Sunday, August 09, 2020


The Dying Gladiator pub in Brigg town centre which landlord Eugene Irwin, pictured here, is reopening again after lockdown on August 10, 2020 - images on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Another Brigg pub is reopening from lockdown, customers will be very Glad to learn.
Having served its last pints on March 20 on the day the government closed all UK bars because of the Coronavirus emergency, the Dying Gladiator, on Bigby Street, will be opening up again from 11am on Monday, August 10.
Gladiator landlord Eugene Irwin, pictured above, announced: "We are back!"
Mine host at the historic hostelry, and his staff, are looking forward to seeing all their regulars and friends again.
"Needless to say, there are Covid-19 restrictions in place - all of which are needed to keep everyone safe," said Eugene. "All seating areas are screened off with capacity for six people at each table, and the interior is newly refurbished."
After the towels have come off the pumps on Monday at the Gladiator, only two Brigg licensed premises will remain closed - the Yarborough Hunt and the Exchange. The others have reopened at various times over recent weeks.


A view of Glebe Road, Brigg, from the air by Neil Stapleton - supplied to Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
Plans to build town houses on a well-known Brigg street have been submitted.
North Lincolnshire Council granted outline planning permission two years ago for residential development at the Brigg Kids Club site on Glebe Road.
That has now been followed by a detailed application seeking approval for "access, appearance, landscaping layout and scale."
The scheme involves erecting two 3-bedroom town houses.

Brigg Town Council will be consulted as part of the planning process before the North Lincolnshire authority makes a final decision.
In August 2018, North Lincolnshire Council granted outline planning permission for residential development, including demolition of existing building, with all matters reserved for subsequent approval.
Read more about the changing face of Glebe Road...
Top picture: A view from the air showing Glebe Road, Brigg, by Neil Stapleton.


A Peacock butterfly visiting a big Buddleia bush in Brigg - August 2020 - picture on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

A haven for butterflies in Brigg is about to enter a busy period.
What is surely the town's biggest Buddleia bush is located on the Kings Avenue side of the Davy Memorial Playing Field.
This expansive feature hosted a few colourful Peacock butterflies basking in the sun early yesterday morning (Saturday, August 8).
Thought to be the biggest Buddleia bush in Brigg - located on the Davy Memorial Playing Field, August 2020 - pictured on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

But a look back through Brigg Blog's archive suggests that mid to late August in past years has seen this bush and other Buddleias on and near this playing field proving popular with butterflies.
So perhaps this spectacle will be repeated in the weeks ahead, especially if we get some more sunny and hot weather.
Our council does a fine job keeping this playing field in trim. But it's also good to see that the perimeter's foliage is being permitted to offer nature a helping hand. Yesterday we noted many bees and other insects in and around the bushes.
But we still think it would be a good idea if the council and/or Brigg in Bloom sowed some wild flowers on the steep grassy bank near the railway line, on the Bigby Road edge of the Davy field (see picture below).
In the 1960s this verge was left alone by the grass-trimming team from Brigg Urban District Council and attracted many butterfly species, including some Painted Ladies which love thistles. These days the bank is trimmed, together with the playing field grass beneath.


Saturday, August 08, 2020


 A Lincolnshire Call Connect bus in Cary Lane, Brigg - pictured by Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

People from Brigg and district using our local dial-a-ride bus service will soon find it easier to pay for journeys using 'cashless' technology. This development - described as revolutionary - has been welcomed by Coun Rob Waltham, from Brigg. The service is known as CallConnect -  also known as Call Connect...


The popular on-demand bus service, Call Connect, is being enhanced with a revolutionary new service.
The new JustGo on-demand ride sharing service will launch in September with a new state-of-the-art app. Thousands of people who use on-demand transport in the area, including those that can travel for free, will benefit from this service.
JustGo North Lincs will be able to be downloaded as an app from Google Play and the App Store onto tablets and smartphones and on-demand users can then choose from where they get picked up using local meeting points.
The intelligent software then works out the best way to collect other passengers nearby and take them to their chosen destinations – the more the app is used the better the responsive transport becomes.
Many people are comfortable using apps for a variety of services. For those that aren’t, help and support to get them started with JustGo will be available over the phone or face to face.
Users can pay digitally via debit or credit cards and the service can be booked up to 30 days in advance up until the day of departure. This easy-to-use system will provide a better service to the people who need transport and will provide an efficient use of taxpayers’ money.
North Lincolnshire Council, East Yorkshire Buses, part of the Go-Ahead Group, and tech firm Liftango have developed the new service.
The new on-demand bus service aims to keep communities connected and enable them to flourish while also supporting other priorities to keep people safe and well and grow the economy.
Cllr Rob Waltham, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “We are continuing to invest in connecting our communities here in North Lincolnshire. The new on-demand bus service will provide a vital lifeline to our towns and villages across North Lincolnshire, especially for older residents and those that receive concessions.
“Currently there are 30,000 journeys a year on the council’s Call Connect service but we hope the new service will increase this dramatically.
“People will still be able to access the service over the phone to book, but they will also be able to use the new technology. When they call to book they will be given advice on how to download and use the new app. Staff from East Yorkshire Buses will also be visiting sites around the area, including local markets, to answer questions and help people with the app
“The new service will make getting the bus when and where you need it much easier.
“While the old system has served many people well, now is the time to use the new technology that is available to us to make travelling by bus much more convenient.”
Cllr Julie Reed, cabinet member for connectivity, said: “Across North Lincolnshire we have a combination of urban and rural areas, often older people rely on this service to access shops and health appointments and we are keen to improve accessibility for them. There are also significant opportunities for younger people to access transport using the new service.
“We’ve seen the development of ride-sharing apps in cities and we are keen to bring this to North Lincolnshire to support the needs of residents. Why should the cities have all of the benefits of technology and improved connectivity? This is a very exciting development and the service available to residents will improve connections and I am looking forward to taking the first journey using the new app.”
Ben Gilligan, Area Director, East Yorkshire Buses, said: “We are delighted North Lincolnshire Council has chosen us to operate the authority’s new on-demand bus network. Using the expertise within East Yorkshire and across our sister companies in the Go-Ahead Group, and alongside technology provider Liftango, we are excited to deliver a high quality transport service for the residents of North Lincolnshire.
“The JustGo North Lincs brand, and forthcoming smartphone app, show our commitment to creating a modern, technology-based solution to public transport, operating as a standalone service with dedicated vehicles and drivers to better connect communities across the county.”
To sign up for email updates visit the JustGo North Lincs website or follow @justgobus on Twitter and Facebook.

NF ADDS: We registered with Lincolnshire CallConnect many months ago, as did many other people living in Brigg and district. It's a good way to make local journeys. You just ring them and book. The dial-a-ride bus service is flexible and inexpensive. If you are interested in signing up, visit or contact them directly using this link...
For bookings and the helpline at present, call 0345 234 3344.
As the new system is being introduced, over the coming weeks, we'll keep you posted.


Passengers getting off a train at Brigg railway station - picture on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

We now have a suggested date for the resumption of passenger train services at Brigg railway station.
The Diesel units running between Sheffield and Cleethorpes - Saturdays only - were suspended in March due to staffing issues connected with the Coronavirus emergency.
The date suggested for the return of passenger trains along the Brigg line, also calling at Kirton Lindsey and Barnetby, is Saturday, September 19, according to one of our sources.
The following Saturday (26th) will see the monthly Brigg Farmers' Market. So people from Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Gainsborough, North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire will be able to use the trains to come to Brigg and visit the stalls and local shops.
The train operator has yet to confirm September 19 as the re-start date but we expect this will be done near the time.
You can take the first train of the morning from Brigg (circa 9.20am) to go for a day out in Grimsby or Cleethorpes.
By changing trains at Barnetby, it's easy to get to Market Rasen, Lincoln, Newark, Doncaster and other destinations.
The last train of the day from Barnetby brings passengers back to Brigg before 8pm.
If you are planning a day out by train, please remember that masks need to be worn on public transport.


The Angel polling station in Brigg - picture on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Brigg Blog suggests that all householders check to ensure they are registered to vote in future elections and by-elections - local and national.
If you have friends or relatives who are NOT connected to the internet or do not have a mobile phone with texting installed, urge them to do likewise - just to be on the safe side.
Call North Lincolnshire Council on 01724 296245 or if you are a Brigg Blog follower who lives in West Lindsey, contact the Gainsborough-based authority.
North Lincolnshire Council recently issued a statement containing two paragraphs that caught our attention:
"This year we are contacting people by email or text and asking them to confirm the details we currently have for their household."
"Residents have to be on the full electoral register by law. Failure to register can incur a civil penalty of £80."
Keen to comply but not having received an email or text by early August, we decided to call to 01724 296245 and a helpful member of staff checked our details and confirmed all to be in order. It transpired that neither our email address nor phone number were on record. You might be in the same position. So it's worth checking.


North Lincolnshire residents are being urged not to lose their vote by responding promptly to the household enquiry messages we are currently sending out.
We compile the electoral register every year so that we know who is eligible to register to vote. To do this, we need to know who lives at your address.
This year we are contacting people by email or text and asking them to confirm the details we currently have for their household.
To confirm they are correct, or to amend any details, you can respond online by following the instructions on your message.
For more information about the electoral register and registering to vote, go to our website or call the elections office on 01724 296245.
Residents have to be on the full electoral register by law. Failure to register can incur a civil penalty of £80.


This year the Government has reformed the way councils compile the new register.  It’s called Canvass Reform 2020.  Each year, all local authorities will have their current electors data matched against records held by the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP).  When we get the results back all properties will be identified by a specific route.  All electors matched in a property will go into Route 1 and all empty properties or where there is one or more unmatched elector will go into Route 2.
For Route 1 properties, to save the council some money, we will be asking people to confirm that the information we have on the electoral register is correct by email or text.  This communication will be sent in July.  There will be a link to complete your response online and when accessed will look like this
 The communication will contain two security codes unique to a property.   If we do not hold any contact details we will send a letter in August addressed to The Occupier asking you to check who is listed on the form.  If there are no changes then you do not need to do anything.  The form will indicate the options for a response if there is a change to be made.
You are helping the environment by allowing us to contact you by email or text, otherwise we have to send you the letter in the post.  If you have any doubt as to the authenticity of the communication, please contact Electoral Services on 01724 296245.
Route 2 properties will be sent a Canvass Form in August.  The letter will be addressed to The Occupier and must be completed.  The letter will contain the two part security code for the response.  If we have not received a response then one of our canvassers will call in September/October and help you to complete the Canvass Form.  All canvassers will carry an identity card.   You can call our helpline number if you have any concerns.

Friday, August 07, 2020



Watch out for two road closures this weekend - one in Brigg and another near the town.
Brigg's new Bigby Road  barrier crossing on the A1084 will be closed to road traffic from
9pm on Saturday, August 8 to 7.30am on Sunday, August 9 due to work being carried out by Network Rail Infrastructure.
A local diversion for cars is available to motorists via Kettleby and Wrawby.
In addition, the B1206 will be closed overnight from 11pm on Saturday until 6am on Sunday at Hibaldstow crossing, also on the Barnetby-Brigg-Sheffield railway line.
This is to enable Network Rail to carry out the facility's annual test.
A diversion through Scawby village will be in place during the roadworks with signs in place to advise motorists.


Beer and water are synonymous with a well-known Brigg street in the town centre.
The southern section of Grammar School Road is an interesting mix of old and new - prompting us to include it today in our series of posts about the changing face of local streets.
Survivors on Grammar School Road South include town houses, one of Brigg's historic cast iron water pumps (long disused) and Anglian Water's local depot.
However, the street has lost a row of quaint cottages that, decades ago, stood adjacent to the junction with Wrawby Street.
Grammar School Road South was created in the early 1990s when the A18 was re-routed; several properties had to be demolished so through traffic could be removed from the town centre ahead of pedestrianisation.
The new highway bisected Grammar School Road, and a row of metal bollards and a turning area for vehicles was added near the A18. Grammar School Road South therefore became a cul-de-sac for traffic, accessed only from Wrawby Street.
Brian's DIY has a side entrance to its extensive Wrawby Street premises and some off-street customer parking on Grammar School Road South, with Brigg Motability occupying the former Glacier Motors' car showroom (later used seasonaly by Brian's Christmas Shop).
When Wetherspoon's reopened the White Horse in 2015, following huge investment in refurbishment, it added a sizeable south-facing beer garden to the rear of the pub in which customers can enjoy meals as well as drinks...and sometimes bask in the sunshine.
The beer garden was established using land once occupied by outbuildings and a car park.
However, the 18th century building's Wrawby Street frontage and the side wall on Grammar School Road South were retained. The hostelry is within the town's Conservation Area.
Alongside the wall, and untouched by the company's refurbishment, stands the old water pump. Since the Victorian era it had provided safe-to-drink supplies for families living in old properties within the town centre which did not have piped supplies.
During the era of Brigg Urban District Council, this pump and another on the County Bridge were retained as links with the past.
In recent times, though not this year, colourful 'dressing of the pumps' ceremonies have seen flowers draped on the water-
 providers, accompanied by music and on-street dancing.
The Brigg UDC nameplate, on the side wall of the White Horse, became the centre of attention, and some mirth, in the mid-20th century when the spelling GRAMMER SCHOOL ROAD appeared briefly before someone spotted the error and it was corrected with an 'a' replacing the 'e'.
Following the creation of Grammar School Road South, the original Grammar School Road name was retained by the remainder of one of Brigg's longest streets - stretching for more than a mile from the A18 junction as far as the last council-built post-war houses near the M180 flyover, adjoining the parish border with Wrawby. We intend to feature Grammar School Road in a future post.


Brigg Town Football Club will continue the pre-season programme on Saturday (August 8).
The Reserves, who play in the Lincolnshire League, have an interesting local derby tomorrow against Barnetby United, of the Scunthorpe & District League, at the Hawthorns (3pm). 
This match must be played 'behind closed doors' due to Coronavirus restrictions on spectating from stands at sporting events. However, the clubhouse will be open and (from the licensed bar) people enjoying a drink and/or a snack from Pips Kitchen can obtain a  view of the pitch through the entry doors and the large windows on either side. 
Having lost 4-1 at home to Newark in last Saturday's pre-season opener at the Hawthorns, the Zebras' first team will be in friendly action at Lincoln United on Saturday afternoon  (August 8).
Brigg's senior side will be visiting Grimsby Borough for another warm-up game on Wednesday, August 12 (7.30pm).
Saturday, August 15 will be Club Day at the Hawthorns, pictured above, when everyone interested in supporting the Zebras, on and off the field, will be made welcome from noon onwards. Further details of the programme of events to follow later.
Brigg's next first team home pre-season friendly will be a derby against Bottesford Town on Saturday, August 22. The following Saturday (29th) Crowle will visit the Hawthorns.
Brigg Town Reserves will be away to Cleethorpes Town A on Saturday, August 22, visit 780 JLC on Saturday, August 29, and then entertain Harworth Colliery Reserves at the Hawthorns on Tuesday, September 1 (7.45pm).
Brigg Town Cricket Club  will visit Broughton on Saturday afternoon (August 8) for their second qualifying group game in the Challenge Cup which is being played throughout the month. Hibaldstow are away to Messingham tomorrow. Games start at 1pm. Winners of the four groups will go through to semi-finals in early September. Matches are 40 overs per innings in a competition which has replaced the planned Lincolnshire League programme due to the very late start to the season caused by the anti-virus restrictions.

Thursday, August 06, 2020


Brigg Horse Fair 2020 went ahead as planned on Wednesday, August 5 - the traditional date - and enjoyed perfect weather, with summer sunshine and a breeze to take the edge off the temperature.
The authorities had declared that the event - held on North Lincolnshire Council land but organised by the gypsy/traveller community- should be cancelled in view of the Coronavirus emergency and restrictions on sizeable gatherings.
But with no comment forthcoming from the council in the days leading up to the fair, right up to 9.30am on Wednesday it
remained unclear whether the event would proceed. 

A statement from the police in recent days, however, made no mention of action being taken to stop the fair.
Those spectators who decided to visit Station Road yesterday found things pretty much as usual on horse fair day.
The attendance was somewhat lower than we expected to see. Clearly some spectators decided to stay away because of the virus emergency, while others had viewed the comments by the council suggesting this year's fair should not happen.
There were fewer horses with traps being ridden up and down Station Road during the 2020 event. However, the number of supporting stalls showed an increase, selling a range of goods including cooking pots and horse brasses. They were located on Station Road, together with an ice cream van and a snack bar.

As ever the historic brightly-painted and traditional gypsy caravans, crafted from wood, attracted plenty of attention, as did displays of halters, reins and bridles.

Former Town Mayor Coun Ann Eardley, pictured above, was among those who went down to take a look at the fair while donning a protective face-mask.

Other regular supporters of the fair from Brigg included brothers Andrew and Fitz Driscoll, seen here.

Humberside Police were at the site throughout the morning, adopting a softly, softly approach and talking to fair-goers.
Constables and police community support officers walked through the site which filled the former railway station goods yard and approach - land that has been disused for many years.


Jon Corken was also at the fair, taking pictures for the Scunthorpe Telegraph and its Live website. View his images online through this link. We gather that a selection will appear in this week's paper, on sale from today - Thursday, August 6.


Keigar Homes - the well-known local house-builder - has been granted planning permission to erect a dwelling and a detached annexe in Brigg.
North Lincolnshire Council has approved the application relating to Pelham House alongside the A18 on Bridge Street.

Pelham House, the detached property pictured above, had been disused for some time and was boarded off to the public for safety and security reasons prior to its recent demolition.
It had a few guises over the years and was once used by recruitment company Apollo 2000.
These pictures show the property a few months ago and the site where the new dwelling and annexe can now be erected.

Brigg Town Council - consulted about this application - did not object but "felt it would be good if some of the architectural features on the original dwelling could be retained."
A detailed report prepared by North Lincolnshire Council planning staff about Keigar's proposal said: "The architectural features of the existing building  are noted, however this is proposed to be replaced with a modern dwelling which is of traditional appearance and which has a balanced fa├žade to both its front and rear elevations. 

"The dwelling will be positioned in line with existing dwellings and buildings to the north and south and will be set marginally back from the highway footpath at a distance of approximately 4m. 
"The height and scale of the proposed dwelling is consistent with the existing dwellings located along the western side of Bridge Street and the  dwelling will be located within a predominantly residential part of Brigg."
However, in granting planning permission, North Lincolnshire Council has added a condition "to reduce the risk of flooding to the  proposed development and future occupants."

Among the stipulations is one saying that the ground floor of the annexe "shall not be used as sleeping accommodation at any time."


Plans to add domestic extensions to existing Brigg properties continue to be submitted to North Lincolnshire Council on a regular basis. The latest involve properties on the St Helens and Springbank housing estates.
At 2 Atkinson Avenue, planning permission is being sought to remove a garage to the rear, erect a garage to the side and replace a conservatory with a single-storey rear extension. This will be a 'sun room' at the back of the house.
The property adjoins the junction with South View Avenue and is close to Woodbine Park.
Approval is also being requested to erect a single-storey rear extension at 37 St Helens Road.
North Lincolnshire Council is now considering both applications, and Brigg Town Council will be consulted as part of the planning process.
Elsewhere in the district, planning permission has been granted to erect a single-storey rear extension at Skipworth Mount, 9 Cadney Road, Howsham.
In North Kelsey, West Lindsey District Council planners are being asked to approve a single-storey extension to form a garden room at Eastgate Barn, Maidenwell Lane.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Brigg Horse Fair 2020 got underway on the site near Station Road, Brigg Blog confirmed at 10am on Wednesday August 5 by paying a visit.
There was no last-minute intervention by the authorities to stop it proceeding, and the fair continued into the afternoon.
Pictured - part of the horse fair site viewed from the top of the adjoining railway station footbridge this morning
Full report, reflections and 20+ pictures to follow on Brigg Blog.


Brigg Horse Fair 2020 is expected to take place today (Wednesday, August 5) on land near the railway station - despite warnings to the contrary from the authorities who feel it should be cancelled amid the Coronavirus emergency.
Whether the number of horses traded between about 10am and early afternoon reaches the usual level remains to be seen.
Those who choose to attend the historic annual event are urged to observe social distancing at all times.

The scenes pictured here outside Wetherspoon's White Horse pub on Monday afternoon (August 3) will remind older town residents of Brigg Horse Fairs held long ago.
These horses and traps were evident on Wrawby Street paving at the very spot where, for decades into the 1960s, the horse fair took place in early August.
Beyond are the Horse Fair Paddock grouped dwellings, whose name requires no explanation.
When the A18 still ran through the town centre, horses, owners, potential buyers and many townsfolk used to gather at the front of the White Horse while trading took place.
This became increasingly difficult, in view of the rising number of vehicles passing through, and the horse fair relocated to the stockmarket area off Cary Lane, where the Tesco store now stands. Latterly, land near the railway station has been used.
Located close to the pub, the Grand Cinema (demolished in the 1970s) was a prominent feature of the street scene while the horse fair was still being held.
The A18 was diverted through here in the early 1990s, paving the way for pedestrianisation of much of the town centre.


Help could be available to people living in Brigg and surrounding communities who have been hard hit in monetary terms by the Coronavirus emergency.
North Lincolnshire Council is providing emergency assistance to help residents who are struggling financially because of Covid-19.
"This can be in the form of providing food, helping with energy bills or replacing broken items such as washing machines, fridges or freezers," the local authority explains.
"Only households whose needs cannot be met in any other way, and who have been severely impacted by the pandemic, are eligible for the funding.
"It cannot be used to buy items residents did not own beforehand, and proof of breakdown will be needed. It also cannot be used to buy items of furniture or carpets."
Call the Contact Centre on 01724 297000 or use this link to find out more...


Brigg Matters magazine will be resuming with a special edition, having suspended publication some time ago "because of the affects of Covid-19 restrictions."
The committee which runs this glossy community publication is planning to publish a special edition "later in the year." Contributions for the next issue of the popular not-for-profit magazine are now being welcomed.
Brigg man Ken Harrison, who takes many of the magazine's pictures, says they are aware that the usual events have just not happened recently and subsequently, the magazine will need the addition of anecdotes, articles and other contributions from local folk.
If you have something of interest, email
The closing date for contributions is October 1.
"Committee members have suggested that enforced restrictions on the magazine have thrown up innovative challenges, one of which is the aim to develop a Brigg Matters website," says Ken. "Other proposals will be unveiled as time progresses."
Some people think Brigg Blog and Brigg Matters are one and the same, but that's not the case. We both work to keep local people informed but the magazine is NOT published by Brigg Blog. Nor do we serve on the committee.
Many people living in Brigg and surrounding communities s have missed the free local magazine while publication has been suspended and will be very pleased to hear that a special edition is now being planned.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020


It is still unclear whether Brigg Horse Fair 2020 - scheduled date Wednesday, August 5 - will go ahead. Brigg Blog has requested updates to try and clarify the position.
Some time ago the authorities suggested that the fair should be cancelled during the Coronavirus emergency in which restrictions, allied to social distancing, apply on sizeable gatherings.
However, many people have arrived in Brigg over recent days and parked vehicles on, and near, the traditional site close to the railway station.  

This has left local residents wondering whether the fair will go ahead after all, with horses being bought and sold as they have been for decades.
Many horses have been brought into the town - some pulling buggies along the A18 or being tethered outside pubs over the weekend and again yesterday (Monday).
The land near the station which forms the traditional site for the fair belongs to North Lincolnshire Council, and many caravans are currently parked there and on Station Road near the Hewson House offices.
In reply to our request, Humberside Police has sent us the following statement...
Chief Inspector Paul French said: “Brigg Horse Fair is a long-established event attended by Gypsy and Traveller communities.
“Unlike other events in the horse fair calendar, Brigg has no formal organisers who can call off the event, and we are aware that a number of travellers have already arrived in the area.
“As always, our teams are engaging with both the travelling community and with the residents and business owners in Brigg to offer reassurance to all and we will continue to do so.
“Our teams are in the area, dealing with all reports of crime and antisocial behaviour as normal, and I would encourage anyone with concerns to come and speak to us.
“We understand there is concern amongst local communities about the risks associated with the spread of Covid-19 and we ask the people work with us at this challenging time to protect public health.
“Our approach continues to be to engage, explain and encourage people to adhere to the guidelines that are in place to keep us all safe and would remind people to observe social distancing to prevent any risk to themselves or others.”
Police have been evident in the town centre in vans, cars and on foot, undertaking patrols.

A North Lincolnshire Council's statement is anticipate...


Licensed premises in Brigg have achieved their goal during lockdown, with major additions and refurbishment.
Brigg Blog paid a Saturday evening (August 1) visit to Brigg Town Football Club's Hawthorns clubhouse and was impressed with what's been achieved during the sport's close season which coincided with the Coronavirus lockdown period being enforced.
The concert room and main bar have been given new decor and furnishings.
A large beer garden, with sheltered area, has been added adjoining the main entrance to the clubhouse, on the Hawthorn Avenue side of the premises.

Beyond that, garden-style benches have been positioned on a newly-grassed area, with a range of free-to-use children's play equipment.
This is proving popular with families who have youngsters, as our weekend pictures show.
The club has purchased a large bouncy castle, with swings and slides also on offer.
Big screen TV coverage is on offer, and a pint of Worthington beer from the pump sells for £2.70p at present, alongside various lagers, ciders and other drinks available from the bar serving both rooms within the clubhouse.
Some time ago, Brigg Town FC became a Community Interest Club. This means that EVERYONE is welcome to visit without the requirement to sign up in formal fashion. And that includes use of the bar and facilities inside and outside the clubhouse.
Reasonably-priced meals are available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Pips Kitchen, regardless of whether the Zebras have a match. Morning breakfasts are proving popular. The eatery also has a children's menu. Ice creams, lollies and ice-pops are available to young visitors.
Families should inquire about a special tea-time offer in which children eat free with an accompanying adult who buys a meal.
Volunteers have also put in a lot of work during lockdown to create a training area for Brigg Town players between the stand on the South View Avenue side of the ground and the boundary with Woodbine Park.
If a match is on a good view of play can be enjoyed from inside the clubhouse through the glass entry doors and large windows either side.
There's an interesting display of old pictures, newspaper reports and other memorabilia inside the clubhouse, tracing the Zebras' long history, including their two FA Vase winning seasons, and including information about the historic Hett Cup, founded by a Brigg solicitor more than 100 years ago and still operating to raise money for local charities.
Games of pool and darts can also be enjoyed by clubhouse visitors.
Please note that pedestrian access to the ground is still available from Hawthorn Avenue.
This supplements the main entry route for those on foot or in vehicles from Wrawby Road via the Recreation Ground.

Some of the meals on offer from Pips Kitchen over the weekend.