Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Perhaps Brigg could install signs like this within our town centre to get the message across to cyclists approaching the pedestrianised area.
It was taken recently in central Doncaster where improvement works are under way.
One of Brigg Blog's regular contributors, who recorded this scene, suggests: "Maybe the ones in Brigg need to be a little bit bigger."
We tend to agree with him; the ones in Brigg are small in comparison.
Would North Lincolnshire Council be prepared to install some Donny-type signs?
Likely locations are on Cary Lane, near the County Bridge and at the eastern end of Wrawby Street, near Cross Street.
But, more importantly, on Bigby Street, near The Bank hairdressing salon. For some cyclists seem to think that by using Bigby Street (legally) and then riding past the Lord Nelson in the Market Place (in the pedestrian area) they will avoid detection.
Cycling through Brigg's pedestrian area, rather than dismounting, is an almost daily problem.
Riders of all ages can be seen ignoring the existing, admittedly small, warning signs at the entrances to the pedestrian area.
Ones like those used in Doncaster, sited closer to ground level, might well catch the eye of cyclists in Brigg.
Picture below, by way of comparison, current 'Cyclists Dismount' signs in Brigg town centre on the approaches to the pedestrian area. The lower one is near Cross Street corner and should really say 'Through Wrawby Street' or even 'Through Pedestrian Area'.