Monday, February 08, 2021


Tesco has been giving its Brigg store a little makeover in recent weeks, with exterior cleaning and repainting among work carried out. This accompanied the temporary closure of the company's petrol station near the A18 for refurbishment which has now reopened.
Tesco's purpose-built Barnard Avenue store welcomed its first Brigg customers back on January 18, 1999.
Some of us still miss its cafe, sited near the entrance, which was subsequently removed to provide additional retail space. However, many of the store eatery's customers used to make a cuppa last a long time - a fact that rather speaks for itself in terms of business!
Bakers Oven, on Wrawby Street, also came and went - removing the opportunity to pop in for a bacon buttie, pie, breakfast or cake in pleasant surroundings.
However, on the plus side, Brigg has since welcomed Shipley's CuriosiTeas and Costa Coffee.

A new year having arrived, we wonder whether there are any plans in the pipeline to do something in 2021 with the large shed adjoining the Tesco and B&M store car parks. The former vehicle accident repair centre has been disused for many years. Seen below is a recent view of the building taken from the Ancholme Way Bridge. Inquiries about the shed are under way.