Wednesday, January 02, 2019


The new property built close to Wrawby Road, Brigg - used on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog in January 2019

As we enter the New Year, here are two further examples of the popularity Brigg enjoys as a place to live.
Our pictures, both taken on Wrawby Road, show a building plot for sale and a detached house nearing completion beside the A18.

A view down Nicholgate Lane, Brigg, from the A18 with the new property on the right - January 2019 - picture on Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog
The new property viewed across the AQ18 with Nicolgate Lane on the right

The building plot for sale close to the Cemetery Lodge in Brigg - January 2019. See Nigel Fisher's Brigg Blog

The building plot, pictured above, is adjacent to the Cemetery Lodge and the land's availability (with planning permission) is now being promoted by a roadside banner on the metal railings which says those interested need to call 07702 028928.
The property nearing completion is at the top of the Nicolgate Lane cul-de-sac - opposite Sir John Nelthorpe Lower School.
The new dwelling is on land close to Treetops, which has been there for many years.
Tree-lined Wrawby Road has long been a very sought-after address/postcode within the town.
Over several decades in the early 20th century, some large homes with extensive gardens were constructed by different builders at different times.
These were a range of detached properties, semis and bungalows.
From time to time, over many years, applications have been made to sub-divide some of plots to allow additional properties to be added.
Some prominent Brigg citizens have lived on Wrawby Road over the years.
Just prior to taking these pictures, Brigg Blog walked past one of them - a large detached property once occupied by local GP Dr John Foxton and his wife who was a local magistrate.
Our newspaper round in the late 1960s/early 1970s began on a council house estate but ended on Wrawby Road.
We can still recall that the Foxtons ordered a copy of the glossy Illustrated London News magazine from Richardson's newsagent's on Wrawby Street, for whom we delivered.
As you may have guessed, this was the only household on on our early morning round that took this prestigious magazine.
We also delivered to Wrawby Road's biggest house - St Helen's - very close to Brigg's boundary with Wrawby.
Still standing and just as impressive today, it's the one that stands back some way back from the A18 and has the long, sweeping drive.