Monday, September 30, 2019


Lincolnshire Day 2019 is coming up tomorrow - Tuesday, October 1.
It's an opportunity for people across the historic county to celebrate all that's best about Linkinsheer, including our wide range of  top-class produce.
How about Lincolnshire sausages for tea night? Or a lunch-time sandwich made with Lincolnshire Poacher cheese? 
We'll be fishing out our green and yellow Lincolnshire County Cricket Club tie emblazoned with Lincoln Imp symbols, and some households in Brigg can be relied upon to run the Lincolnshire flag up the pole (see picture above).
Lincolnshire Dialect - not much heard these days - also has its place on Lincolnshire Day. Don't be frit or mardy. Get yer sen oot and doon and ower yonder fields - accompanied by yer bonny  bairns - and keep an eye out for shee-ap, sugar bee-at and the odd Peewit mekkin a skirl as it teks off.

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