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Litter in Brigg town centre 2018 - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

A community-minded Brigg resident, who moved to our town six years ago, has contacted us to complain about litter and call for greater efforts to tackle it.
Mike Creese, who has lived in the town for six years, now has "some big concerns about the growing amount of litter and rubbish in and around the town that is not being cleared."
He adds: "I have been doing my own regular litter picks on my way in and out of town and wanted to know if there are any like-minded people who would be willing to join me.
"On Bigby Road/Albert Street I can fill 2-3 bags of rubbish every time I go out - mainly tinned drinks cans, cartons, empty bottles of beer and empty cigarette packets, but also soiled nappies and full dog-poo bags. These usually get left for weeks on end."
Mike says when he's out collecting litter the response from local people is really positive.
He adds: "I appreciate that this is the same problem in many places around the UK, but I was encouraged by local traders in Scunthorpe working together with the council to keep Scunthorpe Town Centre clean. I'm sure this could also work for Brigg with just a bit of co-ordination and care.
"I appreciate that there are already groups who carry out litter picks as I have seen them, but it's only scratching the surface."
He reckons some local shops could do more "as much rubbish around this area simply gets blown into the Ancholme."
He also suggests that North Lincolnshire Council "could be a lot more proactive around Brigg (Ancholme) Leisure Centre, clearing rubbish promptly after grass on the banks is cut rather than also leaving it to blow into the river."
Regarding litter in general, Mike stresses: "A clear message needs to go out to those who throw rubbish out into the street that this is not acceptable and that it is storing up some big problems in the future if left unchecked.
"We should all be more aware of the damage plastics and packaging is causing to our environment. It's a big problem but if residents, volunteers, local charities, young people's groups and councils all work together, Brigg town would be a much more attractive and desirable destination for visitors, especially with the new cycle way to South Ferriby nearing completion."
Anyone wishing to join existing litter-picking groups within the town can contact Brigg Town Council and offer their services as volunteers by emailing
Those wanting to contact Mike to assist his efforts are welcome to send their details to Brigg Blog and we'll be happy to forward messages to him on your behalf.
We would not describe our town as litter-strewn by any means, but there are certainly some 'hot spots' (to use a police term).
One thing of particular concern to dog-walkers is the amount of broken glass encountered on pavements across the town, which could result in expensive trips to the vet for damaged paws to be treated.
Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations have not helped, but this is not just an issue within the town centre or one only seen over the festive period.
Uncaring folk are to blame, of course, and the authorities have no control over them. But broken glass surely needs removing without delay.

PICTURED: Litter within Brigg town centre last summer - later cleared up by the authorities.

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