Saturday, February 20, 2021


These pictures show roadworks continuing on the A18 in Brigg yesterday (February 19), causing delays for some motorists.
The location is near the junction between Wrawby Road and East Parade, with three-way temporary traffic lights controlling traffic.
Workers on behalf of Cadent, the gas network company, started work on Thursday, and an entry on the national website which records major roadworks suggests this work in Brigg may continue until late evening on Wednesday, February 24. However, it could be completed before then.
A 'gas escape' prompted these roadworks - clearly essential task, given the circumstances.
Please note if you are a pedestrian, jogger or dog-exerciser that one of the footpaths adjoining the roadworks has been closed; we had to pick our way through vehicles that were queueing at a red light to cross Wrawby Road. So take care.
If you are approaching on foot from Churchill Avenue, use the crossing point/island near its junction with the A18.