Wednesday, September 16, 2020


A new shop front is being installed in Brigg town centre. The location is Riverside Mews, in the Market Place, adjoining the County Bridge and within the Conservation Area.
North Lincolnshire Council granted planning permission. Then, in May this year, an amendment was approved to alter the position of entrance doorways within the new shop front. This is now nearing completion and there may be signage to add towards the end of the project.
A council planning officer's report concluded that the amended scheme relating to the doorways "will not alter the character and appearance of the property." As a result "the proposal is not considered to result in loss of residential amenity."
Decades ago this was the location of a distinctive front entrance to the large Farmers' Company premises beyond.
This locally famous firm dealt in agricultural products, and barges served it from the Old River Ancholme below, with hoists employed to move the cargo.
The earlier Chatterton’s corn and cake mill had been taken over by the Farmers’ Company in 1907. Today the building houses flats/apartments.
Many traditional and historic Brigg building have undergone 'change of use' down the decades, meaning they lived on as part of the 'townscape' (another term favoured by the planners).