Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Scunthorpe band Adrenalin performing at the Britannia Inn, Brigg, on  June 8, 2019

The Adrenalin was flowing for music fans in Brigg on Saturday night, June 8.
A popular rock and pop duo who use this name for their act entertained at the Britannia Inn, on Wrawby Street.
Scunthorpe-based Adrenalin's choice of famous songs went down well with the audience.
Towards the end of the gig, Brigg Blog was in the beer garden to the rear of the Brit when we heard a familiar refrain from inside the venue.
We felt a sudden urge to enjoy a Slash and dashed back inside.
Before anyone gets the wrong idea, the Slash in question relates to renowned Guns N' Roses band guitarist Saul Hudson, who has that nickname.
Adrenalin were performing GNR's monster hit Sweet Child O' Mine, including Slash's elaborate and extensive guitar solo.

Where Do We Go Now? Well, we and a number of others went to the bar to request a top-up from landlord Shane Garrett.
Hopefully, Adrenalin will be back in Brigg in the not too distant future.
Brigg Blog does its best to promote live music at local venues in our Friday previews of weekend events.
We're in touch with most local pubs and clubs but any others wishing to 'plug' their gigs are very welcome to get in touch for a free mention.
PICTURED: Adrenalin performing at the Britannia on Saturday, including (below) the guitar solo tribute to Saul 'Slash' Hudson, of Guns N' Roses.

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