Wednesday, January 16, 2019


 Glanford Boat Club in January 2019 - pictured from the opposite bank of the New River Ancholme in Brigg - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

Brigg offers many interesting and enjoyable walking routes for townsfolk, including pet owners.
The powers that be encourage us to get out into the fresh air by undertaking healthy walks.
Now the days are getting longer and with spring not too far distant, Brigg Blog tried one of the best.
From the County Bridge it takes you along the new Ancholme Valley Way, following the river as far as Castlethorpe Bridge.
Having crossed the structure, walkers can return to town on the other bank, with some across-the-water views of Glanford Boat Club and craft moored there.
The final stretch is between the New River Ancholme and Waters Edge housing estate, which the approach road signs remind you is part of Broughton!
Next, cross Cake Mills Bridge to re-enter Brigg near Earnshaws Fencing Centre at the top of Island Carr industrial estate.
Even in January this route is not too muddy to be enjoyed on foot and affords some pleasing cross-field views of the countryside towards Castlethorpe.
There's even a helpful information board near Castlethorpe Bridge, explaining the history of the hamlet and pointing out some of the wildlife you might be lucky enough to spot. Castlethorpe used to have a tannery and a spring that supplied water for beer-making at a renowned Brigg brewery.
The first time we enjoyed this walk, some years ago, was during the height of summer and on the way back into Brigg we dropped in at the Yarborough Hunt pub, on Bridge Street, for welcome liquid refreshment, with a bowl of water available to our canine companions.
This part of the Castlethorpe Bridge Walk is optional, of course!
Cyclists can also try the route, although the final leg from Castlethorpe Bridge to Waters Edge might prove heavy going after periods of prolonged rain.
If so, sling the bike over your shoulder until the terrain improves. That will help to burn off some extra calories!

The riverside walk from Brigg via Castlethorpe Bridge passes the Waters Edge Housing Estate - January 2019 picture
Homes on Waters Edge near the New River Ancholme footpath

Cake Mills Bridge which carries the A18 over the New River Ancholme in Brigg - January 2019
Cake Mills Bridge viewed from the footpath adjoining Waters Edge housing estate

Looking down on the footpath near the New River Ancholme near the border between Broughton parish and Brigg

The Waters Edge housing estate beside the New River Ancholme viewed from Cake Mill Bridge in Brigg  - January 2019
Waters Edge housing estate, Broughton, and the riverside footpath, with railings, on the left; Brigg is on the right-hand bank of the Ancholme


Peter Altoft said...

the stretch between M180 bridge to castlethorpe bridge will be done as soon as landowners agree to it. why not take the footpath to caslethorpe and visit the mount tea rooms then take the footpath to caslethorpe bridge lane to the bridge.

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