Monday, June 30, 2008


Improvements to Brigg's old cast iron pumps could be on the way, according to Town Mayor Coun Mike Campion.
In his new Mayoral Blog on the town council's My Space website, Coun Campion says how much he enjoyed the Dressing of the Pumps event, organised by Brigg Amateur Social Historians, when flowers were placed around the pumps on Bridge Street and Grammar School Road South.
"I was asked by Coun Penny Smith if we could 'do up' the actual pumps. I am sure the Town Council can sort this out. A coat of paint and plaque would work wonders. They are a feature we have hardly noticed for the last few years," says Coun Campion.
The street pumps provided water to Brigg households without a mains supply.
I seem to recall reading somewhere that they were still functioning into the 1950s. Can anyone confirm when they were taken out of commission? Presumably that would have been by Brigg Urban District Council.
The town council will need information to put on a plaque, so we will be delighted to pass details on to Coun Campion and his team. Either post a comment on this story now, or kindly email

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Coming up next month is the 30th anniversary of one of Brigg Town Cricket Club's greatest triumphs - winning the Broughton and District Evening League Cup.
At that time the competition had three divisions and Brigg were in the basement section, while Messingham, the side we beat in the final at Broughton's ground, were one of the top teams in division one. So it was a real giant-killing win.
Bob Goulby kept his nerve when the final delivery was bowled, effecting a run-out to secure our very unlikely win.
We returned to our then base, the White Horse, and put the magnificent silver Dinsdale Trophy on the bar to show landlord Tom Merriman, then noticed Brigg Town's name had been inscribed on the plinth 70 years earlier.
Having been strong from Victorian times, the cricket club fell by the wayside during the Second World War, being revived in 1973 by Brian Parker and Coun Bryan Robins, among others.
Initially, Saturday games were played in the Grimsby League, before gaining admission to the Lincolnshire League in 1976.
Our squad in 1977 included the Hunt brothers - Martin, Keith and Graham; that great all-rounder, Dave Foster; Allan Kemshall and Pete Kerridge (both still in Brigg); and bowler Bob Goulby, who worked at Brigg Sugar Factory and who produced the piece of fielding which secured the Broughton KO Cup.
The narrow dividing line between success and failure is demonstrated by the fact five runs was the greatest winning margin we enjoyed in that summer's cup competition.
Very exciting and very memorable!


Brigg is a popular meeting-up point for scooter enthusiasts.
And today another small convoy of them left town, heading off towards Scunthorpe.
The noise, smell, sound and look of the old scooters is a touch nostaglic. Even if you were more of a motorbike enthusiast.


The 'Sold' signs have gone up on the former lorry wash site, off Atherton Way.
It's very close to the town centre, just off Tesco roundabout, and (subject to planning) could be put to a lot of different uses.
Most Brigg folk know it as the current site for Dowse's funfair, when it comes to town.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Another strange Friday sight near The Monument - a bath on the path!
That follows the previous Friday incident where surgical gloves were scattered about the area.
The empty bath was outside the kitchen company's premises.
Unfortunately no birds were making us of it - feathered or otherwise!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Tomorrow (Saturday) don't forget to pop into the town centre for three free events worth seeing.
They are the monthly farmers' market, Ancholme Artists' exhibition (in the Angel Courtyard, off Market Place) and the town council's first wedding open day, in the Angel Suite. That's aimed at couples looking for a good reception venue for their big day.
If the weather is poor it should help generate more visitors for the other events, as folk look to get out of the rain.
Tomorrow afternoon a line-up of slow moving petrol protest lorries are due through town. They are setting off from Caistor at about 2pm, going through Brigg and heading for Junction 4 of the M180. Obvious congestion will be caused.
You have been warned!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Make a firm date next Tuesday (July 1) to pop down to the Angel Suite for the quarterly Brigg district policing meeting (7.30pm).
It's your chance to have your say on crime-related matters, or issues of road safety.
Many grumbles are overheard On Brigg Streets, so why not put them in person to Insp Brett Rutty and his team?
On-road parking is a real hot topic at the moment, so maybe some of the residents from 'clogged' streets will turn up to voice their concerns.
North Lincolnshire Council will be represented, and any issues raised will be reported back to the powers-that-be after the meeting.
If you don't feel comfortable raising issues at a public meeting, you can turn up at 6.30pm and speak to the police in confidence.
Insp Rutty will also be delivering his quarterly report, which will include the latest crime figures and trends.


A summer fair held on Saturday at Elmcroft, 1 St Helen's Road, Brigg, raised £90 for the Early Starters Under-Five Playgroup, despite the weather being far from ideal.
Thanks go to all who supported the event.


Brigg town councillors have raised no objections to extensions at 38 Glanford Road and 8 St Clare's Walk, which will now be considered by North Lincolnshire Council planners.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ken Harrison, from Wrawby, who is a welcome contributor of snippets to Brigg Blog (remember the Wilkinson rock writing?), had a letter published in the Scunthorpe Telegraph's Viewpoint page yesterday in which he accused Brigg on 'making the error of being inwardly-fixed'.
Although stressing he finds Brigg 'quite quaint' and a 'friendly, functional market town with an ambience of the past', Ken says he has always had a suspicion Brigg is 'rather insular' and 'smug in its own perceived reflection of itself'.
Ken is quite entitled to his opinion, and what he wrote set me reflecting on his conclusions. I immediately thought of Coun Ivor Strudwick, long-serving urban district, town and Humberside county councillor, who lived on St Helen's Road.
'Stud' loved the days when we had Brigg Urban District Council. Back then (pre-1974) the town really was insular, in the sense the little authority, whose elected members we all living and/or working in the community, controlled just about everything except fire, police and education. We didn't need, or get, much outside help.
If the tap in your council house needed attention, you told the rent collector and he would pass on a message, resulting in a man with his tools in a bag slung over the handlebars of his bike popping round to fix things.
About 1980 - just a few years after Brigg UDC had been phased out and Glanford Borough Council brought in through what was virtually a merger of the Brigg Urban and Brigg Rural authorities - members of Brigg Town Council were meeting to discuss plans to close the Corn Exchange.
The fine old building was high on the Glanford agenda for action, due to rising costs...and some might say (rightly or wrongly) because it was in Brigg!
Strud caused furore in the Glanford ranks when he took a swipe at the folk from villages and small towns surrounding Brigg who by then held sway on much of what went on in our community.
He made reference to 'the backwoodsmen of Glanford from places you have hardly ever heard of'.
This comment, perhaps, fits in with Ken's point: Brigg has a long history of providing retail and educational services to the surrounding small towns and villages, which means, for many things, our community does not need to venture beyond its own boundaries...Unlike people living a few miles from us who come to Brigg for shopping and other purposes (as Ken himself often does).
If that makes us insular, as Ken suggests, then I take that as a compliment, rather than a criticism. Brigg has a proud history of standing on its own two feet.
So this is one long-standing resident who is going to thank Ken for his very interesting letter, although not everyone may take kindly to what he's written in a thought-provoking letter to Viewpoint, which I enjoyed.
It certainly took me back down memory lane!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The ink wasn’t long dry on page two of yesterday’s Scunthorpe Telegraph when the colour archive picture of chalk-carrying barges in Brigg during the early 1970s prompted a phone call from a Barton man who reckoned he’s the chap on the deck.
Chris Horsfall, from Barton-Upon-Humber, said the boat directly behind the EcclesDavid was the Adlingfleet.
He was working at the time for Eccles Rivercraft, who spent two-and-a-half years shoring up the banks of the River Ancholme, between South Ferriby and Cadney bridge.
He was interested to learn the colour picture was taken in 1973 by keen amateur photographer Ken Fisher, father of the man behind Brigg Blog!
In case you were wondering, the picture was used to illustrate a story about barges, which are being suggested as a way of transporting straw to the proposed biomass plant at Scawby Brook.
Old workmates of Chris Horsfall can contact him on 01652 632609.
A full report of last night's public meeting on the Brigg biomass power station planning application will appear in tomorrow's Scunthorpe Telegraph, and on

Monday, June 23, 2008


These residents complaining about the plans for the Brigg Renewable Energy Plant, earmarked for the former sugar factory site, turned out en masse at the last meeting of Brigg Town Council's planning committee.
It remains to be seen how many appear tonight when the town council considers the issue in depth at its monthly meeting in the Angel Suite, the biomass plant being up for discussion at about 8pm.
See you there?

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Just followed a van down Barnard Avenue with Smith-Parkinson numberplates and a Smith-Parkinson sticker in the back window.
As the years mount since the firm closed its premises in the Market Place, such a sight will become rarer and rarer.
I never bought a car from their showrooms, not being a lover of Fords, but did use their servicing department a lot and always found them very helpful and courteous.
Now, of course, the old 'Smith Parky' building, famous for its metal roof, has been done up in style by Grimley Smith Associates.
When they come to dish out best building awards, this one must be a front-runner.


Brigg New Age Kurling Club has a session tomorrow (Monday 23rd) at St John's Church Hall, Bigby Street, from 1pm-3pm. No experience necessary - £1.50p per session.
Wednesday sees Fresh Start's Spanish sessions continue at Brigg Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue, from 10am-noon, the cost being £2 per session.
Brigg's Over-50s Club meets on Thursday at St John's Church Hall, from 1pm-3pm, the cost being just £1. And Thursday also sees circle dancing at Brigg Resource Centre, from 6.30pm-8pm, when you can have fun, learn new dances and make new friends - and all for £2!
For further information about any of these events contact Marilyn Demott, tel 01652 653384.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm just starting to compile news, views and pictures for the second issue of the glossy-covered Brigg magazine It will be out next month.
Given away free with the Scunthorpe Target, the debut issue introduced our website and Brigg Blog to a much wider audience, and was well received.
If you represent an organisation which has content you would like to see included, or you just want to have your say on a topic of Brigg interest, please forward contribution to me as soon as possible.
Post to Nigel Fisher, 4/5 Park Square, Laneham Street, Scunthorpe, DN15 6JH, fax to 01724 273101, or email or
Our picture shows Coun Michael Doherty (left) and Coun Mike Campion reading a copy of the first issue of the magazine.


Just an important reminder: Monday night sees Brigg Town Council's monthly meeting at the Angel Suite, when the major item discussed will be the proposed Brigg biomass power station at Scawby Brook, officially known as the Brigg Renewable Energy Plant.
The debate should get under way about 8pm - after the council's routine business has been concluded. Members of the public are welcome to attend, and will be allowed to speak and ask questions.
It remains to be seen whether North Lincolnshire Council (the planning authority) and Eco2 (the firm behind the plant) accept invitations to attend. Hopefully they will be represented.
Brigg households have been sent copies of EcoNews - a four-page information sheet giving the facts about the plant 'which hopes to introduce a new era of energy generation to your area'.
The newsletter says: "As a company, we believe in being transparent and answering any questions local residents may have about the project in a direct and open way."
The main objections from residents, particularly in Scawby Brook, refer to the lorry traffic involved in delivering to, and returning from, the plant, and the straw which might blow about. It is also being suggested the mini-roundabout near Fountain House, on Scawby Road, will be difficult to negotiate for lorries approaching from Castlethorpe Corner and having to turn right into Scawby Brook.
North Lincolnshire Council has yet to make a decision on the planning application.
Remember to keep in touch with the very latest on this issue via the Scunthorpe Telegraph, and Brigg Blog.
There's been a very surprising, and interesting, development, which we will be revealing shortly.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Anyone throw any light on a bizarre sighting in Brigg this morning, kindly reported by Terry Wells, who saw what he describes as a flurry of blue medical gloves littering the Monument.
"Do you know if there's a story to this?" he inquires. "Dr Jeckyl making a run to the Spar? Or perhaps pre-end of term japes?"
Got any ideas what went on?

Immediate and fast response within a minute of this story going up: We understand a fast response vehicle from Brigg was attending a call and the gloves were in a box on the roof when it set off.


Petrol is very much in the news at present, which set me thinking about times past in Brigg when we used to fill up at Sass's garage - now the site of the hand carwash, adjoining The Monument.
Some 30 years ago you could put a fiver's worth of three-star in your Mini and it would last you the best part of a week.
Back then, you could also get an attendant to come out and do the filling up for you!
Sass's also did servicing and sold BMW cars, like Minis and Marinas. And it was a sad day when, in the early 1980s, the family firm had to call it a day.
The Lincolnshire Times newspaper, based at 57 Wrawby Street, used to fill up its company vehicles - all three of them - at Sass's, where we had an account.
The firm was also a valued advertiser. So The Times lost out in several ways when Sass's ceased trading.
The buildings used by the company seem to have survived pretty much intact down the years, having seen quite a few uses, including (for a time in the early to mid-1980s) a video rental shop.


Expertise and knowledge from the now defunct Brigg and District Civic Society will not be be put to special use to help highlight problem areas in the town.
Some former officials indicated they were willing to help the council by identifying buildings which might affect the marks awarded to Brigg by judges in the best-kept town competition.
Coun Michael Doherty said the 'snagging list' produced by the society had always proved most useful in the past, and he thought it could still prove useful.
But the policy committee reached a different conclusion, deciding to politely decline the help of a regular inspection working party.
Coun Ben Nobbs said councillors regularly walked round the town 'with their eyes open'.
Coun Penny Smith added: "I don’t think it is necessary – we all do our bit."
And Coun Patrick Neal (pictured) warned: "You can go overboard with these things."

Thursday, June 19, 2008


The annual Briggensians' rounders match was played at Sir John Nelthorpe School.
Briggensians' secretary Barbara Kernon (pictured) reports: "It was a good game, and despite rain at the end everyone was keen to continue. A really friendly atmosphere, good batting and fielding with the School winning by 18-and-a-half rounders to 9. School seemed to know a new rule and kept sneaking an extra half rounder!"
The Briggensians' Association represents former pupils and staff of Sir John Nelthorpe School, Brigg Sixth Form College, Brigg Grammar School and Brigg Girls' High School. Various social events and reunions are held annually, including an annual dinner in the spring.
For further details visit

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Just returned from the first day of the Lincolnshire Show where Brigg's adopted son, Tom Wood, launched a brand new business venture, which we are delighted to be the first to report.
Tom's Highwood Brewery sold its first batch of bottled water - sparkling and still - produced from the Welbeck spring at Melton Ross which supplies his beer-making plant.
"It's an exclusive for you - it was only launched today," said Tom.
Bottles were being sold at his show stand, alongside Tom Wood's more usual tipples of the alcoholic variety.
Tom was instrumental in getting Brigg's ale house, the Yarborough Hunt, in Bridge Street, which closed in 1967, open again. And now it's a real ale drinker's paradise.
Now those who drop in at the Yarborough, and are driving, can switch from Tom's Wood's Bomber County to a bottle of Tom Wood's sparkling or still water.
The head man is pictured holding a bottle of both while perched on the Tom Wood's brewery dray at today's Lincolnshire Show.


A bird often in our part of town has a call like a rusty swing. Anyone else heard it? Starlings are supposed to be good at imitating sounds...unless, of course, it's an escaped parrot?


The central objection to the proposed Brigg biomass power plant seems to be the number of lorry movements it would generate, particularly through Scawby Brook.
How come no-one has spotted the obvious solution? The railway line running right past the old sugar factory site is currently being upgraded. So why not put in a couple of sidings and deliver some of the straw bales by train?
Brigg sugar factory used to have a rail link, and during the beet campaign a small signalbox nearby was brought into use by British Railways, specifically for that purpose.
Moving freight by rail is very eco-friendly, as huge tonnages can be shifted by one diesel loco.
What do you think?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Sunday's Brigg Blog posting about Kev Stapleton celebrating his 50th birthday brought back memories for another long-standing town resident, Gary Smith, the well-known cricketer.
Gary writes: "If my memory serves me correctly, Kev moved the short distance across the road to live in South View after the prefabs. I was also a 'prefab lad' and wonder how many Brigg residents started off in those prefabs, which were built as temporary accomodation. Can anybody also remember the name of the large dog that used to roam around there scaring us kids? At the time I thought it was a great dane but being so young it may have been a bit smaller."
To take Gary's points in order: Kev lived on the corner of South View Avenue and Atkinson Avenue, overlooking the playing field, where he used to join many of us for games of football and cricket.
The dog to which Gary refers could have been the infamous Bonzo, which was a very large Rhodesian ridgeback. While playing football, if we saw Bonzo in the distance we would shin up the metal fencing which bordered the recreation ground.
Anyone remember who owned Bonzo? And do you recall I'm An Urban Spaceman, the hit record by the Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band?


A summer fair will be held on Saturday (June 21) at Elmcroft, 1 St Helen's Road, Brigg (that's near the junction with Bigby Road), from 10am-noon.
Being held in aid of the Early Starters Under-Five Playgroup, it will feature face-painting, bric-a-brac, games and the sale of children's second-hand toys and clothes.
For further details phone (01652) 659877.


The dressing of the pumps event in Brigg was a big success last night, with garlands of flowers still visible on the pump beside the White Horse Inn, on Grammar School Road, this morning.
The event was organised by Brigg Amateur Social Historians, and we are eagerly awaiting the report and pictures supplied by Graham Austin, of Brigg Amateur Social Historians, who organised the special event.

Monday, June 16, 2008


test file after repairs


Fresh Start, serving the over-50s in Brigg, has a busy programme this week, further details being available from community development worker Marilyn Demott, who is based at Brigg Resource Centre, on Horstead Avenue. Tel (01652) 653384.
The opening Spanish session last Wednesday was well-attended, and there's another one this week.
Today, Monday: Brigg New Age Kurling Club, St John's Church Hall, Bigby Street, 1pm-3pm. Cost £1.50 per session.
Tomorrow, Tuesday: Crafters Batik with Charlotte, Brigg Resource Centre, 10am. Cost £2; Cook, Eat and Meet, Resource Centre, 2pm-4pm, gome along and enjoy a healthy afternoon tea, £2.
Wednesday: Spanish with Luisa, Brigg Resource Centre, 10am-noon, £2; Improvers' swimming, Ancholme Leisure Centre, 2pm-3pm.
Thursday: Over-50s Club, St John's Church Hall, Bigby Street, 1pm-3pm, £1. Fun and games.
Friday: Beginners' swimming, Ancholme Leisure Centre, 2pm-3pm.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Congratulations to Kev Stapleton on reaching the 50-year milestone, as revealed on a large banner currently displayed on the railings near Tesco roundabout.
Kev's another of the band of 'Prefab Lads' who grew up in temporary housing in Woodbine Grove during the 1950s and 1960s. And another still living in the Brigg area.


We are busy compiling an up-to-date list of Brigg-based organisations and societies for
It would be very helpful if your club could email details so we can ensure you are included and the contact's name, telephone number and email address are all correct.
Putting the list together set me thinking about the many organisations which have passed into history, some connected with well-known characters in the town.
There was the Brigg Branch of the Grimsby Town Supporters' Club, which ran buses to home matches at Blundell Park for many years, under the watchful eye of Sam Briggs.
Remember Bill Shakespeare's good work for Brigg TocH? Or did you spend time at Brigg Reading Room?
On the sporting front we have lost Brigg Amateurs Football Club (running three Saturday teams at one time), Brigg Royales, Black Bull FC, Ancholme Valley Royales and Bowness and Gray FC, while Brigg Sugar Factory Cricket Club was there before the Town club was re-established in 1974.
Then there are events which have gone, such as the shows staged by Brigg Horticultural Society, although it still continues to hold regular meetings.
Still, let's be positive. There are many Brigg organisations doing good work and staging events people in the town enjoy attending, and hope to do so for many years to come.
Having an entry in the events list on will help spread the word and publicise what you are about.
So if you are connected with a Brigg organisation, please email details of contacts (telephone, email) plus a brief outline of the aims/function of the group to


Some of us have lived in Brigg for many years but never managed to take a boat trip round The Island, or, better still, along the navigable length of the River Ancholme - to South Ferriby or Brandy Wharf/Bishopsbridge.
Many Brigg folk have long admired the line-up of expensive craft moored on the river and belonging to members of Glanford Boat Club. It must be great to take a leisurely trip up, or down, river on a hot summer's day.
Most of us will have to wait until the Lottery numbers come up to stand a chance of buying such a boat. But we can always dream.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


North Lincolnshire Council, as highways authority, has been alerted to road safety concerns about this stretch of Elwes Street, near the Old River Ancholme.
The trees and bushes are overgrown, making visibility very difficult for drivers.
One, who has asked not to be named, said she has had a couple of recent near-misses.
Stressing the bushes need to be cut back, she has written to Brigg Town Council.
I just wonder whether this overgrown area might come within the remit of the Environment Agency, as it is alongside Candley Beck, just where it flows into the River Ancholme.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Councils round the country have eagerly nominated their cemeteries in a prestigious national competition to decide the very best burial spots in the UK. But Brigg's, off Wrawby Road, has not been put forward by North Lincolnshire Council.
This has been the burial place for Brigg (and Wrawby) people going back to Victorian times, and there's now an extension in use, bordering on Holme Close.
Most of us down the years - going back to the days of the old Brigg Urban District Council, through the ownership of Glanford Borough Council and now the North Lincolnshire authority - have regarded it as a tastefully and well kept facility.
So why no nomination for Brigg in the National Cemetery of the Year Awards?
The helpful Barry Hutchinson, spokesman for North Lincolnshire Council's neighbourhood services, explained: "Whilst Brigg cemetery is much-loved and the council strives hard to maintain it to the highest standards, we do experience problems with the water table at times of heavy rain.
"Indeed we have had to restrict the number of double graves and ensure that sufficient space is left between single graves to avoid subsidence.
"Hence, knowing as we do the high standard that a cemetery must reach to win an award, we do not enter this particular cemetery. However, we are currently keeping our fingers crossed that Woodlands cemetery (Scunthorpe) becomes the third of our parks and open spaces to win a Green Flag award."
Now in its 11th year and organised by the Memorial Awareness Board (MAB), the National Cemetery of the Year Award is sponsored by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM), the Generation Network Inc (, Welters Organisation Worldwide, The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM), Assettrack, IFZW Maintenance Ltd, Deceased Online, Columbaria Company, Blue AV and George Squire & Sons Funeral Service.
It aims to encourage and reward high standards among the nation’s burial grounds, while highlighting the important role that cemeteries play within their local communities.
As well as providing area of tranquillity and reflection, burial grounds are a vital environmental, social and historical resource.
During the summer, judges will consider sites’ design, maintenance, facilities, appearance, level of customer care, environmental awareness, community involvement and choice of memorialisation.
Awards administrator Maria Jose Ovalle said: "Year after year these awards have grown in popularity throughout the bereavement services industry. Competition remains strong across all categories. However, we are thrilled to have received a record number of entries for the Pet Cemetery and Green Burial Site Awards – demonstrating the public’s increasing demand for memorial choice."
Winners will be announced on September 30.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


The relaunch of Brigg's Classic Health and Beauty, in the Market Place, and now under new ownership, was a good opportunity to introduce the many changes which have taken place.
There is now a coffee area and events board so, after enjoying a treatment, clients can have a cup of coffee while catching up on new 'specials' which are coming up.
The chairs offer not only toning, without the stress and impact to joints, but also help with blood circulation, arthritis, lupus pain, mobility and tension and also proven to help with MS and some stroke patients.
Maria, the in-house Beautician at Classic Health and Beauty, introduced a new range of natural, botanical facial products which have not been tested on animals and also some new treatments.
These included Thai massage, choco-beauty body treatments and Vitamin C thermal face masks.
Maria is also holding classes in skin care, body care and make-up for anyone who is new to skin care, or just needs to refresh their routine.
A new member to the team is Anne, who did a Restalyn demonstration. She will be on hand monthly to treat any problem areas clients feel they have and giving her advice on how to best treat particular areas.
Another new addition is Marina Elwes, who is going to be teaching children with dyslexia. Marina gave a small introduction to her techniques and another of her skills which is pschycosematic energetics, which is a first in the UK. This helps balance body, mind and soul.
Also going on were mini-health checks,performed by Kim, who is the Herbalist at Classic Health. She is also holding a herbal first-aid workshop for anyone interested. Very useful in an emergency.
Nutrition advice was on hand from Michelle our nutritionist and mini-demonstrations on chakra balancing, EFT and self-hypnosis were done by Geraldine, who is the clinical hypnotherapist.
Other demonstrations included, reiki, reflexology, and Indian head massage.
Colonic hydrotherapy is very popular and helps with depression, headaches, weight loss, IBS and constipation.
A spokeswoman said: "Everyone is welcome to come along for a coffee and a chat to see what is on offer at Classic Health and Beauty, have a free chair session and look out for electrolysis, now being done and to get ready for summer, a wedding or for a Treat look out for the Pamper Days!
For further details contact Christina Brodley. Email:

Pictured above at the Classic Health relaunch are, from the left: Clinical hypnotherapist Geraldine Donnachie, beautician Maria McDonald, receptionist Gill Holland, colonic hydrotherapist Kelly Raywood, herbalist Kim Baker, and owner Tina Brodley.


Brigg Town Cricket Club secured a 10-wicket 'whitewash' victory over Middle Rasen at the Recreation Ground, in their latest game in the West Wold Evening League.
The villagers set Brigg what seemed a daunting 134 to win, in just 13 eight-ball overs, but Town openers Lee Fielden and Gary Smith knocked off the required runs in quick time...without being parted.
Lee (pictured) finished on 81, and afterwards celebrated in time-honoured fashion in the bars at Brigg Town Football Club and the Nelthorpe Arms (Scanlon's).


Customers were delighted to be given free sweets at Wilkinson's new Brigg store, but some have been a little surprised by the writing inside the 'rock'. For it does not say WILKO but MIRKO.
Ken Harrison, from Wrawby, who has provided this photo, tells us an elderly gent, who only went into the Cary Lane outlet for a bottle of turps, suddenly found himself in possession of such a sweet.
He squinted at the confectionary and then asked his wife: "Why have they written Mirko on the inside?"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There's a meeting of the Brigg Town Council planning and environment committee tonight at the Angel Suite, off Market Place, at 7pm, which is open to the public.
As a story in today's Scunthorpe Telegraph explains, councillors will be noting the receipt of the planning application for the renewable energy plant at the former sugar factory site, in Scawby Brook. The matter is not listed for debate tonight. That will follow at a later date, full details to appear in the Scunthorpe Telegraph nearer the time.
Town councillors will also consider North Lincolnshire Council's application for outline planning permission for residential development off Atherton Way (as revealed in Tuesday's Brigg Extra page in the Scunthorpe Telegraph).
Councillors are then expected to exclude the press and public while considering the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment undertaken by Salford University for North and North East Lincolnshire Councils.


Watching the big TV screen in Brigg Town Football Club's Hawthorns HQ last night got me reflecting on how 'telly' used to be way back to the 1960s when supplier Ernie Taylor thrilled kids by arriving at their homes with a new set.
What did it matter to us the screen was tiny (by today’s standard), that it offered only grainy black and white pictures, and that there were just two stations on offer?
As children, much of our time was spent 'playing out' - and daytime TV was very limited, unless you liked the Woodentops. Mothers were also loathe to have youngsters indoors, under their feet.
We were very easy to please, in terms of viewing. Cartoons like Deputy Dog or Boss/Top Cat, Dixon of Dock Green, Blue Peter, and Saturday night’s late treat – The Avengers and Match of the Day.
There were also programmes made by Anglia TV – then our local station – including Romper Room. No, not some sort of explicit den the housemates on today’s Big Brother programme might like to try out, but a gentle offering for the very young and their mums.
TV reception 40 years ago in the Brigg area was often bad, especially in summer when the sound was interfered with by foreign stations, or so we were led to believe.
Now to return to Ernie Taylor. He had a shop halfway down Wrawby Street, roughly opposite Woolworth's.
His emporium also housed a decent supply of metal Dinky toys - at just the time Corgi was grabbing an increasing share of the market with its slicker models, some of which had turning wheels so you could steer the vehicle.
Ernie served on Brigg Urban District Council for some years, and later became a member of the newly-formed town council.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Much capital was made in the national press when only 16-20 Members of Parliament (out of well over 600 on the rolls) were caught on camera during an important House of Commons debate on knife-related crime.
The newspaper reports - dominated by pictures of an almost empty Chamber - were not politicial, drawing no distinction between those who failed to attend, be they Liberal, Labour or Tory. The finger was pointed at MPs generally.
Over in Brigg, you can often get that number of town councillors (with clerk, assistant and Mayor's Chaplain) attending a monthly meeting in the Angel Suite, merely to see the minutes of the different committees 'rubber-stamped' and approved, or to raise issues of concern, sometimes relating to crime.
If you can get Brigg town councillors out en masse to agree to send a letter to Insp Brett Rutty about youths drinking near the River Ancholme, you might reasonably expect a good turn-out of MPs to look at knife-related crime nationally.
The Home Secretary, who oversees all our police forces, is many rungs further up the ladder than Brett (pictured), but our police chief's small team seems (based on the above example) to be subject to greater scutiny by elected members.


You can start learning or brushing up on your Spanish tomorrow (Wednesday) at a session in Brigg being organised by Fresh Start. It's at the Resource Centre, off Horstead Avenue, from 10am to noon.
"Come along and have a conversation in Spanish with Luisa," the organisers say.
"Improve your Spanish, learn some useful phrases. Start from scratch. Brush up on your knowledge of Spain.
"These are going to be fun sessions for all. Best bit - no exams, just fun."
Other sessions will follow on Wednesdays throughout the month.
With many Brigg folk nipping over to Spain for holidays, they might well be saying "gracias" to Fresh Start once they get over to Benidorm and can use a bit of the local lingo in the shops and bars.
For further information on these sessions, which cost £2 a time, telephone Fresh Start's Brigg-based Marilyn Demott. Tel (01652) 653384.
Wednesday also sees an improvers' swimming session at the Ancholme Leisure Centre, from 2pm-3pm.
On Thursday (June 12) there's circle dancing at the Resource Centre, from 6.30pm to 8pm. "Have fun, learn new dances, make new friends," says Marilyn, who also has full details, if you wish to learn more before going along to the sessions, which again cost £2.
Thursday also sees the Over-50s' Club meeting at St John's Church Hall, in Bigby Street, from 1pm-3pm, for fun and games. The session costs £1.
On Friday (June 13) you are welcome to join the Fresh Start beginners' swimming sessions at Ancholme Leisure Centre, from 2pm-3pm. Marilyn once again has all the info you might need.

Monday, June 09, 2008


If you are one who likes to read the popular feature in some of the national newspapers, showing the engagements of the royal family, a new development by Brigg Town Council might appeal.
For on its MySpace website, the town council has started to upload the mayoral engagements of our new first citizen, Coun Mike Campion.
The technical work is being carried out by the Deputy Town Mayor, Coun James Truepenny.
The link is:

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Young people sometimes get a bad press, but only a small proportion pose any problems in Brigg. Indeed, sometimes you come across examples of very good citizenship from the under-21s.
The other day, in the off-licence in Spring's Parade, a young woman with a child asleep in its pushchair was having great difficulty manouvering her way out of the shop, after making her purchases.
Two young men jumped to her aid, gently lifting the buggy over a stack of beer cans, and taking it outside for her.
"That's our good deed done for the day," one of them said as they returned to the counter.
Nice one, lads! Let's hope it was caught on camera by the CCTV system.


Further to yesterday's post about Brigg Town Cricket Club facing a tough task to win their home game with Bransholme, our lads managed a very good victory, batting particularly well after tea.
Details will appear in my two-page cricket 'spread' in the Scunthorpe Telegraph on Thursday.


The temporary road laid from the A18, where Wrawby Road meets Churchill Avenue, across to South View, has now totally disappeared beneath a field of cereals.
The road was permitted so heavy lorries could reach a housing development, but the planners insisted it had to be returned to nature once the job was completed.
And that's just what has happened.
Brigg town councillors have long felt a permanent road along this same route would help relieve some of the traffic congestion on Grammar School Road - the only access to the Springbank housing estate.
But North Lincolnshire Council will not support the idea.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


A crowd of half-a-dozen turned up in the watery sunshine to watch Brigg Town first teamers take on Bransholme in this afternoon's game at the Recreation Ground.
More than the proverbial 'man and his dog' - and they saw some good cricket being played by the visitors before tea, and some excellent slow-medium bowling by Brigg's Jack Richards.
Brigg were left to make 192 to win - a big score. But Town comfortably topped 200 in a recent home game, so we shall have to wait and see.
Tuesday sees Town's midweek team in action at home to Middle Rasen (6pm).
Why not pop along and swell the crowd!


Somehow part of the fencing round the former Glebe Road school site in Brigg has been flattened, and people are now using it as a shortcut to the Preston Drive end of Hawthorn Avenue.
Nature has reclaimed much of the area and there are wild flowers and saplings sprouting up.
Keigar Homes acquired the site from North Lincolnshire Council and is now awaiting a decision on its planning application for a housing development.
Some residents have objected to the scheme, fearing extra traffic will be generated on roads which are already congested.
It remains to be seen how long it is before the fencing is repaired and the shortcut disappears.

Friday, June 06, 2008


We seem to have many fewer swifts in Brigg than we used to.
The other Saturday evening a few of the birds could be seen high up in the air above Central Square.
And, on Wednesday, about 8pm, one or two could be viewed from the Nelthorpe Arms beer garden, alongside the Old River Ancholme.
But nowhere near the numbers I remember, as a boy, growing up in the town, when the eaves of the council houses in Central Square and East Parade provided nesting sites for lots of swooping swifts.
Perhaps improvements to the houses have made things more difficult for the birds.
Anyone got any thoughts on the subject?

Please email

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Coun Jenny Bell (pictured), who chairs Brigg Town Council's policy committee, cycled from her home to the Angel Suite for last night's meeting. It was a lovely evening and she got there as quickly as the car-driving member of the press who had passed her in St Helen's Road but then had to contend with the traffic lights on Bigby Street (seemingly nothing coming down Elwes Street, but they were still on red!)
As regular readers of the Scunthorpe Telegraph, and our websites, will be aware, North Lincolnshire Council has just doubled the allowance paid to its members who bike to meetings, the payment now being 30p a mile. That's to encourage members to ditch the car, to help the environment and their own health.
Jenny, and other members of the Brigg authority, do not claim for travel to their own meetings...either by vehicle or bike.
Conservative Party stalwart and ex-Minister, Norman (now Lord) Tebbit, once famously implored people to get on their bikes, as his father had done while seeking work.
For future meetings I'm thinking of following the example set by Coun Bell and Lord Tebbit's dad.
But what mileage rate might our editor be prepared to pay?


The green wooden building on Cary Lane, which once housed Spelman's butcher's, has been taken down, the business having moved, some time ago, to a more conventional shop fronting on to the main Old Courts Road car park.
It used to be interesting to watch the head butcher arrive at the lock-up, early in the morning, and see the extensive preparations he went through, unlocking this and propping up that, to get the wooden structure ready for business.
Standing there, on a chilly morning, waiting for the bus to Scunthorpe to arrive, you will watch anything!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


TONIGHT (Wed June 4) Brigg Town Council’s policy committee meets in the Angel Suite lounge, off Market Place (7pm).
The meeting is open to the public but what many will see as the most interesting item, deciding the civic award 2008, will be discussed in secret.


There's no doubt about the main talking point in Brigg at present: It's the story in yesterday's (Tuesday's) Scunthorpe Telegraph (and on our websites) in which parent Vince Marshall, of Western Avenue, complains about the difficulties of carrying out the 'school road' by car to the new Brigg Primary in Atherton Way, via busy Grammar School Road.
More than 20 website responses have been far. Maybe such 'traffic' online meant one Brigg woman was unable to put her comments up. So she's asked Brigg Blog to come to the rescue...
Vicci Skinn says: "There have been many replies to his story online and I wanted to put this information on also but was unable to do so.
"On the day in question, year seven pupils were preparing to leave for a camping trip.
"This led to a number of parents choosing to take their children into school that day by car, parking in the school car park, blocking entry and exit for the buses.
"This left the buses with nowhere to go. It was unfortunate, but a one-off.
"Thankfully there was no need for an emergency vehicle to have to go down Grammar School Road. I would appreciate it greatly if you could inform people of this news."
Vicci describes herself as "a mum who also has to do the school run but walks. It’s a lot easier than driving, even in the rain!"
Our picture shows Vince Marshall with son Liam.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Brigg Town Cricket Club's West Wold Evening League match with Owmby tonight has been cancelled, due to the very wet conditions.


Scunthorpe Telegraph sports editor Bob Steels delivers a talk on the history of Scunthorpe United Football Club tonight (Tuesday) at the monthly meeting of Brigg Amateur Social Historians in the Servicemen's Club, off Coney Court (8pm).
Bob is an authority on the subject and has covered the affairs of the Iron week in, week out more more years than he, or I, would care to remember.
With many Iron fans living in Brigg, it should be a night to remember.
Admission is free. So go along and offer Bob - pictured - your support!


Brigg suffered some flooding last summer during the torrential downpours, and the Environment Agency is taking no chances this time, issuing an overnight weather warning. Officials say people in Lincolnshire are advised to keep a close eye on the local situation. Here's the full text:

People in the Eastern counties, and Lincolnshire, should keep a close eye on water levels in their area if we get the heavy downpours forecast by the Met office to hit tonight (June 2/3). The Environment Agency is concerned that rain could cause flooding from rivers and/ or surface water flooding in the Eastern counties and Lincolnshire.
The Environment Agency is closely monitoring the situation round the clock and will issue flood warnings for river catchments as necessary. Flood warnings can not be issued for surface water flooding but information is available from the Environment Agency on what to do before, during and after a flood. Please act on any flood warnings issued.
Harvey Bradshaw, Environment Agency regional director, said: "The heavy downpours forecast could cause surface water flooding and flooding from rivers. Now is the time for people to check they are prepared in case of flooding and to keep a close eye on their local situation."
To find out how you can prepare for flooding, call Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or visit the Environment Agency web site at
Flood warnings are updated every 15 minutes on the Environment Agency website at which also contains lots of help and advice on how to prepare for flooding.

Helpful advice has also been issued:

What to do when you Hear a Flood Warning

* Watch/listen out for warnings on or radio and TV and phone Floodline on 0845 988 1188 for more information.
* Move pets, vehicles, valuables and other items to safety.
* Alert your neighbours, particularly the elderly.
* Put sandbags or flood boards in place - but make sure your property is ventilated. Plug sinks/baths.
* Be ready to turn off gas and electricity (get help if needed). Unplug electrical items and move them upstairs if possible.
* Co-operate with emergency services and local authorities - you may be evacuated to a rest centre.
* Do as much as you can in daylight. Doing anything in the dark will be a lot harder, especially if the electricity fails.

Stay Safe in a Flood
* Visit and/or listen to the local news and to the emergency services who will advise if evacuation is necessary and check on elderly relatives and make sure they are OK.
* Floods can kill. Don't try to walk or drive through floodwater - six inches of fast flowing water can knock you over and two feet of water will float your car. Manhole covers may have come off and there may be other hazards you can’t see.
* Never try to swim through fast flowing water - you may get swept away or be struck by an object in the water.
* Don't walk on sea defences, riverbanks or cross river bridges if possible - they may collapse in extreme situations or you may be swept off by large waves. Beware of stones and pebbles being thrown up by waves.



Several times in recent weeks I've managed to miss the opportunity for an amusing picture, near The Monument, due to being in the car, or simply not having the faithful digital camera to hand.
An advertising board has been propped up near the roundabout, alerting customers to a nearby business on the junction of Bigby Street and Princes Street.
However, viewed from many angles, people might think the Brigg Beds sign was pointing the way to...The Tintabs.
Where, of course, some Brigg residents have been known to bed down while sleeping off the effects of too much of the old amber nectar!


A meeting of Brigg's Millennium Green trustees will be held tonight (Tuesday) on the Green in Elwes Street – or at the Nelthorpe Arms, in Bridge Street, if the weather is bad.
Things had better fair up quickly, then!


Overheard on Brigg streets by Ken Harrison, near Poundstretcher, while two men were nattering: "Yeah, I keep reading about him. He's often mentioned in the obituries!"

Monday, June 02, 2008


Sometimes it's easy to overlook gems on your own doorstep. And it's a fair bet many Brigg people have never visited Wrawby Post Mill. Or have not been for some time.
If either of these applies to you, open days at the restored mill will be held on
Sunday,June 29; Sunday, July 27, and Monday, August 25. Opening hours will be 2pm-5pm, and the cost is adults £1 and children 50p.


At weekends it is usual to find Sargent's ice-cream van parked up in the Riverside Surgery car park, off Barnard Avenue.
People were gathered, one sunny afternoon, with their, singles, doubles and 99-ers, obviously enjoying their treats, when a woman approached the man in the van and inquired: "Do you sell ice-cream?"
Our thanks to Brigg Blog reader Ken Harrison for that one!


Brigg Town Council is holding a wedding open day at its Angel Suite venue, off Market Place, on Saturday, June 28 (10.30am to 4pm).
This will help get over the message the Suite can be hired for wedding receptions.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Several interesting topics were raised by Brigg resident Gordon Johnson at a meeting of the town's neighbourhood policing panel.
He called for alterations to the traffic light-controlled junction between Barnard Avenue and Old Courts Road.
Gordon thought an extra lane might help ease congestion.
Roy Hindmarsh, of North Lincolnshire Council, said they would have a look at the issue.
Mr Johnson also said he was disappointed by the number of people who chose not to use the cycle path provided on Wrawby Road.
"They can’t be bothered to cross the road," he complained.
Mr Johnson’s third point concerned old-fashioned ‘Q Cars’ – unmarked police vehicles he thought would make it easier for police to catch offenders.
Insp Betty Rutty, head of rural policing, said ‘Q Cars’ had not been ‘done away with’ and could still be called upon.


Brigg Town Cricket Club's first team match today in the East Yorkshire Alliance division three was called off this morning, due to a waterlogged pitch.
Disappointing news for the Brigg lads, who are having a good first season in this competition.