Thursday, December 26, 2019


The level of the River Ancholme in Brigg was lowered by a considerable amount in the run up to Christmas - achieved through the outlet into the Humber at South Ferriby.
We took these pictures on Christmas Eve (Tuesday) when some of the flagstones supporting the County Bridge - normally under water - were making a rare public appearance.
Areas of bankside mud were also visible after the river's width/depth had been reduced - one being where the boats and barges visiting riverside wharfs decades ago used to turn round (close to the then brewery).
Elsewhere in Brigg, the refurbished public toilets near the Tintab shelter on East Park remained closed over Christmas but the replacement roofing is now in place and the scaffolding on the building has been removed.

Early in the New Year the 'out of order' signs that have been there since September will be removed by North Lincolnshire Council and the WCs reopened.
In the run up to Christmas we were at the bar of a Brigg hostelry when two customers requested 'Port chasers' to go with their pints.  That's a very unusual order these days but reflects the festive season being with us. There was no Stilton cheese to accompany the Port - a tasty combination at this time of year.

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Wearybanker said...

One of the other outcomes of lowering the river level is to reveal the number of Tesco trolleys in the river! Any chance in getting Tesco interested in retrieving their property? After all, if they took any responsibility for stopping trolleys being removed (stolen) from their property they would not finish up in the river.