Tuesday, June 18, 2019


One of the parks in Brigg boasts plenty of flora and fauna, whose growth has been assisted by recent 'Flaming June' rainfall.
We took these pictures a few days ago at Holland Park, near the town's railway station, during a break between showers.
Our intention was a brief dog exercising walk. But having negotiated the nettles at the entrance off Station Road, the grass became too high 100 yards down the track for our small pooches and we turned back.
This is NOT a criticism; we like to see some pockets of land left to Mother Nature.
Indeed, we've previously suggested that wild flowers might be sown on some areas of public space - perhaps on part of the extensive York Road field and on the steep grassy bank where the Davy Memorial Field borders Bigby Road, beside the A1084 near the level crossing.
Brigg has many well-tended borders, gardens and grassy areas. But surely there's a case for leaving some others to grow wild to help butterflies, bees and other insects.
Having said that, how about keeping a narrow path on Holland Park clear of grass so walkers and dog-owners can venture from the entrance through to the the culvert near the railway line?
Maybe some public-spirited citizen, or citizens, would be willing to take a lawn-mower down to carry out the work.
Or perhaps North Lincolnshire Council, or Brigg Town Council, might consider taking on this task during the warmer months of the year.
Holland Park honours Brigg resident Geoff Holland, who took a keen interest in green spaces and was also a fine local footballer.

The picture above shows the stone, with memorial plaque, recording the the official opening of the park by Brigg & Goole MP, Andrew Percy, and Gill Holland, in October 2016.


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smiler said...

a case of park no longer used. there is no paths except those made by walkers no walkers no paths. when trees were planted grass cutting around them has become haphazard. if no walkers use the park it becomes under threat of becoming built on even with it's protection. a bridge going over candley beck [butchers drain] would encourage walkers going through to extend walking from/to the river and millenium park.