Thursday, August 04, 2022


The old sporting saying "It's not winning that matters, it's the taking part" came to mind at the Recreation Ground last weekend as Brigg Town Cricket Club suffered a heavy and rapid Lincolnshire League defeat against Scunthorpe Town 3rds after posting one of the club's lowest-ever totals - just 23 runs.
The 'glass half full or glass half empty' phrase also applies, together with 'there's always next week..."
Cricketers who've just endured an unsuccessful game can approach the following fixture in the hope it is going to produce career best batting or bowling performances. Or, for wicketkeepers, a personal best in terms of dismissals.
Brigg's Harry Cawkwell was still able to stump up enthusiasm for the summer sport following last Saturday's defeat (see picture above).
Scunthorpe, who play all their home fixtures in Hibaldstow, only needed to employ two bowlers on this occasion, and the extract from the scorebook (seen above) shows their very impressive figures.
The visitors stationed a number of fielders near the bat (see picture above) but only one catch was required in taking all 10 wickets - the other Brigg batsmen being bowled or (in Harry's case) trapped leg before wicket.
Saturday's match at Brigg Rec was completed long before the Brigg Town v Campion football match kicked off at 3pm at the nearby EC Surfacing Stadium.
In the past, Brigg Town's cricketers have inflicted some very low scores on opposing teams from time to time, we should stress.
There was a Sunday trip to Scotter who made 20-or-so - Mark Dunderdale doing most of the damage for Brigg with his left-arm seamers.
Mark will still remember his bowling figures and perhaps also the exact team total so we can confirm it.
Back in the 1970s and 1980s, if there was a very quick finish due to a low team total, 'beer matches' were sometimes played.
It was usual for batting orders to be reversed, with the tail-enders going in first.
The aim was to fill in time until the pubs opened.
Licensing requirements were more restrictive back then with 7pm a typical opening time at weekends.