Friday, June 07, 2019


Brigg railway station footbridge with steps passengers need to use to get to platform two for trains to Sheffield

Brigg received a mention in the House of Commons during a Parliamentary debate.
This reference came from Martin Vickers, MP for Cleethorpes, whose resort station terminus is on the line for Saturdays-only passenger trains running to and from Sheffield via Kirton Lindsey, Brigg and Barnetby.
Mr Vickers, who takes a keen interest in public transport, was commenting in Parliament about level crossings and footbridges and mentioned one in the latter category installed at Brigg station to replace a cast iron Victorian survivor which was considered life-expired.
He said that, four years ago, installation of this new footbridge, pictured above, improved facilities for a handful of passengers each Saturday, "but the logic of spending thousands on the project is at the very least another example of Network Rail’s questionable priorities."
Brigg's latest footbridge - pictured above - does not have a lift or gently-sloping ramps to cater for passengers with mobility issues who need to cross the tracks to the far platform, used by trains from Cleethorpes heading towards Kirton Lindsey, Gainsborough, Retford and Sheffield.
More passengers have been using Brigg station in recent weeks, which is a heartening trend.
People planning to visit Grimsby and Cleethorpes do not need to use the footbridge, as trains to these destinations leave from Platform One, adjoining the entrance to Brigg station.
Spring and summer Saturdays make the east coast resort a popular destination for day trips, particularly for families with young children.
However, those with push-chairs or prams should remember that they will need to carry them up and down the steps of the footbridge after alighting from the train when they get back to Brigg.

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