Thursday, August 04, 2022


PREVIEW: Brigg Horse Fair 2022 will be held in the North Lincolnshire market town at DN20 8HX on Friday August 5

Brigg Horse Fair 2022 will be held tomorrow - Friday, August 5 - on land adjoining the railway station at DN20 8HX. This is the traditional date used for the annual event.
Some horse fairs across England have 'died out' in recent years, but Brigg's has managed to keep going.
Many spectators will be at Friday's free-to-attend historic fair from 9am through to the afternoon, featuring horses being shown to prospective buyers.
Members of the gypsy & traveller community have been arriving in Brigg and parking their vehicles and caravans on the site over the past couple of weeks.
Stalls selling horse-related items have become a feature in recent years, together with refreshment outlets.
Spectators visiting tomorrow's fair need to be vigilant to ensure everyone's safety; horses will be 'trotted' at some speed along Station Road and across the site adjoining the station.
Motorists need to be aware that some horse-drawn traps are likely to be driven along streets near Station Road on Friday, including the very busy A18.
Please be patient and give them plenty of space.
Brigg Horse Fair is not sanctioned by North Lincolnshire Council; nor does the event feature in various event listings outlining what's coming up in the area.
Traveller families come from a wide area, including Yorkshire and the Midlands, to support the event - following in the footsteps of their parents, grandparents and earlier generations.
Radio Humberside's local reporter visited Brigg on Tuesday afternoon to collect information about Brigg Horse Fair 2022.
He spoke to some of travellers already in the town and asked townsfolk for their views about this year's event and sought memories of earlier fairs.
One of the places he visited was Wetherspoon's White Horse pub & restaurant whose frontage, in decades past, formed part of the horse fair venue.
However, this location became increasingly difficult to use, in view of the rising number of vehicles passing through on the A18, and the fair relocated to the old stockmarket area off Cary Lane and Barnard Avenue.
Many fairs were enjoyed here from the 1960s through to the 1990s. But the market buildings were eventually demolished with Tesco's store being built on the site in the late 1990s.
One horse fair held in the early '90s saw only a couple of horses taken along and it was feared this might prove to be the last. However, interest then grew steadily - year by year.
Latterly, land off Station Road has been used, close to the auction market's metal shed (currently disused) and parallel to the fenced-off railway line.
Many horse fairs across England have 'died out' over the years, but Brigg's has managed to continue.

PICTURED: A horse-drawn trap outside the White Horse on Tuesday afternoon (August 2, 2022) and some views from Brigg Horse Fair 2021.