Thursday, February 11, 2021


Litter is still being dropped in Brigg, despite £150 penalties currently applying as part of a welcome clampdown by North Lincolnshire Council. The battle against litter and dog fouling is a never ending one, it seems.
North Lincolnshire Council and the Brigg town authority have provided additional bins at various locations, but it really needs people to take responsibility for their actions, including pet owners.
Following our post just a few days ago about litter accumulations and dog fouling of grass at the Recreation Ground, we've been sent pictures highlighting similar problems near the railway station, where items have been discarded and a dog bin adjoining Holland Park left "broken" and in need of repair or replacement. So-called fly-tipping has long been a problem near the station, particularly adjoining the auction shed (not currently in use).
We are informed that these matters have now been drawn to North Lincolnshire Council's attention - this being local authority-owned land and not Network Rail's.
In November the unitary council announced that it was engaging in a crackdown on what it called litter louts and dog foulers.
"Patrols are now in operation across the county and anyone caught dropping, throwing or depositing litter and leaving it on the ground will find themselves hit with a fixed penalty notice," the council warned.
"The scheme is designed to stamp out littering and dog fouling."
Brigg's Coun Rob Waltham, as the Leader, told NCL's website: “We are taking an even tougher stance on environmental crime. We have a zero-tolerance policy to those people who drop waste on the ground for someone else to collect.
“Residents have voiced their increasing concerns about litter and this new campaign is a real statement of intent; dropping litter and failing to clean up after your dog is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated across our communities."
Hard-hitting signs have been erected across North Lincolnshire to get the message across.
NLC warned that £150 penalties for litter louts would apply as part of its environmental crime crackdown.
This initiative was mentioned during Brigg Town Council's latest meeting, although no figures were available to show the number of penalties handed out in Brigg as a result. Litter clean-ups continue to be carried out across the town by our local councils.