Saturday, February 29, 2020


Brigg Town Council has discussed the continuation of an old tradition stretching back many decades.
Five streets on the Newlands estate, when created in the 1930s, were named after tree species with ash, almond, birch, elm and cherry saplings being planted on grass verges outside various properties built for the Urban District Council.
A new road and small housing development is now taking shape off Almond Grove, occupying a site near the Donkey Field children's play area and the Town Council allotments. And the question is: What should it be called?
Higgins Builders have consulted the council, submitting a suggest shortlist - Chestnut Close, Willow Walk and Larch Lane.
The shortlist prompted a lengthy discussion at the latest meeting of the Planning & Environment Committee.
It was explained that councillors could choose any of the three names suggested or perhaps come up with their own alternative.
Coun Ann Eardley said: "I was thinking about Poplar Close, or something like that."
Coun Jane Gibbons thought this might cause confusion - the town already having a Poplar Drive - while Town Mayor Coun Sharon Riggall pointed out that poplar trees were no longer present on the site.
Deputy Town Mayor Coun Brian Parker, chairing the meeting, then suggested Silver Birch Close.
Coun Jane Gibbons felt "if time permitted" this issue might be put to local people attending the Annual Brigg Town Meeting in March - a suggestion also mentioned by the Town Mayor.
However, Town Clerk Dinah Lilley said it was unclear what timescale the developers had for the naming.
The council will be liaising with the builders to clarify the position.

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