Monday, February 11, 2019


 The new inscribed wooden totem outside Scawby Village Hall - February 2019

One of the most unusual applications made to North Lincolnshire Council last year came from the Brigg area.
Planning permission was sought from, and granted by, the local authority to display an ornate carved wood totem at Scawby Village Hall, on West Street.
The ornate item was earmarked for a large grassed area within the grounds of the community venue, planners were told.
Brigg Blog reported this approval in December 2018, and our neighbouring village has wasted no time in bring the scheme to fruition.
The totem rests on an expanse of grass in front of the village hall.
We took these pictures earlier this week, soon after the talking point had been put in place.
Brigg Blog likes it, and so do others we spoke to while visiting the village.
Doubtless there will be much discussion about the totem in the weeks ahead as villages and passers-by from elsewhere stop to study it at close quarters.
Scawby has centuries-old links with the land and property-owning Nelthorpe family, whose extensive estate is synonymous with trees and timber.
Inscriptions on the totem make reference to a local smithy, joiner's shop, forestry and farms - "age old crafts adding rural charm" to Scawby down the decades.
Cattle are depicted within The Pinfold - Scawby being among the few villages still having such an enclosure where animals found wandering locally could be left to be claimed by their rightful owners.
The front of the totem says: "Let's hope our village can go on for ever."
Will Brigg now take a leaf out of Scawby's book and install something similar within the town - perhaps on a grass verge, within a roundabout or on the Millennium Green?
Or are we, perhaps, barking up the wrong tree!

The new inscribed wooden totem outside Scawby Village Hall - a local talking point - February 2019

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Ken Harrison said...

Mick Smith of Smithy's Pond mentioned last year he wanted a tree carving created - opposite the Harrison's Hideaway....