Thursday, January 17, 2019


The Bargain Booze off-licence shop in Brigg town centre has announced its closure in January 2019

A Brigg shop which is the only one of its type in the town is about to close its doors to customers for the final time.
The Bargain Booze off-licence, on Springs Parade will cease trading on Friday, January 25.
But it will be opening normally until then and was offering 20 per cent off everything when we dropped in yesterday - perhaps for the final time.
At those prices, how could we resist buying some liquid refreshment to enjoy later?
Many Brigg folk first used this handy town centre shop in the 1980s when it formed part of the House of Townend chain. It also traded as Rhythm N Booze for some years.
This shop not only sells beer, cider, wine and spirits but also cigarettes, cigars and confectionery.
Many regulars will miss Bargain Booze and hope someone steps in to take on these premises - Brigg's only dedicated off-licence, although many town retailers, large and small, are now licensed to sell alcoholic drinks to the public.
There used to be another off-licence - Larry Arnold's, on Queen Street.
Prior to that, some pubs had off-licence shops allied to breweries or local pubs - one being on Queen Street and another adjoining the Angel Hotel in the Market Place.
Pratt's also had a wine shop on Bridge Street.


The new Ongo home on East Parade being built in Brigg - pictured in January 2019 - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

A new house is taking shape in Brigg on a piece of previously vacant land with an interesting and unusual past.
Work is now well advanced to provide what's known as sheltered housing.
Social landlord Ongo Homes Ltd was granted planning permission by North Lincolnshire Council to build a detached bungalow between West Square, East Parade and Glebe Road, adjoining the former County Primary School site (now a housing development).
Nine years ago we reported the demolition of former lock-up, council-owned garages and clearance of this site which suffered from vandalism.
Later, from time to time, we wondered why no plans had followed to do something useful with the land. Eventually, Ongo submitted an application to do just that.
The property will be suitable for a family which has a disabled member.
A council planning report explained: "The site is in an established residential area which mainly consists of two-storey properties; however, as the proposed dwelling is designed to provide accessible living accommodation, it is not considered that the design is inappropriate in the area.
"The site is accessed of East Parade, which is a no through road, but also has a boundary with Glebe Road.
"The proposed dwelling is set away from boundaries with neighbouring dwellings but, being single storey, its impact on residential amenity will be minimal, as no overlooking or loss of light due to over-shadowing will be created. Adequate parking provision and private amenity space will be provided within the site.
"Initial consultations revealed issues in relation to the location of drains and sewers across the site, but these matters have now been resolved, and an amended layout submitted to move the dwelling away from existing drains."
Brigg Town Council supported the proposal.
Amy Fixter, Ongo's Development Project Manager, told Brigg Blog last summer: “We are building one adapted bungalow - 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom - for affordable rent, suitable for families with a disabled family member. Due to complete by March 2019.
"This is in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council to meet the demand for specialist accommodation that would otherwise be catered for by adapting existing general-purpose dwellings."
Ongo has yet to confirm that the bungalow will become 41 East Parade, although Brigg Blog thinks this is likely to be the address. It could just as well be added to West Square or even Glebe Road.
For a few years in the late 1970s/early 1980s we rented one of the lock-up garages from Glanford Borough Council, to store our 999cc Mini and also some of Brigg Town Cricket Club's equipment, including pads and bats. We had the only detached garage on the site - difficult to access unless you had a small car like ours.
It was nearer to Glebe Road than East Parade but there was no vehicular access to the former.
These pictures, showing how the new property is progressing, were taken at the weekend.



 The inquiry desk at Brigg police station - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Many Brigg Blog readers may be unaware that the town's police station, on Barnard Avenue, is open four days each week for public inquiries about crime-related issues.
Amended hours have now been issued. So if you want to inquire about crime prevention measures, you have information of use to the police, have been unlucky enough to suffer a break-in/other mishap, or have been instructed to produce your documents by one of the boys or girls in blue, here are the new opening hours:
Monday: Noon to 4:30pm and 5:30pm to 8pm
Wednesday: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm
Thursday: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 1 pm and 2pm to 5pm
The public inquiry office is off the main entrance from Barnard Avenue - NOT through the gates leading to the police car park.
Brigg police station is now multi-purpose, providing a base for local neighbourhood officers, crime scene investigators and those involved in family safeguarding.
When originally opened in the late 1970s, it was the headquarters of the Brigg & Barton sub-division of Humberside Police, with a chief inspector in charge.
Traffic officers were also based there for many years.

PICTURED: The inquiry desk at Brigg police station, off Barnard Avenue, courtesy of Ken Harrison, Brigg Matters Magazine.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Aldi has been granted permission to build a new store in Brigg - slightly larger than the one it originally planned and with amended landscaping.
This green light means that once building has been completed, many new jobs will be created.
The site remains the same - off the A18 Bridge Street, close to Cake Mills Bridge on the New River Ancholme (see artist's impression above).
North Lincolnshire Council's planning committee, meeting in Scunthorpe this afternoon (Wednesday, January 16, 2019), accepted a recommendation from its planning staff to grant permission. The decision by elected councillors was unanimous.
The next big questions are: When will Aldi start construction work? And when will the new store open to shoppers?
Aldi's originally plans for a Brigg store were approved in 2016. However, late last year the major discount retailer went back to the council, seeking approval for an amended scheme.


Brigg & Goole MP Andrew Percy has given his Brexit - What Next thoughts to constituents via Facebook on January 16, 2019

Brigg & Goole MP Andrew Percy has taken to social media today with a post called Brexit - What Next?
Brigg Blog is strictly non-political, concentrating on local matters, and thought long and hard before posting anything about this issue.
However, whether you support leaving the European Union or favour the UK staying in, OUR Member of Parliament has made his thoughts known, following last night's vote in the House of Commons.
So we've decided to post a link, allowing locals who are interested in this national/international issue to know how the local representative sums up the situation.
Click here to read or visit Andrew Percy's page on Facebook.
The post is a lengthy and detailed one giving his "perspective on what is going on with Brexit."
Brigg Blog is not going to comment but will state a fact. In 1975 there was a referendum with the question: Do you think the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (The Common Market)?
That came two years after we had joined while Edward Heath was the (Conservative) Prime Minister.
The result was 67 per cent in favour of staying in and 33 per cent wishing to pull out.
The will of the people prevailed without delay or challenge, and the UK remained a member of the EU.
Some of us in Brigg had only recently become old enough to vote when this first nationwide referendum was held, and it came while Labour's Harold Wilson occupied 10 Downing Street.
When we venture out into Brigg town centre this afternoon and if we pop into one of our pubs tonight, we don't expect Brexit to be the first thing people raise in conversation - or even mention at all.
But if we are wrong with this conclusion, we'll hold a hand up and let you know.


Colourful Brigg in Bloom 2018 flowers on the County Bridge near the White Hart pub - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Community-minded volunteers from Brigg, Broughton and Kirton Lindsey have been invited to a celebratory event, together with others from across North Lincolnshire.
It will be held on Thursday, January 17 at Winterton Rangers Football Club.
North Lincolnshire Council says volunteer groups who have played a part in keeping the area safe, clean and green have the chance to attend.
Hard-working volunteers have been involved in a range of initiatives throughout the past year.
These include the Great British Spring Clean where people took part in a litter pick in their local area and In Bloom groups who have made communities look more appealing with planters and flowers.
At the event, volunteers will be recognised for going the extra mile and presented with a certificate. 

Litter picking equipment will also be provided for those who are taking part in the Great British Spring Clean or other litter picks.
Guest speakers will be Cllr David Rose, Chair of North Lincolnshire Campaign for Rural England, and Richard McIlwain, Deputy Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy.
Cllr Rob Waltham, of Brigg, the Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, will welcome everyone to the event.

The unitary authority set up the brand new horticultural venture in early 2018. Residents are encouraged to set up their own groups to give their area a colour lift and provide floral displays. There are currently six groups in North Lincolnshire:
Scunthorpe in Bloom
Brigg in Bloom (see picture above showing flowers on the County Bridge)
Bottesford in Bloom
Skippingdale in Bloom
Kirton-in-Lindsey in Bloom
Broughton in Bloom

For the past three years the council has taken part in the Great British Spring Clean (originally started as Clean for the Queen). It encourages volunteers to get involved in the biggest ever litter campaign and help clean up their community.
Hundreds of local people, community groups, charities, sports clubs, businesses and town and parish councils were called on to join the army of ‘litter heroes’.
Due to this success, the council won The Great British Spring Clean – Local Authority Award at the Keep Britain Tidy Network Awards 2018 for its part in the 2017 campaign.
North Lincolnshire Council will be taking part in the campaign again in 2019 from 2 to 4 March.
The Great British Spring Clean is led by Keep Britain Tidy. The aim of the campaign is to bring people across the country together to clear up the litter that blights towns, villages, countryside and beaches.


 Barges on the New River Ancholme in the early 1970s near Earnshaw's woodyard - picture from the Ken Fisher Collection

Brigg often undergoes slow change, as we demonstrate with these pictures taken almost 50 years apart.
Ken Fisher stood on top of the Cake Mill Bridge in the early 1970s to record some of the very last commercial barges in service on the River Ancholme.
We think they were delivering stone for bank-strengthening or local construction work.
This month (January 2019) Brigg Blog followed in father's footsteps to take a "today" shot from a similar vantage point.
The Earnshaw woodyard/sawmill was alongside the New River Ancholme in the early 1970s; we now have the Earnshaws Fencing Centre.
Much water has flowed down the nearby river since Ken took his pictures but it's good to see that Earnshaws name is still part of the local scene today.

The Earnshaw family has been connected with the timber industry since the late 18th century. View details here...

A rare colour picture from the early 1970s of barges on the New River Ancholme in Brigg - Ken Fisher Collection
Barges on the New River Ancholme near Earnshaw's in the early 1970s

A January 2019 Brigg Blog picture taken from the Cake Mills Bridge and showing Earnshaws Fencing Centre
A similar view taken in January 2019


 Glanford Boat Club in January 2019 - pictured from the opposite bank of the New River Ancholme in Brigg - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Brigg offers many interesting and enjoyable walking routes for townsfolk, including pet owners.
The powers that be encourage us to get out into the fresh air by undertaking healthy walks.
Now the days are getting longer and with spring not too far distant, Brigg Blog tried one of the best.
From the County Bridge it takes you along the new Ancholme Valley Way, following the river as far as Castlethorpe Bridge.
Having crossed the structure, walkers can return to town on the other bank, with some across-the-water views of Glanford Boat Club and craft moored there.
The final stretch is between the New River Ancholme and Waters Edge housing estate, which the approach road signs remind you is part of Broughton!
Next, cross Cake Mills Bridge to re-enter Brigg near Earnshaws Fencing Centre at the top of Island Carr industrial estate.
Even in January this route is not too muddy to be enjoyed on foot and affords some pleasing cross-field views of the countryside towards Castlethorpe.
There's even a helpful information board near Castlethorpe Bridge, explaining the history of the hamlet and pointing out some of the wildlife you might be lucky enough to spot. Castlethorpe used to have a tannery and a spring that supplied water for beer-making at a renowned Brigg brewery.
The first time we enjoyed this walk, some years ago, was during the height of summer and on the way back into Brigg we dropped in at the Yarborough Hunt pub, on Bridge Street, for welcome liquid refreshment, with a bowl of water available to our canine companions.
This part of the Castlethorpe Bridge Walk is optional, of course!
Cyclists can also try the route, although the final leg from Castlethorpe Bridge to Waters Edge might prove heavy going after periods of prolonged rain.
If so, sling the bike over your shoulder until the terrain improves. That will help to burn off some extra calories!

The riverside walk from Brigg via Castlethorpe Bridge passes the Waters Edge Housing Estate - January 2019 picture
Homes on Waters Edge near the New River Ancholme footpath

Cake Mills Bridge which carries the A18 over the New River Ancholme in Brigg - January 2019
Cake Mills Bridge viewed from the footpath adjoining Waters Edge housing estate

Looking down on the footpath near the New River Ancholme near the border between Broughton parish and Brigg

The Waters Edge housing estate beside the New River Ancholme viewed from Cake Mill Bridge in Brigg  - January 2019
Waters Edge housing estate, Broughton, and the riverside footpath, with railings, on the left; Brigg is on the right-hand bank of the Ancholme

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Simon Church, educated in Brigg and now living in Perth, Australia, is set to return to the town where he was educated in April 2019 for a reunion - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

One of the best-known residents of Australia with strong Brigg links is set to return to town in the spring.
Former Brigg Town Cricket Club batsman Simon 'Choz' Church emigrated down-under decades ago but makes occasional visits to the old country.
The former Brigg Grammar School and Sir John Nelthorpe pupil says he is scheduled to be holidaying in the UK with his family in April 2019.
"It would be lovely to catch up with any old Briggensians that may want to swap a few yarns of days gone by," he tells us in an email from his home in the west of the vast country.
The former Barnetby resident tells us he met ex-Brigg cricket colleague Paul Jenkinson after flying 4,000 km across Australia to Sydney.
They went to watch an Ashes' Test at the famous SCG venue and joined the renowned Barmy Army of England followers.
"On a scorching hot day (35-40C) a few cooling ales were the order of the day," Simon says.
He adds: "Back at home in Perth I have been fortunate with my work to be involved with the supply and installation of various signage at the key stadiums here in WA.
"One such venue is the fabulous 60,000-seater sports stadium (Optus Stadium), which is the new home of cricket here in the west.
"In my spare time I have been involved with boxing and martial arts and over the last 5-6 years have had the pleasure to work with both Justin Langer and Adam Voges and the Western Australia cricket team.
Simon's brother Paul, who attended Brigg Grammar School between 1961 and 1965, also emigrated to this part of Australia, where he still lives.
We seem to recall that he once worked at Layne's Garage, on Bigby Street, Brigg.
Simon and Paul were at the recent opening of the new Pinjar Park speedway track.
"Special guest and eventual winner of the WA State title was none other than Scunthorpe legend and current World Champion Tai Woffinden," Simon reports.
"Tai, although born in Scunthorpe, was educated in Perth and spends the off-season here with his family in and around Ocean Reef.
"Paul and I were delighted when an elderly gentleman introduced himself as Tai’s Grandad (Brian)."
Closer to April, Brigg Blog will post precise details of Simon's return visit to the town.
But we are confident it will take place on licensed premises and look forward, as ever, to raising a glass with him and remembering some Brigg Town games of the past in the 1970s and 1980s.
Famously, he trudged to the crease with an opposing bowler on a hat-trick and bagged a golden duck trying an ambitious reverse sweep!


One of the niche shops in Brigg town centre shop has undergone a New Year makeover.
The Rabbit Hole bookshop, in the Market Place, has thanked customers for their positive comments and support.
The shop now has two dedicated areas for new children's and adult books.
The second-hand book area will now be located where the vinyl section used to be and occupy the two first floor rooms, along with the vinyl.
Co-proprietor Nick Webb will have his own music 'den' upstairs which will be expanded with time. It is hoped to have this in place for the January 2019 Farmers' Market.
Nick told Brigg Blog that the shop has received "a great reaction" from the public following the alterations. Our thanks to him for permission to use these pictures.

They illustrate  a new chapter in the story of this small business, originally established in much smaller premises down Market Lane.



Safer Roads Humber says safety cameras are used across the region as part of an overall strategy to make local roads safer.
Mobile and fixed speed cameras detect speeding vehicles "at sites of risk" - including some in the Brigg area.
They are able to deploy cameras at a range of locations across the former Humberside county area, on both banks.
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16: 'Daily enforcement' will be carried out on the B1206, Scawby Road, Scawby Brook.
'Check your speed' is the message. Be sure to stick to the limits applicable on local roads at all times.
They are there for a good reason: to keep things safe for drivers.

Monday, January 14, 2019


Front cover of the book Images of Brigg from Edwardian Times -  compiled by renowned local authors/historians John and Valerie Holland - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

The latest book about Brigg now has a new outlet selling copies.
Images of Brigg from Edwardian Times has been compiled by renowned local authors/historians John and Valerie Holland.
Brigg Tourist Information Centre at the Buttercross has already sold its allocation. But the couple tell us that further copies can be obtained from The Rabbit Hole specialist bookshop, also in the Market Place.
They add: "We also have copies for sale here if anybody wants to get in touch with us at 15 Yarborough Road or by phone on 01652 653985."
The book costs £10.99p and has six chapters.
Chapter One is The Life & Times of Brigg Photographer Walter Bee Robinson, including a picture of Market Day about 1905/6.
Chapter Two covers the 1900s & 1910s, pictures including The Old Bank House, better remembered in its later guise as the Woolworths shop.
Chapter Three looks at the 1920s & 1930s, pictures including The Tower Windmill, Mill Lane, about 1920.
Chapter Four features the 1940s & 1950s, pictures including The Britannia Inn after it was modernised by Hull Brewery.
Chapter Five concentrates on the 1960s & 1970s, pictures including the interior of Boots the Chemist when it was at 76 Wrawby Street with one of the book authors at the entrance to the dispensary about 1971. These premises now house the Golden City Chinese take-away.
Chapter Six covers the 1980s & 1990s, pictures including the last days of the historic Corn Exchange and Tesco's Brigg store being built.
John and Valerie have kindly forwarded these images so Brigg Blog can give a flavour of the book's contents.

Market day in Brigg circa 1905/6 as featured in the local history book - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
Market day in Brigg circa 1905/6

Valerie Holland at Brigg's Boot's The Chemist shop in the 1970s - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
Valerie Holland at Brigg's Boot's The Chemist shop in the 1970s

The Britannia Inn, Brigg, in the 1940s/50s

The windmill on Mill Lane, Brigg, circa 1920s when it still had sails - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
The windmill on Mill Lane, Brigg, circa 1920s when it still had sails

The Old Bank House in Brigg which later became Woolworth's store - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
The Old Bank House in Brigg which later became Woolworth's store
The Tesco store in Brigg under construction n the late 1990s - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
The Tesco store in Brigg under construction n the late 1990s


A Brigg Amateur Social Historians meeting being enjoyed at the Servicemen's Club - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog January 2019

Brigg Amateur Social Historians - a well-established group in the town which holds monthly meetings open to interested members of the public - has announced its events programme up to May 2019.
Meetings are held at Brigg & District Servicemen's Club, Coney Court, starting at 8pm.
There's free admission, refreshments are served and a raffle held to help with costs (see picture above).
Tuesday, February 5: Lincolnshire Explorers - a talk by Loretta Rivett. Franklin went in search of the North West passage, while John Smith found Virginia and Pocahontas. Tuesday March 5: The Airfields of North Lincolnshire - an illustrated talk by David Gibson.
Tuesday April 2: Millvina Dean, 1912-2009 - an illustrated talk by Josie Webb. This is the story of a nine-week-old baby girl who survived the Titanic disaster in April 1912 together with her mother and brother.
Tuesday May 7: Highwaymen in North Lincolnshire - an illustrated talk by Rod Fanthorpe. What was Dick Turpin doing here?


Chatting about sporting life in Brigg recently led us to reflect on how things were in the mid to late 1980s.
After Saturday hockey and football matches played on grass at Brigg Receation Ground the players would undertake the short walk to Brigg Town Football Club's Hawthorns clubhouse.
The place would be packed, with the footballers occupying seats near the entry door and the hockey contingent massed close to the kitchen.
This was because a pie and peas tea was served to visiting hockey teams.
Hawthorns bar staff would be kept very busy indeed and there were usually queues of people waiting to be served.
This was the case even when Brigg Town FC did not have a first team home game.
Later, many sporty types would make their way into Brigg town centre to visit pubs for a few Saturday night jars.
However, things began to change for several reasons.
Brigg Amateurs - the town's biggest Scunthorpe League side - went down from three teams to two, then one and finally closed, all in the space of a few years.
Bob and Sue Nicholson acquired The Queen's Arms, on Wrawby Street, and within a few years were providing after-match hockey teas for the five Brigg Men's Club teams.
Clearly this meant fewer people using The Hawthorns on Saturdays.
But they were golden years for apres hockey - to use a phrase coined by long-serving hockey umpire Len Marshall, from Wrawby. He meant the social side that followed matches and generally went on a lot longer than they did!
While pie and peas was generally served after Yorkshire League hockey matches, Sue was known to ring the changes - stew being a particular favourite.
We had a brief chat with Bob on Wrawby Street just a few days ago.
He and Sue had been at the White Hart, on Bridge Street, before taking over The Queen's.
It was during their tenure that the lounge, bar and snug (all separate rooms) became open plan.
Bob later installed a micro brewery at a time when few of them were about in Lincolnshire and staged a few beer festivals.
Eventually transformed into The Fish Inn, the premises latterly housed The Vines restaurant.
Today, local Saturday football is at a low ebb.

We recently reported that Hibaldstow Wanderers had resigned from the EC Surfacing Scunthorpe & District League, leaving Briggensians (one team) and Barnetby United (two) as the only members from the Brigg area.
Sunday football has also declined when compared with the mid to late 1980s when various teams from the Brigg area not only played in the Scunthorpe League but also the Barton Regional League, with strong demand for the two Rec ground grass pitches for morning and afternoon games.
Among those in the latter were Brigg's Falcon Cycles and Black Bull, plus King Billy (allied to the pub at Scawby Brook).

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Championship-chasing Brigg Town Football Club were held to a 0-0 draw on their visit to fourth-from-bottom Immingham Town yesterday (Saturday, January 12).
This was only the third league game of the 2018/19 season the Zebras have failed to win.
With leaders Gainsborough Trinity Reserves managing a 1-0 victory, Brigg are now eight points behind them but have three games in hand.

Brigg currently top the Lincs League home attendance table with an average of 110 fans watching games at The Hawthorns.


Scunthorpe Football League action from the game between Barnetby United (black and white shirts) and Limestone Rangers on January 12, 2019 - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Briggensians secured a fine 2-0 win at The Butchers Arms in the EC Surfacing Ltd Scunthorpe & District Football League first division yesterday (Saturday, January 12).
Goals from Sol Hari and Joe Taylor did the trick for the Brigg team.
This was only the second league win of the season for Briggensians who are playing their first season in the top flight.  They remain second-from-bottom in the standings.
Mid-table Barnetby United lost 2-0 at home to leaders Limestone Rangers at the Silver Street ground.
In division two, unbeaten leaders Barnetby United Reserves won 3-1 on their visit to bottom-placed Santon, John Goodman helping himself to a hat-trick for the Railwaymen.


With everyone facing each other three times in a season now, it was Limestone’s second to visit Barnetby this season and for the second time they came away with an identical result as they did in late November, winning 2-0.
It was the Rangers who started much the brighter and they dominated the opening period with Barnetby offering little threat to their goal.
Limestone took the lead on the half-hour when two free header in the United box allowed Nathan Plumtree to open the scoring.
A reshuffle by Barnetby saw them taking some footing in the game but they never seriously threaten the Limestone goal.
The second half mirrored much the first, clear cut chances being at a premium, especially for Barnetby and it was Limestone who settled the issue with 10 minutes to go when Lewis Graham put them 2-0 up.
The game finished in unsavoury circumstances when Barnetby were reduced to 10 men following a rash challenge and the following melee cast a dark shadow over what was a hard-fought game.
These action pictures from the Silver Street ground feature Barnetby in the black and white strip.


A train company has been approached to consider introducing a new bus service that would allow people living in Brigg, Barnetby and Kirton Lindsey to access trains running on the east coast mainline between London and Scotland.
Rail campaigner Paul Johnson has told Brigg Blog that Northern Rail is contracted by the Department for Transport to run three Saturdays-only trains a week serving Brigg and Kirton Lindsey.
But an idea has been put forward that LNER, which operates trains on the east coast route, should look at providing a feeder bus service from Retford station that would call at Gainsborough Central, Kirton Lindsey, Brigg and Barnetby - Mondays to Fridays.
Paul stressed: "This is not a new idea, as it worked exceptionally well between Kettering and Corby for many years on the Midland main line."
The rail campaigner says he has been asked by LNER to outline how this bus service would work.
He adds: "There would be very little conflict of interest because the bus service would only run Monday to Friday and there is very little or no commercial bus service at present between Retford/Gainsborough/Kirton In Lindsey and Brigg."
This feeder bus service for the Brigg Line would be temporary and the objective of re-establishing a meaningful six-day-a-week train service on the Brigg Line would remain.
Paul says feeder buses run by the train operator "should be seen as a stop gap."
Brigg Blog thinks the major question is: How much demand exists in our area for a feeder bus service to and from Retford?
Another important factor is how long the bus would take to journey between North Lincolnshire and North Nottinghamshire to meet London-Scotland trains.
Last time we drove from Brigg to Retford to collect passengers from a London train we think it took us about 50 minutes.
Up to 25 years ago you could still board a train in Brigg, Monday to Saturday, and change at Retford.
Travellers can currently get from Barnetby to London by train but have to use the longer Scunthorpe-Doncaster route and then travel south through Retford.
Decades ago, direct trains operated from Cleethorpes and Grimsby to London via Barnetby, Lincoln and Newark - an even shorter route.
Pictured below is one of those trains, seen passing through North Kelsey station, which British Rail had closed a few years earlier.

Please post a comment here to let us know your thoughts on the suggested feeder bus service. 

An express train linking Cleethorpes and Grimsby passing through North Kelsey station in the early 1970s - picture from the Ken Fisher Collection


How the new Aldi store beside the A18 in Brigg will look  if approved.

Five votes by elected councillors will be sufficient to decide whether the bigger-than-originally-planned Aldi store in Brigg gets the go-ahead.
North Lincolnshire Council's planning committee will consider the retail giant's application at its meeting in Scunthorpe Civic Centre on Wednesday, January 16.
Aldi is seeking approval to construct the store on land off Bridge Street, close to the A18.
The planning committee is chaired by Brigg & Wolds Ward councillor Nigel Sherwood, who is also a member of Brigg Town Council. Barton's Coun Jon Evison is the vice-chairman.
Others councillors serving on this important committee are: Sandra Bainbridge, Frodingham; John Collinson, Ashby; John Davison, Bottesford; Ivan Glover, Broughton & Appleby; Mick Grant, Ashby; Derek Longcake, Bottesford; Dave Oldfield, Burringham & Gunness; and David Wells, Ferry.
Options open to the committee are to grant or refuse the application or to hold a site visit and then reach a decision at a later date.
In the case of the Aldi store, a detailed report has been prepared by council planning staff, with a recommendation that the committee grants permission.

Pictured above: How the new Aldi store in Brigg will look  if approved.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Renowed band The Dirty Pitchers performing at the Exchange Bar in Brigg during September 2018 - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Renowned local band The Dirty Pitchers have been booked to play a return gig at the Exchange Bar in Brigg town centre.
The Britpop and 1990s Indie group drew a big crowd to this venue in early September 2018, with many people taking to the dance floor. See details here...
The boys have now signed up to make a repeat appearance on Saturday, March 16, from 8pm.
Many music fans have already expressed an interest in attending this gig.
The Dirty Pitchers' playlist includes hits made famous by Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Shed Seven, Stereophonics, Green Day, Blink 182,  Stone Roses and others.
"Brought together by their love of beer, kept together by their love of music" is how The Dirty Pitchers have been described.
Brigg Blog's picture shows them performing at The Exchange in September.


Drivers are being advised that delays are likely to result from roadworks on the A18 in Brigg - the town's busiest in terms of vehicle numbers.
Cadent, the gas network company, will be carrying out essential repairs on Bridge Street.
This work is scheduled to take place between Wednesday, January 23 and Tuesday, January 29.
Temporary traffic control measures will be in place during these roadworks.


People from Brigg and district will be able to step back in time and enjoy a nostalgic Swinging 1940s music night, with food.
The dinner/dance and carvery event will take place on Friday, January 18 at the Jolly Miller pub/restaurant, on Brigg Road, Wrawby (6pm until late).
Traditional English food and live entertainment will feature.
Tickets cost £20, and Jollies says reservations are a must. Call 01652 655658 to book places.

Friday, January 11, 2019


Brigg Blog is pleased to hear that the historic Hett Cup football knockout competition is back to full complement.
It will kick off next week, weather permitting, at Brigg Town FC's Hawthorns ground.
Hibaldstow Wanderers were in the original draw but subsequently resigned from the Scunthorpe & District League due to team-raising difficulties.
However, Hibaldstow's place has now been taken by Ulceby, who will play Broughton WMC in the opening game on Wednesday evening, January 16.
The other teams taking part in the Hett Cup are Limestone Rangers, AFC Brigg, Barnetby United, Scotter United, Brigg Town and Briggensians.

Spectators are welcome at all ties.
January 23: Limestone Rangers v AFC Brigg
January 30: Barnetby United v Scotter United
February 6: Brigg Town v Briggensians



The plaque unveiled by The Princess of Wales in 1988 now back above the front entrance to the Buttercross in Brigg town centre - picture taken January 2019 by Nigel Fisher for Brigg Blog

Brigg town centre has welcomed back the distinctive plaque which marks a memorable royal visit to the town by The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana.
The blue plaque is now back on the front of the Buttercross, having been removed while the landmark building was refurbished ahead of its 200th anniversary being celebrated this year.
Removed late last year, the plaque needed cleaning to remove moss growing on parts of the metalwork.
Now on display above the entrance to the ground floor's Tourist Information Centre, it is looking as good as the day it was unveiled by The People's Princess in 1988.
She accepted an invitation to come to Brigg to launch the Regeneration Project - aimed at improving some of the buildings within the town centre.
Re-hanging the plaque marked the final part of the Buttercross refurbishment, which has also seen the distinctive weather vane returned to the clock tower.
The vane was damaged by high winds and removed during 2018.
North Lincolnshire Council now owns and manages the Buttercross, which opened in 1819.

Pictured in January 2019, the plaque unveiled by The Princess of Wales of Wales in 1988 during her royal visit to Brigg
The refurbished plaque

The Princess of Wales unveiled this plaque in Brigg town centre in 1988 - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
The Buttercross in Brigg town centre photographed on January 8, 2019


Abbey Village care home in Brigg viewed from the A18  - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

A Brigg care home has been given the go ahead to expand by adding extra accommodation. And the scheme is expected to mean the creation of 10 new jobs.
Abbey Village, located near the Monument where Wrawby Street meets Wrawby Road, has been granted planning approval to add nine sheltered accommodation units and warden's flat, add an extension to the front of building to provide nine additional bedrooms and provide a turning area. That adds up to 19 new rooms.
North Lincolnshire Council approved the application, which should mean the number of full-time jobs at Abbey Village will eventually rise from 39 to 49.
A council assessment of the application said: "Given the single-storey scale of the proposed  development the proposals are  not considered to result in loss of residential amenity to either neighbouring land uses or to the existing dwellings located on the site."
Meanwhile, Quinton and Kaines, of Enterprise Court on Brigg's Ancholme Business Park, have been granted permission to install an electrical substation and building