig Cook at Brigg Kumon centre on 01652 653345 or email:


We've been having some internet problems since Monday lunch-time - now resolved.
Talking of lunch-time, Ken Harrison informs us: "At the Hungry Fisherman restaurant, down Coney Court, one can experience grilled swordfish, chips and salad at £6.95. But perhaps a more unusual dish, at an economical price of £3, is spam fritters, chips and pushy peas."

Monday, September 27, 2010


If you believe what you read, and hear, in the national media about alleged extensive cutbacks/reorganisation on the way within local councils, could we end up with a sort of Brigg Urban District authority running our affairs, as it did from the late 19th century until the mid-1970s?
Do you remember the days when THE council plumber rode round town on a bike with his tools in a bag over the handlebars?
If something reported to the council didn't get fixed, the rent man would get to know about it in no uncertain terms the following week when he called to receive the next payment in the family rent book.
Councillors and officers - what few there were - only had to concern themselves with what went on in Brigg. The Recreation Ground was "ours" - together with the Corn Exchange, the cattle market, the general market and the cemetery. Plus the extensive stock of council houses, many since sold off under Margaret Thatcher's initiative for people to own their bricks and mortar (and save on council repairs and investment). Brigg's galvanised dustbins were emptied by Brigg's dustcart. Going back a bit further in time, Brigg's "dilly cart" collected, and disposed of, other things belonging to Brigg households. Jobs for the boys? Sorry...
Currently, Brigg Town Council - the lowest tier of local government - does a lot more than many similar town and parish councils in the region (eg allotments, running our community venue, giving grants), but the North Lincolnshire unitary authority is the major provider.
It will be interesting to see how the current coalition is going to tackle the issue of local government reorganisation. And when.
They just might have a team of mandarins and spin doctors reading up on the 1894 Act of Parliament which created Urban District Councils. Or the Local Government Act 1972 which brought in medium-sized borough councils, like our own Brigg-based Glanford.
What goes around sometimes comes around!

Maybe if our MP Andrew Percy, whose party is in power at Westminster, is monitoring Brigg Blog he might wish to share a few thoughts on the topic, although he won't remember Brigg Urban District Council and the way it operated. We were hoping to have a word with him on Saturday, but he was so busy helping constituents that we didn't get the chance.


Just a reminder that two council meetings - both open to the public - are staged tonight in the Angel Suite, off Market Place, Brigg.
From 6.45pm its's the planning and environment committee - with the monthly "full council" meeting from 7.30pm. At the start of the latter there's 15 minutes allocated for Public Question Time, should you wish to go along and raise a matter of interest.
If you can't get, Brigg Blog will be offering coverage of the discussions, in due course.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday saw the public launch of the Community-Led Plan - something completely different for Brigg. The Town Council is supporting this initiative, through which the general public - you and me - can put forward ideas for projects, or other things we'd like to see in the future. And say what we don't like and don't want to see.
A stand was manned at the Angel Suite yesterday and visitors were asked to comment on what they see as the good and bad and invited to suggest what should be on the horizon.
Much water will pass under the County Bridge, in the coming months, before the final plan comes together into written form, as an official document.
Our picture shows Ken Harrison, a community-minded member of the public, who has joined the committee running the Community-Led Plan in its very early stages. Ken is looking at some of the written responses and suggestions received in the first hours of the launch.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Brigg Blog "hits" by country over the past week (top 10 only listed):

United Kingdom 650
United States 50
Saudi Arabia 28
Mexico 19
Latvia 17
South Korea 13
Hungary 11
Netherlands 11
Cayman Islands 10
Hong Kong 9

Source: Google.


Springfield Road and Springfield Rise - cul-de-sacs in close proximity on the same housing estate in Brigg - continue to cause confusion for people who won't know the area.
I experienced this first-hand last night when someone dropping by to give me a lift went to the wrong street. One night, some years ago, I recall having to summon the doctor for a household medical emergency and she, too, chose the wrong Springfield to visit.
It seems bizarre that someone on the council (it would have been in Glanford borough's time, we think) failed to veto similar-sounding street names. Road was there first - Rise came later.
Time, we are told, is often a crucial factor in emergency call-outs. We must hope there's never an occasion where the confusion between Road and Rise makes a difference to someone's well-being.
I'm not expert enough to say whether our postcodes are the same, but maybe someone will know. Will Sat Nav technology be able to differentiate?


Over the coming days we'll be reporting on all the events that have been going on today - one of the busiest Saturdays for some time in the town centre.
North Lincolnshire Council presented its farmers' market awards to the top stallholders who sell their wares at this monthly event which always attracts hundreds of visitors to the Market Place.
There was an exhibition of artwork in the Angel Courtyard, while in the Angel Suite several events were taking place at the same time. In conjunction with a well-attended coffee morning for the Town Mayor's Appeal Fund was the presentation of awards for the best-kept gardens and allotments competition, run by Brigg Town Council, which manages the plots on Redcome Lane/Atherton Way and Grammar School Road.
Meanwhile, members of the public were welcome to visit a stand launching the Brigg Community-Led Plan. Members of the committee concerned were there to explain what it's all about and to canvas people's views on what they see as the good and bad things about our town.
Andrew Percy MP was also there, holding a surgery for residents who wished to raise matters of concern with him. He was kept so busy that Brigg Blog didn't manage to get a word in - edgeways or otherwise!
We've got photos and reports coming up of today's farmers' market and awards - for which the master (mistress?) of ceremonies was North Lincolnshire Council's Christine Edwards.
We also have pix of the best-kept garden awards and have made arrangements with Town Clerk Jeanette Woollard to get a selection of images taken during the judging process, which we'll be posting on Brigg Blog (as we've done in previous years). Finally, there will be pictures of the Community-Led Plan's official launch.
Oh, and we also managed to get one of the young people who are today undertaking a street collection in aid of that worthwhile cause, Lincolnshire LIVES.


This sunset scene was taken on Thursday night from a second floor apartment at Ancholme Mews, Bigby Street, and kindly sent to Brigg Blog. "The sky was on fire," says Alan Richardson, Estate Manager. "It was beautiful about 19.10 hrs."

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It didn't take North Lincolnshire Council long to come up with a response to the road closure in Central Square/Woodbine Avenue.
A North Lincolnshire Council spokesman said: "We have been investigating a depression that has formed in the road surface. Our works are now complete, but the investigation found that the cause of the problem is a collapsed Anglian Water sewer. The damaged length of pipe will now be replaced. The restrictions are likely to continue until the work is complete."


We've just asked North Lincolnshire Council to throw some light on the road closure introduced in the Woodbine Avenue/Central Square/Glebe Road area of Brigg, which has resulted in "access only" signs going up.
It seems local residents haven't seen the usual road closure publicity, by way of a public notice, so it sounds like emergency work. If it's caused by a utility company, the council must have been informed, as the highway authority, so we will get to know one way or the other.
Meanwhile, avoid this area of town. The alternative route within the estate is round the unaffected section of Central Square, Hawthorn Avenue and up Grammar School Road.
If you can, stay on the A18 - if coming from the direction of Wrawby - and avoid the estate altogether.
Anyone remember the hit Bernard Cribbins 'novelty' song of the early 1960s? "There I was/Digging this hole/Hole in the Ground/Big and Sort of Round it was."
I'll be humming that for the remainder of the day. Fortunately, you don't see many council officials in bowler hats these days!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It came as a surprise to receive the agenda for Brigg Town Council's forthcoming monthly "full council" meeting and see that Coun Mike Galvin has resigned.
Although only on the council for a relatively short time, he had already gained the vice-chairmanship of one of the committees.
It looks like the "casual vacancy" process will be invoked to find a successor.
At next Monday's council meeting, we will discover who's stepped forward, under the "casual vacancy" procedure, to seek the place vacated by Coun Sue Nicholson's earlier resignation.
Under the system, interested people write in, saying why they would like to join the council, and our existing councillors then consider the statements. If there's more than one applicant, it's usual for a vote to be taken to decide who gets co-opted.
If you wish to go along to the council meeting on Monday (Sept 27) it's in the Angel Suite, starting at 7.30pm. A 15-minute period has been set aside at the start of proceedings for Public Question Time. It's not often anyone exercises their democratic right to do so, but it's there in case anyone does.
Prior to the so-called full council meeting, the planning and environment committee meets in the Angel Suite, from 6.45pm. The agenda is particularly "thin" - but there is one item of business generated from higher up the planning hirearchy that might interest the plain English brigade...


We wonder whether "SI" might refer to Statutory Instrument, which, if added in full, would have made things even more long-winded.

The above makes the previous item on Monday's agenda - again generated higher up the planning pyramid - seem a relatively easy one to grasp...


As the man on the A-Team used to say: "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We asked you to name the four home grounds used by Brigg for league games.
The answers: Brigg Rec (everyone got that), Sir John Nelthorpe School (not Brigg Grammar as that disappeared in 1976), Brigg Sugar Factory...and....Vale of Ancholme School (College as it now is).
We played two or three Sunday home matches there in the North Lindsey League, circa 1979/80.


Brigg District Lions have taken the decision not to proceed with the organisation of a bonfire and firework display this November. They have informed Brigg Town Council.


Just checked the diary and I'm delivering a talk - The History of the Scunthorpe Telegraph - to Brigg Amateur Social Historians' meeting on Tuesday, November 2 at Brigg and District Servicemen's Club (8pm).
Looking forward to seeing BASH officials (stalwarts?) Josie, Pat, Denise, Graham ... and some old friends in the audience.


Brigg Amateur Operatic Society has been entertaining local music-lovers for well over a century. This year's autumn production will be When The Lights Go On Again - at Westmoor Hall, Grammar School Road, from Tuesday-Saturday, October 26-30 inclusive. Nightly performances at 7.30pm, plus a 2.30pm Saturday matinee.
Tickets are £5 from Brigg Beds, Princes Street.


With Brigg Town Cricket Club in the news locally at the moment (see earlier posts) we thought we'd test out the knowledge of local sports followers.

Can you name the FOUR home grounds used by Brigg Town CC for league games between 1974 and the present day?

Two of them should prove easy enough and the third won't be much of a problem if you are over 35. But perhaps the final ground might have you stumped.

Answer to follow tomorrow.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Market Rasen Racecourse is the venue this weekend (Saturday and Sunday 25/26) for the sport of jump racing ending its summer season and launching its winter campaign.
This is the fourth festival, the first three having attracted some jump racing hotshots to the Lincolnshire track.
The racecourse management is hoping for more of the same this year and, with £175,000 in prize-money on offer over the weekend, the races are set to attract big names once again.
The opening day has attracted the cameras of Channel 4 Racing. Sunday is a family day, with free face painting, balloon modelling, Punch and Judy and a magician.
Pip Kirkby, the racecourse's managing director, said: "We're really looking forward to what is already one of our annual highlights - a combination of a tremendous quality of racing on Saturday in front of the TV cameras and a more relaxing day on Sunday when I'm sure we'll see lots of families on course."
The big races on Saturday are the £50,000 Read Paul Nicholls Exclusively on Betfair Handicap Chase and the £40,000 40% Better Off on Betfair SP Handicap Hurdle.
The feature steeplechase has been won for the last three seasons by horses trained in west Wales by Peter Bowen. On each occasion, the current champion jockey Tony McCoy has been on board the runner-up. In a year during which he won his first ever Grand National at Aintree, the top National Hunt jockey of all time will be endeavouring to get another monkey off his back.
Saturday will also include the announcement of the winner of the racecourse's Tom Halliday Scholarship, chosen from nominations by the public.
The scholarship is in memory of young rider Tom Halliday who died after a fall at the racecourse in the summer of 2005.
In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, the racecourse set up the scholarship through which a conditional jockey - one who is serving his or her apprenticeship - receives expert sessions on schooling, nutrition, and media training, plus coaching from staff at the Northern Racing College in Doncaster.
*On Saturday, the Sakura club in Lincoln will be hosting the official post-racing party where jockeys, trainers and punters alike will be soaking up the atmosphere. Sakura is offering half price admission for anyone who has purchased a ticket to the races on Saturday afternoon. Visitors need to take their racecourse admission badge to the club at 9pm for exclusive access until 10pm, after which the club is open to the general public until 4am.

General admission

A special advance sale 'Punters Package' is on offer for Saturday for £17, which includes Tattersalls admission (on-the-day price £15), a pie & pea lunch and a discounted Tote bet.
Another special offer - for Sunday - is a family ticket for the family enclosure for £9, based on two adults and two children. Advance sales only either online at or by calling 08445 793009, quoting MRFFD10.
First race times are 2.15pm and 2pm respectively on Saturday and Sunday. Premier Members £27 Saturday & £25 Sunday; County Enclosure £20 & £18; Tattersalls £15 & £13; Family Enclosure £9 & £8; Picnic Car Park £5 per car + Family Enclosure admission per adult. Accompanied children 18 always admitted free of charge. More information at


Brigg folk of all ages will get the chance to have a say about the way the town develops this weekend (Sept 25/26). Brigg Town Council has just started to look into creating a Community-led Plan - a sort of wish list of things people would like to see happen, or see developed, in the future.
In an effort to tell people more about what's going on and to hear their views and questions, "Launch Pad" sessions will be held in the Angel Suite while the monthly Farmers' Market is under way on Saturday, again on Sunday, and finally during the general market on Thursday, September 30.
On Saturday, the winners of the Brigg Town Council best-kept garden and allotments competition will be announced at 11am at the Angel Suite during a coffee morning (starting at 10am) organised to boost the Town Mayor's Annual Appeal.
Everyone is welcome.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


This week's Brigg Blog visitor figures by country (top 10 only given):
United Kingdom 790
United States 61
Germany 31
France 25
Netherlands 17
Spain 12
Saudi Arabia 12
South Korea 6
Australia 5
Malta 5


Brigg Amateur Social Historians held their AGM at the Nelthorpe Arms (Scanlon's), in Bridge Street, on September 14. Chairman Josie Webb said BASH had had another very successful year and there had been more interest in local history. Attendances at the monthly meetings were still increasing. Next summer will see the return of the History Walks.
The committee voted in for 2010/2011 is:

Chairman: Josie Webb
Secretary: Pat Parkinson
Treasurer: Denise Torpey
Media: Phil Allen & Graham Austin
Posters: Chris Witty & Caroline Sharpe
Buffet: Jean Neal.

Pictured above: A typical BASH meeting, featuring "yours truly" (second left), with group officials Denise Torpey (left), Chris Witty (second right) and Pat Parkinson. The subject that night was the Lincolnshire Times weekly newspaper, which had its editorial base at 57 Wrawby Street, Brigg. I'll have to check my diary but I think we are giving another talk to BASH at their November meeting - this time on the history of the Scunthorpe Telegraph. We will post full details nearer the time, if you fancy popping along.


Brigg was the venue for a football reunion last night involving veteran former players and officials of ESCO Hibaldstow FC - once a real force in the Scunthorpe and District League. They visited the Black Bull and then moved on to the Britannia, which is where they often used to be found years ago.
The group included "Chuffer" Cuthbert, Don Ashworth, Ted Cook, Pete Murray and Peter Wainwright. The latter - a former Brigg Grammar School pupil - started in club football at a very tender age in Brigg while living at Silversides, banging in an impressive number of goals. He later played professionally for Grimsby Town at the time when George Kerr was the very successful manager.
It appears the ex-ESCO lads get together about every nine months for a tour-the-pubs reunion.
Two of the lads have pledged to provide written memories and old pictures so we can run a two-page feature on this well-known football club in a future edition of the Scunthorpe Telegraph's Nostalgia magazine, whose content remains very much within my remit.
If you are reading this and have old pictures/memories on any other topics you'd like to see included in Nostalgia - the monthly magazine or the Monday column in the Scunthorpe Telegraph - just email

Friday, September 17, 2010


Brigg Town Cricket Club will continue to run teams in 2011. Last night's annual meeting at The Hawthorns, home of Brigg Town FC, only attracted half-a-dozen members - but they transacted all the business necessary to ensure cricket will be played at the Recreation Ground next summer.
I went along last night slightly fearful that so few would turn up the club's future might be under threat - after Brigg's resignation from the Lincolnshire League, the "dropping" of various junior sides in recent years and the impending withdrawal from the 2011 North Lindsey Sunday League, However, the long-serving Gary Smith, taking the chair, soon made it clear there was no question of that. The others who attended this important AGM were new secretary Joe Hebblewhite, ex-first team skipper and secretary Lee Fielden (who hasn't played much this season), treasurer Jack Richards, Richard Lancaster and Phil Dewfall.
Brigg Town 2nd X1 will continue in the East Yorkshire Alliance division three, with home games at Brigg Rec, but will now be the club's first and only senior side. It's hoped a good number of this summer's first teamers will stop with the club to play in the Hull-based competition during 2011.
Phil Dewfall will skipper the side, with Richard Lancaster his vice-captain.
It is also hoped to form, and run, an under-11 side - operating closely with Sir John Nelthorpe School.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Someone, somewhere must have been making some money tonight. At 8.30pm there were about 40 vehicles parked in the Old Courts Road car park. Free, of charge, of course, at that time of night.
PS Don't tell North Lincs Council or they might amend the meters!


Network Rail hopes to start work within the next fortnight on improvements to Brigg railway station. The work will include: Removal of the four lighting columns on both platforms, to be replaced with larger lights positioned at the very rear of the platform, close to the fence; re-ducting; re-surfacing work to the platforms; repairs to the wall and fence on Platform Two; replacing the anti-slip covering on the footbridge.


I don't think I've hired a taxi in Brigg since that great character, Stan Witty, put white ribbons on his and got me back from St John's Church on time - following my marriage to Mrs F, very nearly a quarter-of-a-century ago.
However, Blog follower Angela Knight has emailed us, suggesting the town is short of taxi provision. She moved to Brigg 18 months ago and likes our town very much. However, having given up driving due to age, she now needs to use taxis and can't always get what she wants (to quote the words of the song) when she wants it.
"I used to live in a much smaller town but it supported three taxi companies, all of which were willing to accept fares throughout the day, every day, including late nights and weekends," she says.
NF adds: Who remembers Whelpton's taxis and Turnball's? I have childhood memories of Whelpton's big black vehicle arriving at our house to be loaded up with holiday cases and taking us to Brigg station. Well, the fact we were catching a passenger train there on the first leg of a journey to the south coast suggests how long ago it was. Back in the 1960s.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Brigg town councillors aren't exactly selling off the family silver but they are looking to dispose of some crockery which is surplus to requirements at the Angel Suite, plus a battery-operated water bowser. The bowser used to water hanging baskets in the town centre, but that's now done by other means.
Coun Mel Oades suggested having a look for such articles on eBay to get some idea of price.
Meantime, anyone who wants further information should email

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs has made a tour of inspection, finding a couple of allotments "starting to look shabby" but others "in fantastic order."
The Town Council manages the allotments, for which there is very high demand.
Councillors seem well satisfied with the overall standard of the allotments, sited on Grammar School Road and Redcombe Lane/Atherton Way.


A new litter bin is to be sited on Almond Grove, Brigg - paid for by the Town Council. Costing £67.50p (plus VAT) it will be placed at the bottom of the incline, close to the junction with Atherton Way.
Many people park their cars in this area and it is also on a direct route for pedestrians returning to the Newlands estate from the town centre.


Brigg Town Council is to spend £3,800 on improvements to the Monument war memorial. This step was agreed by the Property and Services Committee at its latest meeting in the Angel Suite. Some of the lettering showing the names of those Brigg men who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country is hard to read at present, and this problem will be attended to as part of the repair work.
The Town Council is pressing ahead without a grant from the War Memorials Trust, whose varying requirements for carrying out the work did not fit in with the way the council wished to proceed. The meeting heard the proposed pressure-washing would have entailed a full road closure of the A18, costing "thousands." A survey of the structure was also required.
There was not a significant difference in cost between the Town Council funding the work or the council getting a grant but doing the scheme in a way which involved the expensive road closure and the survey.

The Town Council has funds set aside in its community projects budget, it being many years since significant repair work was undertaken at the Monument.
Coun Mike Galvin (pictured) felt it was money well spent - and a good price for the job.
No date has yet been announced for carrying out the work.


Brigg Town Council is to express reservations about the proposed varying of a planning condition for commercial use at 115 Grammar School Road (that's beyond the flyover which crosses the M180). However, the final say on whether to grant permission rests with North Lincolnshire Council.
The application has been lodged to vary a planning condition imposed by the old Glanford Borough Council in 1985 which decrees the building "shall be used solely as a pump repair workshop and shall not be used for any other purpose...without prior written permission."
When they considered the application at an earlier meeting, town councillors on the Planning and Environment Committee called for further information about what could be permitted on the site if the removal of this planning condition was permitted.
The answer given to this week's committee meeting was it could permit what, in planning jargon is described as B2 use - heavy industry.
Coun Penny Smith said: "We don't want any more HGVs going down Grammar School Road. It's a poor road down there. It's not an industrial area, it's a residential and farming area. HGVs and buses at school-leaving time? It doesn't bear thinking about."

Friday, September 10, 2010


By Phil Allen and Pat Parkinson, Brigg Amateur Social Historians

The 7th September 2010 BASH meeting, at Brigg & District Servicemen’s, Club
was “RAF Elsham Wold 1943–1944” – an illustrated talk by Ken Duddell. Over
100 people attended this event.
Ken explained how he had qualified as an engineer on Lancasters and spent
time at various aerodromes before ending up at Elsham Wold. He showed slides
of the crew he was with during some of the raids. He also showed slides of
many different flight paths taken - which were designed to confuse the enemy
about the real target. Ken described what it was like to be on a raid, and
he told how the crewmembers did not speak to each other on the flights
unless the mission required it. His plane only got hit by enemy fighters
once, but Elsham Wold lost 1200 people between 1943 and 1945. Ken rounded
off the presentation with an enthusiastic question and answer session.
The next BASH meeting, on 5th October 2010 at 8pm at the Brigg &
District Servicemen’s Club, will be “Edward and Mrs Simpson” – an
illustrated talk by Marilyn Roberts.

The photograph, supplied by BASH, shows (left to right): Chris Witty (BASH committee), Ken Duddell (Speaker), Robin Lingard (Curator, Elsham Wold Air Museum).

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Up to 8.37pm tonight, we'have had the following Thursday page views on Brigg Blog (by country):

United Kingdom 167

Cyprus 7

Netherlands 5

Ireland 3

South Korea 3

Canada 2

Nigeria 1

Puerto Rico 1

Portugal 1

Saudi Arabia 1


A member of the public has exercised his democratic right to appeal against North Lincolnshire Council's handling of an issue in Brigg, according to information relayed to members of our Town Council's Planning and Environment Committee.
The planning matter is question centres on Market Lane, off Market Place. (We have yet to learn whether or not it's officially a public right of way).
Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs said North Lincolnshire Council had taken "an awfully long time." Now, he added, it's "a case of watch this space."
Following the meeting, Brigg Blog approached North Lincolnshire Council for a comment. A spokesman said: "An application was lodged with North Lincolnshire Council in December 2009. The application process for a modification to the definitive map allows a period of 12 months for the council to consider it without having to make a decision. Once this period expires, the applicant may make a request to the Secretary of State for a decision to be made. The Secretary of State would then contact the council to see how it is progressing. It is quite often the case that applications take longer than 12 months to determine."


Having played almost 780 games for Brigg Town (1974-2004) it's very sad they've now dropped out of the Lincolnshire County Cricket League, the final game being at home to Alford 2nds last Saturday in division four.
The name of Brigg Town is also destined to be missing from the North Lindsey League next season. Several Brigg junior sides have also fallen by the wayside in the past year or two.
However, it is intended to keep a team going (the current 2nd X1) in East Yorkshire Alliance division three.
The club dates back to early Victorian times and was quite a force during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The Second World War took its toll and it was not until 1974 that Brigg returned to league action, in the Grimsby Saturday League, initially with only one team. The following year a second team was added.
The 1976 campaign saw Brigg Town's debut in the Lincolnshire League. They've left and rejoined three times since then, but it has not proved to be a case of third time lucky.
There have been issues with ground maintenance at Brigg Rec and concerns about playing standards.
Brigg Town CC will be holding its AGM next Thursday - 16th Sept at Brigg Town FC, 7.30pm. "Attend to have your say," longest-serving player Gary Smith is telling all members.
Surely there's never been such an important one to attend!

Memories are made of this ... newspaper cuttings of previous Brigg Town triumphs inside the equipment store.

The famous poplar trees have overseen many matches in the Lincs League.

The end is near...Heading off back to the pavilion.

A disappointing score fails to depress Brigg bowler Richard Lancaster.

Keeper/batsman Paul Harrison manages a smile as opening batsman Gary Smith attends to the scorebook.

Veteran strokemaker Alan Ford walking off for the last time at Brigg Recreation Ground in a Lincs League game.

Brigg's last man Phil Dewfall prepares to go out and bat for the last time.

Brigg Town players with their opposite numbers from Alford 2nds at the conclusion of Saturday's final Lincs League game for Brigg.

Brigg's last pair, Phil Dewfall (left) and Nigel Beacock.B


Brigg town councillors, who oversee the running of the Angel Suite community venue, received their monthly marketing and promotions update last night, which revealed:

August has been traditional quiet – although there was a wedding reception at the Angel Suite, for which the Angel Suite Manager (Karen Deeley) provided and organised all of the additional services, and this received an excellent response from the family involved.
Corporate enquiries are increasing.
On Sat 25th / Sun 26th September there is an art and sculpture exhibition in the lounge and the courtyard.
Sat 1st October: Tickets are on sale for the Motown Nights evening.
Plans are also underway for a further entertainment evening at the end of October.
Tickets are on general sale for the Remembrance Sunday Lunch.
Details are being circulated and advertised for the Christmas Party Nights on the 18/19th December.
Individuals or groups wishing to inquire about booking the Angel Suite should email

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


The decision has been taken to extend the closing date for applications for the new posts with the 3B’s Project.


Female Street Leaders - (2 Posts) 6 hours per week at £9.89 per hour.

Would you like to be involved in the innovative project that delivers activities for the young people of Brigg, Broughton and
The 3B’s project is joint initiative between Brigg Town Council, Broughton Town Council and Barnetby-le-Wold Parish Council. Funded by The Big Lottery, it has been operating for just over 2 years.
The project is now seeking to employ two enthusiastic and committed Female Street Leaders to join the existing all male team in order to address the lack of engagement with the project by young females.
You will join the team in engaging with young people and providing a programme of activities for the three areas, primarily in an evening and during the school holidays; and, you will use your knowledge and experience to develop activities that will reach out to young females in the three communities, and increase their participation and involvement in the 3B’s project.
You will have experience of working with young people and must hold a current driving licence. A relevant youth, coaching, and/or outreach qualification would be desirable.
This post is initially a fixed term contract until 30th June 2011, although there may be the opportunity to extend the position beyond this period.
For further information or to request an application pack please contact Brigg Town Council on 01652 659402 or email
Any offer of employment to this post will be subject to receipt of a satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau and references.

Extended Closing Date: Friday, 17th September 2010 at 5pm

Brigg Town Council
The Angel Suite
Exchange Place
North Lincolnshire
DN20 8LD



From Sian Williams, Senior Commercial Executive, Market Rasen Racecourse

Tickets for the most popular horse racing day of the year at Market Rasen Racecourse are going on sale - and we know some Brigg folk who swear by attending the festive meeting.
Every year, well over 10,000 people spend Boxing Day afternoon at the races at Lincolnshire's only racecourse.
For many, the day out at the racecourse is as much about Christmas as turkey and mince pies.
Savings can be made by booking in advance. The tickets are also popular Christmas presents for that horse racing fan in your life.
The County Enclosure is £20 when purchased in advance (£22 on the day); Tattersalls is £15 (£16); and the Family Enclosure is £9 (£10). Premier tickets are a one-price £27 - and they sell out first.
For visitors wishing to make an extra special day of it - and again these packages are popular as presents - the Brocklesby Suite is £84.50 (it always sells out), while a Fish & Fizz package is £37, County package is £30 and Tattersalls package is £23.
Fish & Fizz package: County Enclosure admission; raceday programme; glass of Champagne; seafood platter or hot dish of the day; and dessert.
County package: County Enclosure admission; raceday programme; dish of the day; pint of beer or lager / glass of wine; and £2 discounted tote betting voucher.
Tattersalls package: Tattersalls Enclosure admission; raceday programme; dish of the day; pint of beer or lager / glass of wine; and £2 discounted tote betting voucher.
Tickets for the event can be bought online at, by telephone on 08445 793009 or at the racecourse in person.


Planning permission is being sought to raise the roof height to provide additional accommodation and a rear extension at 23 St Helen's Road, Brigg.
Brigg Town Council will consider this first, then North Lincolnshire planners will make a decision on whether to grant permission.


Town councillors who meet tomorrow night (Wed 8th) will be asked to confirm that repair works to the Monument (war memorial) "should be progressed without grant support from the War Memorials Trust."
The decision will be made at a meeting of the Property and Services Committee in the Angel Suite Lounge (that's the downstairs room) from 7.30pm.
This meeting will also receive reports on the state of things at the Redcombe Lane and Grammar School allotments.
The monthly report from the Angel Suite Manager, Karen Deeley, will also be considered.
At 7pm tomorrow there's a meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee - also in the Lounge. The previously-considered planning application relating to the pump repair workshop at 115 Grammar School Road (beyond the motorway flyover) is back on the agenda.
Town councillors will also receive notice that North Lincolnshire Council's Local Development Framework Core Strategy has now been submitted to the Government. This is the blueprint for future development. It's been considered in detail by town councillors in the past so it remains to be seen whether this item prompts any further comments tomorrow night or is merely "noted."
Both tomorrow's meetings are open to members of the public, if you wish to pop along and listen to the discussions. If not, keep watching Brigg Blog for reports of the proceedings.

Monday, September 06, 2010


An era came to an end for Brigg Town Cricket Club at the weekend when the first team hosted Alford 2nds in the Lincolnshire League. We will explain the sad significance later in the week, with more pictures and information.
Here we see Brigg Town players, including veteran bowler John Danson (centre), shaking hands with visiting players at the end of the match at Brigg Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Further to yesterday's stats about Brigg Blog, a story about Pingley Camp, the former German/Italian prisoner of war camp and later home to agricultural workers from the continent, is the most read we've ever posted.

Saturday, September 04, 2010


This week's viewing figures for Brigg Blog make interesting reading. Well, we think they do!
We know Old Briggensian Billy Eaton is a regular visitor to the site from his base in Saudi Arabia, but we'd no idea we have an established audience in countries like Russia, Puerto Rico and South Korea.
Perhaps some of our visitors from afar would like to send an email to
All figures are Google's, by the way - just in case you wondered where we got them).


United Kingdom 748
United States 36
Russia 23
Netherlands 9
South Korea 7
Canada 6
Puerto Rico 6
Portugal 6
Saudi Arabia 6
France 5

These figures are for Sunday-Friday, today (Sat) not being included.


As promised earlier this week, pictures of the Manley Gardens fishing pond, which North Lincolnshire Council is currently looking to sell on the open market. It's a big expanse of water, surrounded by greenery. There must be plenty of wildlife, too, but that's not my specialist area. Maybe Brigg Blog followers can tell us how many species of bird you can come across down there.
Cue suitable quip by Ken Harrison...

Friday, September 03, 2010


The Nelthorpe Arms, Bridge Street, Brigg (aka Scanlon's), has now reopened - under new management. A few new touches visible. Why not pop in for a look?

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Coun John Berry (pictured), one of the Brigg area's representatives on North Lincolnshire Council, attended last night's special meeting of Brigg Town Council, in the Angel Suite, and put forward a suggestion on the Manley Garden fishing pond/public open space.
As the owner, North Lincolnshire Council is advertising the facility for sale and asking interested parties to make their bids. But Coun Berry is now suggesting that "going to auction" would be "a fairer way" of handling the sale.
Coun Berry stressed: "We don't know how much interest there is going to be and how much it is likely to fetch."
He explained that North Lincolnshire Council had disposed of assets before by auction.
Town Mayor Coun Ben Nobbs gave Coun Berry the opportunity to speak at the start of last night's meeting during the 15-minute session set aside for public questions.
Once he'd had his say, the Town Council considered the motion to exclude the press and public on the grounds of confidential business to be transacted. As expected, this was passed - meaning "yours truly" (and Coun Berry) had to depart.
Just to remind you, Brigg Syndicate Angling Club has been leasing the pond from successive local councils (Brigg UDC, Glanford Borough and North Lincs) for the best part of 40 years and, fearing for the future, it has approached Brigg Town Council for assistance/support. No club representatives were present at last night's meeting.
Brigg Blog has been out to take pictures of the pond, for the benefit of those who aren't familiar with its location or size. They'll be posted on Brigg Blog at a later date.
Whether Brigg Town Council takes up Coun Berry's idea and tries to persuade North Lincolnshire Council to alter the intended sale to a public auction remains to be seen.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


There's an important special meeting of Brigg Town Council tonight (Wed Sept 1) in the Angel Suite (7pm).
Following the usual 15-minute period set aside for public question time (if any), the formal part of the meeting will get under way with the very likely exclusion of the press and public.
Whether that happens or not, town councillors will then consider North Lincolnshire Council's decision to sell the freehold of the Manley Gardens fishing pond (and associated public space) by informal tender, through the receipt of sealed offers.
Our councillors will also consider the request for support from Brigg Syndicate Angling Club in its bid to purchase the facility, as the tenant for more than 40 years, "in order to secure its continued use as a fishing pond and public open space for the benefit of the community."
Exclusion of the press and public doesn't always happen, but it almost always does. There has to be a vote by councillors with a majority in favour for exclusion to take place. I can quote only a few examples from meetings over more than 30 years (town/parish and borough councils) where such a vote has resulted in the public being allowed to stay, for it's rare. Even more so when finances are involved.
Sometimes before we get to the voting stage I will get up from the press table and announce to the chairman of the meeting that I am excluding myself under the terms of the Local Government Act 1972 (that's the bit of legislation public bodies need to invoke). This will be when I've absolutely no interest in what's to follow.
Brigg Town Council has always accepted requests from the press (eg myself) to switch "confidential" items on the agenda so we (I) don't have to hang about outside the meeting and return later. They will ensure such matters go to the end of the list (as is the case tonight).
The press and public's right to be informed of, and attend, all committee and "full council" meetings of every local authority came as late as 1960 with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act. That was the brainchild of a certain backbench Conservative MP with Lincolnshire links by the name of Margaret Thatcher, to whom pressmen/women should be forever grateful, though only a handful of anorak-types like "yours truly" will be aware of her contribution to democracy.
The 1972 Act extended such rights to include sub-committee meetings and joint meetings of authorities (eg our own local 3Bs Project).
Here endeth the lesson!

Local colleges reading this, I've got a bit of time coming up after the cricket season finishes in mid-September if you want your media/journalism students to benefit from this in-depth (or sad!) knowledge of newspaper law. Test cases can be included at no extra charge, including the one involving the top amateur golfer of the early 20th century who gained damages after being depicted in an advert with a certain bar of chocolate sticking out of his pocket. This was taken to suggest he had compromised his amateur status, as right-thinking folk would assume he'd been paid to appear, which he hadn't.