Thursday, April 09, 2020


Dozens of Brigg households will NOT be cut off 24/7, over three days, by forthcoming roadworks, as some feared.
Instead, the affected road, which offers the only vehicular access into a housing development, will be shut from 9am to 3.30pm.
Traffic will still be able to use Almond Grove outside these hours from Monday, April 20 until completion of the sewer contract on Thursday, April 23.
Prop-up signs already in place on Almond Grove (see picture above) only state there will be a road closure, without specifying the restricted hours.
Residents' concerns have been raised with Brigg Blog - the affected streets being Bramble Way, the northern half of Almond Grove, Foxglove Close, Poppyfield Way, Clover Court and Bluebell Road.

Some locals wondered whether these metal railings (pictured) might be removed to allow temporary access by vehicles between the development's entrance/Bramble Way to Redcombe Lane - utilising a road spur which has long been pedestrian only. This suggestion is not being taken up.
Coun Carl Sherwood (Brigg & Wolds), who is a member of the cabinet at North Lincolnshire Council, the local highway authority, contacted Brigg Blog yesterday to clarify the situation.
We offered to publicise the daily hours of closure to inform car-owning people living in this part of the town.
Coun Carl explained that procedures are in place should emergency service vehicles need to visit the closed-off streets while sewer connection work is being carried out. If this happens, the contractor will stop work and a large metal plate will be installed on Almond Grove to allow ambulance, fire or police vehicles to gain access.

It is understood the sewer work relates to a new housing development on land behind Almond Grove.

A view along Almond Grove, with one of the road closure advisory signs on the left.
 The official notice - dated April 2, 2020 - is as follows:
(Almond Grove, Brigg) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 2020

Notice is hereby given that North Lincolnshire Council intends not less than seven days from the date of this Notice to make an Order the effect of which will be to prohibit any vehicle from proceeding along Almond Grove, 20th-23rd April 2020 inclusive (but varied to take account of any unforeseen circumstances), 9am-3.30pm each day, to connect a sewer. A diversion isn’t applicable for this closure.



Details of online church services being held in Brigg over Easter 2020 have been released by Malcolm Bailey, pictured.
Conventional services on church premises have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus emergency restrictions on gatherings.
However, there will be online services on Good Friday (April 10) and Easter Sunday (April 12) from 10.30am.
On Good Friday, Sue Brumpton will lead this act of worship. Meeting ID: 649 606 528 or click on the link
The Rev Michael and Jane Sheard will lead the Easter Sunday service. Meeting ID: 239 250 060 or click on the link
Local people wishing to access these online services need to register online with ZOOM - the basic package being free. PC owners go to and register; ipad users visit the Apple Store and download the ZOOM app. If you have neither PC nor ipad but do have a smartphone, that’s OK - it’s also possible to join the service this way, Malcolm says.
Having signed up, all you have to do to join future events is go back into ZOOM and request Enter a Meeting. You will then need to key in the 9-digit Meeting ID code relevant to that service. These are included above. 


A car park used by many walkers from the Brigg area to access extensive woodland has now been closed due to the Coronavirus emergency and will remain so until further notice.
The measure - aimed at drivers using the Twigmoor Woods car park - is in line with the government's 'social distancing' guidance.
Motorists are being requested not to park on nearby verges or on Scawby Estate land in the vicinity. People on foot can still use the woods (pictured above).

Wednesday, April 08, 2020


Easter 2020 opening hours at the Tesco store in Brigg have been announced.
The Barnard Avenue outlet is the town's busiest as people go along to stock up with supplies during the Coronavirus emergency.
GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 10: 8am to 8pm.
EASTER SATURDAY, APRIL 11: 6am to 10pm.
EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 12: Closed all day.
EASTER MONDAY, April 13: 8am to 6pm.
TUESDAY, APRIL 14: 6pm to 10pm.
There's been no sign of the government relaxing the Sunday trading law during the emergency.
We've just checked the latest information headed Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do.
The government states that "large shops" (over 280 sq m) "must close on Easter Sunday" although they are normally permitted to trade on other Sundays  "for six successive hours between 10am and 6pm."


A well-known Brigg butcher has joined the list of local businesses offering a home delivery service.
During the Coronavirus emergency, Mundey's shop - on Wrawby Street - is closed.
However, proprietor Steve is now undertaking meat orders in Brigg, Broughton and Barnetby - with deliveries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For details, call 01652 653189 between 9am and 11am.
This service begins today (Wednesday, April 8, 2020).
S. Mundey Butchers launched on April 6 1994. Over the years, Brigg Blog has reported some of Mundey's award-winning successes, including Lincolnshire Poacher Competition trophies/certificates for the quality of its bacon and pork pies, among other products.

Proprietor Steve is seen outside his shop in 2014, celebrating a Lincolnshire Poacher bacon award.



Brigg people really appreciate the efforts of North Lincolnshire Council's waste bin collection and recycling box emptying crews who continue to provide this valuable public service, in all weathers, during the Coronavirus emergency.
Householders who have too much to fit into their recycling boxes are still be asked to deposit any surplus at household recycling centres like the one the council provides on the edge of the Old Courts Road car park.
However, the above picture records the late afternoon scene on Saturday (April 4).
The can bank was full to overflowing and community-minded people who had gone to make deposits to be recycled were leaving them in bags rather than feeding them through the holes provided or tipping them en mass in the top (if open - it's sometimes locked).
This might well be seen as low priority in these troubled times, but could someone in authority keep an eye on recycling bins across the district and perhaps ensure they are emptied once capacity is reached?
We don't want to risk people putting any objects that CAN be recycled (pardon the pun) into wheelie bins so they end up in a landfill site.

A Brigg Blog follower tells us he visited the recycling centre at Barnetby yesterday.  
"Maybe you can let people know that only 2 cars are allowed on site at a time (I think it’s the same at Broughton), so queuing is likely," he says. 
"Also, across all sites, they are not accepting anything electrical (appliances, TVs etc.) as the company which collects this stuff has closed for the duration of the crisis. They ask that we hold on to these items as they do not want them dumping in general waste."

Brigg Blog has seen recent calls on social media for the suspension of council car parking tickets during the current emergency.
Late on Saturday afternoon, while visiting the can bank, we took the picture below showing a meter on the Old Courts Road car park. It still seemed to be 'open for business' although we only counted 10 vehicles nearby - none at all being evident in our view, which is highly unusual during daylight hours on a Saturday.

A concession was introduced in Brigg long ago, allowing drivers to park free of charge at weekends.
Brigg Blog thinks suspending the ticketing system should be looked at, but there are fewer vehicles visiting car parks at present amid the government's repeated calls to stay at home. And many shops and businesses are under enforced closure.
With these factors in mind, someone will have to decide whether it's worth making any change.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020


Barry Chilvers - the well-known Brigg market fruit and veg trader - is continuing sales from the Molly's Flowers shop on Thursdays and Saturdays until further notice, now that North Lincolnshire Council has suspended all markets for the time being due to the Coronavirus emergency.
Our picture (above) shows customers waiting to stock up on fresh produce on the first Thursday that Barry set up business in these retail premises within the Market Place near the Coney Court archway.


During a meeting held some weeks ago, one Brigg councillor questioned why a sign (seen above) beside the A18, near the Monument roundabout, had been removed while the Saturday Brigg Farmers' Market it was promoting to passers-by was still in full swing.
A month later the end-of-March farmers' event went ahead in very limited form, with traders taking along their own stalls after North Lincolnshire Council decided to cancel. 

However, the banner near the Monument stayed in place well into the following week, despite the decision to cancel having been taken the previous Friday.
Obviously, in these troubled times, sign removal is priority zero. But some passers-by, seeing it still in place, might have thought another market was coming up in early April - obviously not the case.
It's now general knowledge that markets have been exempted from closure by the government if the organisers wish to keep them going, but this is not the case with Brigg's and Ashby's, although Scunthorpe's town centre indoor market continues.
The Brigg banner was eventually removed from the railings and, given the current situation, is unlikely to re-appear for some weeks.
Many people in Brigg are now using small businesses they don't normally frequent.
Some shops permitted to stay open under the government regulations have decided to shut for various reasons, meaning that regulars have been trying out other shops.
Some local people for whom time is a major factor rather than the hope of saving a few pence, are opting to visit convenience shops for supplies rather than joining queues to get into some of Brigg's larger stores, including Tesco.
As the old saying goes: You pays your money and you takes your choice.
Surprising shortages of some items continue. We've hunted shelves many times recently and failed to find any spaghetti.
It's getting to the point where we are pasta caring! Chips and something will have to do.