Wednesday, February 10, 2021



New town houses and apartments are planned for Brigg on a site near the A18.

North Lincolnshire Council has received a planning application relating to 15 Bridge Street - the base of Dean Wray Carpets Ltd, pictured here.
Permission is being sought to erect 2 dwellings, 2 two-storey apartments with new undercroft access, landscape parking, a single-storey extension to the retail shop with store, and an amended loading bay.
Demolition of redundant and abandoned yard buildings is included in the proposal.
The current use of the site, which backs onto Engine Street, is described as a parking and service yard to the rear of the carpet shop.
The town houses will each have two bedrooms, as will the flats/maisonettes. Nine parking spaces are indicated on the plans.
A consultants' flood risk assessment report, submitted with the application, says: "There are three records of historic flooding occurring within the vicinity of the site, none of which are recorded as having impacted the site itself.
"The Environment Agency long term surface water flood maps indicate that an area of low-medium risk exists on Bridge Street (adjacent to the site boundary), however this should be adequately mitigated by an existing highway drainage system."
North Lincolnshire Council is now considering this application, and Brigg Town Council will be consulted as part of the planning process. Note that the adjoining car sales area does NOT form part of the proposed development site.