Wednesday, September 09, 2020


North Lincolnshire Council has given the go ahead for a new road to be built near Brigg.
It will be for agricultural/forestry use and located in Manor Wood, east of a field to the south of Church Lane, Cadney.
Woodland Investment Management Ltd, based in Kent, submitted details of the proposal to the council, which decided that a formal planning application seeking permission would not be required in this case.
"The development may therefore be carried out in accordance with the details submitted with the application within a period of five years from the date of receipt," the council informed the applicant.
Manor Wood was described in the application as young, mixed broad-leaved woodland extending to about 9 hectares (about 22 acres), located 0.5 km south of Cadney and 4.5km south-east of Brigg. The main access is along a shared stoned track from Cadney Road.
It is intended to use clean, crushed recycled concrete to create the new road, the council was informed.
An assessment report prepared by the council said the "surfaced track network" would allow all-weather management access to all parts of the woodland from the pre-existing access point on Cadney Road.
The council then gave an Agricultural Notification: "Prior approval not required."