Thursday, June 13, 2019


Players who took part in the 2009 Youth v Experience school reunion cricket match at Brigg Recreation Ground back in 2009

It's now getting to the time of year when people start contacting Brigg Blog to find out the date of an annual school sports reunion organised by the Briggensians' Association.
The origins of this Old Boys v School cricket match date back to the 1920s and the era of Brigg Grammar School; summer contests continued after the formation of the Sir John Nelthorpe comprehensive in 1976.
We organised the former pupils' team for a lengthy period and then for some years after retiring from club cricket with Brigg Town in 2004. However, we still receive emails from ex-school-mates and a few former Brigg Town players each June, inquiring about the date.

We've now had it confirmed that the 2019 match will take place next Friday, June 21. But please note the time: meet on the Sir John Nelthorpe School field at 5.30pm for a 6pm start.
The Old Boys, captained by Brigg Town's Nick Beacock, will take on The School and Under-25s, captained by Kieran Brooker, of Caistor CC.  All are welcome at the match, to be followed by drinks in Wetherspoon's town centre White Horse pub.  All those involved are hoping that the weather improves!
These games used to be played on Father's Day, over a Sunday afternoon, but then switched to Friday evenings, in June or July, to be followed by a few beers in one, or several, local hostelries.
The vast majority of fixtures have been played at Sir John Nelthorpe School but a few have been at Brigg Recreation Ground, including the one pictured here 10 years ago, in 2009.
It used to be the case that most Lincolnshire grammar schools, and some secondary moderns, organised Old Boys v School matches.
But Brigg's is one of the few - and perhaps the only one - to survive in 2019.
We think these sporting traditions should be upheld and so do our best to support the fixture, despite being the wrong side of 60.
The fairer sex (can we still use that phrase today?) has an annual girls' and ladies Youth v Experience rounders match. We hope to post details of that at a later date.
The Briggensians' Association represents former pupils and staff of Brigg Grammar, Brigg Girls' High, Sir John Nelthorpe School and Brigg Sixth Form. It holds an annual dinner every March, and has done so for many years.

Two of the Old Boys - David Willey, left, and Andy Sharp - who played for Experience against Youth in the 2009 fixture at Brigg Recreation Ground. Note the sunny weather!

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