Tuesday, July 28, 2020


A new residential property can now be built in Brigg at a location that is familiar to many residents and particularly our more senior blog followers.
North Lincolnshire Council has now granted planning permission for a detached two-storey dwelling on land adjacent to the Cemetery Lodge, 30 Wrawby Road.
The site is within a garden, and the new property will stand some way back from the A18.
Generous parking provision is included in the development.
This application had been awaiting a decision from North Lincolnshire Council since March.
Consulted as part of the planning process, Brigg Town Council said it had no objection to the proposal "provided there is no impact on the existing mature Horse Chestnut tree and existing hedgerows."
Decades ago when most Brigg children engaged in autumn conker-playing, youngsters used to gather daily on the footpath and grass verge near the Lodge's garden to collect fallen bounty. 

Following windy weather, nature often provided many - all free, of course.
Contests then followed during 'play time' at Glebe Road, Glanford, Brigg Grammar and other schools.
The conkers were pierced and boot or shoe laces threaded through the holes before battle commenced.
Some youngsters sought to prolong the lives of their conkers by soaking them in vinegar and baking a batch in the family oven to toughen the shells and insides,
However, this practice was frowned upon; if other contestants got a whiff of vinegar, these games were often declared null and void.
Eventually, someone emerged as the overall champion. Veni Vedi Vici, when Brigg Grammar still taught Latin ('I came, I saw, I conkered!').
Happy days - long before i-Pods, 'mobile' online enertainment and games consoles became the norm.
Looking ahead, if the builder of the new property is seeking a name, perhaps he, or she, might consider some reference to Horse Chestnut or conkers.

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