Sunday, February 07, 2021


A well-known company will be working in Brigg as part of its programme to deliver ultra-fast full-fibre broadband, known as Lightstream, to our area.
The Hull-based KCOM Group has contacted Brigg Town Council about its plans and will have the opportunity to introduce itself to councillors at a future meeting.
Fittingly, this will be achieved in 'virtual' style using the internet, which is how all council meetings have to be conducted at present during to the Coronavirus emergency.
Meanwhile, KCOM has used traditional letters to inform some Brigg households that it will be carrying out engineering work on their streets - part of the project to deliver Lightstream locally.
"As well as providing extra network capacity which is now in unprecedented demand, the infrastructure we're installing will ensure a back-up for existing broadband services at a time when it's more importnt than ever for people to stay connected with family, friends and work," KCOM says.
The company adds that the work being done will not interfere in any way with any existing broadband or mobile services "as it is a completely separate network and does not share any infrastructure or technology."
To lay its full-fibre broadband network, KCOM engineers "will need to dig up parts of the street which may include pavements, grass verges and roads."
However, it assures residents that it will do everything it can to minimise disruption.
KCOM says people can discover more about when Lightstream will be available to order in our area by visiting
Lightstream broadband details appear on KCOM's website - follow this link...