Tuesday, February 09, 2021


Anti-social litter-dropping and dog fouling are causing concern at Brigg Recreation Ground, off Wrawby Road. A call has now been made for North Lincolnshire Council to install a CCTV camera to keep an eye on things. This would also act as a deterrent.
A community-minded Brigg resident has drawn attention to the fact that some people are litter-dropping at the Rec, while others are failing to clean up properly after their dogs while exercising them on the facility off Wrawby Road.
Our informant, who has been undertaking litter-picks herself once or twice a week, says: "There are some 'visitors' who are leaving their rubbish - takeaways, cans, bottles, cigarette packets, lighters, legal highs. Also, I spoke to a man who said that dog dirt on the pitches has increased significantly. I find poop bags around the place, too."
Over the weekend when she took some pictures to support these observations there was also broken glass evident near the entry gate - "not good for dog walkers and children." Also present was litter relating to a takeaway meal, apparently purchased far away in Cleethorpes!
She contacted us to suggest a reminder is in order for Rec ground visitors, via our Blog.
The police have been informed of concerns about the sportsground, and our correspondent suggests: "It would be good if the council would put a camera, even a temporary one, near the tennis courts end or refuse compound."
Extra litter bin provision was made in this area by the council some months ago, so there's no excuse for discarding items on the grass or the nearby car park.
Dog fouling is not a new problem here. Brigg hockey teams we were involved with decades ago used to delegate someone with a shovel to remove offending lumps from grass pitches before matches. Town cricketers would also check the boundary near the tall poplar trees on the Wrawby side of the Rec where many doggie 'deposits' were left.
Thankfully, the all-weather floodlit all-weather hockey pitch provided in recent years is fenced off, with the entry gate kept locked when not in use.


PICTURED: Some of the litter discarded recently at Brigg Recreation Ground.