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Brigg Horse Fair 2017 picture one by Nigel Fisher

Brigg Horse Fair 2018 will be held on Saturday, August 4  with members of the gypsy/traveller community expected to begin buying and selling steeds from 9.30am and continue trading well into the afternoon.
In recent years the horse fair has featured a range of stalls, trailers and vans selling various horse-related items, including brasses, while refreshments have also been available within the site.
Please note that although the traditional date of the fair is August 5, that falls on a Sunday this year, resulting in the event being brought forward one day.
The free-to-attend fair takes place on land near Station Road  - postcode DN20 8XH - and always attracts plenty of spectators from a wide area.
Historic Brigg Horse Fair is one of a dwindling number still held across the UK.
The first travellers arrived in their caravans some days ago, parking up ahead of the event. More have arrived since.
If you go along, please watch out for approaching horses being paraded for the benefit of potential purchasers.
No spectator parking will be available on Station Road during the horse fair.
Car-driving visitors are advised to use the town's main car park, off the A18 on Old Courts Road, at DN20 8JD.
Brigg Horse Fair does not usually appear in listing guides, not being an "official" event.
It is organised by gypsy/traveller community members who meet up in Brigg each summer as generations of their families did before them, going back many decades.
Some years ago when the Brigg Amateur Social Historians (BASH) group organised an exhibition of black and white Brigg Horse Fair prints of the past at the White Horse pub, some adult travellers - in town for the horse fair - spotted themselves as children and picked out friends and relatives in the pictures on display.

View a selection of pictures from Brigg Horse Fair 2017 here...
Click here to view pictures taken at Brigg Horse Fair 2016...

The history of Brigg Horse Fair

Brigg was granted a royal charter for a fair and market in 1205.
It was then a very small Lincolnshire settlement adjoining the still tidal River Ancholme, without a bridge but with a ford people could use to cross from bank to bank, accompanied by any animals they had to sell or had just acquired.
Some horses could have been traded from time to time, but Brigg Horse Fair as we now know it dates back to Queen Victoria's reign.
Sheep were also bought and sold for some decades.
For many years until the mid-1960s the thriving horse fair - in early August - was held in the town centre on, and adjoining, the main Doncaster-Grimsby road, close to the 18th century White Horse pub (today owned by the renowned Wetherspoon company).
Reflecting on that era of the horse fair's history in his renowned reference book Brigg, author Edward Dodd said the gypsies and their horses "took over the centre of the town, including the busy A18 trunk road. Motor traffic had to take second place. When 'No Waiting' signs arrived they were welcomed by the gypsies as  convenient tethering points!"

Brigg Horse Fair pictures from the early 1970s. KEN FISHER COLLECTION.

The Stockmarket off Cary Lane, opened by Brigg Urban District Council in the 1960s, provided a more suitable location than Wrawby Street, being close to the A18 but allowing plenty of space for trading and spectating.
However, the stockmarket's eventual closure resulted in a gradual decline for the August 5 spectacle, and one year in the early 1990s saw only a few horses taken along.
Fortunately, the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph sent a reporter along and the paper's illustrated report about the depleted attendance helped to highlight the plight of the horse fair. Things seemed to improve from that low point.
The acquisition of the former stockmarket site for a new Tesco store in the late 1990s resulted in the horse fair being relocated to Atherton Way (briefly) and then its current home near the railway station.
Brigg Fair is known to thousands of music-lovers as the title of a beautiful piece of music from composer Frederick Delius which appeared in 1907.
It is still popular at orchestral concerts, a particularly fine performance  of this English Rhapsody being given in Berlin in 2007 under the baton of Sir Simon Rattle. Link provided here if you want to enjoy it...
The traditional folk song Brigg Fair - in choral form - also remains popular with performers and music-lovers.
At Brigg Music Festival in 1905 the organisers added a new class - folk songs.
Joseph Taylor, from Saxby-All-Saints, took first prize for his performance of Brigg Fair - "a lovely, haunting melody."
Other local tunes also came to light through this class.
A famous composer with an interest in traditional tunes, Percy Grainger was so inspired that he undertook a cycling tour of Lincolnshire, asking farmworkers he met on his rounds of rural roads whether they knew any local folk songs, which were then jotted down as the sons of the soil gave quick open air renditions.
Percy returned to Brigg Music Festival for the following year's grand concert, providing settings of some "enchanting" folk songs he had gathered.
Internationally renowned singer Gervase Elwes, of the Manor House, Brigg, performed Brigg Fair, accompanied by choristers, the opening line being: "It was on the fifth of August, the weather fine and fair."
Grainger and Delius were friends, and the latter went on to produce his haunting orchestral score.
Edward Dodd commented in his book: "Strange that this survival of an ancient fair should have produced the Brigg Fair from which the blind composer, Delius, composed his classic rhapsody."
He did not become blind until many years after completing Brigg Fair.

Tom Glossop pictured  at Brigg Horse Fair 2011 - Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Brigg Fair has been sung in public on many occasions by Tom Glossop, the town's retired youth leader and former long-serving town councillor, who has attended many horse fairs in recent decades.
For some years Tom, pictured above, was a key member of a community group that provided a showpiece event in the town centre, including children's rides and amusements, to accompany the horse fair.
Tom Glossop is the only Freeman of Brigg - an honour bestowed in recognition of his services to the community.
But what does the future hold?
Some months ago, North Lincolnshire Council granted planning permission for new housing to be erected on part of the site used by Brigg Horse Fair, although building work has yet to start. Will this development have been completed by August 5, 2019 - the date of the next horse fair?
Following the granting of its charter in 1205, Brigg continues to hold weekly markets, with stalls erected in the now pedestrianised town centre every Thursday and Saturday.
An award-winning Saturday farmers' market is held once a month at the same location, shoppers being able to buy a range of produce and goods, with tasty refreshments always available.
The markets are arranged by North Lincolnshire Council, which has offices in Brigg.

Brigg Horse Fair 2017 picture two  by  Nigel Fisher
Brigg Horse Fair 2017

Brigg Horse Fair 2017 picture three by Nigel Fisher


Back in the early 1980s a young reporter was sent out from the Lincolnshire Times office in Brigg town centre to cover a business retirement story.
It was about a butcher in nearby Wrawby, who we think was called Mr Bett.
Even in the early 1980s,  shops like these in Lincolnshire villages were already becoming rare.
Currently, North Lincolnshire Council is considering a planning application seeking approval to erect a double garage, including demolition of an existing timber cabin, at The Old Butcher's Shop, Barton Road, Wrawby.
We think this might be the location we visited as a young scribe all those years ago.
Can any Brigg Blog followers confirm that for us?


Brigg is expected to take part in a nationwide Green Clean litter pick.
This is a worthy initiative from the Campaign to Protect Rural England.
The clean-up will also draw attention to the CPRE's campaign to get a deposit return system for bottles and cans, with a view to reducing litter and encouraging recycling.
So during September's litter pick they will be counting  all the bottles and cans collected "to provide national evidence to the Government that they need to create the best possible deposit return system for England - one that includes every bottle and can."
The first step in Brigg will be appointing a litter pick co-ordinator who will confirm where and when the local event will take place.
Brigg Blog will be happy to post details, in due course.

Monday, July 30, 2018


A Brigg bank branch is 'going counter-free'  - and this switch, to be carried out shortly, is proving a major talking point in the town.
Under what some customers will see as a radical change, Lloyds - on Wrawby Street - will no longer have its long-familiar counters with assistants serving customers behind glass panels.
Instead, customers will find additional cashpoint machines inside the building from which they can draw out cash, plus extra immediate deposit machines to pay in cheques and banknotes (up to 50 of the latter at a time).
"Your usual staff will still be there and can help show you how to use the service points and answer any questions you may have," Lloyds says in a circular letter to customers delivered very recently.
At the Brigg branch it will no longer be possible to pay in coins or draw out more than £500 at a time. Ordering travel money will also cease.
The Wrawby Street branch will be closed while the inside is altered - planning permission having been granted by North Lincolnshire Council.
Another letter has been sent to local customers by Lloyds, introducing a new manager for the Brigg branch.
Strangely, despite giving five pages of information in its two letters to customers, Lloyds does not reveal the date when its Brigg branch will close to be made  'counter free'. Nor do its letters saw how long the work will take or whether the existing cashpoint will still be dishing out dosh while refurbishment is going on.
"Ask in branch for when this will happen," is as much as Lloyds says in its notes to customers.
Those who need banking services no longer available at the Brigg branch are being advised to visit the firm's outlets on Scunthorpe High Street and  Ashby town centre.
The forthcoming changes are creating great interest among Lloyds customers and even those who do not bank with this company.
Brigg Blog  first got an inkling this was going to happen after close study of the internal drawings that accompanied the planning application.
Most of those people with personal accounts won't see much difference if they are used to drawing notes by ATM. Indeed, with more of these being made available it should reduce waiting time for those wishing to get at their own money.
However, no longer being able to pay in coins will affect  small businesses paying in takings.
Once Lloyd's is converted, it will still have staff on duty in the building.
However, this change will leave Barclays as the only high street banking company still offering a counter service in Brigg.
HSBC and NatWest have closed their branches in the town, so many Lloyds customers will have a sense of relief that they still have a local outlet.
Following the installation, it will be interesting to see:

  • How 'counter free' is received by customers
  • Whether the time taken to withdraw a handful of notes (for housekeeping or beer-drink purposes) actually reduces
  • How many staff are on duty at various times of the day to assist Brigg customers.


Planning staff at North Lincolnshire Council are recommending that permission is granted to allow the historic grade two listed Nelthorpe Arms pub in Brigg town centre, pictured above, to be converted into three dwellings.
Applications for 'change of use' permission and listed building consent will be considered by North Lincolnshire Council's planning committee when it meets at Scunthorpe Civic Centre, off Ashby Road, on Wednesday, August 1, starting at 2pm.
Councillors sitting on the committee are not bound to go along with staff recommendations.
However, a report prepared by planning staff ahead of the meeting supports the proposed change of use from pub to housing proposed by Harriton Beracha Ltd.
The committee has been told there is significant public interest in this application within the Brigg Conservation Area.
A "significant number of objections" have been received, many feeling the town should not be losing another pub.
The council staff report says the issues "relevant to the determination" are:

  • The principle of the discontinuation of the public house
  • Flooding implications
  • Impacts upon the historic environment
  • Impacts upon amenity
But the report notes that the applicant has submitted financial information "which demonstrates that the PH (public house) has been running at a loss over the previous five years."
Therefore, it is considered that the applicant has demonstrated that there is no longer a need for the Nelthorpe Arms in any form of community use "whilst there is an acceptable level of alternative," the report says, in reference to Brigg having nine other town centre hostelries.
The conservation officer has been consulted  about the application and considers there is "some harm to the significance of the listed building by the loss of its use as an historic community building."
However, this officer also states that should the continued use of the Nelthorpe Arms as a public house not be considered viable, then the new use for residential conversion "has been well designed to respect the historic fabric of the building and its architectural features and the proposed alterations can be justified to achieve the long-term sustainability of the listed building."
Interested members of the public can attend Wednesday's meeting.

Other applications of local interest coming before the planning committee on August 1 include:

SCAWBY: Application for variation of condition of previous planning permission to  Monday to Friday  7.30am to 7pm, and Saturday  7.30am to 1pm. Construction hours for erecting the new Lincolnshire Co-operative store, land adjacent to 47 West Street. Scawby Parish Council objects, saying 7.30am is too early to commence  work on the site and suggests that to do so would result in noise and disturbance to neighbouring residential properties at an unsuitable time.

REDBOURNE: Outline application for residential development on Carr Lane (recent site visit made by members of the committee).

ELSHAM/BONBY: Planning application to vary condition of previous permission to alter the route of a proposed pipeline along Bonby Lane.

HIBALDSTOW: Planning application to vary a condition of previous permission to increase the processing tonnage from 35,000 tonnes to no more than 48,000 tonnes per annum of non-waste plant material, Biomass Facility, Hibaldstow Airfield, Redbourne Road.

KIRMINGTON: Outline application for a residential development of seven dwellings (with all matters reserved for subsequent approval) on land  to the rear of Kirmington Primary School, Main Street.

BARNETBY: Planning application to change the use of a grain store to mixed use comprising light industry (B1), general industry (B2), and storage and distribution (B8), Warehouse, Marsh Lane.

STURTON: Outline application to erect five detached dwellings (including demolition of existing nursery building) with all matters reserved for subsequent approval, Sturton Nurseries, Main Street.

BONBY: Application to erect extensions and undertake alterations to create a dormer bungalow together with the erection of a detached garage and workshop with accommodation above and a detached shed, Tree Tops, 26 Church Lane.



The Brigg Prostate Cancer Fundraising Group has been formed.
Brigg Rotary Club has been supportive with a £500 grant and Tesco let them undertake a collection which raised another £500.
The group now needs more helpers and individual donations.
Plenty of men have been affected by prostate cancer so there should be support.

Brigg Prostate Cancer Fundraising Group has been set up to support and raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK in the Brigg area.
The idea was the brainchild of local councillor and Deputy Mayor Coun Brian Parker and along with local residents Steve Pearce, David Brittain and Paul McCormick their aim is to heighten awareness in the wider community.
Their mission is to raise funds for ProstateCancer UK but as importantly to raise awareness and encourage more men to be more open about the condition and take the diagnostic tests. www.prostatecanceruk.org
Prostate cancer is one of the top causes of premature death amongst men and the development of advanced tests to diagnose the type of cancer and most appropriate treatment all takes money to fund research.
Research is vital if we are to be as successful as the breast cancer campaign that has radically changed the lives of women through screening and advances in diagnosis and treatment. We would like to think that a higher profile of this condition could have a similar effect for men.
Prostate cancer mainly affects men over 50 and your risk increases as you get older. Statistically, 1 in 8 men in the UK will get Prostate cancer at some point in their lives and it is important that the disease is diagnosed at an early stage to enable prompt and effective treatment to take place.
Top of Form
Prostate cancer is now the most common cancer in men with over 47,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – that's 129 men every day. It has overtaken breast cancer to become the third biggest killer.
Every 45 minutes one man dies from prostate cancer – that's more than 11,000 men every year, however, over 330,000 men are living with and after prostate cancer.
With high quality research, we can dramatically reduce the avoidable deaths and enable sufferers to return to active and productive lives.
Recent developments in treatment, detection and immune system therapy have been successful in some men but are only the start of work needed to combat this cancer.
Many men and family members will have contracted Prostate Cancer or know of others affected and we would welcome people registering with us to support the campaign and help us with events etc. as the fund raising gathers momentum.
Excellent advice can be gathered from the national organisation or the Scunthorpe group but they do not raise money locally. 

If you would like to support the drive towards earlier and better diagnosis and treatment then:
Please contact: Dave Brittain on 01652 652160 or email at dave41brittain@gmail.com
Follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/BriggPCFG/  where you will find a link to a Just Giving page for on-line donations.

PICTURED ABOVE: Mickey and David Brittain collecting donations from shoppers at the Tesco store in Brigg.

Paul McCormick, left, and Steve Pearce
FOUNDER GROUP: Left to right: Paul McCormick, Steve Pearce, Coun Brian Parker and David Brittain

The Reverend Canon Michael Silley and Coun Brian Parker

Sue and Steve Pearce

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Passengers waiting at Brigg railway station yesterday for trains that were running late can lodge claims for compensation.
We gather there were problems with signals in the Northorpe area, between Kirton in Lindsey and Gainsborough, which delayed Brigg Line trains operating between Sheffield and Cleethorpes.
If you have retained you ticket, you can register a claim by calling train operator Northern on 0800 200 60 60 (24-hour service).
Passenger trains only call at Brigg station on Saturdays - three running towards Sheffield and three to Grimsby and Cleethorpes.
Some months ago, Brigg Blog had a lengthy wait at our station for the first train of the day towards Barnetby - due to operating problems in Gainsborough - but the on-train staff were so helpful that we didn't lodge a claim for "compo."
We later posted details of an interesting day trip that started badly but ended well.
Travelling by train can have its compensations!


Brigg Town Cricket Club's next fixture in the Lincolnshire County Cricket League is coming up on Saturday (August 4).
Division four leaders Brigg will journey to play second-from-bottom Louth 3rds and will be hoping for another maximum 20-point haul.
Town were without a scheduled fixture yesterday (July 28) but second-placed East Halton had to be content with only five points when their home game failed to get under way as a result of wet conditions.
With five fixtures remaining, Town have a 59-point lead over the villagers.
Brigg have won nine and lost one of their nine division four games to date.
The club's next home game at Brigg Recreation Ground (pictured above) will be on Saturday, August 11, when Horncastle will be the visitors.


Scothern 118, Caistor 119 for five
Bracebridge Heath 2nds 214 for seven, Cherry Willingham 220 for three
Haxey v Market Rasen - cancelled due to wet conditions (5 pts awarded to each team)
Lindum 2nds 277, Alkborough 134
Messingham v Outcasts - cancelled due to wet conditions (5 pts awarded to each team)
Nettleham 160, Barton Town 32

Appleby-Frodingham 2nds 168 for nine, Holton-le-Clay 169 for no wicket
Scunthorpe Town 2nds 165, Cleethorpes 2nds 168 for three
Broughton 198 for seven, Louth 2nds 184 for eight from 34 overs - match abandoned
Market Rasen 2nds 203 for seven, Cherry Willingham 2nds 52

Normanby Park 203 for five, Hibaldstow 202
Old Lincolnians 157 for seven, Caistor 2nds 160 for eight
Outcasts 2nds 175 for eight, Hartsholme 2nds 176 for eight
Scothern 2nds v Holton-le-Clay 2nds - cancelled due to wet conditions (5 pts awarded to each team)

Alkborough 2nds v Lindum 3rds - cancelled due to wet conditions (5 pts awarded to each team)
Barton Town 2nds 125, Cleethorpes 4ths 127 for five
Broughton 2nds 96, Nettleham 2nds 97 for two
Messingham 2nds 158 for five, Clee Town Laportes 164 for four

Scunthorpe Town 3rds 117, Haxey 2nds 119 for four
East Halton v Horncastle  - cancelled due to wet conditions (5 pts awarded to each team)
Keelby 2nds v Louth 3rds  - cancelled due to wet conditions (5 pts awarded to each team)

Lindum 2nds v Bracebridge Heath 2nds


Alkborough v Caistor
Barton Town v Bracebridge Heath 2nds
Lindum 2nds v Cherry Willingham
Market Rasen v Nettleham
Outcasts v Haxey
Scothern v Messingham

Cherry Willingham 2nds v Hartsholme
Cleethorpes 2nds v Louth 2nds
Holton-le-Clay v Broughton
Scunthorpe Town 2nds v Market Rasen 2nds

Caistor 2nds v Normanby Park
Grimsby Town 2nds v Hibaldstow
Hartsholme 2nds v Old Lincolnians

Broughton 2nds v Barton Town 2nds
Messingham 2nds v Alkborough 2nds
Nettleham 2nds v Cleethorpes 4ths

Haxey 2nds v Alford 2nds
Louth 3rds v Brigg Town

Premier division games start at 1pm; matches in all other sections commence at 1.30pm.



Will the disused cashpoints at two now closed Brigg town centre banks be removed and these parts of the buildings be restored to how they were before the ATMs were installed?
That question was asked by Coun Jane Kitching during the July meeting of Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee in the Angel Suite.
The HSBC and NatWest branches, in the Market Place, have both closed, with their ATMs taken out of use.
The former banks occupy prominent locations within the conservation area.
No alternative use has been found for either - so far.
North Lincolnshire Council, as the local planning authority, oversees conservation areas and listed buildings.
Brigg's branch of HSBC closed in June 2017.
Natwest shut its Brigg premises in June 2018.
However, it has provided a community banker for the Brigg area to advise and assist customers.
More and more people these days are choosing to use internet banking, which does not require visits to traditional branches. Many bank premises are closing across the UK as a result.

PICTURED: Recent views of the disused NatWest and HSBC premises in Brigg Market Place, showing boarded-up former cashpoints.


Denis Laycock - a daily reader of Brigg Blog "to keep in touch with my home town" - was interested to see our post about Wrawby WI’s new recipe book and  hopes it sells well.
He suggests the Women's Institute is "treading a well-worn path". For Denis has a copy of an old  book (1937) called Recipes from Wrawby which contains recipes and household hints collected from WIs all over England.
He says it makes fascinating reading, not only because of the hints and recipes but also because it contains the names of contributors such as Z. Hett (president) E. A. Spilman (treasurer), Mrs Curtis, Miss Landers, Miss E Andrew (all Wrawby); Mrs Hubble (Brigg) and Mrs Drust (Scawby).
Denis adds: "The story of how I acquired the copy is quite interesting (well, to me it is!).
"It belonged to my wife’s grandma - a cockney who was living in Upminster, Essex, at the time of her death. She had been bombed out in the war, but the book had survived.
"I came across it when I helped to clear up her possessions with my wife and mother-in-law (both Londoners) following Mrs Warner’s death in 1972.
"So how had it ended up in the possession of a lady who had lived all her life in the London area?
"That we did not know, except that, at some time, she had been friendly with a member of the Cheeseman family from Brigg. It would have been discarded if I had not claimed it.
"The book is not rare - it turns up from time to time on ebay!
Denis kindly emailed these images which he feels may be of interest to followers of Brigg Blog.
In 2014, Brigg Blog featured Fascinating Memories of a Brigg Paper Boy by Denis Laycock. Refresh your memory by using this link...


Following on from our recent post about the refurbishment of the Monument war memorial in Brigg, here's an interesting 'find' from our family archive.
It shows the invitation extended to Sgt Charles Taylor, of Brigg, to attend a luncheon held only a few weeks after the Monument's dedication ceremony which took place on Sunday, June 15, 1919.
The Monument remembered 'the fallen' who gave their lives for their country, while the Brigg Peace Celebrations victory luncheon a few weeks later thanked those who served in the forces, survived the conflict and returned home.
It was held at the Angel Hotel on Saturday, July 19, 1919 "in honour of our heroes" by a grateful town during the era of Brigg Urban District Council.
Charles served with the Lincolnshire Regiment during the First World War and was wounded in action just a few days before his 21st birthday.
At that time he lived in Happy Land, off Bridge Street, and we also have a copy of an official letter sent to his mother to report the fact.
He was then recovering in hospital from a head wound and was subsequently able to return to active service, being demobbed in 1919.
Many other Brigg veterans were at this function 99 years ago, but is this the only invitation to survive?
Born in 1896 and considered too old for the army during the Second World War, he was a sergeant with Brigg's Home Guard. By then he was living on Hawthorn Avenue.
We have forwarded the above to Brigg Town Council, which today oversees the Monument and organises the annual Remembrance Day ceremony and parade.
Hopefully, next year will see an event held to commemorate the Monument's 100th anniversary and perhaps the Brigg Peace Celebrations victory luncheon.
Brigg no longer has the Angel Hotel where the original function was held, but we do have the Angel Suite community venue - fashioned from the hotel's former ballroom where the 1919 luncheon was probably hosted.
Brigg Urban District Council provided local government in Brigg from 1894 until 1974 when Brigg Town Council was formed.

Saturday, July 28, 2018



There's live music to enjoy at two Brigg town centre venues tonight (Saturday, July 28).
Singer Fin Muir will be performing rock, soul, pop and swing tunes at the Woolpack Hotel,  Market Place, from 8.30pm.
At Brigg Servicemen's Club, Coney Court, the duo 2 Smart will be singing songs from the 1960s through to the present day, starting from 8pm.


Brigg was not as badly hit as some areas of North Lincolnshire by  thunderstorms and heavy rain last night (Friday, July 27, 2018).
However, the North Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Festival, due to be held tomorrow (Sunday, July 29) has been postponed because of forecast high winds.
It will now be held on Sunday, September 30.

There has been some disruption on railway lines across the region.
People planning to catch passenger trains from Brigg today (Saturday) are being advised to check before they travel. Call Northern Rail on 0800 200 60 60.
After weeks of heat, the weather forecast for the weekend is for further rain.

Today (Saturday) authors  John and Valerie Holland, of Brigg, will be signing copies of their new book in Brigg’s Buttercross.

They will be at the Tourist Information Centre, in the Market Place, between 10.30am and 12.30pm, signing copies of their latest book, Images of Brigg… From Edwardian Times.
Visitors can bring along their own copy of the book, or buy one from the Tourist Information Centre, and speak to the couple about the history of the town.
The book – which is already flying off the shelves – is packed with never before published images of the historic town and gives readers a taste of a bygone Brigg.
It also includes a chapter on Brigg photographer, Walter Bee Robinson, who produced postcards of Brigg and the surrounding villages for his stationer’s shop on Wrawby Street.
Coun Rob Waltham, of Brigg, the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “I hope residents enjoy coming along to meet these fascinating local authors and discover more of our town’s history. John and Valerie are really well known in the Brigg area as eminent historians and have done so much to document Brigg’s rich heritage. It is a pleasure to host them in the town’s historic Buttercross.
“The book-signing coincides with the ever-popular Brigg Farmers’ Market, so visitors can stock up on local produce and support local farmers and food producers, too.”
John and Valerie Holland have also published Around Brigg, Around Brigg – Second Selection, Barton upon Humber, Scotter to Brigg, and Brigg County Primary School.
Brigg Tourist Information Centre offers a wide selection of local history books, as well as a range of gifts and handmade items.


Fewer people are visiting the Brigg Pop-In Centre following recent changes to bus services, the Town Council's July meeting was told.
The long-established facility for senior citizens, located on Cary Lane, caters for folk who pop in for a chat and a cuppa and is located very close to the town's main bus stop.
However, Coun Mike Campion told Monday's meeting that since recent changes to services, including those from some neighbouring villages, the Pop-in had "lost customers."
This view was supported by Coun Penny Smith, a volunteer, who suggested that some people had been "excluded".
Coun Rob Waltham - leader of North Lincolnshire Council as well as being a Town Councillor - said some changes had been made by those operating buses.
However, he pointed out that the  local Call Connect (dial-a-ride) service was really busy, while the internal Brigg Town bus service was carrying more people, with a request made for an additional stop.
Brigg Blog recently reported the launch of a new X-press service between between Brigg and Scunthorpe, along the A18.
Coupled with the familiar route through Broughton, this means buses running every half-hour for much of the day between the market and steel towns (except Saturdays).
During the Town Council's June meeting, Coun Campion made particular reference to buses coming to Brigg from the Ulceby and Wootton areas.


With Brigg Horse Fair 2018 coming up, a call has been made for urgent repairs to a broken tap close to the site on Station Road.
Coun Mike Campion called for action after being contacted by a concerned member of the public.
Coun Campion said the tap had been "spewing water" over the weekend.
As this might be "used extensively" to water livestock taken to Brigg Horse Fair, he asked for it be repaired or a replacement installed.
Coun Rob Waltham, the leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said he would take up the issue.
Brigg Horse Fair 2018 will take place on Saturday, August 4.

PICTURED ABOVE: A view of last year's horse fair, taken from the nearby railway station footbridge.


Brigg Town Council's recent decision to employ a handyperson is already paying off.
The authority's July meeting heard that areas of the town, including some alleyways, were being tidied up and overflowing litter bins empties.
Members of the public and councillors can report any issues they see, with a view to these being assessed and possibly assigned to the handyperson for action.

This is in addition to the street cleaning carried out by North Lincolnshire Council.
Meanwhile, efforts continue to form litter-picking groups involving members of the public and councillors clearing up parts of the town from time to time.
Volunteers are currently needed for some streets on the Springbank and St Helen's estates, Coun Sharon Riggall reported at the council's July meeting.
Those interested in giving up a few hours of their time should email enquiries@briggmarkettown.co.uk
Sadly, the Millennium Green, off Elwes Street, has suffered some incidents of anti-social behaviour.
Coun Carl Sherwood said the issue had been raised with the Brigg & Wolds Neighbourhood Action Team. This involves the police, councillors and other groups.

Friday, July 27, 2018


There's always great interest when the Lincolnshire-based Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster pay the Brigg area a visit.
A flypast involving all three is coming up on Sunday (July 29) at 3.10pm.
Brigg Heritage Centre and the town's Air Cadets will be involved in a heritage festival at Hibaldstow, which will feature these historic aircraft from the  Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, based at RAF Coningsby.
The North Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Festival will be held at Skydive Hibaldstow, which uses part of the World War Two airfield.
Supported by North Lincolnshire Council, Northern Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Forum and Skydive Hibaldstow, the festival will run from 10am to 5pm.
The event will celebrate eight airfields across Northern Lincolnshire and focus on the aviation history of the area.
The story of Northern Lincolnshire’s heritage from World War One to the present day will be told throughout the day.
There will be live music from Miss Marina Mae and the George Formby Experience, food, drink, charity and trade stalls and children’s activities.
You can also watch skydives taking place, see World War Two RAF living history displays and have a go in the Spitfire cockpit simulator.
Classic cars and wartime transport will be on display.
The Pennine Region Balloon Association is bringing tethered hot air balloons, and Brigg Air Cadets will be providing archery for visitors.
Hibaldstow Astronomical Society will be there promoting the science of astronomy with a display of telescopes.
Brigg Heritage Centre will be providing activities for children to make crafts, decorate paper aeroplanes, hot air balloon making and colouring.
The festival is free but any donations are welcomed.
All proceeds will go to the Northern Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Forum to help with the continued success of the festival.
A memorial ceremony will be held at 3.30pm.
As ever with these very precious planes, the flypast will depend on decent weather conditions prevailing on Sunday afternoon.


Leading lights on  North Lincolnshire Council say the authority is near to completing the switch over of all Brigg street lamps to LED bulbs.
This is revealed by Couns Rob Waltham, Nigel Sherwood and Carl Sherwood in the latest issue of the Brigg & Wolds Ward newsletter In Touch.
Coun Nigel says that 664 or 868 Brigg street lights have been installed to date, and points out that the new "lanterns" reduce energy consumption by between 50 per cent and 75 per cent when compared with the previous type of bulbs.
Conversion of lights is also continuing within the council's Brigg & Wolds Ward at Wrawby, Barnetby, Elsham and South Ferriby.
By the autumn, others will have gone in at Melton Ross, Worlaby, Bonby, Saxby-All-Saints and Horkstow.
We should perhaps make it clear to Brigg Blog followers that the In Touch newsletter is not a council publication. It  is "paid for by local donations."


The number of councillors serving on Brigg Town Council will be reduced from 19 to nine at the election to be held on Thursday, May 2 next year.
This follows a community governance review by North Lincolnshire Council, the local unitary authority.
At Brigg Town Council's latest monthly meeting (July 23, 2018) Coun Mike Campion noted that six current councillors had sent apologies for not attending.
Had this happened a year from now, he suggested, it would mean only three councillors being present - insufficient (under current rules) for proceedings to go ahead.
Due to the election, the then nine-strong Brigg Town Council will hold its next annual meeting in the Angel Suite on May 13, 2019.

Pictured above is Coun Brian Parker, Deputy Town Mayor, chairing his first monthly meeting of Brigg Town Council.
He was standing in for Town Mayor Coun Donald Campbell, who was unable to be present on Monday evening. Next to Coun Parker is the Town Clerk, Dinah Lilley.
Coun Parker passed on his congratulations to all those involved in Brigg in Bloom 2018, saying the town looked excellent with all its flowers.
Judges have now visited the town and Coun Sharon Riggall said she hoped Brigg would do well in a competition also entered in 2017. There had been a number of positives, including community group involvement.
No members of the public were present at the July council meeting and therefore no issues were raised during Public Question Time.
The agenda item Questions From Members saw Coun Ann Eardley complain about difficulties she had experienced in getting through to the police  by phone at weekends to raise some issues of concern in Brigg. Coun Rob Waltham offered to take this up with the force.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Outline plans to put housing on a well-known site in Brigg have found favour with the Town Council.
North Lincolnshire Council planners will now decide whether to grant outline permission for residential development on Glebe Road.
The site is  currently occupied by Brigg Kids Club and the plan is to demolish the existing building, with the pre-school moving to another location in the town.
Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee, meeting in the Angel Suite on Monday evening, raised no concerns over the outline application.
Chairman Coun Mike Storey explained that matters like parking provision would be looked at if a detailed planning application followed in due course.
Coun Jane Kitching pointed out that a very attractive housing development had already been provided nearby on Glebe Road. It was built on the former County Primary School site.
The area now occupied by the Kids Club was once the town's Co-op store, later becoming the HQ of electrical contractors Bowness & Gray.
Brigg Town Council has no objections to a single storey extension being erected at 6 East Parade, including demolition of an existing conservatory.
The intention is to remove an existing wooden structure and add an extension, alter the utility room and add a shower room.
North Lincolnshire Council will now consider whether to grant planning permission.
From time to time, Brigg Town Council exercises its right to consider applications in nearby villages and hamlets. This proved to be the case with one in Wressle.
Brigg Town Council has raised no objections to planning permission being granted for the retention of a wellsite and access track for the production of hydrocarbons, together with an extension of the site by 0.12 hectares for the installation of additional security facilities; site reconfiguration to facilitate the installation of a new impermeable membrane, French drain and surface water interceptor; construction of a new bund, tanker loader plinth and internal roadway system; installation of up to 2 additional groundwater monitoring boreholes and deepening of 3 existing groundwater monitoring boreholes; well operation; installation of production facilities and equipment; instillation of gas engine and electrical grid connection; oil and gas production for a temporary period of 15 years; and restoration to arable land.
North Lincolnshire Council will now rule on that application.

The above picture showing Glebe Road, Brigg, comes courtesy of Neil Stapleton.


A double boost for Brigg youngsters was announced by Coun Rob Waltham,  the leader of North Lincolnshire Council, when he delivered the monthly Brigg & Wolds Ward councillors' update to Brigg Town Council, on behalf of himself and colleagues Couns Carl and Nigel Sherwood.
Coun Rob announced free swimming  for youngsters at Ancholme Leisure Centre, Scawby Brook, and cheap travel for young people on the CallConnect dial-a-ride bus service.
Time constraints meant Coun Waltham could only give brief details at the meeting on Monday evening, but North Lincolnshire Council communications officer Chris O'Rourke has since furnished Brigg Blog with a full run-down of what's on offer.

Council to provide free swimming for children during summer holidays

To support positive activities for children and young people across the region, North Lincolnshire Council and Epworth Pool are once again this year providing free swimming for thousands of children across the area.
Throughout the school summer holidays, children aged 16 and under can swim for free during the ‘summer daze’ swimming sessions at council-run leisure centres and Epworth Pool.
Every year, the council provides free swimming sessions during the school summer holidays to those aged 16 and under. Last year, children and young people visited the council’s swimming pools 16,189 times.
Children can swim free at:

  • Ancholme Leisure Centre
  • The Pods (Scunthorpe)
  • Baysgarth Leisure Centre (Barton)
  • Riddings Pool (Scunthorpe)
  • Epworth Pool
Swimming supervision ratios apply and a wrist band system will be in place. The bands system guarantees a minimum of 40 minutes swimming time.
During ‘summer daze family’ sessions, all children must be accompanied in the pool by an adult.
Free swimming runs until Monday 3 September 2018.
Visit www.northlincs.gov.uk/swimming for further details and to view the pool programmes for each leisure centre.
Supported by North Lincolnshire Council Community Grant, Epworth Swimming Pool are also offering free swimming during the summer holidays, the pool programme for Epworth can be found by visiting www.epworthpool.co.uk/timetable
North Lincolnshire Council Positive Activities are a range of activities for young people to enjoy and take part in across sport, leisure, culture, arts, youth and heritage. These are planned for young people to learn new things and gain new skills, get active and stay well, build friendships and socialise with people with similar interests and most importantly - have fun!
To find out what other ‘Positive Activities’ are on offer for children during the summer holidays www.positiveactivities.co.uk
Cllr David Rose, cabinet member for Children, Families, Learning and Leisure, said:
“Swimming is an important skill that children should have and it is beneficial for them to start at a young age. It not only helps their development but makes sure they are safe in water.
“Over the past eight years, the council has provided free swimming sessions in the summer holidays for children under 16.
"Last year, children enjoyed 16,189 free swims at our leisure centres during the summer holidays worth around £42,000. This represents a huge investment.
"These sessions are always really popular and are a great way to keep children active and busy during their time off."

Call Connect
Are you 19 or under?
Travel on CallConnect for just £1 one way.
Meet friends, go shopping or travel to work.
Available: From Saturday 21 July to Saturday 1 September 2018.
Book now: 0345 263 8139.
Twitter: For all the latest savings, follow us @callconnectbus
On the web: www.northlincs.gov.uk/callconnect

The above picture shows Brigg's Couns Carl Sherwood, left, and Rob Waltham promoting the free swimming sessions available at Ancholme Leisure Centre. Image  supplied by North Lincolnshire Council.


Permission to build a new dwelling on the outskirts of Brigg has been refused by council planners.
The intention was to remove a building once used as a piggery and replace it with a dwelling/log cabin.
The application was for land adjacent to Roselyn, on Westrum Lane, Brigg - just over the county border.
However, West Lindsey District Council refused the application within its Kelsey Ward.
The council's reasons for refusal included:

  • The site being "in an unsustainable open countryside  location" and no justification, or evidence, being submitted to demonstrate that the proposed dwelling is essential to the effective operation of a rural operation.
  • The  proposal  would  by  virtue  of  its  scale  and  design  "create  a dominating  and  incongruous  feature  in  the  open  countryside  which  would not respect the landscape character and identity."
Anyone refused planning permission has the right to lodge an appeal against the decision if they wish to do so.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Brigg Garden Centre, off Bigby High Road, has been given the top rating for food hygiene following a routine inspection by West Lindsey District Council.
In the restaurant/cafe/canteen category, it has been awarded five stars - "very good."
The inspection was carried out on July 12, 2018.
Brigg Garden Centre, near the A1084, is beyond the county boundary, in Kettleby, and therefore rated by the neighbouring Gainsborough-based local authority.
North Lincolnshire Council recently undertook routine food hygiene inspections at premises in Brigg and Barnetby.
I Learn Education, Roselea, 2 Wesley Road, Brigg, was given five stars ("very good"). It provides day care and was inspected on July 13, 2018.
Mis B'z, 28 Victoria Road, Barnetby, was awarded five stars ("very good"). This is a sandwich and salad bar and was inspected on July 3, 2018.


A date has now been revealed for deciding the future use of historic Brigg town centre pub the Nelthorpe Arms.
In April, applications were submitted seeking planning permission and listed building consent to change the use of the Bridge Street building into three dwellings.
The pub closed in late May after a farewell party night hosted by the tenant at the end of his lease.
Since then, people interested in these applications have been awaiting decisions from North Lincolnshire Council, the local planning authority.
However, during the July meeting of Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee held on Monday this week, it was revealed that the Nelthorpe Arms applications will be considered on Wednesday, August 1 at the next meeting of North Lincolnshire Council's Planning Committee.
This meeting will take place at Scunthorpe Civic Centre, off Ashby Road, starting at 2pm, and is open to interested members of the public.
A number of letters of objection to the proposed change of use have been sent to North Lincolnshire Council by members of the public.
Options open to elected councillors from across the district who make up the planning committee include granting permission, refusing the applications or holding a site meeting prior to reaching decisions at a later date.
The owners of the Nelthorpe Arms say that it is no longer viable as a pub and stress they have put forward an option to secure future use of this building within the Brigg Conservation Area.

PICTURED ABOVE: A recent view of the Nelthorpe Arms in Brigg - following its closure as a pub.


When the monthly farmers' market and adjoining general market take place is Brigg town centre on Saturday, July 28, 2018 there will be a charity stall in evidence.
Local fundraisers have arranged an awareness day and collection for Pancreatic Cancer Action.
Spokesman Andrew Markham told Brigg Blog: "I would ask people to please visit our stall to learn more about this very aggressive type of cancer which has one of the lowest survival rates of any form of the disease.
"All proceeds will go to help with research and treatment of Pancreatic cancer."
Further information is available by calling 0788 0348 449 or visiting the website www.pancreaticcanceraction.org
Both markets are organised by North Lincolnshire Council, and our picture shows a previous year's July farmers' market.



Brigg Blog is always delighted to report on an additional team being formed to take part in local sport.  This is especially so when juniors are involved, as  youngsters are the future.
Barnetby Football Club secretary Lee Fielden, and members of the Under 9s team, are pictured here taking receipt of a donation from Ann Lowery, of the village's One Stop shop.
The shop - at the top of Silver Street, not far from the club's ground - ran a raffle and donation jars to raise £157 for the  junior side, which has recently been formed.
The team has taken its place in the Liberty Steel (formerly Caparo) Junior Football League.
Games will be played on Saturday mornings.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Players from the Hibaldstow, Brigg Town and Broughton clubs are included in the weekly honours list for top performances in the Lincolnshire County Cricket League over the weeekend - July 21 and 22, 2018.
The honours board has been compiled by league fixture secretary Glen Sands.

Aidan Jackson            ( Normanby Park  v  Scothern 2nds )        DIV TWO    98
George Butler            ( Scothern  v  Lindum 2nds )            PREMIER    95
Tom Palin            ( Barton 2nds  v  Messingham 2nds )    SUPP CUP    93 no
Mark Conyers            ( Scothern 2nds  v  Normanby Park )        DIV TWO    93
Will Bradford            ( Market Rasen  v  Messingham )        PREMIER    92
Rob Speight            ( Scothern 2nds  v  Normanby Park )        DIV TWO    91
Matthew Harris        ( Haxey  v  Barton Town )            PREMIER    88
Inderjeet Sandhu        ( Clee Town Lap  v  Alkborough 2nds )    DIV THREE    82
Paul Bassingthwaite        ( Old Lincolnians  v  Outcasts 2nds )        DIV TWO    78 no
Matthew Wooldridge        ( Hartsholme  v  Loutn 2nds )        DIV ONE    76
Josh Adlard            ( Cleethorpes 3rds  v  Caistor 2nds )        DIV TWO    72
Rory Ronaldson        ( Caistor Town  v  Outcasts )            PREMIER    71
Jack Thornton            ( Nettleham 2nds  v  Barton 2nds )        DIV THREE    70
Zubair Ahmed            ( Louth 3rds  v  East Halton )            DIV FOUR    68
Graham Wilson        ( Broughton  v  C Will'ham 2nds )        DIV ONE    66 no
Ben Young            ( Caistor 2nds  v  Cleethorpes 3rds )        DIV TWO    66 no
Tom Smith            ( Haxey  v  Barton Town )            PREMIER    66
Paul Sunley            ( Cleethorpes 2nds  v  HLC )            DIV ONE    65
Michael Hinchliffe        ( Barton 2nds  v  Nettleham 2nds )        DIV THREE    65
Jim Parker            ( Caistor Town  v  Messingham )        GM CUP    64 no
Matthew Thompson        ( Clee Town Lap  v  Alkborough 2nds )    DIV THREE    64
Liam Wood            ( Caistor Town  v  Messingham )        GM CUP    61 no
Ramesh Chand        ( Scunthorpe 2nds  v  App Frod 2nds )    DIV ONE    60
John Medler            ( Louth 2nds  v  Hartsholme )        DIV ONE    69
Craig Cosgrove        ( C Will'ham  v  Alkborough )        PREMIER    58 no
Craig Ross            ( Alkborough  v  C Will'ham )        PREMIER    58
Matthew Knights        ( Brace Heath 2nds  v  Nettleham )        PREMIER    57
Alex Jenkins            ( Hartsholme  v  Louth 2nds )        DIV ONE    57
Matthew Pottess        ( East Halton  v  Louth 3rds )            DIV FOUR    57
Bradley King            ( Outcasts  v  Caistor Town )            PREMIER    56 no
Daniel Bradley        ( Brigg Town  v  Keelby 2nds )        DIV FOUR    56 no
Robert Noble            ( Lindum 3rds  v  Messingham 2nds )    DIV THREE    56
Elliott Drinkell        ( Barton Town  v  Haxey )            PREMIER    53
Dan McCardell        ( Nettleham  v  Brace Heath 2nds )        PREMIER    53
Jon Begley            ( Lindum 3rds  v  Messingham 2nds )    DIV THREE    52
Ben Bramley            ( App Frod 2nds  v  Scunthorpe 2nds )    DIV ONE    51 no
Dean Jacklin            ( Louth 2nds  v  Hartsholme )        DIV ONE    51
Lewis Lovegrove        ( Horncastle  v  Alford 2nds )            DIV FOUR    51
Oliver Mussett        ( Barton 2nds  v  Messingham 2nds )    SUP CUP    50

Matty Owen            ( Cleethorpes 2nds  v  HLC )            DIV ONE    9 for 47
Jamie Lewis            ( Alford 2nds  v  Horncastle )            DIV FOUR    6 for 25
Danny Lea            ( Nettleham  v  Brace Heath 2nds )        DIV ONE    6 for 50
Ben Barrick            ( Caistor 2nds  v  Cleethorpes 3rds )        DIV TWO    5 for 7
Jordan Peters            ( Lindum 2nds  v  Scothern )            PREMIER    5 for 40
Sean Clixby            ( Broughton  v  C Will'ham 2nds )        DIV ONE    5 for 40
Tom Taylor            ( Hibaldstow  v  HLC 2nds )            DIV TWO    5 for 42
George Drewery        ( Messingham  v  Market Rasen )        PREMIER    5 for 45
Matthew Rutherford        ( Market Rasen  v  Messingham )        PREMIER    5 for 51
Lucas Waller            ( Barton 2nds  v  Nettleham 2nds )        DIV THREE    5 for 54
Ben Roebuck            ( C Will'ham  v  Alkborough )        PREMIER    5 for 69
Dave Elliott            ( Alkborough 2nds  v  Clee Town Lap )    DIV THREE     5 FOR 78


The Briggensians' Association 2018 summer sports reunion cricket match at Sir John Nelthope School in Brigg proved enjoyable.
A team of Old Boys played The School in a traditional fixture originally established in the 1920s when Brigg Grammar School was still providing secondary education.
Brigg Blog was very disappointed to have to decline an invitation to take part, as we had to be at a very important cricket league meeting elsewhere.

We are delighted to see this traditional fixture continue for another year.


We played the old boys cricket match - the first old boys' game on our new pitch.
The old boys - Nick Beacock, David Baggott, David Willey, Tony Beel, Paul Neal, Simon Dixon, Liam Redmond, Mark Dawson, Adam Dunderdale and Kieran Brooker - won the toss and put the young boys in to bat.
The young boys scored 59 in a total of 14 overs with a notable performance from the Year 7 student Matthew Oades, who scored 22 before being run out on the final ball of the innings.
The early wickets of George Thomas and Owen Dunderdale had gone for 1 and 4.
Captain Tom Donnelly scored 8 before being bowled by Baggott, Brett Howden scored 5 and a late cameo performance by Alex Smith, including 2 fours and a six, took the young boys to their total.
The old boys managed to reach their target in the 12th over.
David Baggott hit 3 sixes in gaining 19 before retirement. Tony Beel was run out without scoring by a very sharp throw from Owen Dunderdale.
Opener Dixon scored 12 in singles, Willey scored 4, Brooker (Caistor's first team captain) scored 14 and Redmond also scored a quick 14.
All those who turned up had a fantastic evening.
I would once again like to thank Brigg Biomass for the grant we received for the new pitch and the contribution made from the Briggensians' Association.
I would also like to thank Helen Annis for helping write the bid. 

PICTURED ABOVE: Old Boys' captain/team organiser Nick Beacock holding the trophy as David Baggott and Phil Dewfall show their support.