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Beasts for sale at Brigg cattle market in 1972 - see Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

These very rare pictures of Brigg Cattle Market - also known as the Stockmarket - date from 1972.
Beasts were brought in for auction from a very wide area - the market being located between Cary Lane and Barnard Avenue, on a site now occupied by the Tesco store.
Brigg Urban District Council was the driving force behind creating the stockmarket buildings in the early 1960s.
After Glanford Borough Council came on the scene in 1974, the market continued into the 1990s.
Until closure of the Lincolnshire Times in the 1980s, the weekly newspaper carried details of the prices paid for cattle at the Brigg market. These were obtained from Dickinson, Davy and Markham.
The Fatstock Dinner, in December, was one of the social highlights of the year for farmers and others involved with this market.
The social event was held at the Corn Exchange for many years and was often attended by veteran Brigg journalist Edward Dodd who wrote extensively about farming across the district.
The Yorkshire Post newspaper, which also published Brigg market prices for many decades, is still on sale within the town.
We read a recent Saturday edition and were pleased to see that The Post still offers extensive lists of market prices from the length and breadth of Britain's largest county.
Every Thursday morning a Lincs Times reporter would be assigned to collate the cattle market prices and others for potatoes, corn, beans, peas and Stennett's produce auction which was still based on Manley Gardens in the 1970s and 1980s.
A copy of the list was then posted to the Yorkshire Post, which paid for this service.
Stennett's later moved to part of the old stockmarket site before being relocated to land near Brigg railway station.
Both pictures seen here are from the Ken Fisher Collection. He was a member of the Urban District Council in the early years of the stockmarket.
One of the images features a cattle truck owned by Pinnock Farms Limited, and a quick search on the web confirms there's still a company with that name registered in North Lincolnshire. If today's staff want a copy of the picture, Brigg Blog will be pleased to oblige.
Once framed it would make an interesting link with a feature of Brigg that's now long gone but not forgotten by some of us.

A Pinnock Farms company lorry at Brigg Cattle Market in 1972 - picture used on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog in January 2019

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Ken Harrison said...

The ?original cattle market was behind the ?Hope & Anchor pub - is now the empty shop adjacent to the Woolpack.
It then moved slightly as the Woolpack assumed the role....Indeed, one of the public and was the auctioneer on sale days.
Access was via Market Lane.
There remains some evidence with the the cobbled surface still being exposed near the rear entrance of the Woolpack with Springs Way