Monday, October 07, 2019


The packet boat service between Brigg and Hull is remembered in a new book.
People could board it near our town centre and ride down the River Ancholme and across the mighty Humber to Hull.
Pleasure-seekers, shoppers and market traders supported this service which we believe also transported goods and produce.
Those days, in the 19th century, are mentioned in the impressive new book Hull to Hornsea & Withernsea Plus The Spurn Head Railway.
The Hull to Brigg boat service ran daily, at about 3pm from Hull, except Sundays - regarded as the day of rest.
The new railway book includes an extract from the famous Bradshaw's Guide, featuring 17 ferry/packets that ran from Hull to places as far away as Edinburgh, Antwerp and Rotterdam.
Closer to home, cross-Humber services ran to and from New Holland, Barton and Grimsby.
The lavishly-illustrated Hull and district book (hardback) costs £18.95p.
Authors Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith, and Middleton Press's design team, have established an impressive format for this series of railway-related books.
They include well-chosen images from many sources, informative captions, maps, timetables, tickets, route gradient diagrams and old advertisements for railway-related hotels (temperance and licensed!).
Contact the publishers at Eastbourne Lane, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9AZ. Call 01730 813169, email or visit
Several other books in the series have featured railways in northern Lincolnshire.
Brigg Blog has reviewed them, and they are still in print.
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Ken Harrison said...

Can't see how there was a regular return service from Hull at 3pm, Nige.
For example, vessels can only access the South Ferriby Sluice lock 2, or 3 hours either side of high tide. As high/low tides times vary daily, (circa every 12.5 hrs) statically it would be less than a 50 percent chance of any boat gaining immediate access to the Ancholme.


Double-checked in the book, Ken. Bradshaws extract shows 'about 3pm' in long list of 'Hull Sailings'.

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