Friday, December 27, 2019


With many Brigg householders thinking about getting their recycling bins emptied in the run up to Christmas, it was interesting to see more of the litter-collecting variety being installed in the town a few days ago.
Very large bins have been added on the footpath beside the Old River Ancholme, close to the B&M store and the Springs Parade car park.
From the County Bridge, we watched workmen putting them in place, and we went back later to take these pictures.
As you can see, they will hold a lot of fast food cartons/boxes, paper and other rubbish.
The bins can be used by passers-by, those out for walks, people sitting on the riverside benches and anglers frequenting the well-known Springs Stretch of the Old Ancholme.
This is a worthy litter-tackling initiative from Brigg Town Council, in an effort to keep things neat and tidy.
It's now down to townsfolk and visitors to make use of the monster-sized bins.
Still to come as part of this project are bins to be placed at the front of some town centre pubs to collect cigarette ends and reduce the number discarded on nearby paving.

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