Sunday, August 02, 2020


Brigg is poised to get a new street name - and it will NOT cause confusion, we are pleased to report.
The suggested name for the new housing development off Almond Grove is Betula Way.
Betula is the Latin name for birch, and its use will reflect a tree species that's popular in this part of the town without conflicting with nearby Birch Avenue, on the Newlands estate. Betula pendula is commonly known as silver birch.
Consulted about the proposed Latin name, Brigg Town Council's Planning & Environment Committee decided this is an acceptable choice, having discussed it at a recent meeting.
In February this year, councillors came up with a few suggestions of their own. See details here...
Brigg Blog recently posted about confusing street numbering and naming across the town, which can make life difficult for those delivering letters, parcels and (these days) shopping to the door. We gave examples, including Springfield Road and Springfield Rise, and Barnard Avenue and Barnard Street.
Betula Way's cul-de-sac properties are being built on a vacant parcel of land off Almond Grove, not far from the Atherton Way allotments and the Donkey Field children's play area. Permission has been granted for five dwellings; at present it's still work in progress. Access to the development is off Almond Grove. 

Pictured above: Part of the site viewed across the allotments from Atherton Way.