Saturday, June 22, 2019


A very familiar feature of summer in Brigg seems to be less of a spectacle in 2019. But perhaps local people can help, starting from today.
The number of Swifts - birds that screech and swoop across the sky in search of insects - is  down this summer when compared with previous years.
However, it's not just our town that is suffering declining numbers; it's the same across the UK.
These birds migrate from Africa in spring but unusually cool and prolonged wet weather on their flightpath across the Continent  killed many of them long before they reached the UK.
Those that have made it are late getting back to Britain, where they breed.
It was not until the  middle of this week that the birds returned to the East Parade/Central Square part of the town - one of their strongholds. 

We hope more of them will make it to Brigg in the days ahead. 
Bird charity the RSPB is undertaking a  survey in association with Swift Awareness Week (from today, June 22 to June 30).
It is asking people to help with data-gathering by logging Swift sightings. Ones from the Brigg area will be welcome. Use this link if you want to take part...
Loss of nesting sites is not helping and it's suggested that this species is in trouble.
Swifts like to nest under the eaves of roofs but there are fewer of those available today.
Swift nest boxes are provided in some areas of the UK.
In the future, how about some being earmarked for new properties which are granted council planning approval in Brigg?
This is sometimes done for roosting bats, so why not Swifts?

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