Friday, February 19, 2021


Latest monthly crime figures for Brigg have now been supplied to Brigg Blog by Humberside Police.
The good news is there has been a reduction in the total number of offences.
During December 2020 these crime 'stats' show 84 offences were recorded - a reduction of five when compared with November.
The break-down of town crime appears in the chart below, furnished by the force.
Please note that there have been some issues with posting the latest crime figures on the national website through which they are usually made public, accompanied by a map giving the option to locate particular incidents.
However, prior to normal service being resumed, the Humberside force has furnished us with the stats. This is appreciated, allowing us to continue our run of monthly posts outlining the town crime statistics.
We should stress that, for many years, has generated stats every month without any issues arising - a useful public service.
Once detailed figures for December appear online, it will be possible to locate any possible crime 'hot spots' in Brigg.


PICTURED ABOVE: The entrance to the enquiry office at Brigg police station, off Barnard Avenue.


 The breakdown of Brigg Town crime statistics for December 2020.