Wednesday, June 05, 2019


 Brigg Service Station selling Esso petrol - June 2019

Improvements are planned at one of the two filling stations in Brigg.
Planning permission is being sought from North Lincolnshire Council by the Motor Fuel Group to raise the existing canopy over the petrol station near the A18 on Bridge Street.
It is intended to increase the canopy's height from 3.6 metres to 4.7 metres on Brigg Service Station's forecourt.
A supporting statement submitted with the application explains that vehicles have been getting taller, decade by decade, since the 1960s.
The statement says: "At the present height the canopy is vulnerable to impact damage and has been repaired on many occasions.
"The need to remove the ongoing risk of damage and subsequent loss of business by raising the height of the canopy is the reason for this application.
"There are no groundworks involved - the process involves lifting the canopy top by cranes and inserting extension legs into  the columns. The legs are bolted to the sides of the  columns and into the steel beam above the soffit of the canopy."
North Lincolnshire Council is now considering the application.
The petrol station, now showing Esso branding, also contains a popular and handy Londis convenience shop, which is licensed to sell alcohol.
There's been a fuel station on this site for decades, previous fuel brands sold there including Texaco, Jet, Murco and BP.
Brigg's other petrol station operating today is near the Tesco store.
We've lost a number of them over the years, including the one beside Sass's garage, which was later run by Sue Exton.
This is now the location for a well-used car wash, the petrol pumps and sales kiosk having been removed long ago.
Brigg Blog is very pleased to see that plain English has prevailed with this application.
Petrol stations fall into a planning category called sui generis - Latin for being "of its own kind; in a class by itself; unique."
When this term was used in the past on some other planning applications in North Lincolnshire we complained that few folk these days are versed in Latin and suggested that plain English should be employed.
Betting offices/shops, pay day loan shops, theatres, larger houses in multiple occupation, scrapyards and casinos are among others categorised nationally as being sui generis when it comes to planning.
Brigg Blog isn't claiming credit for this Brigg application appearing in plain English.
It's not a case of Veni, vidi vici - I came, I saw, I conquered!

The Londis convenience shop at Brigg Service Station - June 2019