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Craftsman Stuart Denniss (back row, centre) with representatives of  the Brigg & District Veterans' Group, the Britannia Inn and Demeter House School after they had joined forces to erect the D-Day landing craft on the raised flower bed beside the A18 in June 2019

Brigg Blog thinks the town can take pride in the way in commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
In comparison with some other towns and communities in North Lincolnshire, we did our bit, to use a phrase often applied to people's contribution to the war effort in decades past.
Our commemorations will continue until Remembrance Sunday, in November, courtesy of the hand-crafted D-Day landing craft sited on a raised flower bed at the eastern end of Wrawby Street, alongside the A18.
The D-Day landings by Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy, in northern France, began on June 6, 1944.
But the invasion continued long after that, with further troops and vital supplies coming ashore.
The push towards victory over Germany in the Second World War, secured in May 1945, began in Normandy.
The 75th anniversary of D-Day was a bitter-sweet occasion.
We celebrated the establishment of a foothold on the Continent and the achievements of our Army and other Allied troops, supported by the Navy and RAF.
However, it was also an occasion to remember those on active service, from various nations, who paid with their lives.
Brigg reflected both facets, 75 years on, with dancing in the streets and a less up-beat afternoon event hosted at one of the town's pubs, which was attended by a number of people from the Brigg & District Veterans' Group.
Day by day, more people of all ages are being reminded of D-Day when they stop to admire the landing craft display and read the simple 'Lest We Forget' inscription on a supporting wall.
We wonder whether sales of Spam have been boosted by the June 6 event held at the Britannia Inn, on Wrawby Street, in conjunction with local Veterans' Group.
Landlord Shane Garrett laid on fare that was a staple diet for British people during Second World War rationing - Spam (processed ham) and corned (bully) beef sandwiches, followed by apple crumble and custard.
Brigg's first citizen, Town Mayor Councillor Sharon Riggall, was among those who tucked into the tucker.
Further down Wrawby Street, the Shipley's CuriosiTeas tea shop also offered a lunch and afternoon menu reminiscent of the war-time period, with Spam and corned beer sandwiches on offer to supplement the usual fare available. Proprietor Amanda Gould and her staff donned war-time dress on the day.
Popular war-time songs were played at both venues, with energetic dancers taking to the paved pedestrian area outside Curiosities, near the junction with Cross Street.
If you've yet to take a close look at the landing craft, it was created by a Howsham cabinet-maker Stuart Denniss. Read more here.
The craft is of the type used in the Normandy landings, with silhouettes of soldiers disembarking on Sword Beach.
The weather on D-Day was an all-important factor in launching the Allied invasion against German-held territory, with concerns about heavy rain and choppy conditions in the English Channel.
But on the 75th anniversary, the weather in North Lincolnshire was ideal, with the sun shining down on those people who supported commemorative events.
Some shops also displayed flags on the anniversary, and are few kept them on view.
National newspapers and TV stations gave extensive and impressive coverage to the D-Day anniversary.
When the 80th anniversary comes round on June 6, 2024 we are sure Brigg will do its bit, and hope that some other local communities will also  join in this time. 

PICTURED ABOVE: Craftsman Stuart Denniss (back row, centre) with representatives of  the Brigg & District Veterans' Group, the Britannia Inn and the town's Demeter House School after they had joined forces to erect the D-Day landing craft on the raised flower bed beside the A18.

Inside Shipley's CuriosiTeas

Alia Harris and landlord Shane Garrett at the Britannia Inn, getting the Spam sandwiches and apple crumble ready.

Proprietor and staff in period dress outside Shipley's CuriosiTeas.

D-Day dancing in Brigg town centre.

Brigg Town Mayor Coun Sharon Riggall, left, supporting the D-Day Afternoon at the Britannia Inn.

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