Saturday, February 20, 2021


Brigg Blog recently heard on the grapevine about a company from Barton delivering soft drinks to our town in the traditional manner, using returnable glass bottles rather than the plastic varieties stocked by so many shops and other outlets today.
Then we spotted a social media post saying that Dandy's Treats would be delivering in Brigg at 7pm the other evening. Dandy's washes its glass bottles for further use, just as Brigg-based Laws did decades ago.
Back in the 1960s we recall a real highlight of the week came on Monday evenings when a lorry from the the town's  Laws (Lindsey Aerated Water Supply) factory near the riverside picked up our empty 'pop' bottles from the doorstep and dropped off a couple of full and fizzy replacements.
Green-minded Dandy's explains: "As a social objective we want to reduce the reliance on single use plastics." It offers 'Retro Fizzy Pop in Glass Bottles' (regular and diet varieties).
A glance through the flavours on offer confirmed that the timeless favourite Dandelion & Burdock is among many flavours available.
Pop from Dandy's costs £1.30p a bottle. Pay online at the time of ordering with your card online or pay cash or by card at your door when the drinks are delivered. Email
In the late 1960s you could still buy Brigg 'pop' made by White's - a family concern off Elwes Street. Among its outlets was the small shop at Brigg Recreation Ground, attached to the groundsman's house.
Decades later it was decided to name a new cul-de-sac housing development in this part of town The Bottlings - a fitting choice.

PICTURED: Some of the Dandy's Treats soft drinks, a 1960s advert from Laws after it teamed up with Davenports to offer drink-at-home beer deliveries to local households, and The Bottlings sign on Elwes Street, Brigg.